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The San Pedro Sun

IDB and Compete Caribbean’s ‘Change Dah Story’ Social Innovation Challenge to fund three Belizean projects
Three Belizean initiatives to benefit the future of vulnerable youth will receive up to US$10,000 each to accomplish their plans and turn them into practical business models. The winners were among the 15 teams that participated in the ‘Change Dah Story Social Innovation Challenge,’ commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility along with its partners.

Importation license needed to bring in flour and toilet paper to Belize
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) has announced an amendment to its supplies control (import/export) regulations when it comes to flour and toilet paper. According to information shared by the BBS, importation of flour and toilet paper will now require an importation license from the Supplies Control Unit. The amendment gave life to the Statutory Instrument No. 79 of 2020 and was gazetted on June 6th; therefore, it is now a law. The new legislation repeals and replaces the first schedule that lists all the goods which require an importation license. That list includes products like grains, meats, and petroleum, among others, and now flour and toilet paper.

Ambergris Today

Curfew Hours Shortened And More Lockdown Restrictions Eased
Cabinet has supported recommendations resulting from a National Oversight Committee meeting held on Monday, June 8th, which will now see a further relaxation of the lockdown restrictions put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Though there has been no sign of community transmission of COVID-19 for over 50 days, the Government continues to take a phased and balanced approach to reopening. The new relaxation measures will allow more people to return to work and more businesses to open.

Is July Too Early Or Too Late To Open Belize’s Intl. Airport?
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) recently polled its members to gauge their views regarding the reopening of the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA). The survey also asked members to share their views on the medical safeguards that should be in place once PGIA is reopened to minimize the importation and spread of Covid-19 from arrivals.

Curfew Hours Shortened And More Lockdown Restrictions Eased
Cabinet has supported recommendations resulting from a National Oversight Committee meeting held on Monday, June 8th, which will now see a further relaxation of the lockdown restrictions put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Though there has been no sign of community transmission of COVID-19 for over 50 days, the Government continues to take a phased and balanced approach to reopening. The new relaxation measures will allow more people to return to work and more businesses to open.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Friday, June 12th Meal Pick ups. Location: Barrier Reef Sport Bar & Grill. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

Re-Opening the Airport
Dear friends, after much thought and consideration and with all due respect to the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, as well as with the support of my colleagues, I believe and urge our fellow ministers to consider greatly in opening the international airport on July 1, 2020 or to at least set a fix date at its earliest as this has gravely affected our tourism industry, which is the bread and butter for most of the country. I am aware that opening the international airport puts our country at a high risk of contamination of COVID-19; however, our country is severely being affected economically and our people are crying out of desperation to maintain themselves and their families...

Ministry of Food and Agriculture Imports Cabbage Due to National Shortage
With the recent drought and now the excessive rains experienced over the past few days, cabbage fields in the community of Valley of Peace were almost destroyed. This has further affected cabbage production, which according to the bi-weekly Food Stock Availability report, has been very low for the past five weeks and has not been meeting the market demand. On average, Belize consumes 80,000 pounds of cabbage weekly.

Government of Belize Announces Further Ease of Lockdown Restrictions
The Cabinet has supported the recommendations resulting from the meeting of the National Monitoring Committee on Monday, June 8, which will now see greater relaxation of lockdown restrictions established to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Although there has been no Community transmission of COVID-19 for more than 50 days, the Government continues to adopt reopening with a gradual and balanced approach. New relaxation measures will allow more people to return to work and open more businesses.

Webinar, “Marine Ecosystem for Tour Guides”
Reminder: The webinar, “Marine Ecosystem for Tour Guides,” is scheduled for June 15 at 1:30 p.m. Register here:

Artist of the Day - Myrna Manzanares
Myrna Manzanares is a traditional storyteller, a published writer, poet, dramatist, educator and a trained counselor. She is the immediate past president of the National Kriol Council (NKC) and perceives herself as a culturist, concerned about the Culture, History, as well as inter-ethnic harmony of her Belizean people and by extension, the world. She serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal for Belizean studies and is one of the editors of the Kriol Language materials, including the Kriol /Inglish Dikshinari and the yearly Kriol Kalinda which is published by the Kriol Langwij Projek. This is the Language Arm of the NKC. Earlier this year she coordinated the completion of the New Testament in Kriol through the Wycliff Institute.

Sarteneja Village artist Chuy Carrillo
Our weekly Art & Soul series features Sarteneja Village artist Chuy Carrillo. We are delighted to showcase Chuy's work showing his range of painting styles. He is another self taught artist who knew very early on art was his calling. Chuy has made a 20 plus year career doing what he loves most. In 2012 he opened Chuy's Art Shop in the village, he also continues to sell his beautiful creations out of art gallery's in San Pedro. Chuy's days are filled with painting on canvas, creating commissioned murals and going back to his humble beginnings(but taking it to the next level)- painting names on the famous fishing boats of Sarteneja.

Tribute to Corn"
Raices Mexicanas-Retonos Belicenos is proudly presenting a dance entitled "Tribute to Corn". Ms Angelita Magana, from Corozal Town, choreographed this dance because of the significance and important role corn plays in our daily lives. Corn Dance Corn - Maiz - Maize is the most important natural food to the Mayas. The ancient Mayas believed that Maize apart from being their staple food had a spiritual and religious significance. According to Maya mythology, human beings were created from maize. White corn was used for the bones; yellow corn for the muscles; black corn for the eyes and hair; and red corn for the blood.

Summary Report of Unemployment Relief Program
The Unemployment Relief Program opened for online applications just over 2 months ago on April 3, 2020. A total of 81,052 applications were received up to April 24 when applications were closed, for the time being. Less than 5000 applications were submitted in hard copy and, of those, only 2000 or so had to be entered into the e-portal because applicants found a way to also apply online. That they were able to is a positive indicator for access to the internet.

The Central Bank of Belize advises prospective subscribers and the public that the Government of Belize's offer of a US dollar-denominated Fixed Rate Note has been enthusiastically received both in Belize and the wider region. As the independent banker for the Government of Belize, the Central Bank issues Treasury Bills and Notes in accordance with the Central Bank of Belize and the Treasury Bills Acts and always within its authorized borrowing limits.

Portion of Calle Al Sol blocked June 13 for Graduation
Please take note of a portion of Calle Al Sol will be block off on Saturday for Ocean Academy's graduation. Congratulations to OA's class of 2020.

Channel 7

The Great Easing: SOE Regulations Relaxed
Two days ago, we told you that a further relaxation in the state of emergency measures was coming - and those were formally announced today. Effective tomorrow, the curfew will be relaxed for adults and children, and the numbers allowed in social gatherings will be increased. So, these changes will allow for the closest thing to a return the pre-COVID lifestyles that was the norm up to April second when the first national 8:00 pm curfew went into effect. Now, these latest changes had been decided upon 11 days ago, before patients 19 and 20 had appeared.

Come Together For Relaxed Regulations
Another important change to the SOE regulations is that the maximum number of persons allowed to congregate at social gatherings has been increased from 40 to 100. It's just in time for all those primary school and high school graduations planned for June, but, face masks and social distancing rules must be strictly observed.

Still No Opening For Bars and Rumshops
Since the last amendment to the regulations, the majority of businesses were allowed to re-open their doors. But, there were still a few that were not being allowed to operate. And even after this new amendment, there are still some businesses that can't - and we mean bars and nightclubs. Today, the AG made the point that the very short list of still-prohibited businesses was easier to discuss than all the businesses that can open.

Relaxed Regulations, But Don't Relax Too Much
As we told you, the increased freedom for Belizeans comes with the expectation that everyone will maintain the use of masks, social distancing, and moving around with an important purpose. The Attorney General stressed today that public drinking and loitering will not be tolerated by police.

Will The SEO End in June?
In today's press release, it says, quote, "The state of emergency will expire on June 30th, 2020, and [it] is not expected to be extended." End Quote. Well, during the question and answer section of the webcast, one viewer was questioning the AG about the reason why competitive sports were not being allowed at this time, under what circumstances might the government reconsider that restriction. That's when the Attorney General reiterated the government's point that there is no plan to extend the SOE any further than the end of this month, provided that there is no sudden spike in positive COVID cases in Belize before then.

Inside Government’s Deliberations On Airport Opening
And while the AG seemed relatively sure that there will not be a need to extend the State of Emergency beyond the end of the month, he was less certain about a possible date for the reopening of the airport. There is still no planned date for when the country will start accepting visitors, which is directly connected to the rebooting of the tourism industry. Realizing that the topic would come up eventually, Peyrefitte shared some insight from the Government's deliberations as to why they are still undecided on this very important decision:

Valencia Charged For Murder of Ex’s Husband
Last night we told you about the cold blood murder of American national 60 year old Robert Hurley. Early on Wednesday morning, Hurley was stabbed to the chest by his common-law wife's ex boyfriend. It was a cruel conclusion to what may have been a bizarre love triangle played out over a few months on the grounds of Hurley's secluded San Ignacio home.

Grocer Ambushed, Beaten, Robbed In Sandhill
We've been reporting on an increasing number of armed grocery store robberies recently, and tonight there are two more. The first occurred last night at 8:35 in Sandhill. 57 year old Wang Yu Kung was leaving his business, Wong's Shop to go home when three men jumped him. He tried to fight them off, and he was stabbed multiple times.

Afternoon Robbery In City
And, this afternoon in Belize City, two men strode into Two Star Grocery Shop and robbed the cashier, 29 year old Nazrul Islam at gunpoint. They wore masks and stole $350.00 in cash, along with two cell phones.

Babylon Bus Causing Chaos
The Bus it's the mode of transportation for the many in this country who can't afford to make their daily commute in a car, and that includes the police. The northern commute should have become a bit easier for lower-ranking cops back in 2018 when a new bus line for police officers only was announced. The two buses dubbed the Belize Transit System have been running ever since, with departures from the Racoon and Queen Street police stations.

Cabbage Scarce Due To Rains Washing Out Crops
Cabbage has gone scarce because fields in Valley of Peace were almost destroyed by excessive rains. As a result, cabbage production has been very low for the past five weeks. How low? Well, there's 12,000 pounds of cabbage available locally starting next week, and the market demand is for 80,000 pounds weekly. So, government says that's why it will have to import to bridge the shortfall. The Ministry of agriculture has authorised the import of 25,000 pounds through the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation.

Sutherland: From Rum-soak To Rustic Redemption
He was the viral star of the COVID-19 lockdown, the man called Sutherland who said rum would repel the Coronavirus. But he ran into some trouble last week after an appearance in a lab coat and an endorsement by a licensed pharmacist. But where is he now?

Mica Working For Single Mom
And in another happy ending, a mother and her five children are getting a new home. That's after their old house collapsed, while they were inside. It's a tragedy no doubt, but one that's being eased by the City Council which has offered to re-build. We visited the building site this afternoon to catch up with Elizabeth Smith and City councillor Micah Goodin as they laid the foundation for the family's new home.

Kendall, Star Girl On the Court And In the Classroom
And, in other news of publicity seeking politicians. He's a UDP standard bearer trying to get elected as the next Area Representative for the Freetown Constituency in Belize City. But, a lesser-known fact is that OJ Elrington is also a scholarship donor. Annually, he provides a scholarship to the most promising student-athlete from Wesley College, his alma mater, and this year, he's chosen a recipient.

The Face Mask Public Safety Dilemma
In the last two weeks, we've shown you vivid security footage of 2 armed robberies at grocery stores: 1 in Cayo, and the other in Corozal. In both instances, the thieves employed makeshift face masks to pass themselves off as legitimate customers. And, true enough, it can be hard to tell the robbers from the customers when everyone is wearing a mask.

COMPOL On The Western Border
Even though Belize's neighbors are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, border jumping is still an active threat. And that's why yesterday, Police Commissioner Chester Williams and several of his senior commanders visited the western villages of Arenal, Calla Creek, Succotz, and Bullet Tree Falls. He was accompanied by ACP Marco Vidal; the Western Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Lynden Flowers; Commander Benque Viejo, Supt. Diana Hall; and one of her Deputies, ASP Nazario Zib.

CWU Rejects PBL Pay Cuts
On Monday's news, we told you about the plan from the management of the Port of Belize to weather the harsh economic times being brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Port wanted to implement austerity measures, which included pay cuts of 20% for executives and 15% for middle management. These among other actions would allow the port to keep all of its 150- member staff employed. Well, the Port employees who are members of the Christian Workers Union are resisting that salary reduction strategy.

A Virtual Protest For BLM
Earlier in the week we spoke to activist YaYa Marin Coleman about her planned but canceled "Black Lives Matter" protest which she had hoped to hold in front of the US Embassy. The plan was to protest against systemic racial injustices in solidarity with the death of American citizen George Floyd. But no permits are being issued for protests during Belize's state of emergency.

Cleaning Gun, Man Accidentally Shoots Mom
A fisherman accidentally shot himself and his mother while he was cleaning his gun. It happened this morning in Belama Phase Two where 36 year old Jamal Tablada was cleaning his licensed 9 millimetre Beretta pistol, and accidentally pulled the trigger.

Is Allan Taking One For The Team?
Queen Square, statistically it may be the UDP's safest seat in the country. The incumbent Dean Barrow usually wins with 70 to 80+ percent of the vote. But now a brave soul for the PUP is stepping up to the plate as Barrow retires and his sister Denise takes the reins.

FCD Asseses May Fire Impact
We've been reporting on the massive fires in the Vaca and Chiquibul Forests in May. Well, a study conducted by the Friends for Conservation and Development titled, A Remote Sensing Damage Analysis of the Chiquibul Forest Impacted by the 2020 Forest Fires, reveals that alone in three protected areas, namely the Vaca Forest Reserve, Caracol Archaeological Reserve and Chiquibul National Park a total area coverage of 22,227.33 acres was engulfed and impacted by forest fires.

Channel 5

Further Ease of Lockdown Restrictions; Curfew Shortened, Social Gatherings Allowed
There was a national sigh of relief today when the lifting of additional restrictions was announced, though the state of emergency remains in place until the end of June.  Cabinet [...]

Bars, Discos, Nightclubs Still Not Allowed to Operate
The shortened curfew hours means that businesses will be allowed to open for longer periods.  But this only applies to business establishments that are allowed to operate under the State [...]

Philip Goldson International Airport Remains Closed
One of the most anticipated decisions involves the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport. That matter was discussed at length this week at the meeting of the National Oversight [...]

A Split Decision on Reopening the P.G.I.A.
So there is no decision yet on the reopening of the P.G.I.A.  The results of a recent survey conducted by the Belize Tourism Industry Association indicate that fifty percent of [...]

Number of Persons at Social Gatherings Increased to 100
Prohibitions on the use of parks and playgrounds will be lifted and recreational contact sports such as volleyball, basketball and football will be allowed. Gymnasiums and spas will be allowed [...]

Public Servants to Return to Work for Normal Hours
According to the Attorney General, the S.I., which comes into effect on Friday, only imposes time restrictions for the curfew. As for public officers, who were reporting to work at [...]

David Valencia is Charged, Arraigned for Murder of U.S. National
One day after the vicious killing of U.S. national Robert Hurley, a man has been charged for his murder. Earlier this morning, the San Ignacio Police levelled the charge and [...]

B.B.O.C. Appeals for Intervention in Unlawful Bus Run!
There is dispute brewing between the B.B.O.C. and another bus line called the Belize Transit System. The B.B.O.C. operators are saying that the Ministry of Transport is turning a blind [...]

Daycare Centers Are Still Not Allowed to Reopen
There is a further relaxing of curfew hours and more business and sporting activity will be allowed beginning this Friday and for longer hours. Schools are set to reopen on [...]

Barge Sinks at Sea!
A barge carrying heavy equipment sank somewhere between Caye Chapel and Caye Caulker early Tuesday morning. The tug boat – called ‘Pulla’ – that departed Belize City for Caye Caulker [...]

A Remote Sensing Damage Analysis of the Chiquibul Forest Impacted by the 2020 Forest Fires
As much as twenty-two point two thousand acres of forests were affected by fires in three protected areas: Vaca Forest Reserve, Caracol Archaeological Reserve and the Chiquibul National Park this [...]

Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund Finances Mask Production Project of Rotary & Kolbe Foundation
Beginning this Friday, social gatherings of up to a hundred persons and other activities will be allowed as restrictions are further relaxed.   The use of masks, however, during the COVID-19 [...]

AG Peyrefitte on Face Masks and Social Distancing
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte says that wearing a face mask and social distancing become even more important with the lifting of restrictions. The two guidelines are considered major factors in [...]

Attorney General Comments on New Cases of COVID-19
Belize recorded two new cases of COVID-19 in less than a week. The nineteenth case was recorded on June fifth and the patient was identified as a twenty-seven-year-old Belizean man [...]

Selling of Dollar Coin Parcel in PG Raises Concerns
The sale of a private parcel of land near the entrance of Punta Gorda Town is raising serious concerns among residents in that southern municipality, not because it is a [...]

Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Proposed Development in PG
According to Mayor McKenzie, a meeting with residents, as well as technical personnel from various agencies, is being held this evening in Punta Gorda to discuss the issue of the [...]

Opposition Leader Calls for Land Reform
Still on the matter of lands, activist Nigel Petillo is calling on the government to issue lands to Belizeans who possess none.  Last week, Petillo invited prospective land owners to [...]

An Update on the Petrocaribe Case
Earlier in the year, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader John Briceño went at each other over the former Chief Justice’s ruling on public funds. CJ Kenneth Benjamin ruled [...]

September without Carnival! No Money and No Time to Get Ready
In years past, the construction of carnival costumes and dance rehearsals would be in full swing at this time of the year. But the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into [...]

Healthy Living: Donate Blood
Across the world, blood is a precious resource. Even in modern medicine, there is no substitute for blood. By donating blood, you can save as many as three lives. Complications [...]

The Reporter

A Remote Sensing Damage Analysis of the Chiquibul Forest Impacted by the 2020 Forest Fires
A study conducted by Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) titled, A Remote Sensing Damage Analysis of the Chiquibul Forest Impacted by the 2020 Forest Fires, reveals that alone in three protected areas, namely the Vaca Forest Reserve, Caracol Archaeological Reserve and Chiquibul National Park a total area coverage of 22,227.33 acres was engulfed and impacted by forest fires. The extent of this damage on broadleaf forests had never been registered before in recent times.


PSU fights for better shifts for nurses
The Public Service Union (PSU) is fighting on behalf of nurses at the Western Regional Hospital. The hospital is attempting to change the shifts of the nurses, but the union is lobbying to maintain the 12 hour shifts.

Blood Bank prepares for World Blood Donor Day
The Blood Bank in Belize City has begun making preparations for World Blood Donor Day which will be celebrated on June 12 and 15. Adrian Martinez, Blood Bank Supervisor, explained that things will be different this time around due to COVID-19

FCD analysis damages by wildfires
The Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) has released its damage analysis report of the wildfires in western Belize. The reports revealed that the Vaca, Chiquibul and Caracol Archeological Reserve were the three protected areas impacted by the fire.

Attorney calls out BDF for protecting accused rapist
Attorney and Activist Lisa Shoman is calling out the Belize Defence Force on what has been perceived as an attempt to protect an accused rapist rather than the victim. As we reported yesterday, Brigadier General Steven Ortega stated that 35-year-old Margarito Pop would be placed on paid leave for a month or until the Security Services Commission meets to decide the Pop’s disciplinary charges, particularly interdiction.

State of Emergency regulations further relaxed
Things are slowly returning to normal as the Government announced a further relaxation of the State of Emergency regulations. Rather than the usual press conference by the Prime Minister, a press release was issued, which was followed by an edition of Ask The Experts featuring Attorney General, Michael Peyrifitte.

CWU refuses salary cuts by PBL
The Christian Workers Union (CWU) is refusing to accept the 10% salary cut imposed on their members employed at the Port of Belize Limited (PBL). They are demanding that a financial expert designated by CWU review PBL’s accounts to be able to offer guidance on whether the option is fair and necessary.

Applications roll in for US Treasury Notes
While the Opposition Party has questioned the use of the US Treasury Notes, the proposal has been well received by Belizeans and others within the region. This is according to the Central Bank of Belize, who stated in a press release the number of applications and serious inquiries that they have received since the launch of the Note indicate strong interest and the likelihood of a highly successful offering.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

“Over 22,000 acres in Chiquibul damaged by forest fires,” says Friends of Conservation and Development
A new study from Friends of Conservation and Development (FCD), the NGO that co-manages the […]

Two Star grocery shop held up in Belize City armed robbery
Two Star grocery shop, located on New Road in Belize City was targeted by armed […]

Ministry of Agriculture has to import cabbages due to national shortage
The Ministry of Food and Agriculture announced today that cabbages will need to be imported to […]

Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action opposes re-opening airport too soon
Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) says that it sympathizes with the plight of […]

Flood risk measures in Twin Towns underway with support from Pan American Development Foundation
As part of the Taiwan-funded “Flood Risk Reduction Project for San Ignacio and Santa Elena […]

Staff meals, transportation, toilet paper cuts ordered by Ministry of Health amid COVID-19 cost-saving
Leaked Ministry of Health memo: No more meals for hospital staff among other cost saving […]

Christian Workers Union to Port of Belize: “Show me the books”
The Christian Workers Union (CWU) announced today that it has rejected the austerity measures by […]

Armed robbery of Victor Valdez store in Santa Elena, Cayo
Authorities are investigating a robbery that occurred shortly after noon time in Santa Elena, Cayo. […]

Man and mother shot by gun during accidental discharge in stable condition
Earlier BBN reported that a man and his mother were wounded by a gun which, […]

US Embassy informs of repatriation flights from Belize
The United States Embassy in Belize informs that United Airlines and the Government of Belize […]

Man and mother shot as gun accidentally goes off in Belama
A man and his mother have reportedly been shot and are receiving medical treatment after […]

Curfew relaxed; clubs, gyms and spas to re-open in latest state of emergency changes
The government of Belize has approved further relaxation of the State of emergency Measures implemented […]

Agriculture: Tool for Mass Deforestation or Social and Environmental Well-being?
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

United Nations Secretary-General calls for resumption of global tourism
“Tourism can be a platform for overcoming the pandemic,” United Nations Antonio Guterres said in […]

Said Musa-Fort George- Henry Charles and Kareem Musa
By Detroy Cuthkelvin: Let's state first of all that we wish the very best for the health and personal well-being of Rt Hon Said Musa. While all indications are that he is gradually recovering, running for office in the upcoming general elections is very unlikely. […]


June Weather, Beach Pictures and Avocados
According to the National Meteorological Service of Belize general weather forecast, for coastal areas, we are about to get a shift and experience northeast winds over the weekend. Being that we just entered the start of the rainy season, we should be getting more showers and thunderstorms as well. I’m so grateful I found door slides at Castillos to help me waterproof in that direction. As for temperature, today it is partly cloudy with scattered showers, highs of 87°F/31°C and lows of 80°F or 27°C. We have also experienced recent high tides. As you can see in the picture below, the lagoon was definitely overlapping the road on Nurse Shark St. near the International Water Taxi area.

International Sourcesizz

Over 600 New Coronavirus Cases Reported In The Caribbean Wednesday
Six hundred and thirty news cases of the novel coronavirus were reported across the Caribbean Wednesday, a News Americas analysis has found. They include 393 in the Dominican Republic, which took the tally in the island – the epicenter of the pandemic in the region – past 20,000 to 20,808. The news comes as the DR gears up to reopen its borders to international travel beginning on July 1, 2020. The DR’s death toll reached 550 Wednesday as it upticked by 6.

United introduces New “Ready-to-Fly” Health Self-Assessment
The next time you check in for a flight you will see a "Ready-to-fly" checklist. Based on recommendations from Cleveland Clinic. , the self-assessment is one of many ways our CleanPlus program is prioritizing health and safety during travel.

These Easy 5-Ingredient Fry Jacks Taste Like Vacation on a Plate
Depending on where you are in the country, mornings in Belize may start with the sound of the waves crashing along the Caribbean coastline or the sound of howler monkeys playing in the dense jungle canopies. Regardless of location, all breakfast tables look the same in Belize…loaded up with piping hot piles of fry jacks. Fry jacks are a staple in Belize, where locals eat them dusted with powdered sugar for breakfast or topped with melted cheese for lunch.

Where Jaguars Are Killed, New Common Factor Emerges: Chinese Investment - The New York Times
In May 2019, a headless jaguar carcass turned up at a garbage dump in southern Belize. The killing, one in a series of similar incidents, added to local outrage and inspired authorities, private citizens and companies to offer a combined $8,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the jaguar killer. More than just a national issue, the graphic killing in Belize seemed indicative of a rise in jaguar poaching across the species’ range, from Mexico to Argentina. “I suspect for a long time it went unnoticed as authorities simply were not paying attention,” said Pauline Verheij, an independent wildlife crime specialist who has investigated the jaguar trade in Suriname and Bolivia in recent years. “Tackling wildlife crime in most if not all Latin American countries has had zero priority until only very recently.”


  • Thursday's "Ask the Experts", 1.5hr. The Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte joined us on 'Ask the Experts' to discuss the regulations under the new statutory instrument.

  • Educogym Interview Series Episode 4 - Marlowe Neal, CEO Belize Natural Energy, 64min. Hear the incredible story of how Belize Natural Energy used the Educo model to become the first company to find oil in Belize and quickly became the largest revenue producer in the country.

  • BU Marine Program in Calabash Caye, Belize, 3min.

  • RESTORE BELIZE - Activate Team Building Among Your Students, 2.5min. Developing Safe Schools: Trauma Informed Practice in Schools, PILLAR 1: Creating Safe Classrooms Environments. facilitator Alex P. Vega MSW, Pg.D.

  • Incredible footage from the middle of a shark feeding frenzy, 2min. Swimmers in Belize were invited to see what a shark feeding frenzy looked like from the inside. In an area where the sharks are protected and fed as part of conservation and education efforts, these ten foot animals were given fish scraps. With the camera right up close to the action, spectators actually found themselves surrounded by huge sharks, bumping and pushing each other for their share.

  • Belmopan Active Youths Mentorship Program., 5.5min. BAY Mentorship Program provides meaningful guidance to young persons through a teaching process. Trained mentors committed to the program’s success transfer knowledge, act as role models, and build positive relationships with younger persons leading them in becoming successful citizens in society.

  • Night Dive in Belize. Hamanasi Resort, 2.5min.