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[Linked Image]Belize's economy has been devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic and that is especially true for Ambergris Caye. The economy of our island is 100% driven by tourism. The Belize borders have been closed since April 1st and tourism has come to a complete halt.

The San Pedro Tour Guides' Association needs our immediate help.

These 330 hard-working men and women, many with kids and families to support, have been without jobs and income since the end of March. There has been no date set for the reopening of our borders and our industry.

Anyone and everyone who has visited Ambergris Caye remembers one (or more) special tour guides that MADE their vacation. I bet you could tell me the stories right now! Of the guide who convinced you to plunge into water teeming with sharks, to dive down and grab a conch shell to make fresh ceviche, who hiked with you around the Maya Ruins and answered all your questions... the guide who prepared the most amazing grilled snapper at a beach barbecue.

Three weeks ago, the San Pedro Tour Guides Association started providing small packages of food for 130 guides in need - many younger, freelance guides with kids and families to support and no job opportunities on the horizon. While there are some independent assistance programs and food kitchens on Ambergris Caye, some of these guides have “fallen through the cracks.”

Our goal is to raise $25,000USD ($50,000BZD) to continue providing these weekly basics - flour, rice, dry beans, and chicken - until the end of August 2020 at a total weekly cost of $1,800US ($3,200BZD)

Any additional funds collected will extend this program as the road to full recovery of our island tourism industry could be long and uncertain.

Please donate to help the guides we love, who make our vacations fantastic and who really need our help right now. If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing this site on social media.

Thank you SO much for your help. We hope you are safe and we also hope that we see you all very soon in Belize.

Note: All donations are 501(c)(3) deductible in the US.

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