It's one of the biggest cable operators in the country, with thousands of subscribers, but CBC cable is in big trouble in a US court. The cable company is being sued by Dish Network, a satellite provider in the US.

Dish Network - which is seems residential satellite service in the US - says that CBC cable, through its co - owner Bob Reich, has been pirating its signals and distributing it through his cable service in Belize.

Reich was likely targeted because he is a US citizen, and has a US address. That Florida address was also where the Dish Network satellite boxes were allegedly registered.

Today CBC cable said it would issue a statement - but was in meetings with the Belize Cable Television Operators Association.

Now, while this is just making news in Belize, it's been unfolding from late April. We say this to indicate that the cable company continues to operate, despite the difficulties, and is expected to continue doing so.

The lawsuit has sent shockwaves across the cable industry, which has steadily been moving away from pirated content and operators have signed multiple, costly copyright agreements in the last two years. These agreements have also driven up your monthly cable bill - and has prompted many subscribers to cut the cord on their cable service.

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