G.O.B. Receives Almost a Million Dollars from Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Fund

The country of Belize remains under threat for a second wave of the coronavirus though no new cases have been reported in past forty-six days. Notwithstanding, the Ministry of Health continues to prepare for the eventuality that new imported cases can pop up.† A further relaxing of the state of emergency will be announced on Friday, including the reopening of the P.G.I.A.† Today, the government received almost a million dollars from the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund. Prime Minister Dean Barrow received the financial assistance from the chair of the Fund, Lyndon Guiseppi.† The Fund has been assisting government, as well as organizations, to be better equipped to combat the deadly virus. A cheque totalling nine hundred and ninety-two thousand seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars was presented to be used to acquire supplies already ordered by the Ministry of Health.† The list includes an extraction machine, video laryngoscope, blood gas analyzer and cartridges, three hundred infrared thermometers, fifty nebulizers, assorted ventilator supplies and oxygen masks and cannulas.† The latest donation brings the funding to a total of two point two million dollars which the Fund has contributed directly to the Ministry of Health. Lord Ashcroft has donated a total of ten million dollars to beat the pandemic.

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