Viewers will have noticed the intermittent rains countrywide, which have been taking place over the last few days. Well, the bouts of bad weather are causing flooding in different parts of the country.

Reports reaching 7News this evening are that the Coastal Road is inundated in areas near the Gales Point Junction, the White Ridge area, and the Hope Creek Area.

In the north, residents of Guinea Grass Village are being forced to wade through ankle-deep floodwaters which are covering their roads.

We were also sent images of the minor flooding happening on the road leading to Santa Martha Village, which located on the Old Northern Highway.

The National Hydrological Service, within the Ministry Natural Resources, has produced their latest report on the state of the country's rivers.

Flood levels on the Blue Creek Sub catchment of the Rio Hondo at Blue Creek, Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas continue to fall slowly. The New River at Tower Hill and Caledonia is above normal and steady.

On the Macal River, reservoir levels remain below the spillways at the Chalillo, Mollejon, and Vaca Facilities. In San Ignacio, water levels are below the low-level bridge, but they are slowly rising. The Mopan River at Benque Viejo is above normal and slowly falling. On the Belize River, water levels at Banana Bank and Double Run are normal and steady.

There is a flood alert for the watersheds on the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. Levels on the Sittee River are expected to increase slowly. Levels on the Rio Grande are expected to increase to the bank-full stage at San Pedro Colombia and Big Falls. The Moho River at Jordan is above normal, and it is expected to increase to the bank-full stage.

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