Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno held a virtual press conference this afternoon to address several matters of national concern.

One of the main topics was the treasury notes that Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced last week. Briceno said that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered concerning those notes.

"The Prime Minister and the Government need to come clean to explain why is it that they are rejecting monies from the IMF which is a fraction of 1% [interest]? And why is it that countries like Jamaica is getting hardly any kind of conditionalities, yet they are giving conditionalities to Belize. Is it that the IMF has lost faith in this Government? the Opposition Leader asked.

Briceno agreed that it is going to take a lot of work for whoever becomes the next Government to take Belize out of the dire economic situation that it is currently in, but he has confidence in the people that advise him and his party, in their Standard Bearers, and other people close to the PUP who have shared ideas of how to return the economy to stability.

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Opposition leader states his plans for land distribution

Former Lands Minister, John Briceno says it is time to engage in land reform for the country. Briceno who was at the helm of the Lands Department for over ten years under the Musa administration spoke on this issue during todayís press conference. According to the aspiring Prime Minister, the issue of squatting has become severe under the current administration and it is only because of the unjust distribution of lands taking place.

When it comes to the Nigel Petillo fight for land at mile forty four on the George Price Highway, PUPís Cordel Hyde has taken a stand with the Land Movement Group saying he supports their fight. Briceno was asked if he joins Hyde in supporting Petillo. He avoided the question and would only say that when the PUP was in power the issue of squatting was minimal.

Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition, Peopleís United Party: ďI think as I said that is a reflection of a failed policy of the UDP government. When we were in government we never had that issue and when we get into government we will not have the issue because itís the responsibility of the government to ensure that we can make land available to people. If we are making land available to the people that need it then there will be no need for people to be able to come in mass numbers to say that they want to go and squat on private land.Ē.