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The San Pedro Sun

Fumigation begins in San Pedro Town ahead of expected Dengue season
On Tuesday, June 2nd, personnel from the Health Department on the island began fumigating across the subdivisions of San Pedro Town in an attempt to contain the swarm of mosquitoes that have been triggered by the recent rains. The fumigation effort is not only to contain the blood-sucking insects, but also to mitigate any Dengue outbreaks and any other diseases transmitted by the bites of infected mosquitoes. Fumigation is expected to continue through the end of the week as health personnel intends to target all potential mosquito breeding sites on the island.

Belize Children’s Assistance Organization created to help families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Ambergris Caye is known for being a united community in times of crisis, and the current COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Thousands of islanders have lost their livelihoods after the closure of international borders essentially halted the tourism industry that most Belizeans depended on. In turn, a few islanders have formed groups to help those most in need. One of those helpful groups is the Belize Children’s Assistance Organization, whose mission is to help jobless parents with basic food items and baby products such as diapers, formula, and wipes for those with young babies.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Thursday, June 4th Meal pick ups. Location Hibisca Restaurant. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

National Hydrological Service Flood Forecast - June 3, 2020
River Conditions REGION 7 - The Blue Creek Sub catchment of the RIO HONDO is flooded: flood levels have crest at 1.69 metres above the level historically recorded for Hurricane Mitch. The NEW RIVER at Caledonia continues to rise slowly and is now at bank full stage. REGION 9 - On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels remain below the spillways at Chalk). Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels remains below the low level bridge but is gradually rising. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town is above normal and steady. On the BELIZE RIVE, levels at Banana Bank continue to fall. The CROOKED TREE LAGOON is below the causeway and rising steadily...

Bags to School
Nayobie's Hope For Children Project is embarking on “Bags-to-School” project to assist struggling families for the upcoming school year. Here’s how we all can help.

Today a military cargo plane landed today at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The plane apparently brought in mask and other supplies for the prison department.

Opening Hours, Contact numbers for Health Clinics

The Embassy of Mexico Commemorates World Environment Day with Special Screening of Mexican Short Film "Solar Grandma"
In the framework of the celebration of the World Environment Day and as a part of the new cultural program, the Embassy of Mexico in Belize has the pleasure to announce the special screening of the Mexican short film “Solar Grandma” this Friday, June 5th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. through our social media outlets. The film will be screened in Spanish with subtitles in English. Synopsis: “Solar Grandma” is the story of a woman who leaves her home in a rural village for six months in pursuit of a better quality of life through solar power. Her training is still bringing progress to one of Mexico’s poorest regions. This short film was the winner of the best documentary award in the 2019 edition of the ECOFilm Festival.

Artists of the Day - Wabagari Dance Group
The Wabagari Dance Group is a Garifuna Dance Group which sings, plays the traditional Garifuna drums and sisiras and dance to Garifuna music. This energetic group of musicians and dancers became a unit in 2012 under the leadership of the current director, Cynthia Cayetano. Even though Wabagari as a group has only been in existence since 2012, most of the dancers have been gracing the stage for decades. Wabagari's founder/ Director began dancing in her hometown of Punta Gorda in 1983 at the tender age of 11 under the tutelage of the incomparable Maura Lopez as a member of the group Yaguei. After migrating to a Belize City, Cynthia became a member of Ugundani Dance Group and eventually became its director. Most of Wabagari's dancers have represented Belize internationally in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Ministry of National Security Refutes Allegations made against BDF Patrol
The Ministry of National Security hereby clarifies misinformation that has been circulating on social media regarding a Belize Defence Force (BDF) patrol in the Toledo District. The BDF conducts patrols and monitors Belize’s borders daily in accordance with its duties and mandate under the laws of Belize to preserve the territorial integrity of Belize. Reports appearing in both local and international media yesterday, June 2nd, referred to allegations being made against some members of a BDF patrol accused of entering Guatemalan territory on Sunday, May 31, 2020. The Ministry has confirmed that the allegations are false.

Tik Tok Video competition
Click below for details of the Belize Department of the Environment - DOE's first-ever Tik Tok Video competition commemorating World Environment Day 2020.

Repatriation flight this Friday June 5, 2020
There is a confirmed repatriation flight this Friday June 5, 2020. United Airlines Flight UA 2421 departs Belize at 12:00 pm (noon) and arrives in Houston, TX at 15:30 pm. Please make your reservation at www.United.com. In addition, United Airlines and the Government of Belize are working to provide additional repatriation flights from Belize City to Houston, TX during the month of June 2020. Flights are planned for the following dates in June (6/12, 6/19, and 6/26). United Airlines Flight UA 2421 departs Belize at 12:00 pm (noon) and arrives in Houston, TX at 15:30 pm. While all flights are available for ticket purchase at www.United.com, please note that only the flight for Friday, June 5th is approved by the Government of Belize at this time...

Water outage in San Pedr0
BWS Notice for Customers in San Pedro: Unplanned water interruption due to leak for today, Thursday, June 4, 2020. Duration: Unknown until damage assessment is conducted Areas being affected: entire San Pedro Distribution System

Preparation day for concrete work on the back yard patio of The Yucatec Maya museum in Cristo Rey village, Corozal
Yes. We're getting there.

Maya Legend of Yuum Cimil
The Maya natives of today, inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula, assure that Yum Cimil, Lord of Death, goes around the rooms of the sick to take them away. This much feared lord was the ancient Lord of the Underworld, who was called Ah Puch, also known as Ah Cimil, Kisin (the stinking one), and Hun Ahau. The Maya represented him as a skeleton with the face of a jaguar or owl, from his body you could see the ribs and the spine without meat; that is, only the bones were appreciated. But sometimes his body was covered in flesh, bloated flesh filled with black circles caused by decay. Ah Puch was adorned with jingle bells that he put on his hair, forearms and legs, and on his chest he wore a snail-shaped pectoral. The bells he used were of many sizes, from tiny to large as oranges, were made of copper and gold. Ah Puch was an evil god who was always accompanied by a dog, the Moan bird, and an owl.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint Full Moon.

How did fourteen men change the history of Belize?
Tune in on Facebook this Friday at 10:00 a.m. for a video presentation by Mr. Nigel Encalada, Director of ISCR on the historical importance of the 1st June 1797 Public Meeting✍️ and the role of the Flowers Bank 14

Channel 7

BDF Sergeant Charged For Rape Of Female Soldier
For the past two nights we have been reporting on the now concluded report into allegations of sexual misconduct within the BELIZE DEFENCE FORCE. When we spoke to the Minister of National Security yesterday he disclosed that the report also unearthed an allegation of rape made by a female soldier. And, today, 35 year old Staff Sergeant Margarito Pop was taken to court and accused of raping a 39 year old female soldier. Pop appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner in the presence of his attorney, Leeroy Banner where a single charge of rape was read to him.

Cop Charged For Breaking Glass Door, Fails to Meet Bail
Tonight, 30 year old Belmopan police Officer James Usher is on remand at the Belize Central Prison. He was arraigned this evening on a single charge of damage to property. Yesterday, for reasons that are still unclear, Usher damaged a glass door at the Investigation Section at the Belize City branch of the Immigration and Nationality Department, located at mile 1.5 on the Phillip Goldson Highway.

Excessive Mud In Cane Forces BSI to Shut Down Plant
Tonight, there is disruption in the 2019/2020 sugar cane season, which has been put on pause until further notice. The recent heavy rains affecting the entire country has caused the cane fields to become inundated with floodwaters. That is causing excessively muddy cane to enter BSI's Tower Hill Factory, which is threatening to damage their equipment. Since the heavy rains started during the weekend, that excess mud has since increased to 4 times the recommended amount that the millers can allow their equipment to directly interact with. And so, representatives from the different stakeholder groups in the industry met and took the difficult decision to cease all cane deliveries, as of yesterday morning, until the weather improves. Forecasters believe that the heavy rains should stop by this weekend.

Mile 44 Land, Half Of It Was Worth 20 Mil!
The battle over the land at mile 44 on the George Price Highway is continuing this week. This time it's a war of words between former Central Bank Governor Glenn Ysaguirre and his son, Jaraad, as legal owners on one side, and Nigel Petillo, the land activist on the other. As viewers are aware, Petillo has been encouraging Belizeans to clear over one thousand acres at mile 44 to begin the process of squatting for Title by Prescription. It's the BGYEA model from Mile 41's Harmonyville. That's where Petillo and others brought public pressure by squatting on that once-vacant piece of land, demonstrating the very real need from poor, first-time landowners.

When it All Falls Down for A Southside Family
Tonight a mother and her two children are homeless after their small home fell last night during the rains. 42-year-old Thalia Westby, was at home with her children on Baldwin Drive near Faber's Road when the house collapsed. The small 12 by 14 wooden structure toppled after the heavy rains inundated the swamp where the house sits and destabilized the stilts. Today she told Cherisse Halsall about her plight: .

A Special Air Cargo Lands At The PGIA
The Philip Goldson International Airport remains closed under the State of Emergency regulations- opened only to cargo flights and special charters to pick up stranded US residents. But, the airport was briefly opened today for a special flight, to accommodate a French military jet bringing COVID sanitation supplies for the Belize Central Prison. It's a donation from the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security, also known as CARICOM IMPACS. This regional organization has partnered with the British High Commission in Port of Spain, Trinidad to ensure that prisons in the Caribbean don't become breeding grounds for the coronavirus.

Prison Taking Major Measures to Stay Corona Virus Free
2 days ago, we told you about that Belizean immigrant in the US who tested positive for the Coronavirus, while he was being held in custody at the detention center in California. There is a consensus that prisons and detention centers are especially vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. So, we asked the Prison CEO to discuss the protocols that they implemented at the Belize Central Prison to ensure the facility wouldn't become ground zero for a coronavirus second wave.

Flood Forecast Improving
And from COVID, we turn now to the regional outlook on the weather, and specifically, Tropical Storm Cristobal. As we told you earlier in the news, the rains caused by this weather system last weekend has caused the sugar industry to go on a temporary pause due to excess mud being delivered with the cane. And, that was done back when it wasn't even strong enough or organized enough to become a named storm. Well, it has now developed into a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour.

Some Still Waiting For First Unemployment Payment
And as floodwaters rise in some areas of Belize, some have yet to get their heads above water, this time figuratively. We've told you that just under 3,000 approved applicants have yet to receive Unemployment Relief funds. That's due to errors with banking information, missing transit numbers, or an inactive account. Yesterday we spoke to a freelance reporter who says she lost vital revenue during the lockdown, and after a successful application for relief funds led nowhere, she called us to vent her frustration at the Social Security Board's inability to offer her any guidance.

Public Doctors and Private Practice
And in other COVID news, medical officers - meaning doctors in the public service, are wondering when the regulations prohibiting them from engaging in private practice will be rolled back. The most recent Statutory Instrument laying out the State of Emergency regulations still states, quote, "No medical officer employed by the Government of Belize shall engage in any independent private practice during the period of public emergency." This is presumably to avoid the risk of any cross contamination between public and private facilities, but, without any confirmed COVID cases in Belize for the past 51 days, many of those medical officers are asking if its really necessary.

City Cleaners, Spiffy and Safe
As the lockdown concludes and you get back to your jobs and daily commutes, you might notice a distinctively dressed crew hard at work in the City. They're the City Council's sanitation workers now referred to by the much more appealing title of "Operational Support." And with the name change comes a change in apparel. We joined Mayor Bernard Wagner at City Hall this morning for the official presentation. They were among the essential workers who fought though lockdown to continue to provide such vital services as garbage removal, custodial work, and even maintenance of burial grounds, and this morning Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner described them as having stood on the wall amidst uncertainty.

BDF Says It Didn't Enter Guatemala, OAS Will Confirm
The Ministry of National Security out out a statement a few minutes ago, refuting social media reports which say that a BDF patrol allegedly entered Guatemalan territory on Sunday, May 31, 2020. The Ministry has confirmed that the allegations are false. The official account is that while conducting a routine patrol, some members of the BDF 2020 visited a neighborhood near Jalacte Village in the Toledo District of Belize where they briefly encountered some civilians.

Boat and Engine Thieves Swept Through Riversdale
A boat and three outboard engines were stolen last night in Riversdale Village on the Placencia Peninsula. At 5:00 this morning, fisherman Hector Martinez went looking for his boat named Hanny, and found that it was gone, along with its 60 horsepower Yamaha engine. Not long after, another fisherman from that village, Carlos Castellanos found that his 40 horsepower Yamaha engine was also gone, but they left his boat.

Ryan Foster Wanted For Double Murder
Last month, we told you about the killings of 55-year-old Quentin Espinoza, a Belizean divemaster, and 70-year-old American Roman Burley. They found dead in mysterious circumstances: Espinoza had been shot in the head, while Burley suffered chop wounds. Tonight, police have released a wanted poster for the man they want to investigate for these 2 murders.

A Reward For Robbers
Police are offering a reward for the two suspects, described only as two Hispanic men, believed to be involved in the robbery of San Ignacio's B&J store. We showed you the footage of the robbery where 2 persons held up the store owner and his cashier while a customer in a blue shirt was present. They left with $300.00 and now the police say they need your help to catch them.

YWCA, Maintaining Girls's Dignity
Back in April when Food Packages were introduced and government-issued pantries were upgraded to include sanitizing agents but no one was talking about a vital necessity that at the time The Ministry of Human Development seemed to have overlooked.

KHMH Returns To A (New) Normal
Yesterday the KHMH announced the re-opening of its suspended specialist clinics, but with a caveat: patients will now be accepted on an appointment-only basis, Adjustments have also been made to the hospital's COVID-time visitor's policy in order to match State of Emergency relaxations. Moving forward General Hospital visiting hours will be from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm and 4pm to 6pm. Patients will be allowed one morning visitor and 3 evening visitors, one person at a time.

Channel 5

Four Confiscated Drug Planes Sold for Under $1M
Numerous landings of drug planes in Belize have amassed a fleet of aircrafts that government has taken into its possession.  Those business jets, in various state of disrepair, are kept [...]

Confiscated Aircrafts Bought By Belizeans and Foreigners
According to Enriquez, the collective price for the aircrafts was determined based on the conditions in which they were being sold, and many of them were damaged after landing on [...]

O.A.S. to Verify Whether Belizean Soldiers Crossed Over into Guatemala
The Organization of American States is conducting an investigation to determine the geographical location of a team of Belize Defense Force soldiers, who ventured into an area of the adjacency [...]

A Filthy Kitchen At Camp Belizario
The following story also involves the B.D.F.  Images of filth that has accumulated at the kitchen at Camp Belizario in Central Farm have been raising concerns for some of the [...]

Life Continues as Normal in Arenal Village, Despite Rise of COVID-19 Cases in Guatemala
The main border points remain closed, but illegal border crossings are still taking place because every week we get an update on how many persons are arrested and charged for [...]

B.D.F. Soldier Margarito Pop Arraigned for Raping Female Soldier
A B.D.F. soldier has been taken to court for rape.  The matter reportedly happened a few days ago and the female officer made the complaint. This comes on the heels [...]

CARICOM IMPACS Come Bearing Sanitary Supplies for Belize Central Prison
At the Philip Goldson International Airport this morning, a French aircraft touched down, bringing supplies that will be used by inmates at the Belize Central Prison. Everywhere, including the prisons, [...]

Anticipating the Reopening of the P.G.I.A.
Belize has entered its eighth week without recording a positive COVID-19 case. The closure of the P.G.I.A. and land borders has kept imported cases away and the work of frontline [...]

Belize Enters 8th Week since Last Positive COVID-19 Case
More than one thousand six hundred COVID-19 tests have been conducted and as of Tuesday afternoon, only two cases were under investigation. Belize continues with zero positive COVID-19 and is [...]

2 Men are Wanted for Hopkins Double Murder
Police are looking for two men who are suspects in the murders of a Belizean and a U.S. national at a farm in Hopkins, Stann Creek District, on May twenty-second. [...]

Adjusting to the New Normal Amid Coronavirus Threat
Businesses are finding new ways to provide customers with personal safety. In the downtown area of the City, Dibary, is one of the attractive places to shop. But due to [...]

More than Organic, Traditional Chocolate Bars!
Tonight we take you back down south to Maya Center Village for part two of our story with Julio Saqui, the co-owner of Che’il Mayan Chocolate. Making authentic and organic [...]

Milling Halts at the B.S.I. Factory
The A.S.R./B.S.I. factory did its final milling around four before it closed temporarily to do some maintenance work. As we reported on Tuesday, the closure is directly related to the [...]

Drought Woes for Sugar Industry; Relief “Soon Come!”
This heavy rain is but only one climate related issue for the sugar industry. As you’ll recall, last year the industry suffered a serious drought and in the last couple [...]

Grains and Sugarcane Fields Flooded in the West!
Many crops are under water due to recent flooding to Tropical Storm Cristobal that formed in the Bay of Campeche. Locally crops and grains are being affected in the west and [...]

Professional Overalls and Uniforms for the Operational Support Team at CitCo
Sanitation workers and operational support staff at the Belize City Council will be donning a professional look.  City Hall has acquired overalls and provided them with protective gear to be [...]

C.W.U. and P.B.L. Resolve Stevedores’ Issue
A meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon between the Christian Workers Union and the Port of Belize Limited. It was mediated by the Labour Department and focused on a three-day [...]

Family of Three Escapes Injury after House Collapse; Needs Help!
A family of three was home on Tuesday night when their house came crumbling down. Thalia Westby and her two sons have been living in the small wooden house on [...]

Harmony Young Undergoes Surgery
Last week, we brought you the story of Harmony Young, a sixteen-year-old Belize City resident who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour back in March of this year. Her [...]

Y.W.C.A. Launches a Feminine Hygiene Products Drive
COVID-19 has left many families disenfranchised across the country. While some have joined the unemployment pool and are dependent on relief from government, others are unable to meet rent, pay [...]

The Reporter

PPE arrives for Prison
Just after midday today a French military aircraft landed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport to deliver fourteen thousand dollars worth of Personal Protective Equipments and basic sanitization supplies to the Belize Central Prison. The donation is from the CARICOM IMPACS (Implementation Agency for Crime and Security) with support from the British High Commission in Port of Spain Trinidad. Prison authorities said that the much-needed donations will be used to boost the prison's ongoing screening operation to keep their vulnerable population COVID-19 free.

Report of the Committee to Evaluate and Advise on Cost Savings Measures
The Public Service Union has released highlights from the Report of the Committee to Evaluate and Advise on Cost Savings Measures. The report touches on vehicles and fuel, human resources, allowances, procurement, travel and utilities among other topics.


Dodlie Estelle, owner of Estelle's Airport Hotel in Ladyville was shot to the back during a robbery around 5pm today. Estelle and his wife were inside their home when a man came to ask for a room at the hotel. Thereafter, two other armed men entered and demanded money. When Estelle told them he had none, they fired shots at him and stole $500. They then escaped in a vehicle which was intercepted by police. The police detained the four men found inside the vehicle. Estelle was admitted to the hospital in a stable condition.

Citco equips sanitation department with uniforms
The Sanitation Department at the Belize City Council were equipped with brand new uniforms that will allow them to carry out their duties safely and professionally. Today the Mayor of Belize City, Bernard Wagner, announced that the long-awaited sanitation jumpsuits were completed.

Jared Metzgen is is need of financial assistance
A few days ago, 22-year-old Jared Metzgen was a healthy Belizean man. On Sunday, May 24 his future changed when he fell off a bridge in the Gracie Rock area leaving him paralyzed. Tonight, he is in dire need of medical attention for an uncontrollable fever and not being able to breathe on his own. The possibility of him being able to walk again is minimal, but the family is hopeful, and they are pleading for financial assistance to get him the proper care he needs. We spoke to his father, Herbert Metzgen who hopes that his son will make it through.

BSI halts its mills due to harsh weather conditions
The Belize Sugar industry (BSI) has stopped the grinding of sugar cane due to the heavy rains from over the weekend making the process challenging. According to BSI the decision was taken after consulting with the Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Sugar Cane Production Committee.

Family’s home collapses due to heavy rains
A mother and her two children were startled when their house collapsed last night on Baldwin Drive in Belize City. The small elevated wooden structure sat on four posts at each corner but had shifted over the past few days due to the rain and wind.

Repatriated Belizeans currently staying at Radisson hotel
Three groups of repatriated Belizeans are currently staying at the Radisson Fort George and Marina under mandatory quarantine. Love News understands that each group has been assigned their own floor, and have minimal contact with the staff.

Valley of Peace faces issues with flooding
Residents in the Valley of Peace area, Cayo District are facecd with challenges as their farms and crops have become inundated with water. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz visited the village and filed the following report.

Kolby Foundation receives donation from Caricom
The Kolby Foundation received some much needed supplies to aid in their preventative measures against Covid-19. Though there are no active cases in the country right now, it is still important to keep the prisons safe due to the density of its population.

Citco talks hurricane preparation
The hurricane season is here and the Belize City Council reported today that they are prepared for what has been forecast to be an active season. The City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) that falls under the purview of the Belize City Council was activated since the start of January.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry of National Security refutes allegations made against BDF Patrol; says patrol was in Belizean territory
The Ministry of National Security issued a statement today to clarify misinformation that has been circulating […]

Man shot in armed robbery in Ladyville
Authorities are investigating an armed robbery that occurred this evening at Estelle’s Airport hotel in […]

Local travel breathing some life back into tourism industry, stakeholders call for further relaxation of curfew
The Belize Tourism Industry Association says that there was a surge of Belizean travelers taking advantage […]

Tourism industry and Development Finance Corporation discussing recovery from COVID-19
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BITA) and the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) are in discussions […]

Director of Health Services host meeting with Management teams of health regions
Today, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero hosted a meeting with management teams from […]

FFB sets dates for regional and national executive elections
The Congress of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is tentatively set for July 4, […]

Tropical Storm Cristobal weakening slowly; threat of heavy rains and flood continues
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) informs that Tropical Storm Cristobal is weakening slowly. A Tropical […]

Belize City Mayor asks residents to be prepared this hurricane season
The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season began on Monday and Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner is […]

U.S. Embassy Belize informs of United Airlines repatriation flights from Belize
The United States Embassy in Belize informed today of a confirmed repatriation flight this Friday […]

Police name wanted suspects in Hopkins double murder
Police have named 29-year-old Ryan Brown Foster and 21-year-old Theodore Garcia as suspects in the […]

Mexican Embassy commemorates World Environment Day with special screening of Mexican short film “Solar grandma”
In the framework of the celebration of the World Environment Day and as a part […]

Tropical Storm Cristobal makes landfall in Mexico; brings heavy rains and flood
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is reporting that Tropical Storm Cristobal is moving inland over […]


Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Belize Highlights
If you don’t own a Lonely Planet guide, yourself, wherever you travel you are bound to see one somewhere along the way. Whether it’s an avid adventurer reading on the plane, an old copy left on the hotel bookshelf, your friend’s go-too suggestion when you ask for recommendations. In the travel world, the top 10 highlights from Lonely Planet for a destination is a great base to start planning, and Belize is no different.

A Dreamy Long Weekend At Gaia River Lodge in Western Belize
After over 2 months spent within a few hundred feet of my couch and computer, it felt glorious to get out my trusty duffle bag and TRAVEL! I was headed less than 100 miles away (as the crow flies) – to Gaia River Lodge in Belize’s beautiful Pine Ridge Forest. To this… So close to Ambergris Caye but SO DIFFERENT! My long weekend was totally magical. And now I can dream of going back…I actually have so much more to do there! But it’s my small luxe cabana perched over the waterfalls above that is calling loudest to me. Let me start from the beginning of my trip – and tell you how I got there. Especially since many people combine their trip to Gaia River Lodge with time at their sister property on Ambergris Caye – Mata Chica Resort on the beach.

Belize listed on United’s Summer 2020 Flight Schedule
On June 2, United Airlines made an update to the world in regards to its flights, routes and reopening schedules. This included summer 2020 flights to destinations in Central America and the Caribbean, listing 5 weekly flights scheduled to Belize. While international travel has been the most affected, we know that travel industry partners around the world flights are hopeful for a resurgence. Currently, Belize’s borders and international airport remain closed; the Government of Belize has not yet confirmed a reopen date, though are working diligently to provide an update soon. However, as United updates their schedule for resumed international flights, this may be an indication for resumed service to Belize in summer 2020.

International Sourcesizz

Largest Known Maya Structure Found, More than 4,000 Feet Long and Nearly 3,000 Years Old
A giant platform nearly a mile long made of stone, clay and earth is both the earliest and largest known monumental structure constructed by the ancient Maya, dwarfing their biggest pyramids in magnitude, a new study finds. The people known as the ancient Maya lived in an area the size of Texas across what is now southern Mexico and northern Central America, including the modern countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. At its height, known as its Classic period, which spanned from roughly A.D. 250 to 900, the Maya arguably had the most advanced civilization in the Americas, raising cities known for their stone pyramids.

CCRIF Caribbean Members Renew Disaster Risk Insurance Policies, Strengthened by European Union Support
CCRIF is pleased to announce that its menthe! governments in the Caribbean have all renewed their parametric insurance coverage for tropical cyclone, excess rainfall, earthquake and fisheries ahead of the upcoming 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season, ceding over US$1 billion in risk to CCRIF and increasing overall coverage by 8 per cent. To support Caribbean governments whose social and economic sectors have been significantly disrupted by COVID-19, the European Union (EU) under its Global COVID-19 Response, has provided a grant of €10 million (USS11 million) to CCRIF for premium support or for increasing coverage for its Caribbean members.

Five more Mexican fishermen detained in Belize
Five Mexican fishermen who were reported missing Saturday from along the southern coast of Quintana Roo were detained in Belizean waters. The fishermen were taken into custody and placed in quarantine after Belize authorities found them outside Mexico boundaries.

Discover ancient ruins and unspoilt jungle in Belize and Guatemala
Belize and Guatemala have largely stayed off the tourist radar for Brits, as bigger Latin American countries scoop up first-time visitors to the region, leaving the sacred sites and steamy jungles of these neighbouring states only to those in the know. Yet for the more intrepid UK traveller, that simply adds to the allure. These small countries boast some of the world’s best diving sites, Mayan ruins, mist-filled jungles and colonial cities – perfect for a twin-centre trip. Plus they offer just the kind of vibrant visual content you can use in social media or marketing to inspire customers planning ahead for 2021.

Bone analysis of ancient skeletons show humans started eating maize 4,700-years-ago
Ancient skeletons, found in a remarkably well-preserved state in Central American rock shelters, hold clues to the origins of maize as a staple of the human diet. The remains were found in the Maya Mountains of Belize and were buried at various points in the past 10,000 years, according to University of Exeter team. Researchers measured levels of carbon and nitrogen in the bones of 44 skeletons to gather information on their diet – they found the oldest fed on herbs and berries. Of the skeletons studied, the first to show signs of maize in their diet would have lived about 4,7000-years-ago, the team said.

The roots of a staple crop
About 9,000 years ago in the Balsas River Valley of southwestern Mexico, hunter-gatherers began domesticating teosinte, a wild grass. Fast-forward to the present, and what was a humble perennial has been turned into the world's biggest grain crop: maize. Humanity deeply relies on maize, or corn, but just when it became a major food crop in the Americas has been a source of mystery and dispute. Now, a UC Santa Barbara researcher and his collaborators, by testing the skeletons of an "unparalleled" collection of human skeletal remains in Belize, have demonstrated that maize had become a staple in the Americas 4,700 years ago.


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  • Healing Origins, 4min. "Nature provides it all"...Chandan Makhijani, a holistic herbalist, who has captured the wisdom of traditional healing system.