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The San Pedro Sun

Religious activities to honour Dia de San Pedro!
To continue honouring the island’s Patron Saint, the day closed with an outdoor mass, presentation of new sponsored paintings for the Catholic Church, and a procession!

San Pedro Town and other municipalities receive assistance from Taiwanese Embassy
San Pedro Town was one of the municipalities to receive humanitarian relief from the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize on Friday, June 26th, in the Capital City of Belmopan. Mayor Daniel Guerrero, along with the other Mayors from across the country, were on hand to receive the relief presented to the Belize Mayor’s Association, which included medical materials totalling $350, 000BZ.

Do All Black Lives Matter in Belize?
To those Belizeans that participated in well-meaning social media campaigns to signal their acknowledgment of systemic racism; and the others that wear t-shirts emblazoned with “BLACK LIVES MATTER”; and to all who were swollen with pride when discovering that a Belizean was among a group of artists that painted a now-famous mural in Minneapolis to honor George Floyd and other black Americans killed by police officers: when you say “Black Lives Matter,” do you mean just the straight, heterosexual black lives?

Roman Catholics on Ambergris Caye celebrate Dia de San Pedro 2020
Honoring the island’s Patron Saint St. Peter, Catholic residents observed ‘El Dia de San Pedro’ on Monday, June 29th with holy mass, a boat and street procession plus the blessing of fishermen’s vessels that asks for a successful fishing season. The annual festivities will be different this year, without the usual extravaganza held at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex often featuring local and international entertainment.

Xsite Belize Sailing crew and volunteers continue beautifying San Pedro Town
The beautification project spearheaded by the team at Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures continues to give different areas of San Pedro Town a much-needed facelift. The dedicated group has been painting alleys, streets, public buildings, and is appealing to every islander to join in the cause by keeping their areas clean and welcoming to visitors. With the news that tourists will be welcomed back into the country on August 15th, keeping La Isla Bonita fresh and clean is even more imperative to ensure our visitors get a beautiful welcome.

Belize ranked Tier Two in annual Trafficking in Persons Report
Efforts in Belize to tackle the issue of human trafficking have not satisfied the U.S. State Department, as its Trafficking in Persons Report ranked the Jewel for the second consecutive as a Tier Two country. The report was released on Thursday, June 25th, and lists over 40 other countries around the region ranking the same as Belize.

Ambergris Today

Belize's Plan For Tourism As International Airport Opens Aug 15
Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Belize made the official announcement that Belize’s international airport (BZE), the Philip Goldson International Airport will be opened on August 15, 2020, as part of the country’s five-phase re-opening strategy for tourism. The opening of the international airport will kick-off Belize’s third phase of re-opening, allowing for further travel relaxation and open entry for chartered flights, private aviation and limited re-opening of international leisure travel with approved hotels only.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, June 30th Meal pick up. Location: Food Republic. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

List of Licensed Pharmaceutical Establishments
The Ministry of Health is pleased to share the most recent list of approved Licensed pharmaceutical establishments as of June 25th, 2020. For more information contact the Licensing and Accreditation Unit, Ministry of Health, 822-2325.

Placencia BTIA/Tourism Center Opens
Good Morning, the Placencia BTIA/Tourism Center is open to serve you! We ask that while visiting the Placencia BTIA/Tourism Center you kindly wear your mask and heed to all COVID 19 rules and regulations. Our hours are 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Thursdays. We look forward to seeing and serving you.

BTB Inventory of Tourism Assets in Belize
The Belize Tourism Board is engaging in the collection of all tourism sites to develop an inventory of tourism assets in Belize. The inventory will allow a platform for stakeholders to know what is available in each region and tourists to be linked to tour operators who can execute tours to respective sites.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the newly renovated Yarborough Basketball Court
This morning the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project conducted its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the newly renovated Yarborough Basketball Court. The ribbon was cut by the Honourable Tracy Taegar Panton, ICDF Secretary General, Timothy T.Y. Hsiang and Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation's CEO, Mr. Yashin Dujon. The renovation was the first part of a two-part project to rehabilitate the entire Yarborough Water Front Area. The second part will be to rehabilitate the football field and water front.

Flood Forecast June 29, 2020
REGION 7 - FLOOD LEVELS on the Blue Creek sub-catchment of the RIO HONDO at Blue Creek and downstream at Santa Cruz, San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas continue to recede. The NEW RIVER at Tower Hill and Caledonia are above normal and falling. REGION 9 - On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels are below the spillways at Chalillo, Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels are below the low-level bridge. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town is normal and steady. On the BELIZE RIVER, above normal levels exists at Banana Bank and levels at Double Run are above the banks and falling. The CROOKED TREE LAGOON remains below the spillway and steady.

Meet Our New Corozal Rotary Board Members 2020-21
The new rotary year kicks off on July 1st. Our club is very excited to work with our lovely community of Corozal. It is such a proud feeling to be a rotarian and I'm humbled and honored to be elected president of the rotary club of corozal 2020-2021. I am very fortunate to be a part of a club with such dedicated Rotarians. I would like to congratulate and welcome all the new board members.

Phase 3 Details
The Attorney General just clarified that during phase 3 (the reopening of airport on Aug 15 to international travelers), those presenting a negative PCR test within 72 hours (prior to) arrival will be allowed to "roam freely." Those who don't have one will do the (less reliable) rapid test and will need to stay at one of the approved full-service resorts and are not able to "roam freely". The Belize Tourism Board will be providing more clarification on Thursday

Virtual Training on GCF Project Requirements – Capacity Building for the National Designated Authority and Belize National Climate Change Committee (Sub-Committees)
Since 2015, Belize has engaged with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to improve access to international funds and to encourage investment in projects and programmes that enable the country to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP), as the National Designated Authority (NDA) to the GCF, is currently implementing Belize GCF Readiness Support 2 (Building Capacity for Direct Access to Climate Finance) with support from the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) as the Delivery Partner.

Mystery of the Rose Bouquet
The Wildfire Artzmosphere has another play coming up this weekend and next weekend. The Mystery of the Rose Bouquet will be performed July 3rd through the 5th, and July 9th through the 11th.

Belmopan YMCA Classes
The YWCA in Belmopan will have many different classes this Summer, and they start next Monday.

Steelpan Summer Camp
The Panerrifix Steel Band is having a Steelpan Summer Camp. It starts on Monday the 13th. Calling out OLOG Primary students to enroll in our annual Summer camp. We are inviting especially incoming Std 2 to Std 5 students. Reach out and register to secure a spot.

Safely Resuming Ground Transportation Operations in the Tourism Sector
Two sessions today.

U K'iinil San Pablo(San Pablo day)
Today San Pablo Village(Orange walk) celebrated 105 Years since it's fundation . Sharing To'one Masehualoon NGO participation of San Pablo Day from June 29,2019 . That year Villagers from San Pablo and surrounding Villages including visitors from Mexico and U.S.A converged at the San Pablo R.C. School Compound to witness lovely Maya Dances from local & international dancers from Tekaax Yucatan, Mexico. Exhibition of Maya artifacts from To'one' Masehualoon NGO was also part of this year's Culture Day. To'one Masehualoon working hard in the preservation of the Yucatec Maya Culture . Thank you Mr Javier Sabido with his council and other supporters for a job well done. Happy San Pablo Day.

Channel 7

State of Emergency To Be Lifted On Wednesday, No More Curfew
When you wake up on Wednesday, July first life will be as close to normal as it has been since March. There will be no state of emergency, no curfew, and all businesses, bars and nightclubs can open. Basically, you can pretty much go back to life as it was before, with a few notable exceptions. We'll get to those, but first to the new normal - which is kind of like the old normal. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte explained on Ask The Experts this afternoon:

Life As Normal, But With Masks, All The Time!
So, as you heard, the state of emergency curfew is going away - but there will still be some strictures on social living. And two things that will remain firmly in place under the quarantine authority - are the requirements to wear a mask in public, and to social distance. These remain the law - even after the state of emergency has been lifted. "Social distancing, we must maintain that six feet whenever we can maintain that six feet apart..."

Eight Times When You Don’t Need A Mask
But, there are times - eight of them to be exact - when you don't have to wear a mask. The AG outlined those specifically: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "You don't have to wear the mask at your house, private residence. If you are home you don't have to wear a mask and who are visiting you don't have to wear the mask either. While you are exercising, while you are engaging in any sporting activity: swimming, driving alone or driving with immediate family member in the car..."

Even With SOE Lifted, Borders Remain Closed
So while all those rules now constitute normal, non-state-of-emergency life in the COVID era, there's one more thing: don't even think that this would be a good time for a Chetumal or Melchor run. Apart from the fact that cases in Mexico and Guatemala are spiking, the borders remain closed - and there are still stiff penalties for border jumpers:

Another Border Jumper Busted In OW
And, because they don't want to get sick, Yo Creek Village's neighbourhood watch called the police this weekend on this man, suspected border jumper, Francisco Hernandez Perez. The Mexican national is believed to have entered the country illegally and police picked him up in that Orange Walk Village. He is now being processed by first being swabbed for COVID-19.

Case #24 Is Honduran Border Surfer
That swabbing is what led to the detection of case #24, a Honduran border jumper, or maybe in his case, maybe a border surfer, because he was caught at sea. COVID positive case #24 was detected on Friday when 87 samples were processed. The Director of Health Services says he is a Honduran national who had been caught in Belizean waters and is currently under mandatory quarantine in Dangriga. The person is asymptomatic.

52 Year Old Breadwinner Mysteriously Murdered
52-year-old Isaias Oroman was found on Sunday morning motionless on the side of the Bullet Tree road. He had been shot in the chest and by the time he could be transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital doctors could do nothing but declare him dead. Oroman was originally from Guatemala but had been living in Belize for over 25 years, all that time acting as a breadwinner for his family and a surrogate father to his younger siblings.

Death of a Biker Devastates Family
It's a stretch of road that since its opening has seen multiple fatal accidents. And this morning the Loma Luz Boulevard witnessed the death of yet another young man who eyewitnesses say was going way too fast. Cherisse Halsall was on the scene moments after the crash. Neighbors on Loma Luz boulevard gathered his morning to witness the aftermath of a tragic road traffic accident that claimed a young life. His name was Kemel Espat, he was 27 years old, a bike enthusiast but also a loving son, brother, uncle, and boyfriend now lost to all those he's left behind.

Off duty BDF Soldier Charged For Fatal Accident
And there is also another fatal accident to report. It happened on Saturday night around sunset near mile two on the Southern Highway. 31 year old Hilberto Tush from Maya Mopan Village was southbound when he had a head on collision with an unlicensed, un-insured Mitsubishi Montero driven by 22 year old BDF soldier Nateone Nunez. Tush received severe injuries when he was flung to the pavement. He died sometime later whi

Oscar & the Sleeping Policeman
And there is another accident to report, but, thankfully this one was neither fatal nor serious. But, it could have been. PUP standard bearer for Belmopan Oscar Mira was driving to the capital city on Friday night when he ran into a vehicle that was in the road. And tonight, what's making news is that a policeman was reportedly asleep behind the wheel of the car that had just stopped in the road. He told PLUS TV about the accident:... "I think it's around Mile 45 where the LPG tanks are. I was coming on the highway and a vehicle was coming in front of me, so I dipped my high beam, but as I was approaching I kinda of saw some small reflection on the road..."

Was Police Driver Drunk In San Pedro?
And there was also an allegedly drunk driving police accident in San Pedro. This video shows a police vehicle that crashed as it ran off the road north of San Pedro Town - Right outside of the complex known as Mara Laguna. Again, we hope to get something from the police eon this tomorrow.

Cpl Eldon and Police Senior Command Back In Court
2 weeks ago, we told you how Police Corporal Eldon Arzu, the incumbent Chairman of the Police Association, was voted out of office by over one thousand police officers who were eligible to elect a new Central Board for the Association. He lost to the opposing slate of 7, led by Sergeant Jane Usher, but now, he has gone to the Supreme Court to stop them from being installed as the new leaders of the Association. In an application for judicial review, Arzu and his legal team complain that these elections were due from November of last year.

City Hall Ready To Take Back On Full Staff
COVID cutbacks struck early at the City Council, where employees have been going through changes since the first of April. That's when all 460 employees were put on half pay. After that, the staff was brought on to work on alternate timings. Well, today the mayor announced that operations are coming back to normal, and City Hall is going back to full staffing at the middle of July. Here's how he put it:

CITCO Cash Flow Not So Low Anymore
And as staff comes back, so is the council's cash flow. The mayor explained to the press today: "Based on cash inflows, ahm improving from where it was early ending of May to now, we have seen where are beginning to get back to some level of normalcy, not where we want to be, not where it was in previous years, but gradually putting us in a position to be able to provide all the necessary services that a city require."

A Bond To Pave City Streets
And things are so good at city hall that the council is actually looking to pave two dozen streets. The mayor says this money is coming from their bond offering - which went out in March right before the COVID panic hit - but it didn't stop the bond buy-in: "Prior to Covid we had launched that bond, series one launch was very successfully, given the circumstances. We are now very close to starting those streets. It is just the point where we went through the tendering process. It is now at the stage where we sign those contracts with the contractors and the work starts. So I believe by mid-July, you will begin to see..."

Major Flood Mitigation Project Will Re-Shape City Drainage
The press also took the opportunity to ask for an update on the Climate Vulnerability Reduction program. As we told you, it is a comprehensive flood mitigation plan for Belize that is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Government, through the Ministry of Works. When it is completed, this program should significantly reduce the regular flooding in parts of the City's south-side, near the canals, that occur during the hurricane season.

CITCO Helping Entrepreneurs
This opportunity to talk with the Mayor cam today during the official launch of Belize City Council's Accelerator Program. This is a venture by the Council to provide Belize City residents with opportunities to become small-business owners. The premise of the program is that City Hall is trying to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. They're providing them with necessary training, and start-up materials to turn their business ideas into something that can actually generate sustainable inc

Security Guard Drowns In San Pedro
50-year-old Barrington Moss, a security guard from San Pedro drowned this weekend at Caye Caulker's famous Split. His body was retrieved from the water at around 6:15 and later identified by his sister 40-year-old Sharon Skeen. Many who knew him say he was a strong swimmer but a post mortem confirmed that he died of Asphyxia, and inhalation of fluid, consistent with drowning.

Weed and Weapon On Iguana
Three City residents, Tyeisa Adolphus, Keasha Panting, and Wayne Welch have been arrested and charged for possession of drugs and unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

They’re Coming Home, Slowly
And finally, tonight, the phased repatriation of Belizeans continues. 885 persons have applied have applied to be repatriated, 157 have been repatriated, with 666 approved and 412 have a coordinated return in progress.

Channel 5

There Will Be No More Curfew
The end of the state of emergency is in sight; it expires this Tuesday.  Today, the Attorney General announced what many Belizeans have also been waiting for, ‘there will be [...]

Wear Yo Mask!
While the government does away with the curfew, one thing that will become part of our daily lives is the face mask.  There are currently three active cases of COVID-19 [...]

Social Distancing Will Be Enforced
Social distancing is also here to stay and will be enforced. There are some exceptions to this rule and, according to Michael Peyrefitte; the limit of a hundred persons at [...]

Land Borders Remain Closed!
Unlike the Philip Goldson International Airport, land borders will remain closed. The Attorney General made it abundantly clear that the country’s borders with Mexico and Guatemala will remain close for [...]

Child Daycares Centers Can Now Open
As of Wednesday, child daycare centers will be able to open and operate. Daycares were closed down because such a facility can be particularly fertile places for the spread of [...]

Illegal Honduran Fisher Is Belize’s 24th COVID-19 Patient
Border jumpers are of concern for the spread of the virus.  Belize recorded its twenty-fourth case of COVID-19 on Friday. The patient is a Honduran male who was caught fishing [...]

Murder in the West!
A Bullet Tree Village resident was killed over the weekend. His body was discovered in the early hours of Sunday morning. Tonight the family says that they don’t know who [...]

Land Problems in Red Bank Cause Fracture Within Village Council
Another land dispute is brewing; this time in southern Belize. The Red Bank village chairman is in the eye of a storm for distributing lands without consulting with the rest [...]

Red Bank Chairman Explains Land Issue
According to the chairman, a public meeting was held in October 2019 to address the concerns of the community where land was concerned.  At that gathering, residents were informed that [...]

Another Gas Station being Built Near PG
A stop order was issued on the construction of gas station in Punta Gorda recently after the public rose up against it. But over the weekend, about a mile away, [...]

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Claims Life of 27-year-old
A motorcycle enthusiast is dead following a road traffic accident just before midday today on La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena Town. Kemel Espat was on his motorcycle when [...]

Belize Will Be Different from Jamaica, Antigua
One more matter from Ask the Expert today…Jamaica added six new cases of COVID-19 to its tally on Sunday, making the cumulative number of confirmed cases totaling six hundred and [...]

A Learning Recovery Month for Students
The 2019/2020 school year officially closes on June thirtieth after three months that schools physically closed at the start of the lockdown. But CSEC preparations have been ongoing for the [...]

Guidelines for Schools Given the New Norm
Preparations are underway for students to return to the classrooms on August tenth within days of the reopening the Philip Goldson Airport.  The Chief Education Officer says that there will [...]

10 Families are Issued Keys to their New Homes at Eagle JEM Estate
A housing development near mile fourteen on the Philip Goldson Highway is attracting dozens of first time homeowners. Eagle JEM Estate was launched by the Holy Redeemer Credit Union last [...]

H.R.C.U. to Issue Education Grants
In addition, to providing homes for its member owners, the Holy Redeemer Credit Union is once again coming through with education grants to assist students on their academic journey. In [...]

The Financial Position of the Council as Recovers from COVID-19
COVID-19 affected many businesses, including the town and city councils across the country; in Belize City, the revenue stream trickled as services came to a screeching halt, though CitCo provided [...]

Series 1 of Municipal Bond a Success; 23 Streets to be Fixed!
In March, prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Belize City Council launched a ten-million-dollar municipal bond. Back then, it was announced, that the monies would be used to retire any [...]

Flood Mitigation Project Underway in Yarborough
There is currently work being conducted on the canal in the Yarborough area of Belize City.  A number of piles are in the process of being laid as the Ministry [...]

Foodie Expo Held in Belize City
A gastronomic event took place this weekend; it was a Foodie Expo that brought together persons in the food industry.  It was staged at 501 Hub in Belize City on [...]

A First Cohort of Entrepreneurs from the Belize Accelerator Program
The Belize City Council has embarked on a programme to assist new businesses. They are providing training and some equipment to assist businesses to get off the ground. The initiative, [...]

Sparks Fly Over Loan Motions
On Friday, sparks flew in the National Assembly building during the Sitting of the House of Representatives when loan motions were tabled.  One such involved the Caribbean Development Bank COVID-19 [...]

Briceño says Barrow Playing Politics with Loan Money
According to Opposition Leader John Briceño, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is playing politics. Briceño says that the Prime Minister is either not understanding the P.U.P.’s point or he was being [...]

Loan for Cane Famers Not Enough
The C.D.B. Enhancing Sugar Cane Farmers Resilience to Natural Hazard Events Loan motion was also tabled in the House on Friday. It is for one million U.S. dollars and the [...]


Sandhill Chairman fires back at Shyne Barrow
United Democratic Party (UDP) Standard Bearer for the Mesopotamia Division, Shyne Barrow is in hot water again, but this time with the Sandhill village chairmen. Last week, we reported to you that Barrow pledged to provide land for his constituents in order to assist their current financial situation.

WATCH: First ten homeowners move into Eagle Jem Estate
Eagle Jem Estate finally has its first residents. The housing community created by the Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU) saw its first ten homeowners at a ceremony held on Saturday.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

CitCo reports increased revenues, says workers will go back on full salary
As soon as the 15th of July payroll, says Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner, the Belize […]

Crocodile Research Coalition warns of poachers taking baby crocodiles
The Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) is asking Belizeans to assist […]

Flood-prone Southside receives alleviation works
The Ministry of Works, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has for some […]

Caribbean Court of Justice to rule Tuesday on registries case; Government already saying “can’t pay, won’t pay”
Seventeen years after the initial agreement would have expired, and seven years after both were taken […]

CONCACAF agrees to International Match Calendar revisions
Belize’s regional confederation CONCACAF has endorsed the decisions of worldwide parent FIFA concerning the men’s and […]

Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) pays tribute to late Dominican attorney
Attorney-at-law, broadcaster and magistrate Michael Bruney, 62, died last week in his native Dominica after a […]

Beaches of Belize highlighted in Forbes Magazine
Forbes Magazine, a US-based publication often seen as synonymous with wealth and […]

Iran seeks Trump, U.S. officials in killing of general
President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a wanted man – […]

Competitive sports now allowed; masks not required
The Attorney General, Micheal Peyrefitte, informed today that competitive sports and tournaments are now allowed […]

Businesses urged to continue practicing social distancing
All businesses are urged to continue to practice social distancing. The Attorney General today reminded […]

#MeToo in the BDF
By Lisa Shaman: On June 19, 2020, the Friday before last, the BDF invited the media for a press briefing and requested that during the first part of the briefing they turn off cameras and recording devices. […]

Belize to receive financial support from Japan Special Fund, Inter-American Development Bank to confront health emergency
A joint effort by the Government of Belize, the Japan Special Fund, the Inter-American Development […]

Bullet Tree murder victim identified
Police have confirmed the identity of the dead man that was found in Bullet Tree, […]

Hattieville man busted with marijuana
Police have arrested and charged 27-year-old Hattieville mechanic, Davane Evans, with drug-related offenses. Reports are […]

American couple beaten and robbed at their home
Last night around 10.30, police received information of a burglary from an American couple. The […]


Yoga Quietly Starts at Ak’Bol Resort on A Sleepy Sunday
Yesterday, on a quiet and Saharan-dusty Sunday morning (it’s not often I get to use an adjective like Saharan-dusty!) – Ak’Bol Yoga Resort started teaching yoga again… After 3 months of general inertia – it felt SO good to go to Yin Yoga (the most gentle, no pressure type for “never-have-and-never-will-touch-your-toes” participants like me) to do a bit of stretching and enjoy a change of scenery. Ak’Bol’s gorgeous dock is just the place. Note: Ak’Bol is open for yoga only – 2 days a week. The restaurant and resort have not re-opened yet. Yin Yoga, 9 am Sundays and Yang Yoga, 8 am, Wednesdays

Belize’s Newest Cruise Development: Port Coral
Belize introduces its newest cruise development, the Port Coral; a docking station for incoming ships just four miles offshore of Belize City. Designed as a port of call for up to four Royal Caribbean Oasis-class vessels at one time, the Port Coral will offer a dock experience, rather than tender, on Stake Bank Island with natural deep water access. Additionally, a kiosk area available for vendors to showcase the history of Belize; plus an independent entertainment and shopping area just for cruise crew members.

Passengers Now Required to Fill Out Health Form to Fly
Airlines for America (A4A), the trade group that represents the major U.S. airlines, said passengers will now be required to complete a health acknowledgment form during check-in for a flight. The requirement is for all passengers, and anyone that refuses runs the risk of being declared unfit to travel. “Health assessments prior to air travel are just one more important measure in our multi-layered approach to help mitigate the transmission of COVID to passengers and employees,” said A4A President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio in a statement. “We want passengers to know that this is another change they should expect the next time they fly.”

American Airlines resumes service to Belize on August 18
The Prime Minister of Belize confirmed, via press conference, that American Airlines relaunches service to Belize on August 18. As more destinations reopen their borders in the Caribbean region, American Airlines is scheduled to resume service to Belize August 18. Belize’s international airport is slated to reopen on August 15. Travel to Belize includes stringent rules of engagement visitors must comply in order to stunt the re-emergence of COVID-19 virus; Belize was forced to close it’s borders three months ago in March. Reassured by the Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Dean Barrow, airlines are “ready to resume service once we [Belize] are”.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Announces Phased Re-opening Plan for Tourism
The Prime Minister of Belize made the official announcement that Belize's international airport (BZE), the Philip Goldson International Airport will be opened on August 15, 2020, as part of the country's five-phase re-opening strategy for tourism. The opening of the international airport will kick-off Belize's third phase of re-opening, allowing for further travel relaxation and open entry for chartered flights, private aviation and limited re-opening of international leisure travel with approved hotels only.

Belize announces reopening date
Well-known travel publication Lonely Planet features Belize's reopening in new article.

OFID Finances Major Transport Project In Belize
The OPEC Fund for International Development, OFID, has signed a US$10 million public sector loan agreement with Belize, a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, to co-finance the second phase of a major transport project. The ‘Upgrading of Caracol Road Project, Phase II’ will ease travel constraints and support socio-economic growth, particularly in the agriculture and tourism sectors. It will improve a 43 km stretch of road and include the construction of eight bridges. The road section provides the sole link between the George price Highway (which originates in the country’s largest city, Belize City) and the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo district, one of Belize’s most important tourism areas.


  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", 1hr11min. Joining us today is Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General and Minister of National Security, to discuss the ending of the state of emergency and the regulations to follow.

  • Storm coming in with rain in Belize, .5min.

  • Pelicans in Belize, .5min. Pelicans in Belize took over the our chair after we left.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Ignacia Cecilia Garcia nee Zapata, 1.5min.

  • The Business Hour, 90min.

  • Rolson's Mexican Restaurant - San Ignacio Town, Cayo, Belize, 1.5min.

  • Snorkeling in San Pedro, Belize (October 2017), 9min. Snorkeling in 2017, our first trip to Belize. Cookie (then 7 years old) and Phoenix (9 years old) Snorkel a real coral reef system for the first time. This changed everything for us. We decided the ocean should be a huge part of our lives. Our kids thrived when they were close to it. They were happier on the water. They learned the Earth is a huge place, but also a small one. It's much bigger than the town we live in, but small enough that it's up to them to maintain it. Within a month, having never owned a boat and knowing nothing about boating, I had purchased a new Boston Whaler 315 Conquest for our family. This trip was something we will never forget, and changed our lives forever. Our guides were Capt. Oliver, Terrell, and Jordan. Big thanks to them as well. You guys inspired my kids.

  • Kids having fun feeding the Stingrays in Belize, .5min.

  • Tour of Beautiful Belize City, 7.5min. Belize City was founded as "Belize Town" in 1638 by English lumber harvesters. It had been a small Maya city called Holzuz. Belize Town was ideal for the English as a central post because it was on the sea and a natural outlet for local rivers and creeks down which the British shipped log wood and mahogany.

  • San Pedro Dia de San Pedro Celebration, 42min.