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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro High School Announces 2020 Graduating Class and their Top Students
On Monday, June 8th, the San Pedro High School (SPHS) announced that their 2020 graduating class is made up of 139 students. SPHS’ top students are Valedictorian Manuel Casasola, Salutatorian Rachel Alamilla, and Vote of Thanks Stephanie Usher. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no traditional graduation ceremony is expected to take place. Instead, the graduating class will have their own virtual graduation ceremony on June 18th via Reef TV starting at 6PM, and will participate in a special virtual national graduation event set for June 21st, in which all high school students countrywide will be honored for their achievement.

World Oceans Day Statement from the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development
As we celebrate World Oceans Day, Belize is reminded of the central role our marine environment and resources play in contributing to our livelihoods, people, and economy. The Government of Belize along with its partners and stakeholders continue to make great strides and success in the establishment and implementation of programs and systems to promote the long-term sustainable use of our limited and fragile marine resources, the protection of our marine environment, and the promotion of nature-based approaches for healthy oceans.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, June 9th Meal pick ups Location: Food Republic. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

Belize Leads in Protection of Land and Sea - But We're Not Stopping There!
In celebration of World Oceans Day, check out our latest article where guest writer, Andrea Polanco, chats to leaders at Friends for Conservation and Development - FCD Belize, Belize Audubon Society and the National Biodiversity Office about the ecological and economical importance of Belize's protected areas.
Almost one hundred years ago, in 1928, the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument (HMCNM) was declared a Crown Reserve because of its large nesting colonies of Red-footed Booby birds. Then in 1982, HMCNM became the first protected area in Belize under the National Park Systems Act. That same year, it also became the first marine protected area in the Central American region. The site is co-managed by the Belize Audubon Society (BAS). The HMCNM is protected with a strict “no take” policy, which helps it to serve as a nursery for commercial fish species and home to endangered species like the Hawksbill turtle and the Nassau grouper.

Global Coral Reef Week
Global Coral Reef Week was designed to pilot a new approach to research conferences. Conferences provide opportunities for learning about cutting edge research, gaining exposure to new techniques in modern science, interacting with regional colleagues, creating new networks, and developing scientific creativity. With a virtual conference, the reach of this information and opportunities are vastly increased while keeping participants' carbon footprints low due to no air travel. The Environmental Research Institute (University of Belize) and Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative would like to host Belize's event and now extend the call for abstracts.

Camera traps
Camera trapping is one of the major tools Ya’axché uses to monitor 19 mammalian species across the Maya Golden Landscape. The information collected helps on wildlife management and policy locally and nationally. Within agroforestry farms and three protected areas, camera traps are deployed during the dry and wet seasons. Astonishing wildlife photos are taken roaming farms and forests. Photos of endangered and rare species such as the tapir and jaguars and game species such as deer, peccaries and armadillos are recorded. Farmers and staff are happy to see wildlife populations kept healthy.

May 13,895 of this era one of the most important Indigenous persons was born . He was seen as a Indigenous Messiah and his name is Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl(K'uk'ulkan) . Kukulkan impacted alot in Mesoamerica we can easy consider him "The Indigenous Messiah" and Mesoamerica the "Holy land " . Some said he even did miracles but today we will honor some of the things he did, while he walked through Mesoamerica . K'uk'ulkan was born in May 13,895 Under the name of Ce Acatl Topiltzin. His birth was full of tradegy because his parents where murder but also full miracle as he survive various attempts of murder while he was a baby . He assumed lordship over the Toltecs and migrated his people to Tollan.

Artist of the Day - Ashanti "Airbender" Garcia
Ashanti Garcia, also known as "Airbender", was born and raised in San Ignacio. She always loved dancing but didn’t start to receive formal training until she was about 10 or 11 years old. Ashanti also did her first yoga class with her mother as a child and enjoyed it but she didn’t dedicate time to regular home practice until sometime in her late teens. Around the same time, Ashanti was taking dance classes for three hours every Saturday with the Dramatic Force School of Dance between ages 17 and 18. One year later, she received international dance training for a couple of months while being a member of Global Madness, a Dancehall and Hip Hop Group at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

NEMO and Area Rep Hon. Gaspar Vega tour flooded villages
Minister of National Emergency Management Honorable Edmond Castro and Orange North Area Representative Honorable Gaspar Vega yesterday visited villages in that constituency that are being affected by flooding associated with the recent passage of the tropical system that became Tropical Storm Cristobal. The two villages visited were San Roman and Douglas (along the Rio Hondo), where a total of 15 families (5 families in San Roman and 10 families in Douglas) have been severely affected, having to seek temporary shelter elsewhere.

Alert on COVID-19 Related Fraud from the Financial Intelligence Unit

Incident in the Caracol Area of the Chiquibul National Forest
On Sunday, June 7, 2020, at about 6:00 p.m., Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Forest Rangers were conducting a routine exercise mounting cameras to monitor the poaching of endangered scarlet macaws 1.2 kilometres east of the border, in area of Caracol, in the Chiquibul National Park. During this exercise they had an encounter with two poachers which resulted in an FCD Ranger firing his weapon in self-defense, causing a non-lethal injury to one individual who was captured and detained for illegal entry and poaching of protected wildlife. The other person who was his companion fled. First aid was immediately rendered to the individual and he was carried several hours out of the forest and transferred to San Ignacio Hospital for initial treatment, and then to Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition.

IDB and Compete Caribbean to fund three winning initiatives of the Change Dah Story Social Innovation Challenge
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF) with its partners - the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of Canada — in partnership with the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (Beltraide) and the Belize Department of Youth Services. are pleased to announce the three winners of the Change Dah Story Social Innovation Challenge:

World Oceans Day Statement from the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development
As we celebrate World Oceans Day, Belize is reminded of the central role our marine environment and resources play in contributing to our livelihoods, people, and economy. The Government of Belize along with its partners and stakeholders continue to make great strides and success in the establishment and implementation of programs and systems to promote the long-term sustainable use of our limited and fragile marine resources, the protection of our marine environment, and the promotion of nature-based approaches for healthy oceans.

Frequently Asked Questions #5 Plans for the Opening of School - Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture
I. When will schools reopen? The Ministry of Education has consulted with education partners and health authoriti. regarding possible dates for the reopening of schools. The current intention is foes phased reopening 30 030 ined below: Timeline Persons Involved Activity/Purpose tune 15-30, 2020 • all second, school teachers and counselors • secondary school students sitting CSEC examinations • preparing for CXC examinations • closing off current school year • pre-planning for start of new school year June 22-July 31, 2020 • TVET instructon and trainees • completing practical components of trade programs...

National Hydrological Service Flood Forecast - June 8, 2020
CITIZENS ARE ADVISED THAT FLOODING IS OCCURRING ON THE RIO HONDO. Residents are advised to avoid flooded rivers and streams and motorists should avoid crossing flooded Bridges, Roads and Highways as Floods may become severe. General Situation MALNLY FAIR AND WARM WEATHF.R CONDITIONS PREVAIL OVER THE COUNTRY...

Tropic Air pressures BTIA to support the reopening of the International Airport
Dear BTIA Member, We ask for your kind support in the ongoing effort to open the Philip Goldson International Airport on July 1. We also ask for your support to get a public statement from BTIA to that effect. You may not want to open your business at this time, and we understand and appreciate that, but the potential to lose vital international air service for the long term grows with every month we remain closed. We have already lost Southwest for the rest of this year. COPA will not resume until December...

COVID-19 Financing Assistance Survey
Over the past month, the BTIA has been in dialogue with Government and in particular the Development Finance Corporation(DFC) with the purpose of securing a special loan facility to help the tourism industry get through the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to help the DFC with its planning, we have been asked to survey our members and the broader tourism community with an eye to gauge what the demand would be for these loans if they became available. If you own a tourism business kindly assist us by filling out the below survey.

Dear Customers, Further to our last announcement informing you of reductions in Credit Card limits, we are now advising of a further reduction which will take effect on June 9, 2020. The worldwide Covid -19 pandemic continues to negatively impact the inflows of foreign currencies, and in particular United States Dollars, to our region. Consequently, local banks are now required to take additional steps to reserve the sale of United States Dollars to facilitate payment for the importation of essential goods and services.

Job opportunities at St. Ignatius High School Adult Education

BTB Capacity Building Webinars
The next webinar, “Strategies to survive COVID-19 for tour guides,” is scheduled for June 12 at 10:30 a.m. Register here: COVID Food Drive
The San Pedro Tourist Guide Association has been working to aid our guides with basic food supplies, for the past 2 weeks. We have managed to assist 150 of our members per week so far and we want to keep going. Initially the program was to run for three weeks only due to budget constraints, however, we have partnered with ‘Belize Kids.Org’ to continue this program for those Guides in need. Thanks to our partnership with the ‘BKO’, the program will keep running for as long as needed given the considerate donations.

Channel 7

Finally, A Date For Schools To Re-Open
Finally, tonight, there is a timeline for schools to re-open - and for your kids to get back into the classroom. But, it's not until August. The opening date for preschool, primary and secondary schools was announced at a two hour Ministry Of Education press conference this morning in Belize City. Education Minister Patrick Faber said it starts with teachers going back into the classroom a week before: "August 3rd to the 7th, we will be requiring preschool primary and secondary schools, this is all levels of teachers, to return to the classroom. August 10th is a key date to watch..."

Should Students Wear Masks?
Those guidelines will be circulated by Friday. But, will they include a provision for students to wear masks in the classroom, on the playground, and in other areas? Well, that is still up in the air- depending on the regulations that ar sin force when August comes around : "Given the current state if school were to open today or tomorrow, yes everybody would have to wear a mask, because that is the regulation now. We don't know what will be the regulation on August 10th and so rather that get..."

Schools With Big Classrooms May Employ Shift System
And while the guidelines have to take a wait and see approach on masks, what are they saying about classroom sizes, and how many students can be in a classroom at once for it to be COVID-safe? The Minister says that when class sizes get too large, they may have to switch to a shift system: Jules Vasquez- Reporter "Classroom sizes, we know that many primary schools are over 40, some private schools as well are over 30 per class. Will there be a limit on the number of students in a class and how does that relate to social distancing?"

Minister Urges Parents to Pay Fees
These issue of which schools may need to employ a shift system will be determined by school readiness surveys - which are now being circulated. But, while the educational wheels are now turning towards and opening datefor many parents who have lost their jobs or suffered pay cuts - it's been very difficult to find the money to pay fees for the school year that is finishing, and don't even ask about finding registration fees for next year. Today, the Minister of Education says he sympathies, but there's just no wiggle room for the schools:

Parents Called In to Help Scrub Schools
And more than just paying, Faber says parents and the community have to get involved to get schools ready for the new COVID reality. Here's how you can do your part: "We are asking for donation of equipment or labor to install repair sinks, or makeshift handwashing stations. We are asking for support for the donating of cleaning and disinfecting supplies and equipment for example soap, soap powder, bleach, mops, mops buckets, hand sanitizers, disinfectants sprays, paper towels, cleaning cloth, gloves etc..."

Schools Warned Not To Charge Exorbitant Graduation Fees
And while parents and the community are being called upon to do their part - schools are also being scolded for sticking to exorbitant graduation fees. "Graduation fee should not be exorbitant, it should be kept to the minimum of what probably the production of what the diploma and a jacket would be. There needs not be any kind of exorbitant kind of graduation ceremony and certainly, those kinds of activities even if the school decides to have them should be optional for the students, so they can decide whether or not they are going to participate if a fee is going to be charged..."

No Budget Cuts For Pre-schools
And, one other thing the Minister is pressing administrators need to keep affordable is the cost of going to pre-school. He said the Ministry fought budget cuts in this important area: "In fact one of the areas that we saw cuts being proposed and we made a very strong defense was for our pre-schools grants and this is in order for us to try to do everything from our point of view in order to ensure that pre-schools keep their doors open, but not only keep their doors open, keep it affordable..."

Budget Cuts Far Reaching In Education Sector
And while the Ministry's technocrats fought budget cuts for pre-school, they had to choose their battles. And, in the end, with government's finances in ruin, many other areas had to be cut. Faber outlined a few of them: "In terms of text books know that this initiative while we expect to have cuts in this area, we simply will not purchase the kind of purchase that we would have done under normal circumstance and so we expect that things could operate pretty normally. In terms of school transportation, we expect cuts in this area as well..."

FCD Ranger Shoots Guatemalan in Chiquibul
7News has confirmed with multiple sources that a Guatemalan national was caught inside the Chiquibul National Park last night by a joint law enforcement patrol. Persistent reports are that at one of the lawmen had to shoot the Guatemalan to detain him, and tonight, he's receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Cayo. The Ministry of National Security says it is a preparing a release which we have not seen, but we understand the incident occurred near the Valentin Camp - and there may have been an exchange of fire. Historically, we know that there are many Guatemalans plying illegal trades in the Chiquibul - and they are often armed and not afraid to fire.

PG Murder Highlights Gang Rivalry
Moving on to other news, there was a murder this weekend in Punta Gorda Town, which has been making the news more and more for incidences violent crime - the kind you used to mainly see in Belize City. The victim this time is 31-year-old Sylvio Flores Jr., and at this time, police suspect that he was a casualty of an ongoing feud between two gang groups that have established a foothold in PG. Police say that at 8:30 night, his killer whistled from the bushes; when Flores went to check, he was fatally shot:

Vicious Chopping In San Roman
And from the murder in the south, we report now on violent chopping incident which happened on Saturday evening in the Corozal Village of Santa Clara. Corozal Police say that at around 6:40 p.m., they were called to the village, where the resident, 34-year-old Ubaldo Rodriguez, was suffering from chop wounds to the head and left foot. About 2 hours later, they received reports from Orange Walk cops that the brothers: 24-year-old Anderson Pech, and 25-year-old Kevin Pech, showed up at the Northern Regional Hospital with injuries of their own. These brothers, who are also from Santa Clara Village.

Chopped By Common Law
Later on that same Saturday night, police had to respond to another chopping incident - this one in Belize City on Antelope Street Extension. This time the victim was identified as 31-year-old Romelia Ical, and she reported to police that she was attacked in front of her children by her common-law husband. Police told us this morning that this Honduran man is now wanted in what is being treated as a case of domestic violence. Here's more from Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero:

Shooting in St, Margaret’s
We report now on a shooting incident in St. Margaret's Village, Cayo, which happened last Friday night at around 8:30. 25-year-old Roberto Diaz Jr., a village councilor of St. Margarets, was standing in front of a store when he was ambushed by 2 men wearing masks and peak caps. Today, police told us that they are looking for the assailants who shot Diaz in the right shoulder and the left leg: "I will want to start with the shooting in St. Margaret's on Friday, where sometime after 8:30 p.m., Belmopan police were called to the St. Margaret's Village area on the Hummingbird Highway.

COMPOL Deflects Curfew/Crime Correlation
You'll definitely notice the pattern: several of these incidents happened around 8:00 on Friday and Saturday nights - on the same weekend that the curfew was pushed back 1 one extra hour on both of these weekend nights. Once again the cops are being challenged on the theory that crime is down mainly because of the curfew. The press put that to Police Commissioner Chester Williams today, and here's how he responded:

No Drug Plane Found In South
We also asked the Police Commissioner to discuss those reports last week Friday that a drug plane landed in the Toledo District, near Graham Creek Village, which is right on the border with Guatemala. As we told you, the location is vast and very difficult to traverse, but after extensive searches in the area, the security forces found no signs of a narco plane. Here's what the Commissioner had to say about it in today's press briefing: "At this time, we have no information or concrete information that a plane did land. Yes, we had received preliminary information that a plane may have landed, but as you rightly said, members of the BDF Special Assignment Team, along with police officers had gone to the area..."

No Charges For Northern Drug Plane
We also asked the Commissioner to provide details about that drug plane which they did find 10 days ago on the Road between Chunox and Sarteneja in the Corozal District. As we told you, on the morning of May 28, a Hawker Siddeley HS 125 jet made an emergency crash landing on an ill-suited road. The drug runners, and their cargo, were extracted before local law enforcement arrived. But, as we showed you, police say that their tracking forced the narco-traffickers to divert from their original landing site. Well, the commissioner told us today that the 2 persons detained for that plane have since been released. Two more have been detained, but with no drugs, and no evidence, the cops may have to release those persons as well.

Hondurans Found. Fishing in Marine Reserve
Three Honduran fishermen were caught early this morning fishing in the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve last night - and they had a boatload of illegally caught fish! A joint patrol with Coast Guard and the Southern Environmental Alliance found the 3 men at around 1:00am this morning. Their vessels, gear and product were confiscated. They were detained and were taken to Placencia where they are being held at the police station.

Cadex, Cayo’s World Renowned Muralist
On Friday we introduced you to Belizean-American artist Cadex Herrera, the man who had a hand in the painting of the George Floyd mural that's quickly becoming an icon of the Black Lives Matter movement. It's a big achievement for an artist who grew up drawing inspiration from magazines at The Benque Viejo Library and drawing every day even when finding paper was a struggle. He spoke to Cherisse Halsall from Minneapolis via Zoom videoconference earlier today.

Cops Thwart Mile 44 Meeting
On Friday we promised to bring you the details of Nigel Petillo's Sunday meeting. He'd located another piece of land, located very near to the parcels owned by the Belmopan Land Development Corporation, and was once again inviting his supporters to squat for the title. But Petillo was thwarted in his community activism by the police. Cherisse Halsall Has the story. On Sunday morning the traffic to Cotton Tree was controlled by a police checkpoint.

Students Stuck In Guyana
As we told you on Friday, almost 600 Belizeans have registered to be repatriated - and many of them are stuck in faraway places. Six of them are students in Guyana. They say that they are desperately trying to get out of that country and into Belize, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs isn't helping them out. They say the situation is made worse because of the current political tension in Guyana due to a still unresolved election outcome. They can scrape up the 1300 US needed to fly to Miami - but need clearance to come home to Belize. At that point, they say they will not be able to pay another 1540 Belize dollars for two week quarantine.

Plan For Belize's Virtual Graduation
We did try - without success - to get a comment from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but we are still waiting on a response. And while those students' education is in limbo - for fourth form students here in Belize their graduation is what's in limbo.

PSE Will Still Stand
And while that is the treat for fourth form finishers, those students finishing up standard six already got their that; they got to finish their primary school education without taking the PSE! But, the Minister announced today that they will still have to take it once they get into first form:...

School In August Cause Teachers Need Their Holiday
Of course that will be taken after they resume classes in August. But, we wondered, why August? Why not July? Since Belize is trying to balance between COVID cases, why not strike now when there is only one active case. After all, who knows, the country may open up for tourism by august or September, and cases will likely increase then - possibly throwing the education schedule into chaos. But, starting in July was not an option - Faber conceded - because teachers need vacation:

Estell Hotel Alleged Robbers Caught
4 days ago, we told you about the armed robbery, which happened at Estell's Airport Hotel in Ladyville. Well tonight, the two Belize City men who police believe were the assailants are at prison tonight. They are 24-year-old Kadeem Omar Anderson, a resident of Curl Thompson Street, and 26-year-old Ryan O'Neil, a resident of Ordonez Avenue. They were arraigned today before Magistrate Emmerson Banner. Anderson was read the charges of aggravated burglary and dangerous harm, while O'Neil was read the charge of abetment to commit aggravated burglary.

PBL With Paycuts
Tonight, The Port Of Belize has announced austerity measures aimed at decreasing expenses and increasing revenue. It's part and parcel of the company's COVID 19 recovery and continuity plan and includes salary reductions that will range from 20% for executives and senior managers to 15% for middle management. The Port's self-imposed relief measures include a temporary 6-month reduction of salary set to be implemented for all staff with the exception of stevedores who due to the decrease in vessel activity have already seen a downturn in earnings. The Port says that ,while difficult, the decision allows them to refrain from material staff layoffs and furloughs.

Tropic Air/BTIA Seeking Support For Opening Airport
And while the Port moves toward recovery by cutting corners Belize's only international airport remains closed. Two weeks ago the Prime Minister rolled back the airport's expected July 1st re-opening until rapid COVID-19 tests can be secured. But members of the BTIA are pleading with the government to stick to that initial date. On Sunday they issued a poll with an aim to secure a public statement of support from their membership. They're citing potential to lose vital international air service for the long term providing the example of Southwest, a direct to Belize flight already lost for the remainder of the year and making the point that struggling airlines will only reopen routes (that will lose money for the foreseeable future) where they have a committed partner that wants to start rebuilding from now.

Channel 5

August 10th is Back to School Day!
There is a tentative date for students to return to the classrooms. Today, the Ministry of Education announced that the current school year officially ends this month and a tentative [...]

Attention CSEC & CAPE Students!
Minister Faber also called on secondary school teachers and counselors to return to classrooms from June fifteenth to thirtieth, to close out the current school year. They are to prepare [...]

Education Programmes Feel the Budget Cut!
Education Minister Patrick Faber also spoke on the programmes that are being affected as a result of budget cuts. These initiatives that stand to be affected are text books; school [...]

Will 4 B.D.F. Officers Be Charged in Connection with Fatal Helicopter Crash
Tonight there is new information coming out the B.D.F.’s internal investigation into the fatal helicopter crash. News Five has learnt that the investigation has uncovered a series dereliction of duties, [...]

Silvio Flores Jr. Gunned Down in Peini
In the crime blotter, a bitter rivalry between two groups in Punta Gorda has led to the shooting death of Silvio Flores Junior.  He was in the company of a [...]

Guatemalan Shot Inside Chiquibul; Illegal Poaching Ongoing
A Guatemalan national is hospitalized after he was shot on the leg inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Porfilio Ramirez Tirgeros, from the border community of La Rejoya, was along with [...]

B.T.I.A. Polls Membership for Reopening P.G.I.A.
While schools are now preparing to reopen, there is yet no date for the reopening of Philip Goldson International Airport and stakeholders in the tourism industry are divided on the [...]

B.T.I.A. and D.F.C. Working to Address Tourism Stakeholders’ Needs
The government has assured public officers that their salaries will remain untouched despite the present economic crisis but it education subsides will be facing cut backs.  But what about the [...]

The B.D.F.’s Allegations Report – a Closer Look!
Last week, we told you that the Ministry of National Security had concluded the investigation into the allegations of misconduct within the Belize Defense Force. The release admitted to some [...]

A Rape Allegation Shows the Weakness of the B.D.F.’s Report!
But about a month and a half after the report was concluded, a female officer reported that she was raped while inside her bedroom sleeping. This, according to Retired B.D.F. [...]

ComPol Williams: No Drug Plane Found
On Thursday last, members of the Special Operations Task Force were deployed to an area near Dolores Village in the Toledo District after receiving intelligence of a low-lying plane. The [...]

Narco-Traffickers Escaped with Drugs
As for the drugs in the narco plane that crash landed along the Chunox/Sarteneja road two weeks ago, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that the cargo may have already been [...]

One of Three Murder Suspects Captured
Investigators have captured and arrested one person believed to have had a role in the double murder of fifty-five-year-old tour guide operator Quintin Espinosa and seventy-year-old U.S.A. citizen Roland Burley. Twenty-year-old Teodoro [...]

Curfew and Crime
While the regulations of the state of emergency have been relaxed, the curfew remains in effect. From Monday to Thursday and on Sunday, the curfew begins at eight o’clock. An [...]

Salvadoran Woman Chopped to Head in Domestic Dispute
Police are looking for Salvadoran national, Rene Gonzalez. Gonzalez is wanted for an attack on his common-law wife Romelia Ical, who was chopped to the head during a domestic dispute [...]

Brawl Leads to Brothers Being Chopped in San Roman Village
There was also a chopping incident in San Roman Village in the Corozal District. It happened on Saturday night at around eight o’clock. Two persons were taken to the Northern [...]

Land Meeting in Cotton Tree Thwarted by Belmopan Police
A planned meeting called by land activist Nigel Petillo on Sunday was moved at the last minute to Harmonyville, the community that Petillo established on the George Price Highway. Petillo [...]

COVID Case #19 Update: Cross Contamination May Have Occurred
On Friday, a nineteenth case of COVID-19 was detected in Belize, after almost eight weeks without a positive case. The test results of a swab taken from a twenty-seven-year-old male, [...]

What About Students Crossing Border for School?
At the top of the newscast, we told you that the Ministry of Education is looking at August tenth to reopen schools. The ministry says that it will be putting [...]

Schools Can Withhold Report Card for Unpaid School Fees
Minister of Education Patrick Faber was also a guest this afternoon on Ask the Experts where he fielded questions from the public.  Among the many concerns that were raised during [...]

The Reporter

State of Education Update | June 8th, 2020
The Ministry of Education has announced that the current school year will be closed at the end of this month, and has set a tentative date of August 10th for the reopening of the next school year. Minister of Education, Patrick Faber called on all secondary school teachers and counselors to return to classes from June 15th to 30th, to close out the current school year, and prepare for the upcoming C-SEC exams and to plan for the new school year. Secondary school students who will sit their CXC exams are also required to attend classes during that period.


Ministry of Education talks budget cuts
The Ministry of Education has finalized some of its austerity measures to work with the cuts by Central Government. Back in April, Education Minister Patrick Faber initially spoke of budget cuts being inevitable amid the Covid-19 endemic.

Severed limbs belongs to Gerardo Vasquez
DNA results are out on two human legs that were found back in 2018 in the Cayo District. The results indicate that the limbs were that of 17-year-old, Gerardo Vasquez who went missing on September 25, 2018. The results reportedly came out some weeks ago but today, Gerardo’s mother, Martha granted us an interview on the case.

Police speak on drug planes and other violent crimes
Reports of a plane landing in the south surfaced over the weekend. According to the Police Commissioner Chester Williams a team was alert and on standby but there was no aircraft found as was reported.

Classes in Belize set to resume on August 10
Classes will be back in session inside the traditional classrooms on Monday, August 10. It is a tentative date as all things are now dependent of the Covid-19 situation and how it develops.

Parliamentarian, Cordel Hyde supports squatting
Squatting is an illegal acitivity under the laws of Belize. Despite its illegality, PUP’s Area Representative Cordel Hyde has gone on record to say that he understands the plight of squatters and that he supports it. His comments came on Sunday as Petillo attempted to carry out another mass gathering at mile forty four on the George Price Highway. Hyde represents the Lake Independence division which has a high concentrate of squatters.

Education minister makes appeal on behalf of struggling parents
With the announcement of the start date for the new academic year the Minister of Education is appealing to the various schools to be lenient with parents when it comes to tuition. Minister Faber noted that he is making this appeal on behalf of parents who are struggling amid the Covid-19 dilemma.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) conducts survey on “Opening Philip Goldson International Airport”
In a news release sent out to tourism industry stakeholders this evening, the Belize Tourism […]

Guatemalan accused of macaw poaching shot in Chiquibul National Park
Thirty six year-old Guatemalan national, Porfilio Ramirez Tirgeros, from La Rejoya, Flores, Peten, was shot […]

British slave trader’s statue dumped during Black Lives Matter protest
The protests surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have spread around the world, as […]

The return of Sapote Lagoon
A resident of San Narciso Village, Corozal District, has confirmed that after a year of being […]

Tourism Industry Association addresses DFC on lending
Anticipating that revenues from tourism will return to “normal” by December 2021 if not later, […]

“Salary cuts ensure that no one is terminated,” explains Port of Belize
Today, the Port of Belize Limited explained that it is implementing austerity measures in light […]

Tropic Air pressures BTIA to support reopening of International Airport
The risk of losing vital international service routes, writes Tropic Air CEO Steven Schulte to […]

Santander restarts sugar crop; BSI/ASR awaits word from farmers
Belize’s sugar industry in the North and West lost valuable time last week when unwelcome […]

Brazilian government under fire for stopping update reports on COVID-19
The Government of Brazil is under heavy criticism following a decision by its president Jair […]

Councillor Aisha Gentle: “A lifetime of service”
A Paid Political Ad . The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not […]

Ministry of Education: Secondary school students and teachers called to classes to prepare for CXC Exams
Today, the Ministry of Education hosted a live press conference to update the nation on […]

Burglars break into Gwen Lizarraga High School
Police are trying to ascertain what, if anything, was stolen in a burglary that happened […]

Ministry of Education; August 10th is tentative date for opening of new school year
This morning, the Ministry of Education issued an update on the State of Education in […]

Today is World Oceans Day 2020
World Oceans Day 2020 is commemorated annually on June 8th. The theme for this year’s […]

New Zealand lifts COVID-19 restrictions; Europe follows in easing restrictions
The country of New Zealand has reportedly lifted almost all of its COVID-19 restrictions after […]


Lobster Season Set to Reopen
Closed since February 15, June 15 is the day many Belizeans have been patiently waiting for Lobster Season reopening. In just a week, Belize’s 2020-2021 Lobster Season will officially reopen; fishermen will set to sea placing their traps down with the hopes of catching these delectable crustaceans. Handmade traps, called shades, are strategically placed on sandbags amongst seagrass, where these delectable crustaceans roam. Spiny Lobsters can also be found hiding under rocks and ledges, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Free divers are pros at spotting the lobster’s long antennas that poke out from in between rocks crevices.

7 Things You Need To Know About Food And Drink In Belize
From bright, fresh fruit to exotic organic chocolate, Belize is a great place to chow down on all kinds of tasty treats. It’s also a great place for farm and agriculture tours. Here are some Belize food facts you should know. The rich cultural mix of Belize’s people has created a food scene that’s varied, colorful and unique. The blend of Afro-Caribbean, Creole, Mexican, Central American, Maya, English and Dutch influences all add their own special flavors to Belize’s culture and food.

Your Ultimate Belize Bucket List!
Belize is a beautiful Caribbean nation with a presence in the Central American mainland. Its many archaeological treasures and diverse ecosystems lure visitors from all around the world! For the best vacation in Belize, check off these add these activities to your Belize bucket list and check them off one by one!

With Food, Heritage Begins at Home
Food has always been central to our way of life, not only for its nutritional value but because of the significance it has in culture. Food carries our history and traditions, and illustrates our way of life. One can learn a great deal about another culture through studying and experiencing their food. Culinary traditions are passed down from generation to generation; each plate is a glimpse of who we are. Every meal, tells a story. As part of our Belize Heritage at Home Series, we invited persons to share how they practiced their heritage at home. With food at the heart of almost everything concerning heritage, we received many recipes, videos, and photographs of people sharing their food ‘virtually’. It was amazing to see the many stories told with a plate of food. They showed that with food, heritage begins at home.

International Sourcesizz

IDB supports Belize COVID-19 health response
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a loan of US$6.2 million for Belize following the government's request to the Bank to reprogram ten percent of the undisbursed balance of the country's current investment portfolio to assist the government with its response to the impact of the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The US$6.2 million IDB loan is for a 24-month term and an interest rate based on LIBOR.


  • State of Education Update | June 8th, 2020, 1hr47min. A state of education live webcast, with Ministry of Education officials

  • RESTORE BELIZE - Creating a Safe Classroom Environment, 10min. Providing consistency Part 2 contains valuable strategies that are key to regulate behaviour in children.

  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", 1hr21min. Hon. Patrick Faber, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture joined us today.

  • Peter Lawrence on ReefTV, 2hr22min.

  • Road to Bullet Tree Falls - Be Pukte, min. Beautiful Village of Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo District.

  • Benque House of Culture HORROR MONDAYS:, 8.5min. oral legends, ghosts, spirits and other chilling stories. La Vista del Buitre is today's story.

  • Thank you, Friends of Ocean Academy, 3.5min. Thank you, Friends of Ocean Academy Because of YOU we reached our end-of-year fundraising target which covers the last four months of school fees for all students and school bills through August! Check out this Gratitude video from students, parents, teachers, and staff of OA! We will follow with 7 days of Gratitude Posts!

  • Swimmer pets and plays among wild stingrays in Belize, 1min. These stingrays swim freely in a protected area on San Pedro Island in Belize. There is no enclosure and the rays are completely wild, but they are also accustomed to people here and they have been treated respectfully. This swimmer invites the stingrays to approach on their own terms and they are able to swim away if necessary. Prolonged or intentional approach from the rear or from above is avoided because this could be mistaken as predatory. In this way, the stingrays are not dangerous at all. They are actually affectionate and friendly and they seem to enjoy being rubbed and petted.

  • Vistro highlighted Chef Alejandro from Crave House Of Flavour, one of Cayo's best restaurants, 1.5min. As we keep highlighting our local businesses, we bring you another story. We sat down with Alejo Mendez owner of Crave House Of Flavour, he shared their story and what inspired him to Become a restaurant owner.

  • Belize Imports video, 37min. Belize Imports has produced a video to help those looking to export Belizean products to the U.S. Belize Coconuts LLC has been exporting coconuts, coconut oil, shredded coconut and coconut chips from Belize to the U.S. The video helps those looking to export from Belize, with showing how to use GS1, EIN numbers, registering a company to trademark filing.

  • Belize Scuba Diving Trip 2020, 3min. This trip was part of University High School’s J-term to San Pedro, Belize. Thank you to Belize Marine Trec for the hospitality and to Ambergris Divers Belize for leading us in the dives.

  • The Cafe at Vanilla Hills - San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Local 19 – the Ice Cream Shoppe Featuring 19 Belizean Flavours, 4.5min. Tonight, we feature something sweet, so head over to the popular Ice Cream Shoppe in Belize City and San Ignacio, a favourite spot for children and adults who drop in to savour a wide variety of ice creams. Now, the coronavirus has hit the ice cream businesses as it has everywhere else. So Molly Doley, its owner, has launched a campaign named Local Nineteen. For the next nineteen days, the ice creams will be made with a wide range of locally grown products from jams to coconuts and yes if you love spicy, there is one particular pepper sauce flavour. Duane Moody had a taste of the new flavours.

  • BTB Capacity Building Webinar: Terrestrial Ecosystem Spotlight!, 35min.

  • Yuum Chaac: Leyenda maya de Dziu y el maíz, 2min. Enjoy this Maya story