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The San Pedro Sun

International Airport and tourism industry set to open on August 15
Prime Minister Right Honourable Dean Barrow addressed the nation on Thursday, June 25th, via a virtual press conference updating on the current COVID-19 crisis and announcing the opening of Belize’s only international airport. The Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) north of Belize City will be prepared to open on August 15, 2020, a decision made in conjunction with the Ministry of Health after carefully reviewing the effects of the ongoing pandemic. According to Barrow, rigorous safety protocols will be in place to minimize potential outbreaks as the travel/tourism industry begins to open in phases, prioritizing the wellbeing of Belizeans and visitors alike.

New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School’s senior students graduate
The New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School held their annual graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 23rd at their school campus. The graduating class was divided into two groups to accommodate the protocols on mass gathering and social distancing due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The brief ceremonies saw students receiving their Standard Six Certificates and awards by members of the school administration.

New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School’s senior students graduate
The New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School held their annual graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 23rd at their school campus. The graduating class was divided into two groups to accommodate the protocols on mass gathering and social distancing due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The brief ceremonies saw students receiving their Standard Six Certificates and awards by members of the school administration.

Baybee Lopez and Hasiem Valerio recognized for outstanding sports performance while at SPHS
Two recent graduates (and athletes) of San Pedro High School (SPHS), Baybee Emma Lopez and Hasiem Valerio, were awarded on Wednesday, June 24th, by Councillor Hector ‘Tito’ Alamilla for their outstanding performance in sports throughout high school. They were presented with a Certificate of Recognition, and each received $500 BZ towards their tertiary level studies. In a brief presentation inside the San Pedro Town Council’s conference room, Councillor Alamilla, in charge of the Sports Portfolio, addressed a small gathering of guests and the awardees. He shared that his high school days included recognitions for his sporting performances. Thus, he saw it right to recognized the hard work of Lopez and Valerio, who made a significant contribution to SPHS in the area of sports. “These athletes displayed their talent for four years during their secondary education,” said Alamilla.

Ambergris Today

Belize Plans Phased And Controlled Approach At Opening Country And Tourism
Belize has announces the opening of its Philip Goldson International Airport for August 15, 2020, in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States, in particular the states of Florida and Texas. With the new norm and trend that travelers will now be looking at destinations with high standards of health, sanitation and low cases of COVID-19, Belize has planned to open the tourism industry in phases and with strict protocols to maximize the safety of travellers and also locals.

Belize Benefits From Rainfall Insurance, More Extreme Weather Expected
Belize has benefited from a payout of its parametric excess rainfall policy, provided by the CCRIF SPC, after rains from tropical storms Amanda and Cristobal triggered its coverage. The rainfall from the two tropical storms, Amanda and Cristobal, started on May 31st and fell for around nine days, causing widespread flooding and landslides across central America and parts of Mexico.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Friday, June 26th, Meal Pick ups: Location: Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

Many people have been to Altun Ha and Xunantunich, but you haven't been to an archeological site until you have been to Caracol. Sitting a mere 3 miles from the Belize/Guatemalan border is one of Belize's magnificent ancient Mayan plazas with Ka'ana being the center of attraction. You can't go to a Mayan Archeological Reserve and not climb the temples. Here is my short experience. After we climbed the first 100 feet of Ka'ana our legs and lungs were burning and we were all short of breath. As I was admiring the view and my accomplishment, I turned to take in the view of what I believed was the other side of the temple. My eye came upon the Beast of a temple. It was an imposing sight. It made you feel as though some high priest wanted to out do another high priest and this was the result. The Beast stood another 50 or more feet. The thing with Ka'ana is that they don't tell you about the Beast and you can't see it from the ground level.

Recognition to athletes Emma Lopez and Hasiem Valerio
In a short ceremony, Councilor Hector "Tito" Alamilla presented a Certificate of Recognition to athletes and senior students, Emma Lopez and Hasiem Valerio for their participation in sports while attending San Pedro High School.

International Flights will resume to Belize on August 15th, 2020. It will not be a full open door policy. It will be a staggered and phased opening with extreme pre-caution, giving preference to hotels with full amenities. The rate of increase in the United States is great cause for concern. It is noted that all international travellers coming in will be tested. The guiding principle of Belize is safety of our country. How do we mitigate risks? 1) Continue testing and fine-tuning with recent repatriation flights 2) Continue to fine-tune up to August 15th 3) Continue to social distance, mask-wearing, public safety/mitigation measures – critical “first measures” ...

Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development - Belize (SACD's) annual Summer Camp 2020!
This fun-filled day is open to 11 and 12 year old youths from Chunox, Copper Bank and Sarteneja and will include educational field trips and activities. To apply, please complete the online form found by following this link: The deadline for applications in Friday 17th July. Don't be late, do not wait - apply today to avoid disappointment!

Work on sidewalk outside RC School beginning June 26
The SPTC will be working on the sidewalk outside the RC School starting Friday the 26th June. This necessary work is to improve safety for children entering or leaving their school. The public is asked to help the work go as smoothly and quickly as possible by, parallel parking on Tarpon Street and by not using the sidewalk mentioned. Thank you for your co-operation.

The Sand Pedro Town Council will be working on the sidewalk outside the San Pedro R.C. School starting tomorrow, Friday. June 26, 2020. This necessary work is to improve the safety of the children entering or leaving the school. The public is asked to help the works conducted to go as smoothly and quickly as possible by parallel parking on Tarpon Street and by not using the sidewalk mentioned while works are taking place. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Public Archaeology: Impacts, Progress, Possibilities, and Limitations (Belizeans)
Calling all Belizeans across the country! Antonio Beardall,of the Institute of Archaeology is conducting a research on Belizean opinions and perspectives on archaeology and culture in Belize. Share your opinions by completing the short survey below, feel free to share with others and voice your opinions.

Summer Youth Theatre Camp 2020
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) invites parents to register your children and ensure they have the opportunity to participate in this year's Summer Youth Theatre Camp 2020!

Art & Soul Series: Lisanigu Libertad Dance Group
This week's Art & Soul Series features one of Corozal's cultural dance groups. The Lisanigu Libertad Dance Group of Libertad Village, where Garifuna culture is alive and thriving! These young talented people have taken their cultural art form of dance and drumming across the border as far as Merida for performances which have never been witnessed before in Mexico. If you have been unable to see their performances you can always attend and support the annual Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations in Libertad Village which includes the Yurumein(reenactment of the Garinagu's arrival to Belizean shores).

Belize Travel Reopening Plan
The Belize Tourism Board introduces the below Travel Reopening Plan for the country of Belize. Kindly note this five-part plan includes the reopening of the international airport in August 15, 2020.

Power outage in San Pedro this morning in selected areas, take note
Power outage scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 26 to affect Almond Street, Barracuda Street, Basil Jones Street, Beach Front, Bermuda Beach, Blue Dolphin, Buena Vista Area, Boca Del Rio, Bonefish Street, Bright Waters Street, Canary Cove Area, Coco Beach Area, Deer Street, Habaneros Area, Iguana Street, Indigo Street, Jewfish Street, Lagoon Street, Laguna Street, Mangrove Drive, Middle Street, Pescador Drive, San Juan Area, Sandpiper Street, Seagull Street, Seaweed Street, Spider Lily Street, Lina Point, Mata Grande, Mata Villas, Mexico Rocks Subdivision, North Ambergris, Nunez Subdivision, Playa Blanca, Punta Arena Street, San Feliz Area Tres Cocos, San Mateo Subdivision, San Juan and entire North San Pedro. BEL to energize power lines to facilitate connection for a customer in the area.

Prime Minister Announces Reopening Date for Philip Goldson International Airport
Today, during a virtual press conference, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow announced a reopening date of August 15th, 2020 for the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). The reopening of the PGIA marks the third stage in Belize’s five-phase reopening strategy for tourism. In May, the Prime Minister lessened restrictions under the state of emergency, which saw the reopening of hotels for domestic tourism. Additionally, Belizean crew members were repatriated from cruise ships.

COVID-19 Update for Travellers
In an effort to keep all travellers to Belize informed, we are providing the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 below. We do invite you to consider postponing, rather than cancelling your vacation, and visiting our beautiful jewel in the near future when these restrictions are reduced. Kindly take note of our Frequently Asked Questions and all official updates from our Ministry of Health below to keep updated. FAQs on Travel to Belize during the COVID-19 Pandemic

LII COMISCA meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic
This morning the Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin attended the virtual LII COMISCA ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic. The purpose of the meeting was to follow-up on the COMISCA responsibilities, SE-COMISCA fiscal report, and exchange of experiences in the strategic political management of the pandemic COVID-19 of each integrated country. The meeting's agenda also included the handing over of the the Pro Tempore Presidency from Honduras to Nicaragua.

The Allegro Music School is offering Summer music classes in Cayo
SAN IGNACIO and SANTA ELENA, Announcing Summer Music Classes 2020! Mr. Yoelvis will be offering an intensive two-week session of classes from July 13th to 24th. Choose from Introduction to Vocal training, or Introduction to Guitar and Wind instruments such as Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone and Recorder Flute Students will get a total of 6 classes each. We are hoping to be allowed to have students face-to-face right here in Cayo. But if not then we will go online and it’ll be Zoom to the rescue. Students must be 6 years and older, and must have their own instrument to practice on at home.

Agroforestry project activated in Arenal
With financing from the WWF MesoAmerica, an agroforestry project has been activated with three farmers in the community of Arenal. Farmers signed a conservation agreement which commits them to use 13 hectares of land more sustainably using agroforestry methods, while FCD committed itself to provide them with the techniques, seeds and trees.

It's Caribbean-American Heritage Month!
Join us on here on the U.S. Embassy Belize Facebook Page on Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 2 p.m. for a special Facebook Live panel featuring our very own Chargé d'Affaires a.i Keith Gilges, Love Foundation Belize Founder Debbie Sewell, Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative - YLAI Alumnus Andre Pitts, and moderated by Government of Belize Press Office Director Dorian Pakeman, as they discuss: "Our Shared History, Our Shared Future: A Candid Discussion About Race, Equality, Compassion and Justice"

Why do the Yucatec Maya call themselves Maya?
Even though there are many theories we use our Sacred Books of Chilam Balam to answer the question . "13 Ahau was the katun [period of 7200 days, that is, almost 20 years] when they founded the city of Mayapan; they were [then] called Maya men " Books of Chilam Balam (The sacred books of the Yucatec Maya ) Mayab , original name of Yucatan Peninsula in Mayan language. Ma'ya'ab , in Mayan language means: few, not many (ma, which means negation and ya'ab, many). In toponymic terms it would be the place where there are few people or chosen people .

2020 September Celebrations Theme Competition Accepting Entries
The National Celebration Commission announces the 2020 September Celebrations Theme Competition. All Belizeans living at home or abroad are invited to submit their ideas for the theme of the 2020 September Celebrations in commemoration of the 222nd Anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye and the 39th Anniversary of Belize’s Independence. The theme should not be more than ten (10) words. Multiple entries are allowed and the winner will receive a cash prize of $500.

Channel 7

The Countdown Begins: 51 Days to Tourism
COVID-19 shut down tourism at the end of March. But, tonight, there's hope on the horizon for Belize's main foreign exchange earner, and the thousands who've been jobless for three months now. The Prime Minister held a press conference with his key advisors to announce the date for the tourism re-opening at a virtual press conference this morning. Jules Vasquez has the story: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister of Belize: "We are able now to announce a firm re-opening date for the PGIA. That date ladies and gentlemen, is August 15, 2020."

Why Open Now?
And, as the PM said, there's no perfect time to re-open in the present global climate. But many would argue, that with the US facing a major spike in cases across 20 states - now is the worst time. The Prime Minister explained that - apart from the nosedive in Belize's economy - there were also other external factors that forced the re-opening: "I hear you that if we it appeared to be particularly dangerous to do so at this time, when you don't expect, we don't expect a huge flow, why don't we wait until November?...."

Belizeans Will Be Able To Return Without Quarantine
And, the opening for tourism also gives Belizeans who have been stuck abroad a chance to return home - without having to go through that expensive mandatory 14-day quarantine. It works out to about $1,500 Belize dollars for the two weeks in complete lockdown at a designated hotel. Starting on August 15th, returning Belizeans will be able to avoid that - but on the condition that they bring a PCR test which says they are COVID negative. Failing that, they will need to take one when the return. The PM explained:

The Problems With A PCR Test
So, returning Belizeans are encouraged to have a PCR test which shows them as negative for COVID 19 within 72 hours of them travelling. But how realistic is that? First off, it's hard enough to get a PCR test done in the states, and those who can get one, will struggle to get it back in three days. Second, it's only a test of the moment when the patient took it - they could have contracted the virus after that, especially when travelling through airports. We asked about that limitation today:

Will SNAFU's Undermine Airport Testing?
We also asked the Director of Health Services how the Ministry of Health hopes to manage doing dozens of varied types of COVID 19 tests daily when the airport re-opens. Our information suggests that even keeping up with the testing regimen for repatriates has been somewhat of a challenge. We have heard stories of extended delays in getting tests returned to those repatriates, and also of samples getting lost in the system. We asked about that today:

Can Tourist Tracking App Work In Real World Setting?
And apart from testing tourists and repatriates at the airport, one of the major features for keeping any possible COVID cases contained is tracking tourists. As you heard earlier a travel app will be used for that. But, from our review of global news, these are less than an ideal way to track a virus whose transmission doesn't follow the logic of an app. Mike Singh - Chief Technology Officer, CITO" "I don't think we will have 100% accuracy. Most people don't leave their phones, I don't know if you leave your phone whenever you go anywhere because it's now become part of our human being. Elon Musk said we are all cyborgs because we have this device attached to us 24/7..."

Almost A High Speed Collision With Highway Patrol
The driver and passengers of a highway patrol vehicle are lucky to be alive after a near head-on collision at full-speed with a sand truck. It happened this afternoon at 3:30 at mile 9 on the George Price Highway just before Sunset Park.

Toddler Drowns In Back Yard
Tonight, Orange Walk police continue to investigate the drowning of a 1-year-old baby, Uriel David Hernandez, which occurred in the back yard of his grandmother's Trial Farm home. His 20-year-old mother reported to police that on Tuesday at around 3:00 in the afternoon, she was at her mother's house on Black Water Street.

Still No Charges In Case Of crushed 10 Year Old
Last week we brought you the horrific story of 10-year-old Steven Torres, a boy crushed by a butane truck while running an errand on his bicycle. It's a death that has destroyed a family and shocked a community leaving them crying out for justice. Five days later on June 22nd police told us that charges had yet to be brought against truck driver Yuri Lucas or his employer, Lucas Butane.

PG Residents Say Stop Order Violated
And while that community mourns, another was up in arms today, after what they believed to be a breach in a stop order on a particularly contentious building site. It's the continuation of a story we brought you two weeks ago about a proposed seafront gas station and the disapproval it garnered from big-name PG residents like Activist Will Maheia and businessman Alistair King.

Mayor Says Stop Orders Don't Stop Deliveries
But, in fact, the stop order hadn't been broken. That's what we found out this evening in a phone call with Mayor Ashton Mckenzie. The Mayor says that while construction on the project remains under stop order there is no law that prohibits the owner from placing building supplies on his land.

Belize On Trafficking In Persons Watchlist
The US State Department has released its 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report, and once again, Belize has been assessed as a tier 2 country. Last year, Belize made a slight upgrade to the TIPs Tier 2 Watchlist, after being labelled a Tier 3 country the previous years. This year, the US State Department is ranking Belize once again as a Tier 2 watchlist country. There are over 40 other countries, including several Caribbean Nations, in the same ranking. Tier 2 indicates that a country does not fully comply with the minimum standards of the US Trafficking Victims Protection Act, but its government is making significant efforts to bring that country into compliance.

OW Wife Stabber Charged
Two nights ago, we told you how police captured Guatemalan Esau Ramirez Lopez, who was on the run. Last week Friday night, he reportedly went to his ex-common-law wife's house in San Jose Village in the Orange Walk District, pulled a knife and stabbed her, and her 2 children who tried to come to her aid.

BTIA Ready For Tourism To Reopen
At the top of the news we told you about the August 15th re-opening of the PGIA. We got reaction from the head of the Belize Hotel Association and the Belize Tourism Industry Association. We start with the BTIA where the Executive Director told us that members of the Association have already been doing their own preparations for the day when visitors would be allowed to travel to Belize. Via teleconference this evening, he shared his views on the role that the Government and the industry stakeholders need to take, in order for the recovery of the industry to properly begin:

BHA Rearing For Re-opening
And while the BTIA is striving to meet expectations, the BHA is expressing its excitement at GOB's decision to finally set a reopening date. And BHA President Ted Tejada says that hotels need to re-start their marketing campaigns in an attempt to recapture the wanderlust lost during COVID-19: "We have been receiving comments after the prime minister announced and first of all let's congratulate the entire team that has been working on it because it hasn't been easy. We know that the team has taken everything into consideration, the medical results and all the experts out there asked what is happening in Jamaica and these countries that have already re-opened. We have been tracking that everyday, so congratulations to the team and we are all excited that a date has been set..."

Should Belizeans Bother Coming Home For September "Celebrations"?
But, as we told you, as the airport opens for tourists so too will it open for returning Belizeans. And, some would say, just in time for the September Celebrations. Now, you might be saying, will there even be September Celebrations this year? Well, that is another conversation, but the PM says that those Belizean Americans who plan to come for September, need to come way in advance:

Masks Going Nowhere
And if there are celebrations of any kind - they may have to be with masks on. The PM confirmed today that even after the state of emergency is repealed next week, there will be statuary instruments to make sure that the requirement of wearing masks and keeping social distance remain in place: "Under the Quarantine Act, SIs will be signed and promulgated, in this case by the director of Health Services, requiring, as a matter of law, the wearing of masks and the practicing of the social distance prescriptions. So, nothing will change in that regard. You do not need a state of emergency superstructure to provide for the policing of those core restrictions that will remain and that will be promulgated afresh now by an SI or perhaps a pair of SIs."

Will US Tourists Follow Mask Protocol?
And while returning Belizeans may have to cool their heels in quarantine, what may be even more of a challenge is getting US visitors to wear masks. If you follow the news, you'll know that many Americans reject wearing a mask as a fetter on their individual freedom. Well, the PM says if that's the way they feel about it, please stay home:

Peace Movement Blasts Scotia Acquisition
The Belize Peace Movement has weighed in on the Belize Bank's acquisition of Scotiabank and it's not too happy. A release says, quote, "The BPM views the acquisition of all the shares of Scotia Bank of Belize by Caribbean Investors Holdings ltd., the parent company of the Belize Bank and owned by Michael Ashcroft, as predatory, anti-trust and generally not in the interest of Belizeans.There are too many questions regarding this critical transaction and the proposed buyer.

Former Governor Warns About Scotiabank Loans Portfolio
And the former governor of the Central Bank has his own concerns. In the third part of our conversation with him, Glen Ysaguirre says that the Scotiabank portfolio, which is made up of mostly personal loans and residential mortgages, may perform very differently after COVID 19. And that's because so many of the debtors will have lost their jobs or gotten pay cuts. As we told you earlier a good number of expatriates are expected to come home for September Celebrations. But they'll want a souvenir and they'll be eager to buy that celebratory T-shirt, the one emblazoned with the celebratory theme, that's yet to be written.

Caring For Kontiki
This morning, representatives of the Ministry of Education joined residents of the Kontiki area San Ignacio Town for an important ground-breaking ceremony. The Ministry of Education intends to build a Government-owned primary school and high school in that part of the municipality.

SIB Says Imports Went Down Sharply In May
The Statistical Institute of Belize has released its latest study on the country's economic performance. They say that for the month of May 2020 - when Belize was in shutdown mode, imports had a major decrease of 39.7% when compared to the same period last year. Exports are also down by a negligible 0.8%, or 0.3 million dollars for that same period. Imports declined across all commodities but, the biggest drop came from machinery and transport equipment, which was down by 47%. It went from 34 million dollars in May 2019, to only 18 million this year.

Consumer Price Came Down Due to Fuel Costs
On the topic of the cost of living, the Statistical Institute of Belize says that food and home rental costs went up for May 2020, when compared to May 2019. That increase was balanced out by the fall in pump prices for fuel and liquid petroleum gas. Food and non-alcoholic beverages saw a notable increase of 1.1% for the month of May 2020. This was primarily due to a spike in prices for freshly cut vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, sweet peppers, onions, and oranges. Lesser increases were also noted for rice and eggs.

Channel 5

A Reopening Date for P.G.I.A. is Finally Set!
While the tourism industry weeks ago reopened for domestic tourism, the big news today when Prime Minister Dean Barrow gave a press conference is the long awaited date for the [...]

August Fifteenth is the Grand Reopening
An initial planned date for the reopening of the P.G.I.A. had been set for August first.  But concerns pertaining to the timeline, in respect of testing and all protocols, prompted [...]

Belize Health App Will Track Visitors Entering Via P.G.I.A.
A novel feature of the international travel experience during these COVID times is the use of a mobile application to track the whereabouts of visitors arriving from the United States.  [...]

Mandatory Quarantine to be Foot at Visitor’s Expense
It is not expected that a flood of visitors will be arriving in the months ahead, particularly because we are presently in the low season for overnight and cruise arrivals.  [...]

A Gold Standard for Hotels Amid Reopening of Tourism Industry
As for the hotel sector, a new programme is being introduced to certify participating businesses with a gold standard for meeting all the requirements on a nine-point checklist.  All hotels [...]

Pictures Obtained by News 5 Shows Women and Minor in Detained Grouped
News Five has received exclusive pictures of the fifteen persons who have been arrested by way of an order from the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. The pictures obtained by [...]

Attorney Says Redistricting Case Must be Heard before General Elections
General Elections are due in November of this year, but the exact date is not known. But there is a pending case against the Elections and Boundaries Commission and the government before [...]

PCR Testing will also be Used at P.G.I.A.
Bask to the protocols for the re-opening of the P.G.I.A.  Testing for COVID-19 is a process that can be completed within an hour and a half using an analyzer that [...]

Lessons Learned from Jamaica and Antigua
Are there any lessons to be learned from Jamaica and Antigua; both countries opened their airports a few weeks ago and have seen a spike in imported COVID-19 cases.  Despite [...]

Human Error in COVID-19 Testing
Testing for COVID-19, despite the number of kits in use, is not an error-proof exercise but is mandatory for anyone entering Belize when the airport re-opens.  According to the Director [...]

P.G.I.A. Reopens on the Heels of a New School Year
The reopening of the P.G.I.A. comes five days after the beginning of the new school year and there are concerns that with new arrivals in the country there may be [...]

22 Million U.S. Raised So Far in Treasury Notes
The Prime Minister took a question not related to the reopening of the P.G.I.A. The government has raised twenty-two of the thirty million U.S.-dollar treasury notes needed to meet the [...]

Environmental Concerns Over Dredging Near Mile File on George Price Highway
A resident of mile five on the George Price Highway came to our studios today with an environmental concern. Dredging near his house, he says, has turned the once clear [...]

National Celebration Commission Announces Annual Theme Competition
It is not yet confirmed how the national celebrations will be looking like this year. It is still months away and the celebrations have traditionally included events with mass participation, [...]

Disruption of International Mail
Due to COVID-19, there has been a delay in international mail coming in and going out of the country. Some persons who rely on their pension cheques being sent via [...]

When Will Postal Service Return to Normal?
The Universal Postal Union, in which Belize has membership, is recording this trend worldwide due to the suspension of airline travel.  Postmaster General James Gabriel says that with the reopening [...]

Belize Again on Tier Two Watch List of the U.S. State Department Human Trafficking Report
The annual report of Human Trafficking Activities for 2020 produced by the U.S. State Department was released today and the news is that Belize remains on Tier Two. This is [...]

Foodie Expo to Be Held in Belize City this Weekend
The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many businesses to lose revenue. The 501 Hub Restaurant in Belize City is one of those businesses; owner and manager Lorena Zaldana says she feels [...]

Human Dignity Trust Release Video Exposing Hate Crime
The Human Dignity Trust has released a new film titled “Wake Up Call: Hate Crime Law in the Commonwealth”. The video was shot in 2019 in Belize, India, Kenya, Seychelles, [...]

Healthy Living: Masks Fact Check
The State of Emergency comes to an end on the thirtieth of June. The details of what will be allowed are yet to be publicly disclosed, but some public measures [...]


NICH announces 2020 Septembers Celebrations Theme Competition
The first half of the year is almost over, which means that September is fast approaching. The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) has already started preparing by announcing the commencement of 2020 September Celebrations Theme Competition.

FIFA donates 1.5 Million US Dollars to football
FIFA has joined the fight against covid-19 with a relief plan of their own by donating 1.5 million US dollars to football associations across the globe. Football games in most countries have been suspended since March, and thus, those stakeholders have been experiencing losses.

Villagers upset over arrest of chairman
The villagers of Santa Cruz Village, Toledo District are upset over what they refer to as the unjust detention of their chairman and two alcaldes. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung visited the village and filed this report.

Elderly woman is beaten in her own home
An 80-year-old woman was brutally beaten and allegedly almost raped in the Cayo District. One person has since been detained. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Chinese businessman robbed in Punta Gorda
Police are investigating a robbery that took place in Punta Gorda Town yesterday. Reports are […]

The new normal for visiting Belize by air
Earlier we explained what happens before tourists and other visitors are expected to arrive by […]

2020 September Celebrations theme competition accepting entries
The National Celebration Commission announces the 2020 September Celebrations theme competition. All Belizeans living at […]

COVID-19 deaths in Latin America approaching 400,000
Deaths from COVID-19 in Latin America are steadily approaching 400,000, Reuters reports. An article published […]

UB braces for harder times; consults with staff on budgetary cuts
The Minister of Education, Patrick Faber in his update on the education sector on June […]

Conservation in Belize continues amid pandemic restrictions
The World Land Trust published an article highlighting how conservation efforts are ongoing in Belize […]

Belize gets payout from climate change insurance due to last tropical storms
Belize has received a payout from its CCRIF SPC (formerly known as the Caribbean Catastrophic […]

Statutory instruments to be made under Quarantine Act for COVID-19 regulations
Prime Minister Dean Barrow says responsibility for managing COVID-19 protocols now passes to Director of […]

Michael Singh: Technology is baseline of Belize’s COVID-19 flight
Director of Technology in the Prime Minister’s Office Michael Singh says technology will draw tourists […]

Dr. Marvin Manzanero and George Gough: Rigorous testing process expected
Director of Health Services and leading COVID-19 expert Dr. Marvin Manzanero says a rigorous testing […]

Karen Bevans: Re-opening is ‘Phase Three’ of overall plan
All passengers traveling to Belize will be asked to download the ‘Belize Health App’ and […]

Judith Alpuche: Safety remains in mind as PGIA reopens
CEO of the Ministry of Human Development and chair of the National Task Force on […]

Prime Minister announces PGIA will reopen on August 15
Belize’s only international airport, the Philip Goldson International Airport, will reopen on August 15 after […]

Port Authority still investigating sunken barge; environmental impact minimal
On the ninth of June, a barge headed for the island of Caye Caulker carrying […]

A Call to Help
By Rudolph A. Neat Recently, the Ministry of Education announced its intentions to reopen schools by August 10th. […]

Attorneys to spur hearing of redistricting case in court
Arthur Saldivar, attorney for the Belize PEACE Movement which is demanding proper redistricting of boundaries […]

Belize Natural Energy celebrates Discovery day
Contributed by Belize Natural Energy: Fifteen years ago on June 24, 2005 BNE discovered oil in commercial quantities, […]

No change in consumer prices between May 2020 and May 2019
Despite higher food and home rental costs, there was virtually no change in consumer prices […]

Westrac Limited supports education by donating to three Belize City schools
At a time when COVID-19 has ravaged Belize’s economy and parents have to prepare to […]


August 15th: Re-Opening of Belize Airport + Sahara Dust Plume
The Prime Minister of Belize held a press conference today, Thursday, June 25th at 10am…well actually 10:20. They are reliably 20 minutes late. The topic? THE TOPIC! The way forward for Tourism in Belize during the global pandemic. Any delay will give us little from a safety standpoint All people coming in will be tested. And in other headlines, the skies of Belize have been muted by an epic Sahara Dust plume.

What you need to know about coming to Belize starting August 15
Modifications to the airport started in early June, as plans to expand the waiting areas and enclose sections of the airport where lines will now form to make entry to Belize as comfortable as possible upon entry. As with all airports since COVID-19, there will be additional wait times due to new screening procedures that must be put in place. Social distancing will also be marked every 6 feet within the airport with over 650 markers going into to place so passengers can easily adhere to following the protocols.

International Sourcesizz

Virgin Atlantic Returns to the Caribbean
Virgin Atlantic announced June 22 that it would return to the Caribbean in August. The airline had earlier announced that services from London Heathrow are expected to resume from July 20. On August 1, Virgin will resume flying from London Heathrow to Barbados, kicking off a Caribbean return that will continue in October. In October, Virgin Atlantic will be resuming flights to Montego Bay, Antigua, Grenada And Tobago (via Antigua). Similarly, that’s along with a resumption of flight service from Manchester to Barbados in October.

US Accuses Five Caribbean Countries Of Not Meeting Minimum Requirements Of Fiscal Transparency
Five Caribbean governments have been accused by the US State Department of not meeting minimum requirements of fiscal transparency in its latest report. The five are The Bahamas, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Suriname. The report makes the following recommendations. Belize’s fiscal transparency would be improved by publishing its executive budget proposal within a reasonable period of time and ensuring the supreme audit institution audits the government’s executed budget and makes audit reports publicly available within a reasonable period of time, the report said.


  • Prime Minister's Press Conference | June 25th, 2020, min. Update on COVID-19 and the Tourism Industry.

  • Eating Cakes, Cookies & Sweet Treats From The Best Bakeries in San Pedro, 14min. I've been in Belize for over 100 days, and it's finally time for me to share my FAVORITE sweet treats from the Ambergris Caye. Join me as we explore some of the most delicious desserts in San Pedro!

  • Snorkeling Belize, 2min.

  • Roaring Creek Gets New Police Station, 4min. The village of Roaring Creek has been growing exponentially and has morphed into a vibrant gateway to the capital. The top brass of the police department was in the community for the inauguration of a new police station. Built in a record time, the facility is well equipped to cope with the challenges of crime in the surrounding villages. It will be manned by thirty-six officers.

  • Belize Is Holding the Gate Open For You, 1.5min. Belize is reopening its International Airport (BZE) on August 15th, 2020. Belize's culture is calling; our history is waiting to be discovered; wildlife and beauty beckon. And as a destination worth waiting for, we'll see you soon.


  • Cayo's getting a new high school, and it'll be located in the Kontiki layout, 2min. They broke ground on the site today. It should be finished by next August. "Today we mark another important milestone in the transformation of the Cayo North constituency. A groundbreaking ceremony was held this morning for what will be the first high school in the Cayo North constituency. For decades upon decades, residents of Cayo North have had to travel far and wide for the opportunity to attend high school. This will soon change as construction of a new high school with a capacity of 240 students will soon commence. Additionally, a new primary school with a capacity of 240 students will also commence on the same compound."

  • Jamming in the style of Satriani and Vai are many of Belize's best guitarists, 5.5min. Belize string slingers proudly presents some of Belize's finest axe shredders, hailing from all corners of the country. Corozal, Orangewalk, and Cayo. Stay tuned to the next 5 mins and a half and enjoy tasty solos. It starts with Jorge Tesecum, Christian Gonzalez, and Cesar Gonzalez too.

  • Glimpes of Hopewell, 3min. Todd and Tamara's time at Hopewell Children's Home, Belize

  • Saving the Endangered Scarlet Macaw in Belize, 3min. Why Belize? “I’m just staggered by the biodiversity, the beauty, the animals that I see,” explains Neil Rogers, Vice Chair, Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. The devastating economic impact of the pandemic and wildfires have forced a reallocation of rangers and resources, leaving the endangered Scarlet Macaw vulnerable to poachers. Without tourism dollars, can rangers be properly funded to provide essential protection to these beautiful birds?

  • Belize the struggle to Independence, 6.5min. A brief history on Belize Independence

  • Executive director for the Belize Tourism Board explains requirements for tourists to enter Belize, 4.5min. The discussion on the reopening of the PGIA was based on several factors including the mitigation of risk as well as the precautionary measures needed to ameliorate the safety protocols. Leading the discussion on what the protocols will be like at the airport for both Belizeans and tourists, was Karen Bevans, the Executive Director for the Belize Tourism Board. According to Bevans, the opening of the airport puts Belize at phase three of the reopening process.

  • Sweet Lemon Desserts - San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize, 2min.

  • BTEC Digital Communication Series - Time Management Pt 1, 10min. In this episode of DCS, we touch on time management, personal prime time and setting smart goals.