Things are so good at city hall that the council is actually looking to pave two dozen streets. The mayor says this money is coming from their bond offering - which went out in March right before the COVID panic hit - but it didn't stop the bond buy-in:

Bernard Wagner, Belize City Mayor

"Prior to Covid we had launched that bond, series one launch was very successfully, given the circumstances. We are now very close to starting those streets. It is just the point where we went through the tendering process. It is now at the stage where we sign those contracts with the contractors and the work starts. So I believe by mid-July, you will begin to see. But we have to do it in phases. We are looking at not starting a rush of street construction, but doing it in phases. So we will be looking in the area of the Pelican Street Extension and the Raccoon Street Extension; those will be our first two streets. We certainly want to tackle that street behind the Civic Centre; I believe it is Mopan Street, horrible street. We have Ebony Street, we have Victoria Street; we have over twenty-three streets to complete. And those contracts will be signed if not this week, certainly early next week."

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