Government will likely need to re-open the unemployment relief program because a new wave of layoffs in the tourism sector are just starting to kick in. That's after word came down that the airport will not be opened up for July first. So far, 43,726 persons have been approved out of 80,000 plus applicants.

Today, the Prime Minister gave an update on the other relief program for direct food assistance:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

"Regarding the Food Assistance Program, these are the numbers: 46,686 households have been helped and now the on-the-ground assessment has been completed in 38 rural villages in Toledo, Cayo, and Orange Walk. Those people are beginning at this point to be helped."

And for those 3,000 approved applicants for the unemployment relief program, due to errors with banking information - there's an alternative.

They're being advised that they should consider using a top-up debit card, which is available through the Heritage Bank.

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