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International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart #543177
06/25/20 10:58 AM
06/25/20 10:58 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
What you need to know about coming to Belize starting August 15

Visitor Process at (BZE) International beginning Aug. 15

Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) will reopen on August 15th, 2020. With the international airport as Belize’s first port of entry to re-open, they have had to make a number of modifications to ensure safety. Belize’s land borders will remain closed until further notice as a part of its phased reopening.

Modifications to the airport started in early June, as plans to expand the waiting areas and enclose sections of the airport where lines will now form to make entry to Belize as comfortable as possible upon entry. As with all airports since COVID-19, there will be additional wait times due to new screening procedures that must be put in place. Social distancing will also be marked every 6 feet within the airport with over 650 markers going into to place so passengers can easily adhere to following the protocols.

[Linked Image]

The passenger flow process is depicted in the chart above. The Belize Tourism Board introduced the new passenger flow at the airport outlines the steps guests must take from they disembark the plane until they depart from Belize again.

It is strongly advised that passengers take their COVID-19 PCR tests in the 72-hours before arrival to Belize. If passengers do not adhere to this, they will – at their own cost – be required to take the test at Belize’s International Airport. If result is positive, a mandatory quarantine in Belize is required, at their own cost. To avoid all of this, passengers should ensure they have their test results ready.

The Belize Health App

Lastly, the development of the Belize Health App will make screening, tracing and verification of guests throughout the country much easier. It is a requirement to register on the app before you travel to Belize and will save you time at the airport because if you have not registered before you arrive, you will have to do it when in Belize and will only make your airport process longer.

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543183
06/25/20 03:07 PM
06/25/20 03:07 PM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
PGIA Airport will open Aug 15, 2020. It is a phased approach.

To ensure health and safety of all:

• Passengers will need to download and complete a health app prior to boarding. This app will help you to be cleared upon arrival (Where you've been, any test results can be uploaded, contact tracing while in Belize, etc). Immigration and customs forms will eventually be available through this app also. (App not available yet)
• If you're willing and able to provide PCR test result within 72 hrs of travel, you will be fast tracked (fast lane) upon arrival. If not, you'll go on for a rapid test, temperature check and review of you health app. Cost of rapid test will be your cost. If positive, then 14 day quarantine at your cost.
• Once cleared, go on to customs and immigration as per usual
• Must wear a mask in airport at all times. Must wear masks in public places in country.
• Social distancing (6ft apart) will apply
• Phased approach to which hotels will be allowed to open (full service hotels, that provide transportation, have pool or beach, have restaurants, and provide private tours).

**American Airlines, Delta and United will be flying here as of Aug 15**


Belize Travel Reopening Plan

The Belize Tourism Board introduces the below Travel Reopening Plan for the country of Belize. Kindly note this five-part plan includes the reopening of the international airport in August 15, 2020.

[Linked Image]

Enhanced Hotel & Restaurant Guidelines


Executive director for the Belize Tourism Board explains requirements for tourists to enter Belize

The discussion on the reopening of the PGIA was based on several factors including the mitigation of risk as well as the precautionary measures needed to ameliorate the safety protocols. Leading the discussion on what the protocols will be like at the airport for both Belizeans and tourists, was Karen Bevans, the Executive Director for the Belize Tourism Board. According to Bevans, the opening of the airport puts Belize at phase three of the reopening process.

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543195
06/26/20 10:24 AM
06/26/20 10:24 AM
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ColRebSez Offline
ColRebSez  Offline
Thanks for posting this. I have been wanting to know exactly what the procedure would be.

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543208
06/27/20 05:45 AM
06/27/20 05:45 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Cruise tour Operator Lukewarm About PGIA Opening

Last night, we showed you the announcement from the Barrow Administration that the Philip Goldson International Airport would be re-opening on August 15th.

The re-opening is part of a phased recovery plan for the rebooting of the tourism industry, which has been on a hiatus for 3 months now. With no work and no revenue source, they have been waiting for a definitive answer on the re-opening of the airport.

Last night, you saw how both the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Belize Hotel Association are hitting the ground running. They want to productively use those remaining 7 weeks to prepare for the slow return of tourists. So, we went looking for the perspective of another tourism stakeholder who was calling for the government not to rush the reopening.

He's Yhony Rosado, the outspoken, local tour operator - who works with cruise ships. Rosado and his employees are currently in the midst of the same money worries as the bigger tourism interests. He hasn't earned any revenue for his tour company since, the end of March when the State of Emergency began.

Today, he told us that while he is worried that the rest of the world is still struggling with ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he can understand why the Barrow Administration is choosing to reopen the country for tourism business in mid-August:

Yhony Rosado - Independent Tour Operator
"We, the people, did our part for our country, and our government, to not get infected. And, we won. But now, the economic part, it's different. Finance is running out. The desperation is getting there."

"I'm here today, Mr. Ortiz, to let you know that I totally understand the decision of the Government of Belize. I totally understand because I was not the one, or we, the masses of the poor people were not the ones protesting out there, burning tires, or doing anything like they're doing in Central America to open up the country. We did not do anything like that. It was the rich people of this country that, through emails, and through the intellectuals, they pressured our government. And our Government knows that we're running out of fuel. We're running out of our cash."

"I was against the opening of the airport a little bit too soon. As you know, every week, every day, there's some medication. There's some - we're winning the battle against the coronavirus in the scientific world, in the medical world, where we get a new answer for this virus. So, the longer we take, it was better for us, Little Belize, because we are not infected. We're not infested."

"I did make a comment in our press conference as FECTAB, before we got infected, to close our country. And I made a comment after, please don't open our airport. And now, the Government has [decided to] open the airport, either if it is his wisdom, or he was being pressured."

"According to them, everybody that will come to Belize will be coming [in] clean. If anybody comes infected and infects the country, it's not a tour guide or a tour operator, nobody is to be blamed. It is no one but themselves. And so, this is where I get a voice as an average Belizean person, We will do our due diligence."

Channel 7

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543252
06/30/20 04:21 AM
06/30/20 04:21 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
The Attorney General clarified that during phase 3 (the reopening of airport on Aug 15 to international travelers), those presenting a negative PCR test within 72 hours (prior to) arrival will be allowed to "roam freely."

Those who don't have one will do the (less reliable) rapid test and will need to stay at one of the approved full-service resorts and are not able to "roam freely".

The Belize Tourism Board will be providing more clarification on Thursday


Ready to visit Belize? Here's what you need to know.

Can Belizean citizens travel back to Belize right now?

Belize is currently only open for citizens and residents trying to return home by the airport only. Belize’s land borders remain closed until further notice, but the (BZE) International Airport is functioning for repatriation flights and will reopen on August 15th, 2020 for leisure travel. There is a mandatory 14-quarantine in place for those entering Belize prior to August 15th, 2020.

When can tourists and foreign nationals travel to Belize again?

Foreign nationals will be able to travel to Belize starting August 15th, 2020 via Belize’s International Aiport (BZE) on commercial flights or private charters. Delta, United and American Airlines are expected to resume service on August 15th, 2020.

Are COVID-19 tests required to travel to Belize?

Yes, in order to travel to Belize, every single visitor no matter your nationality (including Belizeans) must provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test result within 72-hours of your flight to successfully enter the country.

What happens if I don’t have a negative test upon arrival?

If an arriving passenger – citizen, resident or foreign national does not provide proof of a negative test results within 72 hours prior to arrival, they will be immediately required (at their own cost) to take a rapid test given by Belize’s Ministry of Health at the BZE airport. If this test proves a positive result for Covid-19, you will be required to remain quarantine in a government-approved location.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Belize?

Face masks are required in all public places, including transit through Belize's international airport, and travelers are encouraged to wear them throughout the duration of their flight.

Is public transportation open in Belize?

Public transportation in Belize is operating via buses, water taxis and domestic airlines.

Are food service establishments open in Belize?

Yes, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Belize are open but are required to practice social distancing among tables and masks upon entry, but not while seated at your private table. Reservations are recommended.

Are businesses and tourism attractions open in Belize?

Yes, they are open but are required to practice social distancing and implement new safety protocols. There are new capacity restrictions that have been identified for all tourism sites to ensure social distancing can be maintained and smaller groups will provide a more intimate tour experience. As in any public space, or activity, you are required to wear a mask. For more details on the rules of using face masks while on vacation in Belize, click here.

What important contact numbers should I have when traveling to Belize in case of an emergency?

Ministry of Health Hotline: 0-800-MOH-CARE (664-2273)
Belize Tourism Board Information Line: 1-800-624-0686

Coronavirus Case Statistics – Belize has some of the lowest cases of Coronavirus throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

Total Number of Cases: 24
Total Number of Recovered Cases: 19
Total Number of Death: 2

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543281
07/01/20 04:53 AM
07/01/20 04:53 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

August 15th has been officially announced as the date the Philip Goldson International Airport will re-open. A phased approach was introduced yesterday that details the protocols that will be in place to ensure the safety of both passengers and nationals. We invited representatives of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) to speak on the re-opening and how the industry is preparing to meet the new requirements.

John Burgos - Executive Director, BTIA
Stewart Krohn - Second Vice President, BTIA


For those who CANNOT obtain a Covid test result within 72 hours of arriving in Belize when the airport opens on August 15, you can get your Covid test upon arrival at Belize International Airport at NO CHARGE. As soon as it's available, in the near future, you will need to download the Belize Health App to your phone. At the airport they will scan that into their system, along with all the details filled out on the required health form, including exactly where you are staying. You HAVE TO remain in place at that location UNTIL they advise you of your test result. If it's positive, you have to remain in quarantine at your location for 14 days, and the Ministry of Health will track your progress. If it's negative, you will be allowed to mingle with those who live here. The Ministry of Health are currently processing Covid tests quite rapidly, but by August 15, they are hoping to have ALL test results within 24 hours. It is VERY important to wear a mask on the plane, incase there is a Covid positive passenger, in order to reduce your risk of contamination. The Belize Ministry of Health says any passenger is flying at their own risk.

Re: International Airport to re-open Aug. 15, Tourism restart [Re: Marty] #543295
07/02/20 05:01 AM
07/02/20 05:01 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
The Streets Say, Keep The Airport Closed!

The Philip Goldson International Airport opens on August 15th and Belizeans aren't being quiet about it. It's the topic of conversation at the water cooler, in the bank line, and everywhere else you can think of.
Vacillating between an economic emergency and a pending public health disaster, everyone has their own opinion. This morning Cherisse Halsall took to the streets to get the people's perspective on the upcoming airport reopening as well as the official end of curfew. Here's what they said:

Channel 7


Dr. Jorge Hidalgo - thoughts on health challenges in reopening of the PGIA

Dr. Jorge Hidalgo shared his thoughts on the potential health challenges in the reopening of the PGIA. As one of three critical care doctors in country, he talked about how we can safeguard the health of both visitors and locals as the country prepares to restarts the tourism industry.

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