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The San Pedro Sun

BNN shares its recommendations for a national economic recovery plan
A movement known as the National Recovery Strategy has been tabled to the National Oversight Committee at a meeting held on Monday, June 29th, by the Belize Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (BNN). The economic recovery plan is the outcome of consultations with BNN’s membership, as well as recommendations from experts in economics, health, education, agriculture, tourism, and risk and crisis management.

Barrington Moss drowns; police say no signs of foul play
The results of a post-mortem conducted on the body of San Pedro resident 50-year-old Barrington Moss revealed that his death was due to drowning. His lifeless body was found on Saturday, June 27th, off the west coast of Caye Caulker near the area known as The Split. Moss was originally from the Belize City area but had been living in San Pedro, where he worked as a security guard. Those who knew him shared with The San Pedro Sun that Moss was a very friendly person and was always in a good mood. Those same people said that Moss was a good swimmer, so they are still trying to understand what happened on Saturday.

Various Belizean Sources


Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint Monestera Leaves. join us this week to paint at Crazy Canucks. I have chosen to leave space for creativity! Maybe you want to add a butterfly, a gecko or ladybug! Or you might love the simplicity of the Monestera Leaf! $40bze gets you everything you need to paint a 12"×12" canvas. You may also request a 9" x 9" canvas for $30bze or a tote bag for $50bze ($20 deposit required for tote bags) Please click going and send us a private message on the paint n splash page to secure your spot.

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Thursday, July 2nd Meal pick ups. Location: Hibisca. Time: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

10th anniversary for Mr Will W Vallejos as Commissioner of Lands
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate a dear friend Mr Will W Vallejos on his 10th anniversary as the Commissioner of Lands in Belize. Mr Vallejos, a humble Patchakan resident, has raised through the ranks of public service having served under successive governments (PUP and UDP) in the Ministry of Natural Resources. On July 1st, 2010, he was promoted to the current post he holds. This makes Mr Vallejos the youngest and longest serving Commissioner of Lands and the only Commissioner that has served under four (or 5) Ministers of Natural Resources.

Biosafety in Tourism, the new Path
The Central American Marketing Agency will offer another series of webinars. At CATA we continue to contribute to the strengthening of the regional tourism industry towards Central America post COVID19.

FCD Research Unit Volunteers
Since last year a Citizen Science program was organized at FCD with the assistance of the British Embassy in Belize. Citizen science, is the practice of non-scientists participating in research. In this case, local volunteers are helping monitor and recover data on scarlet macaws. These volunteers will spend a week or more in the Chiquibul with FCD’s Research Unit.

La Chatona
La Chatona is a female effigy and folkloric character most commonly associated with Benque Viejo del Carmen Town and surrounding western communities. She consists of a large female mannequin framed out of pleated bayal, a tropical vine. The hollow body frame enables a person to climb inside and dance her around. According to orally transmitted folklore, La Chatona represents Tona, a beautiful woman from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Men working in the Chicle industry of Western Belize, known as chicleros, would recount how Tona was hired as a cook after appearing one day at a chiclero camp in the mountains...

Virtual Press Conference on the Unveiling of the MSME Support Program
Tune into the Facebook page of the Government of Belize Press Office today, Thursday, July 2nd, at 10:00 a.m. for a live stream of the Prime Minister's Virtual Press Conference on the Unveiling of the MSME Support Program.

Taiwan Donates COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test Kits to Belize
The Embassy of Taiwan today, July 1st, donated 5,000 COVID-19 antibody rapid test kits to Belize. These test kits are developed by Taiwan’s Excelsior Bio-System Incorporation and can deliver reliable results in just 10 to 15 minutes with 100 percent sensitivity and 95 percent specificity. These kits can be used to screen potential carriers of the virus who were infected more than seven days prior to testing. This medical assistance will help strengthen the capacity of the Government of Belize to ensure a smooth and safe re-opening of the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport scheduled for August 15, 2020.

UB Faculty Rep. Dumped the night before meeting
The University of Belize has been informed by the Ministry of Education that the term faculty representative on the Board of Trustees has expired. This is strategically done before major changes are expected to be tabled at a board meeting. If June Young’s term on the board concluded in February, why is the Ministry of Education requesting a nominee at the proverbial last hour. It is clear there will be no faculty representative present when alleged salary cuts will be tabled by the President at the July 2nd meeting.

Please be informed that summer classes scheduled to start on July 7, 2020 have been cancelled. Parents and Students will be provided with an institutional email that will be used to communicate with you. Access to the institutional email will be shared with you in the coming weeks. We will also be updating you through our official facebook page. Best regards, Matias Casanova, Principal.

Corozal Power Outage this Morning
Power outage scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 2 to affect a portion of the Corozal District: Cristo Rey, San Pedro, Yo Chen, Concepcion, Louisville, San Roman, Santa Clara, San Narciso, San Victor, Aventura, Estrella and Libertad. BEL to replace burnt utility poles in the area.

Cayo Full Moon Lobster Fest
Midas will be having a Full Moon Lobster Fest this Saturday, July 4th. It's a pool party with a variety of competitions, along with DJ's and lobster. "SATURDAY 4TH OF JULY DJ Dalla Saturday Night Talent Show Live Broadcast from midasbelize starting 7PM. Paaty up till you can't done Competitions: Swim suit, Wet T-shirt. Swim race, Drinking, And much much more!!!! Also featuring Music by Mista Flava of Cloud 9 Sound, DJ Dalla and Remix Berto. A night to remember!!!

Creative Highlight Wednesday: Naby Pech
Today we go the culinary art business, meet and greet the famous Naby Pech, who is a young entrepreneur at age 28 she has been using social media to promote her delicacies on a by order and delivery process. Naby grew up in a humble and family oriented business, from there on she had the mentality that it is always best to be your own provider and not to be dependent on a salary. As a young mother of 2, she always wanted to create a business that would make her earn a decent income with her sole motivation of providing for her family, especially her two boys, who are her greatest pride and sole motivation. Naby had always been fond of exploring the kitchen, at age of 19 she started to make chicken puffs, she only made them for her family and then the neighbours and friends ordered the baked goodies. This ignited her desire to promote and sell her products all by orders.

José María Barrera was born in Peto, Yucatán, on a date not yet specified. Like Jacinto Pat and Cecilio Chi, he was a soldier in the Yucatecan army and reached the rank of sergeant first. During the internal struggles between the Yucatecan bourgeoisie he was part of the forces of Colonel José Dolores Cetina and after deserting he joined Don Jacinto Pat. During the algid stage of the Caste War he was well known for his bravery in the combat against the whites and they called him "The terrible tireless enemy". Proven defender of the Maya Máasewal cause, thrown into battles, he shared with Jacinto Pat the idea that an agreement could be reached with the government of Yucatan to put an end to the conflagration begun in July 1847. In fact, José María Barrera was a participant in the initiative to sign the Treaty of Tzucacab signed by Jacinto Pat, who later ignored Cecilio Chi.

2020 Scholarship Opportunity for Citizens of OAS Member States: Project Management
The Master in Project Management (MPM) at the Global School of Project Management (GSPM) is a graduate program with international accreditation, designed to develop and strengthen your project management skills, supported by an online learning-teaching environment.

Channel 7

Corporal Charged For Running Gun License Scam
He is accused of running an illegal gun licensing operation out of the police headquarters in Belmopan, and today, regulator in the firearms office, Corporal Oscar Itche was charged for 10 counts of forgery. He pled not guilty for all 10 charges and is scheduled to re-appear in court on the 28 of October. He is represented by attorney Leeroy Banner. Neither the cop nor his attorney spoke today in Belmopan - but the Commissioner of police spoke plenty yesterday. He explained how as Firearms Clerk, Itche allegedly used photocopies of the Compol's signature to create fake gun licences:

PUP Pol Charged For Failing To Give Sample, Denies Drinking & Driving
PUP Standard Bearer for Belmopan Oscar Mira appeared in Belmopan Magistrate's Court today where he was arraigned for one count of failure to provide a specimen. The charge goes back to an accident on Friday night. Mira was driving on the George Price Highway and rear-ended a car that was allegedly parked on the road, in the lane of oncoming traffic. A police Corporal was allegedly asleep behind the wheel. Mira says the car was an accident waiting to happen - and that it had been reported to police by another driver earlier on.

The Streets Say, Keep The Airport Closed!
The Philip Goldson International Airport opens on August 15th and Belizeans aren't being quiet about it. It's the topic of conversation at the water cooler, in the bank line, and everywhere else you can think of. Vacillating between an economic emergency and a pending public health disaster, everyone has their own opinion. This morning Cherisse Halsall took to the streets to get the people's perspective on the upcoming airport reopening as well as the official end of curfew. Here's what hey said:

Guatemalan Poacher Charged After Recovering From Gunshot Wounds
He was shot in the Chiquibul more than three weeks ago, and today, Guatemalan Scarlet Macaw poacher and border jumper Porfilio Ramirez was criminally charged. The 36 year old has been initially charged for the crime of Aggravated assault and entering Belize illegally. The Forestry Department is now expected to additionally charge him for wildlife poaching and illegal entry in a protected area. On Sunday, 7 June at about 6:00 p.m., Ramirez was allegedly one of two poachers that Forest Rangers from the Friends for Conservation and Development encountered in the Chiquibul National Park, about half mile inside Belize in the Caracol area.

Bradley’s Politicus Interruptus?
The UDP is days away from its second leadership convention for this year, and while the atmosphere is nowhere near as intense as it was in January, things are starting to heat up. And, reports suggest that it may be getting too hot for leader aspirant Darrell Bradley. Reliable reports say that by the end of this week, the President of the Senate and former two term Belize City Mayor is expected to pull out of the race for leader.

SOE Ends, Stevedores Protest
The State of Emergency ended at midnight last night and by noon today the Stevedores at the Port of Belize were back to protesting. This time they're contesting PBL's pay cuts which stand at a 10% reduction for full time staff members. Protesters say that while they're aware of the Port's announced 25% loss in revenue, they simply don't trust the port and need to see the numbers before they can embrace any proposed austerity measures. Cherisse Halsall was at the protest:

Positive COVID Test For Honduran Fisher Causes Concern In South
On Friday we told you about the Honduran border jumper who became Covid case #24 for Belize. He's one from that group of three fishermen we told you about earlier in the month. They were caught on the night of June the sixth in a group of three fishing illegally at the Gladden Spit marine reserve. At the time, the Director of Health services said all three fishers would be tested immediately and at the end of their 14 day quarantine. We don't know went wrong after that, but somehow his positive test came up on June 26th, which is almost 21 days after he was first caught.

955 Have Applied For Repatriation
And while those fishers entered illegally it's been a longer road for many Belizeans who've had to apply to get in. To date, just 205 out of 955 applicants have been repatriated and are either safely in quarantine or already at home with their families. 801 others have been approved to return and 495 coordinated returns remain in process.

Ashcroft Alliance Will Press For GOB to Pay Up
Last night, we told you about yesterday's big ruling from the Caribbean Court of Justice against the Barrow Administration. The highest court in the land has found that the Barrow Government violated the rule of law when it forcibly took control of the IMMARBE and the International Business Companies IBC Registries. The court has ordered that the case go back to the Supreme Court for an assessment of damages, which the Government has to pay to the Ashcroft company, Belize International Services Limited. Preliminary estimates indicate that Belize could be staring down another judgment debt in the vicinity of 50 million dollars

AG Says CCJ Judgement Was Emotional
We also asked the Attorney General for his take on the potential political consequences of this major loss at the CCJ by the Barrow Administration. The next general election is due in a few months, and the judgement can politically haemorrhage the UDP. And with the the CCJ calling the registries nationalization an "abuse of state power", there is much political mileage to be made. When we asked the AG about that, he said that this judgment is a double-edged blade, or a sort of "pania machete", that can hurt both political parties. Here's that part of the conversation, where we challenged him on the CCJ's rebuke of the nationalization:

AG Says Americans Can’t Be Satisfied With Trafficking In Persons
We also took the opportunity to ask the Attorney General about the US State Department's 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report. For a second consecutive year, the US is rating Belize as a Tier 2 watchlist country. This means that from the US Government's perspective, the Belize government hasn't done enough to combat human trafficking. But, they are at least recognizing that Belize has made significant efforts to comply with the US's minimum standards.

Lilly’s Lament
More than 7 years ago we told you about a terrible accident that happened between mile 88 and 89 on the Phillip Goldson highway. Three people were injured, and we never really followed up. But in the aftermath of that accident, like so many others, at least two young women's lives were shattered. And, 7 years later, they still can't pick up all the pieces. 22 year old Doris Nah lost both her legs and and 37 year old Lillian Roches broke hers. Today, Roches came to see us because all these years later, she still can't get compensated for all that she lost:

Taiwan Donates Rapid Test Kits
They're finally here: Rapid test kits that will be able to screen for COVID-19 in under 15 minutes. For weeks you've been hearing that these essential kits are our only path back to a normally functioning airport. And tonight 5,000 such kits are already in the country. They were donated by the Embassy of Taiwan and handed over to Prime Minister Dean Barrow by Ambassador Remus Li-Ko Chen. In a press release today G.O.B. said quote: "These kits can be used to screen potential carriers of the virus who were infected more than seven days prior to testing" end quote.

War Over Land in Valley Of Peace
Back in March of this year, we took you an area near the Valley of Peace Village in the Cayo District. That's where there was a brewing land dispute between farmers of that village and the American owned, large-scale grain agribusiness called Valley of Peace Farms. This company has titles for over 11,000 acres of farmland near the community, but within these thousands of acres, more than 50 farmers from Valley of Peace are claiming to have leases for, or rights over several hundred acres, that should be owned by the company.

Senior Counsel Scolds PM
Earlier in the newscast, we showed you our interviews with the attorney Eamon Courtenay and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte in which they discuss yesterday's big judgment coming out of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Our conversation with Courtenay allowed us to ask him for his take on the Prime Minister's comments from last Friday's House Meeting. You'll remember how the Prime Minister publicly declared that the PUP's lawsuit against him has no effect because former Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin did not give a written judgment before he went into retirement.

Channel 5

Lord Michael Ashcroft Reacts to C.C.J. Decision
The C.C.J. on Tuesday delivered a severe decision against the government using language like abuse of power, high-handed, and inconsistent with good governance. . The judgment handed down is in [...]

Will Ashcroft Ever Collect on Monies Owed by G.O.B.?
The likelihood of Lord Ashcroft being able to collect on hundreds of millions of dollars owed to him under the Barrow administration, is likely at zero to none as the [...]

Government on the Hook for Another $250M to Ashcroft
After signing an agreement in Miami, the PM agreed to pay five hundred million dollars for the acquisition and nationalization of B.T.L.  Government is once again indebted to Lord Michael [...]

Government Amends Laws, but Judiciary Needs to be Strengthened
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the government has amended laws on several occasions to suit its position on legal matters and introduced retroactive amendments.  This was first [...]

Government’s Actions, Do They Bode Well for Investor Confidence?
In a lengthy written decision accompanying the C.C.J.’s ruling on Tuesday, there are several points in which the bench rebukes the Government for its actions pertaining to B.I.S.L.  Justice Peter [...]

Supreme Court Will Determine Quantum of Damages
The ruling by the C.C.J. was grounded on equitable treatment since for over twenty years the receipts went into an escrow account rather than directly into the consolidated revenue fund [...]

Attorney General Says Former Chief Justice Made No Decision
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte was also asked whether an oral ruling handed down by former Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is a non-decision as stated by the Prime Minister recently.  Peyrefitte [...]

P.U.P. Standard Bearer Arraigned for ‘Failure to Provide a Specimen’
A politician was hauled before the courts today where he was read a single charge of failure to provide a specimen. P.U.P.’s standard bearer for Belmopan, Oscar Mira was arraigned [...]

Cpl. Oscar Itch is Arraigned for 10 Counts of Forgery
Also appearing in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today was Corporal Oscar Itch; he was arraigned for ten counts of forgery, for which he pleaded not guilty. On Monday, the firearms [...]

Belize CitCo Will Not Pay Chon Saan Bill Incurred by Previous Council
The Belize City Council is not going to pay the eighteen thousand dollars that Lee Mark Chang, owner of Chon Saan Palace is attempting to collect. Chang who is the [...]

Chetumal’s Health System on the Brinks of Collapse
News media in Chetumal are reporting that the health system there is on the brink of collapse due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. Chetumal has surpassed Cancun with [...]

Pushing Quintana Roo’s #StayAtHome Campaign
According Garrido, the Quintana Roo government is working with its people to curb the curve and prevent the further spread of the virus.  A campaign called ‘stay at home’ is [...]

Recently Diagnosed COVID-19 Patients Asymptomatic
As the numbers increase across the border, on Tuesday, Belize recorded four new COVID-19 cases. This brings the total number of active cases to eight—five females and three males.  According [...]

M.O.H. Continues Preparation for P.G.I.A. Reopening
According to Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Ministry of Health is currently assessing how many beds and ventilators are currently available in the country for seriously ill COVID-19 patient. This is [...]

4 Loan Motions Passed by Senate, including a C.D.B. Loan to Service Debt
The Senate met today in Belmopan on four loan motions that were tabled in the House last Friday and were passed after heated debate. Government is borrowing a total of [...]

Private Sector Senator Says G.O.B. Has No Plan for Economic Recovery
According to Private Sector Senator Mark Lizarraga, the government has no solid plan for economic recovery and the right thing to do is to call elections now to give way [...]

I.D.B. Loan to Provide Safety Nets for Vulnerable Populations Affected by COVID-19
Forty-five thousand persons have benefitted from the COVID-19 Relief Programme by the government; fifteen thousand were directly employed in the tourism industry. Those were the figures presented by Doctor Carla [...]

Is Money for Election?
But Lead P.U.P. Senator Michel Chebat is asking where the millions of dollars went, concluding that the government is asking for money for electioneering.   Michel Chebat, Lead P.U.P. Senator [...]

Enhancing Sugarcane Farmers Resilience to Natural Hazard Events
Another loan brought before the upper chamber was for one million thirteen thousand U.S. dollars from the C.D.B. for sugar cane farmers to restore production, following the effects of the [...]

Monies to Invest in Productivity of Farmers
But Senator Mark Lizarraga was quick to crunch the numbers concluding that the million dollars for the drought is not enough because it works out to only about three hundred [...]

Farmers Vs Valley of Peace Farms Ltd. in Land Dispute
Back in March we told you about the land dispute between the Valley of Peace Farms Limited and the Valley of Peace Farmers Association. The Association is made up of [...]

C.W.U. Members Demonstrate Against Salary Cuts
Members of the Christian Workers who work at the Port of Belize this afternoon staged a protest in front of the Port in Belize City. They are complaining that the [...]

Security Guard Shot During Robbery Attempt in PG
Thirty-one-year-old Anselmo Ack was injured during a shooting incident in Punta Gorda on Tuesday night.  The security guard was along with forty-nine-year-old Olympia Pate, the manager of the local Uno [...]

National Assembly Records Date Back to 1883!
At the National Assembly on Tuesday, we had a first-hand view at the archives that date back to the colonial past of Belize. The interesting historical literature shows how the [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Children First and Last Belize and Universal Hardware donate paint to Calvary Temple Primary School
As schools prepare for reopening in August, many are going about the job of sanitizing […]

Taiwan donates COVID-19 test kits to the Government of Belize
The Republic of China (Taiwan) has assisted Belize’s national COVID-19 response through the donation of […]

The ambitious plans to help sugar and agriculture survive: will it go far enough?
In introducing the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) US$1.013 million loan for enhancing sugarcane farmers’ resilience […]

“Pouring the Stereotypes: A Racist-Sexist Cocktail”
Deborah Mencias McMillan: Let me begin by saying that I do not speak or write on behalf of all Belizeans who identify as Black or on behalf of those of us who are offended by sexism. Instead, I hope that what I have penned will start […]

BPP expresses concern over acquisition of Scotia Bank by Micheal Ashcroft
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) issued a statement today expressing their grave concern of the […]

Mullins River resident reported missing
The family of Steven Calbert Bernard, 26, of Mullins River, Stann Creek is concerned about […]

Attorney General: Nobody has handled COVID-19 better than Belize
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte insists that Belize’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been better […]

Senate begins debate of loan motions
While acknowledging that Belize has been more fortunate than other nations so far in battling […]

Michel Chebat: “I hope your bags are packed!”
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Michel Chebat questioned Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte’s rosy […]

How much will Government pay for the takeover of registries?
From Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s tart summary last Friday – “won’t pay, can’t pay. End […]

Speech delivered by Carolyn Trench Sandiford on June 26, 2020 at John Paul II JC Commencement exercise
Delivered by Carolyn Trench-Sandiford: Good evening, faculty, staff, students, family and friends; and esteemed graduates, whom I wish to thank for the honour and the prestige of addressing you today on your 2020 graduation […]

Full Senate returns to debate budget amendments and loan motions
The full 13-member complement of the Senate is scheduled to meet this morning to debate […]

Police Commissioner summarizes dos and don’ts in new post-State of Emergency regulations
Belize’s first period of state of emergency as an independent nation expired at midnight this […]

Former KKK imperial wizard that lived in Belize says Black Lives Matter movement is “pointless”
Bill Wilkinson, 77, former Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the […]

Security guard of UNO PG shot
Authorities are investigating an attempted armed robbery that occurred last night in Punta Gorda. According […]

Belize monitors 8 active cases of COVID-19
Belize is currently monitoring 8 active cases of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health informed that […]

Economic analyst suggests devaluing U.S. dollar
An economic advisor has suggested one of the most radical ideas yet in the economic […]

Chamber of Commerce expresses concerns over Belize Bank/Scotiabank acquisition
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) says that it is concerned about the […]


Looking to eat something while being in Corozal? Corozal bay has a variety of Restaurants, Tortilla Factory, and Bakeries across town. If you are new in town, this will help you choose which restaurant you may want to choose. Here you will find a variety of food page's around Corozal Town. Like Restaurants, Bakery, and meat pies. Quality Chicken Express Corozal, Cielo Restaurant, Tacos La Mexicana, The Mexican Taste, D'Chill Out Deli, Doni and Dodits, Steak-House, Ruby's Ceviche, Elijah's Brick Oven Pizza, Marisqueria Pisces, White Deli, The Crepe House, Yassin's Lebanese Food, Lé Deliclassy, Corozo Blue's, Tortuga Paddel and Grill Lounge...

Changes to Expect in Belize’s Airport at Reopening
The government of Belize is entering the third phase of a tourism reopening strategy and Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport will reopen on August 15, Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced late last week. On that date, open entry will apply for chartered flights, private aviation and the limited reopening of international leisure travel for visitors staying at approved hotels only. The first group of properties to reopen all will be “full-service” and have met the government’s new “Tourism Gold Standard“.

International Sourcesizz

Microsoft Warns Troubled Windows 10 Update Has New Problems
While Microsoft has promised to make big changes to Windows 10, problems with the operating system continue to mount up. And now Microsoft has confirmed a further warning for an already deeply troubled update. The problem, once again, is KB4556799, a recent Windows 10 update pushed to millions of PCs which has already caused numerous issues, including Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes, deleted user data, performance issues, broken audio and more. Microsoft is investigating these problems, but the company has now also confirmed on the official KB4556799 update page that it can break Internet connections as well.

The Top Most Remote Destinations To Discover In Belize
Head off the beaten track and discover some of the most beautiful sights of your life in Belize – a true Caribbean gem. Here are the most remote destinations to discover in Belize… With social distancing at the forefront of most travellers minds, we are having to branch out and explore more far-flung and remote destinations than before. It is a great chance to explore somewhere completely new and tick a new country off our bucket list. Combining lush rainforests with clear, beautiful waters and a rich history, Belize is a destination that fulfills all the criteria.

Trio of areas warrant close watch for tropical development in Atlantic
After a quick start to the 2020 hurricane season, the Atlantic is void of organized tropical systems. However, AccuWeather forecasters believe that could change with a few potential development zones to watch during the first week or two of July. All three areas of concern are relatively close to North America and the United States, a type of system that meteorologists often refer to as "homegrown" due to its close proximity. However, there are some hurdles that disturbances would need to overcome in order to strengthen into a named storm.

Chetumal's health system is on the brink of collapse due to COVID-19. Treinta y cinco camas. Son los únicos espacios disponibles para los enfermos “graves” del Covid-19 en la capital del Estado. Las autoridades sanitarias confirmaron que al ritmo actual del incremento de contagios, en menos de dos semanas ya no se contará con lugares suficientes para recibir a los pacientes del coronavirus.

United resumes travel to almost 60 'leisure locations' from IAH this summer
Passengers will still be able to enjoy a much-needed vacation if they choose to this summer, because United will be flying to nearly 60 domestic and international destinations from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, according to IAH Communications Director David Gonzalez. United’s August schedule includes popular summer destinations such as Honolulu, Punta Cana, Nassau, Antigua, Cozumel, Montego, Colorado Springs, Portland, Philadelphia and Louisville. The airline will also resume international travel to popular Latin American destinations including Belize, Costa Rica, Panama City, Lima and São Paulo.

The Top Caribbean Beaches For 2020
Well-known publication Forbes has included Belize in best Caribbean beaches for 2020! We all need a break and a chance to recharge, considering how deeply stressful and painful our world has become. We are in the unique position of opening our eyes to a new world of possibilities and change, and while much of the planet gets back to work, we need to remember to take care of ourselves and get outdoors. Hopkins Bay Beach: Enjoy the feeling of seclusion on your own patch of perfect beach, while being close to all the happenings of the local village. Take a kayak out to see the sunset over Victoria's Peak, one of Belize's highest mountains. Runners-up: Ambergris Cay, Silk Cayes, Caye Caulker, and Placencia.


  • Special Sitting of the Senate | July 1, 2020, min. View a live stream of the Special Sitting of the Senate July 1, 2020 in the National Assembly Chamber, Belmopan.

  • BELIZE HORSE EYED JACKS AND RESTING NURSE SHARK, 1.5min. As we worked our way around we were led to a nurse shark resting on the seabed. The horse eyed jacks were everywhere and very inquisitive.

  • Thousand Foot Falls - BELIZE, 1min. In the middle of Pine Ridge Forest in Belize lays the Thousand Foot Falls. One of the most beautiful places you can visit in Belize!

  • Scuba Diving the Blue Hole in Belize, 6.5min.

  • IDB & WTO - New innovative business ideas, 37min. The International Development Bank (IDB) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO) are collaborating for the Beyond Tourism Innovation Challenge. Our guest shared all the details of the challenge and how you can access the support for new innovative business ideas. Dr. Cassandra Rogers - IDB Country Representative to Belize. Dora Moscoso – Operations Senior Associate, IDB Lab. Terry-Ann Segree – Operations Senior Specialist, IDB Lab.

  • Dr. Jorge Hidalgo - thoughts on health challenges in reopening of the PGIA, 52min. Dr. Jorge Hidalgo shared his thoughts on the potential health challenges in the reopening of the PGIA. As one of three critical care doctors in country, he talked about how we can safeguard the health of both visitors and locals as the country prepares to restarts the tourism industry.

  • The Belize Friends Boys School, 23min. Some children require additional support to meet their academic goals. The Belize Friends Boys School has been supporting the transition from primary to secondary school fro children in high-risk areas. We talked with Frank Tench, Principal of Friends Boys Schools about the school's vision. He also talked about the registration process for the 2020-2021 Academic year. They are also making the call for members of the community who can sponsor a child.

  • Managing and Mitigating Your Financial Risk, 59min. While the national focus is on how the government is working to rebuild the economy today's guests shifted the conversation to individual financial literacy and management. Solutions Plus is offering a webinar on "Managing and Mitigating Your Financial Risk." We spoke with organizers about the objective of the webinar and how you can participate in this free session. Tessa Usher - Financial Advisor, Sagicor. Darrell Bradley - Attorney-at-Law.

  • D Real McCoy Entertainment Wednesday Night Jam Session, 1hr15min.

  • Xunantunich Belize - San Ignacio, 2.5min.

  • 2007 Jerry Jeff Walker Camp Belize, 40min.

  • The ATM Cave is a fascinating site to explore and one of Belize’s top tours!, 10min. Named one of the most sacred caves in the world by National Geographic, the ATM Cave is an otherworldly experience. Tune in to this audio tour to be transported to the Mayan underworld, as cave guide Mr. Cambranes walks you through the tight crevices, dark chambers and crystallized skeletons.

  • The ATM Cave in Belize - A Journey to the Maya Underworld, 62min. In this episode, ATM specialist Mr. Elias Cambranes from Katun Ahau Tours takes us on an amazing mind-blowing virtual tour of the ATM Cave in Western Belize. The ATM Cave is one of the experiences in Belize that you must have on your bucket list. The ATM cave is one of Belize's most stunning attractions and a visit will most certainly change your life. Until you visit in person, join us on this virtual tour with Elias and mark your calendars for your next trip to Belize and the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave.