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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Business Barter Exchange proposes cashless transactions
A new method of doing business is being introduced to the Cayes (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker) under the name Belize Business Barter Exchange. Entrepreneurs struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are being encouraged to explore the ancient world of barter, which was once the primary way of business before cash was introduced. This new norm will allow people to ‘trade’ or ‘barter’ goods and services to others without the need to use cash, but rather ‘trade dollars’ for payment.

Doctor Love: The effect of quarantine on marriage
Dear Doctor Love, after nearly two months of being locked down together, my husband and I are heading for divorce. I cannot understand why this togetherness has strained our marriage to a breaking point but instead of bringing us closer all we do is argue about problems I didn’t even know we have. He starts going over stuff that happened years ago and I am reeling with the onslaught of accusations and condemnations. I am finding out that what I thought he enjoyed he has been secretly resenting, like my parent’s regular weekend visits which he now says kept us from doing things he would have liked to do. He also hates his job and being the primary breadwinner...

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Monday, June 15th Meal pick ups. Location: Belize Diving Services. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30 pm.

This is an updated infographic as we went ahead and ran samples for those who arrive on the flight on Friday and we have detected another case of COVID-19 - Case 21. The person is a male, asymptomatic who was in the Houston area and went into the mandatory quarantine upon arrival on Friday. The person is asymptomatic and will continue to remain in strict quarantine for the next 14 days when a new sample will be processed. The identification of the new case follows the established protocol of testing those upon arrival.

Mr. Jorge Castillo Madrid, Don Coco, passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Jorge Castillo Madrid, better known as Don Coco on his sad passing. He was a great friend to the community of San Pedro and everyone knew him for his delicious tacos, marquesitas and his larger than life personality. We will definitely miss having him at our events.

Belizeans need to demand land distribution with title expedited process
By Wellington C Ramos Belize is a country with a population of about 400,000 people. It is underpopulated and there is enough land in the 8,867 square miles, to give each Belizean land to build a home. Besides, Belizean families own farmland which can be subdivided to give all their members a plot of land or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by Belizeans. There are hundreds of Belizeans at home and abroad, who are yearning to build their homes but cannot get land to do so. The reasons are; a selfish family member who has the title for the family land and refuse to share it with other family members who are entitled to some of it...

PADF Flood Reduction Project
As part of the Taiwan-funded 'Flood Risk Reduction Project for San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town,' the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is pleased to announce its support for the Town Council through excavation services in the upper San Ignacio area. This support will clear approximately 7,000 feet of drains, starting at the Santiago Juan Layout entrance to the Orchard Area leading into the Macal River. This intervention will reduce the probability of flooding in the Independence Square neighborhood during the imminent rainy season. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially critical that communities take proactive steps like this to mitigate the negative consequences of floods. Such interventions will reduce the need for evacuations and can slow the spread of the disease in the event of a major storm. This support is expected to positively impact approximately 6,520 residents in this municipality.

The Reporter

Fire on Kut Avenue in Belize City
A cream colored mobile home was gutted by fire around 11:00 pm last night on Kut Avenue in Belize City. It is reported that a mental patient lived in the home but was there during the fire. No one was hurt during the blaze and authorities are investigated the cause.

Fire on Raccoon Street Extention
A second fire was reported in the city early this morning. This time a wooden house on Raccoon Street Extention caught fire. Fire fighters caught the blaze early but the flames and water destroyed most of the home and belongings of coffin maker, Mr. Belisle. No one was hurt in the blaze.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Testing continues; Belize monitors 3 active cases of COVID-19
Belize continues to monitor 3 active cases of COVID-19 and the country has now registered […]

Director of Health Services says quick detection and rapid isolation is key to Belize’s success in COVID-19 battle
The Office of the Director of Health Services (DHS) issued a statement minutes ago saying […]

Travellers Liquors honors founder’s birthday with Don Omario’s Vintage Rum
Keeping with a tradition started over a decade ago, Travellers Liquors is celebrating the birthday […]

Was incense the cause of early morning fire?
Authorities are investigating the cause of an early morning fire in Belize City this morning […]

Maya calendar was WRONG and world will end ‘next week’, bizarre conspiracy theorist warns
As the world approached the year 2012, speculations about a world-ending series of natural disasters […]

Ministry of Health confirms 21st case of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health announced today that another case of COVID-19 has been confirmed, bringing […]

Mobile home goes up in flames in Belize City
A mobile home in Belize City was destroyed in a fire last night. Reports are […]


A New Look & A DELICIOUS Meal at Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe Resort
Yesterday we headed to Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe Resort for a 5pm reservation. The rooftop restaurant had a new look – and we were invited to check it out. We took the elevator up to the top floor – the rooftop terrace. There is a new covering, an open roof – set high above the terrace to shield the sun but still give you a sweeping view around the restaurant. A view of Grand Caribe… We decided to order a bunch of things and share. Mexican Street Corn Soup – topped with Cotija cheese, cumin cream, slice jalapeno, cilantro and smoked bacon. We ordered two sushi rolls – a Voodoo Roll and a Ocean Roll and Black Bean Crusted Snook. Here are the pictures I took. The soup was DELICIOUS. With the warm sesame rolls with butter. Super chunky, a good amount of bacon and cheese…yum.

Travellers Liquors celebrates Founder’s Birthday with Vintage Rum
During the 1950’s in Belize, sugar was king and everyone with a plantation was rolling in money and making his own rum – or so it seemed.​ In 1953, Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr., a man from very humble beginnings, began a venture by opening a bar in Belize City which he called Travellers. It was a logical name since most of his clientele were traveling either in or out of the city.​ In June, the company celebrates the birthday of Don Omario and his Vintage Rum! During the 70’s, Don Omario’s sons – Romel and Mayito – joined him in the family business once they became of age. Their enthusiasm and youthful energy translated into a tremendous growth spurt for the company. In 1983, Don Omario decided to register Travellers as a limited company, naming his children as shareholders. When Mr. Espat decided to relinquish his interests in the distillery in 1989, Travellers bought his share of the company, gaining for the first time full control over all aspects of production.

The Best Beaches of Southern Belize
You may think coronavirus has cancelled your beach vacation for 2020. However, Belize’s blue skies and warm temperatures almost all year round make it an idyllic location with a seemingly endless summer. Although, Belize is not your ordinary beach destination. The 185-mile Belize Barrier Reef hugs the country, from north to south, and protects over 200 cayes dotting the coastline. And in Southern Belize, the most pristine and uncrowded beaches await. If you are looking for where sand meets sea, these small and undeveloped islands in the South make for the perfect day out. Get ready to pack your flippers and hit the sand at one of these stunning beaches of Southern Belize.

Donating blood is not only a good cause but it also has some benefits on health. For example, donating blood can protect your heart as doing that at regular intervals can reduce the viscosity of your blood. Notably, increased viscosity can limit the blood flow to the heart and can cause organ failure or a heart attack. The other benefits include the reduction of bad cholesterol in your blood, regulates your blood pressure, and keeps iron level under control as too much iron accumulation can lead to a heart attack.

International Sourcesizz

Blue Crab invade Cancun
Blue crabs are native to Caye Caulker too. Please help to protect them if you see them. A significant number of blue crabs have appeared in various parts of Cancun after the passage of the tropical storm “Cristóbal” several days ago. After heavy rains flooded their burrows, these animals were forced to go out to look for a new home, thus surprising many inhabitants of the city, who upon seeing them seek to protect them until they can be located in areas where they are not at risk. “Cristóbal” not only affected the residents of Cancun but also these colorful crustaceans, who lost their home unexpectedly and now must face all the risks which entail the interaction with humans.


  • Diving is not a Hobby, 2min. Diving is Life

  • Independence High School Class of 2020 - A Virtual Celebration, 2hr20min.

  • Pause Power, 62min.

  • Lobster price decreasing,50min. Meeting with fishermen country wide voicing their concerns on the pricing of the lobster comparing from last season to this years opening. $30per pound for lobster verses $15 per pound is not a take. They are demanding for the Government to get involved and make an amendment to put control on their products.

  • The Belize Defence Force, 2min. Shoulder to shoulder

  • Recinos Bakery & Cafe, 1min. Vistro highlights Recinos Bakery & Cafe in this short video.

  • Solo Dance by Jeanna Alpuche, 2.5min. From En Croix School of Dance in Belmopan, 12 year old Jeanna Alpuche gives us a delightful solo dance "Flashlight"!

  • Outstanding performance from the Cayo Music School for last night's Belize National Festival Of Arts, 2.5min. Cayo Music School gives us a double Mozart treat tonight! Here is 13 year old Davina Sosa's solo performance of Sonata in C Major. Lots of classical feel-good vibes!!

  • Belize 4K HD, 3min. Here you will find highlights of the magnificent city of San Pedro, Belize on Ambergris Caye. From the local food/drink stops to the immensely beautiful island scenery, Ambergris Caye has all you would ever need to get the rest and relaxation you are looking for.

  • Caye Caulker, Belize | DJI Spark, 2.5min. Went to Belize for my birthday with a couple potnas and decided to fly my DJI Spark drone.

  • Sunday Eucharist at Christ the King Anglican church, Diocese of Belize, 72min.