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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofers: Six Months in Belize
“Dennis, come join us for breakfast!” Arnie Rodgers and his wife, Joanna were hailing me from a table on the beach. They had lived on Ambergris Caye for ten years before buying a house in Maine in the U.S. two years ago. “How are things in the states?” I asked. “Cold,” Joanna said. “Bitterly cold.” “How long are you planning to be here in Belize?” I asked.

San Pedro Hot Meals have delivered over 10,000 plates of food to islanders in need
Chef Maresha Reid and proprietor of Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant and Pirate’s Not-So-Secret Beach Bar have been leading a feeding program, San Pedro Hot Meals, since March when the COVID-19 pandemic left hundreds of islanders jobless and with limited resources. Reid, along with volunteers and supporters, decided to bring hot meals to those most affected and to those who are currently struggling to feed themselves. As of Wednesday, June 3rd, the feeding program, offered three times per week, has served over 10,000 plates of hearty meals to the most vulnerable in San Pedro Town.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Sunday, June 7th Meal Pick ups. Location: Barefoot Caribe. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

National Hydrological Service Flood Forecast - June 6, 2020
CITIZENS ARE ADVISED THAT FLOODING IS OCCURRING ON THE RIO HONDO. Residents are advised to avoid flooded rivers and streams and motorists should avoid crossing flooded Bridges, Roads and Highways as Floods may become severe. General Situation: ATMOSPHERE BECOMING LESS MOIST AND UNSTABLE... 24-Hour Forecast: CLOUDY SPELLS TODAY AND TONIGHT WITH ISOLATED SHOWERS OR THUNDERSTORMS. River Conditions: REGION 7 - The Blue Creek Sub catchment of the RIO HONDO remains above the historically recorded Hurricane Mitch Level, and continues to rise; Levels at, Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas continues to rise. The NEW RIVER at Caledonia continues to rise steadily...

As with all positive cases for SARS-CoV2, a detailed mapping exercise is conducted and decisions are taken based on those findings. In the case of case #19, it is that of a young male, asymptomatic who came from the cruise ship that arrived on May 23rd and who upon arrival went into a mandatory quarantine at the Radisson. We note that the10 persons that were swabbed from that first arriving group were being tested prior to their release as per the established protocol, this set of tests produced a reactive test with the other 9 being negative for SARS-CoV2.

BTIA presents financing support Position Paper to the Development Finance Corporation
THE CASE FOR LONG-TERM LENDING TO SUPPORT BELIZE’S TOURISM INDUSTRY AND BY EXTENSION SPUR THE NATION’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Estimates vary but approximately 40% of Belize’s GDP is linked to international tourism. It stands to reason that with the nation’s tourism revenues reduced to near zero since mid-March, 2020, there can be no economic recovery for Belize without the recovery of the tourism industry. Direct employment by tourism is in the tens of thousands and is focused in San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Hopkins, Placencia, San Ignacio and Belize City but is felt nationwide as labor mobility has increased markedly over the last two decades...

Happy 24 anniversary, PACT!
24 Years of Investing in People and Protected Areas! Wash your hand and practice social distancing Belize.

BWS will be open on Saturdays starting June 13, 2020

Pedro R. Lizarraga & Sons Ltd. has been awarded "The 2020 Gold Sponsorship Award"
On behalf of the Board, Faculty, and Staff, we extend our deepest appreciation for your generous contribution & support to SIHS & SIHSAE school community for the academic 2019-2020.

The next webinar is scheduled for Monday, June 8 at 1:30 p.m. Register here:

Artist of the Day - Berne
In 2010, Berne released the successful album "The Museum Of Culture Presents: I Am Berne" and sold 20,000 units. This was a huge year for Berne as he also landed his first leading role in the featured film "7 Adventures Of Sinbad" Co-Starring with Patrick Muldoon and Sarah Oseige. This movie made Berne Velasquez the first Belizean Artist to land a lead role in an International Film. Berne introduced the "Dileeyu" CD in 2011, which sold 20,000 units during a tour of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Without slowing down on his music career, he continued to pursue his newly budding acting career and landed another role in the movie Dragon Wasps.

Channel 5

Shooting incident in St. Margaret’s Village
Police in Cayo are investigating a shooting incident which occurred last night at around 8:30. It happened in St. Margaret’s Village and the victim has been identified as twenty-five year old Juan Diaz Jr. According to police, Diaz was in front of a store when two armed masked men approached him. One of the men shot Diaz several times. Diaz was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he remains in a stable condition.

Teodoro Garcia charged with two counts of murder
There is an update to the double murder in Hopkins which occurred last Friday, May twenty-second at a house on the Hopkins Road. Twenty year old Teodoro Garcia has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder. He stands accused of murdering Quintin Espinosa and Ronald Burley. Both men were shot to death.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Saturday night murder in the south
Earlier tonight a man was shot and killed in Punta Gorda, Toledo. Reliable reports to […]

Tourists get up-close look at stingrays off San Pedro
A group of tourists in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, were introduced to animals with a […]

UDP Chairman: “We will be ready” for general elections
Outgoing Prime Minister Dean Barrow confesses he has not thought about general elections due on […]

Senior law enforcement visit Toledo
This week the Attorney General and Minister of National Security Michael Peyrefitte traveled south to […]

Covid-19 global cases almost at 7 million
Statistics from Worldometer indicate that as of today, the global cases of Covid-19 stands at […]

Teodoro Garcia charged for double murder in Hopkins
Police have arrested and charged Teodoro Garcia,20, of Hopkins Village, Stann Creek for the murders […]

Police investigate shooting incident in St. Margaret’s Village
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last night in St. Margaret’s Village. According […]

One man’s dream, an opportunity for Belizeans to make some money,, a contender in the digital marketplace for a decade, is revolutionizing e-transactions in Belize […]

Belizean artist, Cadex Herrera: George Floyd’s name shall live forever
Belizean artist, Cadex Herrera originally from Benque Viejo del Carmen collaborated with a group of […]

BBN informs of fake post
Breaking Belize News informs that a screenshot circulating online of a post purportedly made on […]


Why Belize is the Best Destination after COVID-19
The year 2020 has been devastating for the travel industry, due to COVID-19. No one could have predicted this global pandemic that has caused such havoc. Because of the virus, borders were closed and many countries instituted lockdowns and travel bans. Now, finally, some of these restrictions are being lifted. Cautiously, various countries are opening themselves up to visitors. Last weekend the Acropolis opened again; other tourist attractions are planning to follow suit over the next few weeks. However, travelers might find themselves hesitant to visit. While the prospect of traveling again is wonderful, not every place is safe.

Belize’s Tourism Industry Prepares for a COVID-19 Era
COVID-19 has had devastating consequences for the world, taking numerous lives across the world, including Belize. The ripple effects have led to mass unemployment rates, adversely affecting many nations. Consequently, Belize is one destination that’s suffered greatly from the economic ripples of coronavirus. As a tourism-reliant nation, over 40% of Belize’s GDP is equally dependent on the tourism industry and its foreign visitors. Belizeans pride themselves on the unique amenities and warm hospitality provided to everyone in the country, which has long been called Mother Nature’s best kept secret.

International Sourcesizz

Researchers find 3,000-year-old Maya structure larger than their pyramids
A giant platform nearly a mile long made of stone, clay and earth is both the earliest- and largest-known monumental structure constructed by the ancient Maya, dwarfing their biggest pyramids in magnitude, a new study finds. The people known as the ancient Maya lived in an area the size of Texas across what is now southern Mexico and northern Central America, including the modern countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. At its height, known as its Classic period, which spanned from roughly A.D. 250 to 900, the Maya arguably had the most advanced civilization in the Americas, raising cities known for their stone pyramids.

History-making queer activist Caleb Orozco gives a rousing reminder that ‘giving up is not an option’ when it comes to LGBT+ rights
In 2016, after a long fight from LGBT+ activists, gay sex was finally made legal in the Central American country of Belize. That change would never have happened without the tireless campaigning of Caleb Orozco. As executive director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), Orozco filed a case with the country’s Supreme Court in 2010 arguing that the country’s anti-sodomy law was unconstitutional.


  • Live dj music sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute, 2hr.

  • In It Together - Belize has some nice instructional videos, 55min. Learning in the classroom is a thing of the past, at least for now. Thanks to technology, learning can take place ANYWHERE, and that's exactly what we'll do together. We're In It Together!

  • Webinar for Crisis Management, 44min. Dr. Pinelo led the webinar for Crisis Management.

  • Robin Blesch Welcome to My Forest Garden in Belize, min. A Quick Snipet of Robin Blesch manicuring her Forest Garden in the Jungle of Belize. This is a quick early promo video for The Quest for Subsistence a documentary film Produced & Directed by Robin Blesch shot in Belize, Central America. This film promotes being more self sufficient humans, organic agriculture and natural habitat building.

  • THE GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE of Belize at the Engine Room in White River Junction, Vermont Oct 4, 2019, 24min.

  • Sailing in Belize on a Bareboat Charter: Part 4, 6min. This is part 4 of a 7 part series from a sailing trip in Belize. Sailing from the Moorings base in Placencia. I chartered a 42-foot monohull and acted as skipper with my good friends Michael as chef and Scott as first mate. This was my 4th time charter with the Moorings in Belize and I am look forward to going again.

  • LGBT rights in Belize: Meet activist Caleb Orozco, 3.5min. Activist Caleb Orozco, who works alongside Kaleidoscope Trust, shares what it's like to grow up gay in Belize and his fight for LGBT+ rights in Belize.

  • Marine Biology in Belize, 4min.


  • Making tamales for Biix, 2.5min. Amazing video showing the hard work of the Yucatec Maya people of northern Belize while doing tamales for the Maya tradition of Biix . These Tamales are cooked underground (Pib) . The Maya tradition of Biix pronounce as "Biish" which is the last day of U Janal Pixano'ob in which the Souls return to the Spiritual world. For Biix the Yucatec Maya(Masewal) put candles in front their doors,yard entrance, cementary to guide the souls path to the spiritual world . A Pib is offered for that day along with prayers . All food is eaten and shared

  • Biix, 1min. The Biix is a traditional celebrated in November by the Yucatec Maya people of Belize . The Yucatec Maya of Belize are also known as Mayero or Masewal . The Biix tradition in the video was in the village of Cristo Rey(Corozal) in the 2019 and explained by Mayera Adelita Che . Dona Adelita Che is a Maya women from the village of Yo Chen (Corozal).

  • 1st June 1797 & the Flowers Bank 14, 6.5min. How did fourteen men from the Belize River Valley change the course of Belize's History? What is the significance of 1st June 1797 Public Meeting? Learn more in this brief presentation on the historical importance of the meeting and the role of the fourteen men.