THE AMBERGRIS CAYE FISHING GUIDE ASSOCIATION committee met yesterday and have decided to help out its members who are currently in a dire situation due to the pandemic which we are experiencing at the moment and have been without work for the past three months!

So through this medium and also we will be calling personally all of our 85 active members aswell , we are notifying all our members that there will be a general meeting at the hol chan assembly hall at 6:30 pm on Friday 26th of June, which at the same time we will be handing out food packages to all our members!

So we greatly encourage you to assist to the general meeting to pick up your food package which will be issued for 3 consecutive weeks. Also we will be updating you with all the issues and latest updates on the finances of the association. You will only be required to present an updated tour guide license or your social security card.

We also take this opportunity to accept any donations from the general public and friends of the ambergris caye fishing guide association! Donations in the form of cash or food packages will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at anglers sports bar or you can message me aswell and we would be more than happy to pick it up!

Thanks in advance and please share this message!

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