As many as eighty-three thousand persons applied for the Unemployment Relief by the time the portal closed. A second round of now payment is being prepared for persons eligible to receive financial assistance from the Social Security Board under the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program. Chairman, Doctor Colin Young told News Five today that almost forty-three thousand applications were approved by the Oversight Committee and forty thousand have been paid by the S.S.B. The latest figures are as of last Friday when the programme reached a ten million dollar disbursement milestone.

Dr. Colin Young, Chairman, Social Security Board

“As of May 22nd, 2020, that’s last Friday, S.S.B. has received a total of forty-two thousand, eight hundred and twenty-eight transactions for processing for the COVID-19 unemployment relief programme. Of that amount, the board has paid forty thousand, one hundred and four [dollars] or ninety-three or ninety-four percent of all the transactions received from the taskforce. You’ll note that that leaves about two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-four transactions that have been rejected and the reasons for rejections are because people have wrong names, incorrect bank account information and in some cases, banks accounts that they wrote down on their forms have been dormant or have been inactive. And so, as a result, those transactions come back to social security and the staff then has to take a number of actions to try to contact those persons to get them to correct that information so that the payments can go through. So in terms of dollar figure as of last Friday, a total of ten million, eight hundred and forty-five thousand, six hundred and two dollars has been paid out o those persons.”

Financial Assistance is Slow to Come By

There have been complaints from recipients that the second tranche of payment has been slow to come by, since many received their first hundred and fifty dollar payout back in early April. According to Doctor Young, the S.S.B. is only following the directives of the financial experts put in place to lead the program by the National Oversight Committee.

Dr. Colin Young, Chairman, Social Security Board

“Some persons are already receiving their second disbursements. Those persons who received payment between April ninth and April thirtieth, they would now start to see their second disbursements showing up in their accounts. As you know, the instructions to pay come to S.S.B. and then S.S.B. pays according to the instructions that are received by the czars, in this particular case. So when the instructions were received to start the second disbursements then S.S.B. complies. Our role, or the S.S.B.’s role as part of this is to deliver the payments to the person’s account and those payments are submitted in list form by the czars. As it relates to S.S.B., I understand from the staff that this is a Herculean effort on the part of the Social Security staff to be dealing with this number of transactions in addition to the normal transactions that the Social Security Board would do on a day-to-day basis. So the fact that they have successfully paid ninety-four percent of the persons whose names were submitted to the board, some forty thousand plus persons, I think is testament to the hard work that they are doing at the Social Security Board. I know from the point of view of people who are still waiting for their payments, that small consolation, because I certain that people are in need of this money and that is why we are continuously looking at how to improve the speed in terms of getting persons this relief.”

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