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The San Pedro Sun

Signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between Belize Customs and Excise Department and the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection
The Belize Customs and Excise Department and the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) signed a mutually beneficial Memorandum of Cooperation that provides for collaboration on and implementation of an information sharing program utilizing cargo manifest and conveyance information. This program will enhance both governments’ ability to identify and track cargoes, conveyances, and entities that may pose a risk to international supply chains, including cargoes, conveyances, and entities that may be involved in customs offenses, combat transnational crime and other border security threats.

CCJ rules Belize Government Breached Contract; Company to be Awarded Damages
In a judgment delivered on 30 June 2020, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) granted an appeal in the Appellate Jurisdiction matter of Belize International Services Limited v Attorney General of Belize[2020] CCJ 9 (AJ) BZ. In 1993, Belize International Services Limited (BISL) entered into an agreement with the government of Belize to manage two registries (IMMARBE and IBCR).

Health Safety Guidelines on resuming ground transportation operations in the tourism industry
On Tuesday, June 30th, the Caribbean Public Health Agency, along with Global Ports Holding, offered a free webinar on ‘Safely Resuming Ground Transportation Operations in the Tourism Sector.’ This virtual activity was mainly geared towards taxi/driver operators, and tour operators. The main lesson was to train transportation operators in the importance of the passenger’s reassurance through the implementation of health safety measures during the ground transportation experience, including the reduced capacity of passengers inside a vessel/vehicle.

Various Belizean Sources


Reconstructing the sidewalk of the San Pedro R.C. School
WORKING FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN The San Pedro Town Council has embarked on a new project to reconstruct the sidewalk of the San Pedro R.C. School on their property. The duration of the project is estimated at 2 weeks and we cannot wait to see the end result!

Keeping San Pedro Clean!
The San Pedro Town Council continues to enhance and repair the streets. Today we are working on the Blake Street leading into the San Pablo Area.

Santiago Pech, a Yucatec Maya leader of a group known as the Icaiche Maya and a group of his followers marched on to Holotonich. There he restated a prior claim to the left bank of the Belize River down to Black Creek mouth. By 1882, Santiango Pech had appointed “Alcaldes” at Holotonich, San Jose Yalbac, and San Pedro Yalbac area. The Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) continued to show resistance to the British invaders until the 1930’s when the BEC (Belize Estate Company) burnt down their houses and milpas in north-western Belize.

Dive Into Tourism" Monthly Newsletter
Now Available! The newest edition of “Dive Into Tourism” will highlight the data from our Tourism Consumption Study!

FCD Environmental Youth Group General Meeting
The FCD Environmental Youth Group held its General Meeting with the aim of selecting new Committee members and developing their 2020-2021 Action Plan. FCD applauds the efforts of the youth group as they progressively are creating a new cadre of environmentalists.

The Down Rejuvenation Project is nearing its completion of the Belize Heritage Plaza formerly known as the Psslow. I was speaking to the contractor yesterday and I was informed that the end of construction is slated for the end of July. Hmm, not too sure about that, but here are some photos of works in progress.

360 View of Cahal Pech
Want to experience this view for yourself? Head on over to the Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve. We're open everyday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

The Downtown Rejuvenation Project is gearing up for the opening of the new Women and Family Support Department Building located on #26 Albert Street this month. The new building is a collaboration between the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. The new building will continue to work with women as the founder, George Cadle Price, had envisioned it when he acquired the original building in the 1960's.

The Origins of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Methodological and Theoretical Approach May, 2011. Our approach on planning for heritage preservation in historic downtowns The experience gained by us working for a long time in Planning for Heritage Preservation in historic downtowns has shown that it is no longer possible to continue with the traditional approach based on just fulfilling the contents of heritage laws (when there are laws). Either the value as heritage of an historical area is understood as a wealth-generating asset (opportunities) and a way of improving the quality of life, and the protection policy is understood as the result of strategic processes of urban renewal with the participation of all actors that have a role in the development of the city –residents, businesses, developers, builders, etc...

Award of License to Administer the Belize Government Lottery
The Government of Belize, via the Lotteries Tender Panel, has completed negotiations with Brads Gaming Group Limited for a license to administer the Belize Government Lottery for the period of April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2030. In September 2019, the Government of Belize announced the open tender for the license to administer the Government Lotteries for the period April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2030. Consequently, a Lotteries Tender Panel was established comprising representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Lotteries Committee, and the Gaming Control Board to assess proposals for the administration of the Government Lotteries. The evaluation was conducted in accordance with procurement policies as advised by the Ministry of Finance using a quality and cost-based approach.

Government of Belize Announces the MSME Support Program
The Government of Belize, through a collaborative effort lead by the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development, and BELTRAIDE, hereby advises the public that it will roll out the second phase of Government’s COVID-19 Economic Relief Program. The second phase includes the continuation of the Unemployment Relief Program and incorporates a new component, the Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) Support Program. The objectives of the programs in the second phase are to continue providing direct cash relief for workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and also to MSMEs that have suffered revenue loss. The program is expected to help safeguard and promote employee retention, as well as assist MSMEs as they transition and adapt to the economic challenges presented by the pandemic.

A further 77 samples were processed today for SARS CoV2, this has allowed us to identify a further two cases bringing our total to 30. These last two cases are that of a male and female, Belizeans caught entering the border illegally via La Union. They are asymptomatic and have been in the mandatory quarantine area from when they were caught. We therefore have 9 active cases that have been and remain under quarantine, 8 Belizeans and one Honduran.

Reporting illegal 'border jumpers'
The Ministry of Health appeals for cooperation from the public in reporting illegal 'border jumpers'. Our borders remain closed. Please call the police department in your community or call toll free 911and report anything related to this. We also reminds the public of our toll free 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-2273) hotline number. Call us anytime, even on weekends. Its a free call and we will respect your wishes to remain anonymous if that is a concern for you. Our district flu clinic numbers are also still active. You can also make a report by calling these numbers. Help us to keep our communities safe.

The Belmopan Cavaliers are recruiting. Who wants to play rugby?

Supa G's birthday concert is next Friday
July 10th at 5:00 pm. Mark the date.

BTB Inventory of Tourism Assets in Belize
The BTB needs your help in updating the tourism asset inventory database. Please assist by filling out the survey.

FCD Advocacy Strategy
FCD announces a short consultancy for development of an FCD Advocacy Strategy. The call is open for two weeks. Interested parties are encouraged to request the Terms of Reference, by writing us at [email protected]

“Open Data: Enabling Belize Tourism Post COVID-19”
CARSI grantee, The Trust for the Americas in collaboration with partner organizations invites innovators to participate in an online Hackathon competition on July 8th – 9th , 2020 to explore ideas under the theme “Open Data: Enabling Belize Tourism Post COVID-19”. The 48hr Hackathon will focus on solutions for the utilization of open data in tourism to promote destinations, highlight value-added services and improve safety and security. You can register through this link:

Channel 7

Robbers Zoned In On Target Making Cash Deposit
Tonight three men remain in custody for armed robbery while one is in the hospital and another is in the morgue. Gasman Henry Young died last night at around 6:30 after police shot him during a failed but daring escape. Tonight more is known about this very brazen armed robbery at a busy bank on the northside. Here's a recap of that, as well as our last interview with Young, the robber who met his end at the hands of the police. We now know that 5 men pulled up in front of the Scotia Bank in this green van and two of them went inside. They had their eyes on a specific customer who they seemed to know knew was making a large cash deposit.

Attorney Laments Client’s Death At The Hands of Police
And Gasman Young was also very well known to the cops. He had been charged many times, before the court many times, and as you just heard him say, he felt he was a victim of circumstance. But, most in the public will say that he was also caught in the commission of an armed robbery - one that endangered the lives of many innocent bystanders. And his attorney Ronell Gonzalez says that his involvement in the robbery has yet to be proven and that as far as he's concerned, his deceased client remains innocent until proven guilty.

Brad’s Win Gaming License For 10 More Years
Brad's Gaming Group will be running the Belize Government Lottery for the next 10 years. Government announced today that Brads won the tender to administer the Lottery from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2030. This is after the license was put out to open tender last year in September. Three interested parties entered bids - and, in the end, after they were ranked based on pre-determined criteria, Brad's won out. Now, that will not win universal acclaim - Belizean's have an almost spiritual connection to Boledo, and some who play the game as a favourite past-time have their misgivings.

DHS Fears Next Round Of Tests Could Have A Positive
Don't be surprised if during this newscast we report on another positive case of COVID 19 in Belize. We say that because today on Ask The Experts, Dr. Marvin Manzanero said that the latest round of tests for persons under quarantine includes a "highly suspect" case:

Belize Its First Repatriation Flight From Salvador
Right now Belize has 28 positive cases - and apart from that highly suspect case - more could have come in today. That's because for the first time, there were two repatriation flights: one a United Airlines from the US and, the other, a TAG Airlines from Salvador, bringing in Belizeans who were stranded in Latin America. Manzanero discussed these repatriation flights:

264 Have Been Repatriated
The latest figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs say that 264 Belizeans have been repatriated, while 973 persons have applied, and 811 have been approved to return. 524 of those are having their return coordinated.

Still Playing It Fast And Loose At Land Borders
And while they are coming back legitimately through approved channels and border crossings, some Belizeans continue to play it fast and loose at the land borders. The police and the Ministry of Health yesterday learned of a woman and her two children who came into Belizean illegally. They were found at their grandmother's home in San Lorenzo.

Chetumal Overwhelmed By COVID
And for those who think that going over to Mexico right now - especially Quintana Roo is any kind of joke, have got it very wrong. News reports out of Chetumal say that the SESA, IMSS and Issste hospitals are about to collapse because almost 100% of the beds are being used by COVID cases. Today we got some perspective from Belize's ambassador to Mexico, Oliver Del Cid who is in Mexico City:

Mexican Border Jumper Guilty
In news of a Mexican who border jumped into Belize, Fransisco Hernandez who escaped from a quarantine centre in Orange walk and was recaptured has been sentenced. He was charged with illegal entry, escape from the quarantine facility and damage to property. He was today sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.

The Mix Up With The Honduran Fishers
The case is not so clear for the Honduran fishers who were caught at Gladden Spit earlier this month. There was a mix up with their tests, so we only learnt that one was positive three weeks after he was caught. Manzanero explained today: "The contact that the police officers had with the people who is positive happened almost a month ago. So there wouldn't be no benefit if those officers did not fall ill, the initial contact testing them at day 28 is not really going to make any scientific sense by now..." We also asked about he possible exposure of Placencia police since those fishers were taken to that station for at least 12 hours before they were sent to Dangriga. Manzanero said the risk is almost nil:

UB Faculty And Staff In Fierce Fight With Admin
Last night, you heard the complaints coming from the fledgling University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union. They say that the President and Board of Trustees are getting ready to implement what are believed to be severe, cost reduction strategies, designed to help the national university survive the COVID-induced economic crisis. The problem is that from the perspective of faculty and staff members, the senior administration is attempting to implement these tough decisions without meaningful consultations with them as stakeholders.

PUP's Former Min. Of Ed. Weighs In
Today, the Union received a show of support from the Opposition PUP, which says that the Barrow Government is at fault for attempting to cut the subvention to the University. In a press release sent today, the PUP said, quote, "The PUP condemns the decision of this UDP Government to slash (UB's) subvention by 24.2% from $11 million to $8.34 million. This severe cut will inevitably lead to a reduction in the programs of study offered by UB and likely, to the termination of members of faculty and staff. While we recognize and acknowledge the economic crisis facing the country, we view this decision to be misguided and counterproductive. The University of Belize is our National University and the flagship of our education system.

Guatemalan Man Sentenced For Macaw
He was shot in the Chiquibul more than three weeks ago, and yesterday, Guatemalan Scarlet Macaw poacher and border jumper Porfilio Ramirez appeared in court. The 36 year old was taken before magistrate Ladonna John in the San Ignacio magistrate court where he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for which he was fined $1,500.00 dollars, and sentenced to 3 months for entering Belize illegally.

Diane Says Adios to Youth Apprenticeship Pgm
The 13th intake of the youth apprenticeship program entered the program today. It's a lifesaver for at risk adults who had missed out on a high school education, and a chance at holding down a decent job.

Diane Sticking With Saldivar
The fact is Finnegan's contract is coming to an end and has not been renewed. It's about time since the UDP's third term is coming to a close, but it's also perhaps symptomatic of the fracture in relations between Finnegan and youth Minister Patrick Faber.

Life After COVID Curfew
The UDP Convention to determine who will lead the ruling party is next weekend, but, for many aged 30 and under, this weekend is bruk-out weekend. It's the first weekend without any kind of curfew since March - and for police, it poses all kinds of difficulties. The Commissioner discussed that yesterday. "We do have our crime-fighting strategies in place and we will apply our strategies as best as we can. I had advised my officers yesterday on what we will be doing with a view to ensure that we police those core police functions as well as to ensure that we keep a tab on those persons who we know have that propensity of committing particularly violent types of crimes..."

No Extensions for Nightclubs
And a big part of keeping the weekend under order is the denial of extensions for nightclubs. The Commissioner explained: "While yes there's no curfew we have made recommendations to the ministry of labor or local government to advise the different liquor licensing boards not to grant any extensions at this time. So we expect that these liquor establishments will close at the ordinary hours the nightclubs close at 12 midnight I think on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 2 am so we expect that they will not go beyond those hours..."

The Problem Of Quarantine Escapees
Speaking yesterday in Belmopan, the Commissioner also discussed the difficult issue of quarantine escapees. They've been escaping from facilities guarded by the BDF, but it is an overall security issue. Williams discussed: "We did have a meeting with the minister to discuss this issue. Like you rightly said it's a. It is a pain in the butt if I may use that term and it can be frustrating. I heard you ask the question to Mr. Romero earlier as to whether or not the Mexican will be escaping from quarantine the regulations did provide for it to be an offense when one failed to comply with quarantine requirements and so if it is that you've escaped from a quarantine center..."

Belize & US Customs Sign MOC
The Belize Customs and Excise Department has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the US Department of Homeland Security, and the US Customs and Border Protection. The purpose of this MOC is to collaborate and implement an information-sharing program that utilizes cargo manifest and conveyance information. It's another attempt at combatting transnational crime and other border security threats that go undetected in the transport of cargo from country to country.

Manza Says Limited Use For Taiwanese Tests
Two nights ago we told you about the five thousand rapid tests received from the government of Taiwan. But, will they be useful in Belize, where the focus is on PCR testing? That's what we asked Dr. Manzanero today:

Channel 5

Gasman Young Jr. Succumbs to Gunshot Injury
A man well-known to the law died within hours after he was shot following a brazen robbery.  On Thursday, around three o’clock in the afternoon, the Belama Branch of Scotia [...]

Dylon Flowers is Released from Police Detention Pending Investigation
Dylon Flowers was released from police detention just after five this evening. News Five understands that because he was released pending investigation, he can be rearrested and charged. But at [...]

Brads Gaming Gets Another 10-Year Contract to Administer the Boledo and Sunday Lottery
The government has confirmed that Brads Gaming Group Limited has been awarded another ten year contract to administer the lottery; the most popular game of chance in the country.  There [...]

UB Faculty & Staff Union: Industrial Action Imminent at National University
The situation at the University of Belize continues to deteriorate and is reaching boiling point. Tonight, U.B.’s Faculty and Staff Union is threatening industrial action if the University continues to [...]

P.U.P. Says Ministry of Education Misguided
The People’s United Party today chastised the Ministry of Education for cutting the subvention for the University of Belize. The P.U.P. says that the government’s decision to slash the university [...]

P.U.P. Condemns Disrespect Shown to the UB Faculty and Staff Union
The People’s United Party is also condemning what it describes as the disrespect shown to the U.B. Faculty and Staff Union by the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of [...]

Francis Fonseca: “We have a rogue Prime Minister on our hands”
Turning to the ruling of the recent ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice, the former Attorney General, Francis Fonseca, says that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has gone rogue and [...]

More Belizeans Come Home!
The phased repatriation process continued today and so far two hundred and sixty-four Belizeans have been brought home. Two groups arrived today at the P.G.I.A., one from the U.S. and [...]

Planning a Party in a Quarantine Hotel – Say What?
Belize has recorded twenty-eight cases of COVID-19 – of the eight active cases, one of those patients was ordered to leave the country, so currently there are seven cases within [...]

How Many Positive COVID-19 Cases Would it Take for Belize to Close Back Up?
And as the six weeks countdown continues to the reopening of the P.G.I.A., a number of countries are struggling to contain the virus and their health systems are on the [...]

DHS Warns That Chloroquine Cannot Prevent COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is cautioning Belizeans about taking COVID-19 prevention treatment.  The Director of Health Services shared that there are reports of a pharmacy selling a medication known for [...]

More Details on G.O.B.’s M.S.M.E. Support Programme
The government on Thursday presented its plan to financially assist micro, small, and medium enterprises that have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Up to fourteen million dollars are [...]

Application for M.S.M.E. Support Programme Starts on August First
According to C.E.O. in the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Commerce, Duane Belisle, the M.S.M.E. Support Programme will be implemented over a course of three months starting on August first, when the [...]

Introducing BOOST 2.0
According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow the existing Boost Programme will be augmented to include persons who are now unemployed long term due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

Barrow to Briceño: “Se Acabo!”
The first phase of the Unemployment Relief Programme, as well as the pantry assistance programme, is being audited by the Auditor General and her team. Leader of the Opposition, John [...]

Arthur Saldivar Acquitted of False Rumor Charge!
Attorney Arthur Saldivar had his day in court on Thursday when he was cleared of one count of spreading a false rumour.  On March twenty-ninth, Saldivar was arrested and charged [...]

2 Men Accused of Sexual Offenses Get Supreme Court Bail
Two men who are awaiting trial for sexual offences were granted bail by Supreme Court Justice Colin Williams, after attorney Ronell Gonzalez argued on their behalf.  Cesar Romero of the [...]

BATSUB Employee Arraigned for Theft
A woman, who is employed by the British Army Training Support Unit Belize, is out on bail, while she prepares to face trial for theft. Forty-year-old Hanselma Sutherland of a [...]

Belize City Man is Arraigned for Possession of Drugs
A resident of the Belama area of Belize City is out on bail tonight after he was reportedly nabbed with more than two pounds of marijuana on June thirtieth. Marco [...]

P.S.B. Investigates Balam Street Incident
The Belize Police Department’s Professional Standards Branch says there is an internal investigation into a police officer following an incident on Balam Street this past weekend in Belize City. Cops [...]

No Risk for Cops Who Had Contact with Patient 24.
There is an update about COVID-19 case number twenty-four in southern Belize. He’s one of the fishermen detained back in June for illegally fishing off the coast of Placencia within [...]

Belize and US Sign Agreement for Stronger Customs Control
The Belize Customs and Excise Department and the US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection signed a memorandum of cooperation on Thursday. The agreement seeks to provide for [...]


Police shoot robber dead on Seashore Drive
A man about to make a bank deposit at the Belama branch of Scotiabank on the Philip Goldson Highway was robbed at about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in the bank’s parking lot by a group of thieves who were traveling in a van. The thieves got out of the van and pointed a gun at the man and stole his money bag, but as they drove away, police, who were on patrol near the parking lot, were alerted of a robbery in progress and fired shots at the culprits in the parking lot as they made their escape with the money.

Barrow says he “can’t pay, won’t pay!”
In the midst of the Dean Barrow administration’s struggle to bolster the economy in the wake of the wreck caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is bad news coming out of Belize’s highest court, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which ruled that the government’s takeover of two registries was illegal and a breach of contract. Not only did the Barrow government lose the case at the CCJ, but the judges were also unsparing in their blistering condemnation of the government’s action and the manner in which it went about acquiring the private companies.

Allan Pollard endorsed for PUP in Queen’s Square
Belize City’s youngest City Councilor, Allan Pollard, Jr., has thrown his hat in the ring and emerged with an endorsement as the PUP standard bearer for the Queen’s Square constituency. This places Pollard in competition in the upcoming general elections with Denise “Sista B” Barrow, who has run the division for the past three elections according to her brother, Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Councillor Pollard, at the young age of 25, said that he has no fear about going up against a competitor who is both older and more politically affiliated and experienced.

UB Faculty and Staff Union vs UB president
The University of Belize’s board of trustees received a letter dated July 1 from a disgruntled UB Faculty and Staff Union (UBFSU) regarding the institution’s alleged financial situation. The letter, which is addressed to the board’s chairman, Harrison Pilgrim, and signed by UBFSU president, Pio Saqui, and general secretary, Christopher Deshield, stated that at the last board meeting an oral presentation was given by the president of the university, Dr. Clement Sankat, which gave a dire portrait of UB’s finances. The union asserts, however, that no concrete evidence of the school’s financial state was presented before the vote nor was any information shared on how the financial situation at the university would affect the employees of the university.

BCCI not happy about sale of Scotia Bank Belize
The financial sector of Belize became the focus of much public debate and angst following Monday’s announcement that Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited (CIHL) formally applied to acquire Scotia Bank Belize. In a recorded address the Governor of the Central Bank, Ambassador Joy Grant C.M.G., made clear the bank’s intent to ensure that the acquisition is done in a way that safeguards the monetary and financial system’s stability and protects the Belizean dollar for the wellbeing of Belize. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), however, is wary of such a drastic and unforeseen change in Belize’s banking sector.

Shooting death in Burrell Boom
A shooting that occurred at about 2:00 this morning in Burrell Boom as a result of a domestic dispute, has left one man dead. Police said this morning that Fitzgerald Gabourel, 53, became involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, Denise Gabourel, in their house, during which he lashed her with a machete and threatened to kill her.

Cop arrested for issuing fake gun license approvals
Corporal Oscar Itch, of Belmopan police, who was the Firearms Clerk at the National Police Headquarters, has been detained pending multiple charges of forgery, for producing false gun license approval letters. The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, said that Itch produced and issued about 30 fake gun licenses. He has been running a fake gun license operation in the department, said the Police Commissioner, who also revealed that about 28 of the fake gun licenses have been recovered.

Mexican border jumper, found in Yo Creek, quarantined
A resident of San Francisco Botes, Mexico, who jumped the Mexican border into Belize and went into Yo Creek, was found in the village and handed over to the Ministry of Health. The ministry put the Mexican national, Francisco Hernandez Perez, into the mandatory 14-day quarantine, during which he will be monitored, as per the COVID-19 protocol. If he tests negative after that period, he will be sent to the Belize Central Prison for a period of no less than 3 months.

Kemel Espat, 27, motorcycle enthusiast, dies in road accident
Yesterday morning, Kemel Espat, 27, a Santa Elena technician and a motorcycle enthusiast, died in a traffic accident that occurred while he was driving his motorcycle on Loma Luz Boulevard on his way to his home in Santa Elena. Espat was overtaking a vehicle on his right when a vehicle came from the opposite direction, and in an effort to avoid a head-on collision, he veered off the road and collided with a lamppost, and suffered massive head and body injuries as a result.

Editorial: Corruption, party before country, and naiveté
We could lay the blame for all our losses in the international courts on Lord Ashcroft-owned companies or on corrupt political leaders or political leaders putting the interest of their party before the country’s interests. No one would say that such a conclusion is entirely farfetched, because we have seen some of our political leaders do things that should have landed them in jail. There is another conclusion we can arrive at to explain the massive losses we’ve suffered in our business dealings with Lord Ashcroft, and that is that our political leaders are guilty of incredible naiveté.

Sparks fly in Senate debate of $60 million loan motions
The Senate met today to deliberate on four loan motions from the lower house of Parliament. Unlike the House of Representatives, where debates are often laden with insults and accusations, debate in the Senate, though passionate, is still far removed from the spectacle that has become characteristic of House meetings. Some of the social partners took the government to task for yet another raft of loans; nonetheless, the four motions that were introduced and passed in the House last Friday, passed easily through the Senate, but not before some sparks flew between Government and Opposition senators.

Video streaming at the National Assembly
The National Assembly has taken measures to modernize the way viewers can access and observe the proceedings of the House and Senate. In the past, various media houses have complained of not having adequate coverage of the meetings of these two parliamentary bodies and of having to compete for a secure space. As of last Friday, however, a new video streaming system was activated that involves the use of remote-controlled cameras and can produce a live feed to television and social media networks. The system consists of three cameras set at multiple angles of the chambers and a studio quality mixing board to provide optimum audio quality. It also has a digital recorder which allows the media houses to download and transmit the footage in real time.

Government launches 2nd phase of unemployment relief program and MSME
Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a virtual press conference this afternoon to launch the second phase of the COVID-19 unemployment assistance program. Flanked by two of his Cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister announced that his government also launched a Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) program. In his opening remarks, Barrow said that the MSME initiative can function as a stand-alone program. Barrow said that research has indicated that 70 percent of private sector employment comes from enterprises that can be categorized as MSME.

PM Barrow loses again… and we the people will pay!
No other prime minister in the history of Belize has ever had the opportunity to govern our little Belize longer than PM Dean Barrow. A veteran politician who has never lost his constituency because he keeps the majority of his voters well-maintained and blindly loyal, Barrow is also a lawyer, thus it was assumed that he as a legal mind would know the law. He cannot claim ignorance of the law as a defence anyway, since under our legal system, “ignorance of the law is no defence” to anyone, and especially a lawyer!

An old hero told me we need women to keep on the straight and narrow
I made a call, a desperate call, for men to step up and defend our breed before we get watered down to something dat mek wi luk like real sheep, and now I promise to make it my bizniz to tell every brother I meet about what’s in store for male human beings for the next six thousand years if we don’t step to the plate now. Of course we deserve to be punished for what we did these six thousand years since Creation, but to change our DNA, dat wi can’t accept.

The Fellowship of the Aggie Ring
July 2, 2020– Being a native of Mauritius, an island famous for its dodo bird and turquoise lagoons, I felt embarrassed about putting on a floating vest to explore the dancing colors engulfing the exquisite marine life at Hol Chan in Belize. Halfway through the seamlessly planned tour by Ambergris Divers, my amateurism in snorkeling was reaffirmed, for I could feel my huge ring sliding far too freely down my finger. I should have left it behind at Diamond Lodge, my cozy boutique hotel on Seagrape Drive. After all, I earned this precious (and expensive) ring after many years in computer science classes at Texas A&M University in Aggieland. But then, the beauty and bliss of the marine reserve soon lulled me out of earthly quandaries.

Gertrude Atkins’ incredible intrigues, and an Atkins clan reconciliation …
Here in the capital, some strange developments were taking place with Gertrude even as her cousin Virgil’s life was reaching one of its high points with his marriage to Jewel’s sister. An incredible rumour had started circulating around the hospital that she was pregnant with Karl Sanchez’ child, causing disturbance, agitation and disquiet among most members of staff.

Pay attention
Dear Editor, On Wednesday, July 1, at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, there were 10,717,096 cases and 516,904 deaths from COVID-19, globally. Belize had 28 cases and 2 deaths from COVID-19. This pandemic has precipitated many socio-economic changes. In June 2020, the World Economic Forum announced that in January 2021, there will be a conference in Davos, Switzerland, called the Great Reset.

Sweet Belizean freedom
Dear Editor, The journalists of the BBC World Service were my teenage media heroes. From its powerful radio relay station on Antigua in the Caribbean, the BBC would reach an audience of millions throughout Central, Latin and North America. Here was London, calling out to the rest of the world with some of the finest programming and bravest voices.

Dreams need finance
Dear Editor: A people of a community decided that they would join forces to achieve a goal. The idea was very good, but the cost was too high. The dream they had was almost impossible, for the reason that they did not have the most important thing to start with, which was finances. However, they were determined and came up with the idea that each one would put aside an amount of money from their salary to provide the funding to send out several persons from the community to study a profession with the agreement that those persons, once qualified, would return to their home town and teach what was learnt free of cost.

White supremacist ideas have historical roots in U.S. Christianity
When a young Southern Baptist pastor named Alan Cross arrived in Montgomery, Ala., in January 2000, he knew it was where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had his first church and where Rosa Parks helped launched the famous bus boycott, but he didn’t know some other details of the city’s role in civil rights history. The more he learned, the more troubled he became by one event in particular: the savage attack in May 1961 on a busload of Black and white Freedom Riders who had traveled defiantly together to Montgomery in a challenge to segregation.


Five men caught after brazen robbery at Scotiabank
Quick police response today resulted in the detention of five robbers. At 3 o’clock this afternoon, employees of Scotiabank on the Philip Goldson Highway received a shock when five men entered the establishment armed and ready to rob.

BPP comments on bank merger
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is putting in their two cents as well as it relates to the merger and acquisition of Scotiabank by Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited. Yesterday we told you about their press release in which they stated that it is not in the best interest of the Belizean public for Lord Michael Ashcroft to be in control of more than fifty percent of the banking sector in the country.

Behind the scenes of customized face masks
Covid-19 has forced a new normal on citizens around the world. Face masks have now become a staple in this day and age. As a result, many are putting their personal touches on the now mandatory accessory.

BPP disgrees with reopening of PGIA
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has raised issues on the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport. Like many Belizeans, they feel that this move is not in the best interest of the country, as it may usher in the second wave of covid-19.

UB’s board threatens to cut salaries
There is an upset at the University of Belize and the unions are preparing to step in. Reports are that the institution’s Board removed the union rep,Dr June Young from the meetings and proceeded to cut salaries by 30% for the faculty and staff.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ebony Street murder victim confirmed
A murder took place in the early hours of Saturday morning on Ebony Street in […]

Murder reported on Ebony Street
BBN has received reports that one person was shot and killed a short while ago […]

Two more cases of COVID-19 detected in Belize
The Ministry of Health said that a further 77 samples were processed today for SARS […]

Novel coronavirus mutated to spread pathogen but no change in sickness level
Adding to the headaches over COVID-19, researchers have found that the virus itself has mutated in […]

Study finds racial bias in football commentary
Belize has apparently been dragged, if only tangentially, into the ongoing debate over structural racism and […]

Crude oil prices shaky amid COVID-19 resurgence
Reuters reports that while crude oil is trending up, prices fell below US$43 per barrel […]

UDP leadership convention a three-man race after Darrell Bradley withdraws
Former Mayor of Belize City and President of the Senate Darrell Bradley is now out of […]

Belize and Cuba included in UNESCO Trans-cultural project
Belize and long-time diplomatic ally, Cuba, are among the host of Caribbean countries included in […]

Health officials monitoring COVID-19 situation in neighboring countries
Today on Ask the Experts, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero said that health […]

Director of Health Services: One high-suspect case of COVID-19 identified
As the repatriation process continues, today Dr. Marvin Manzanero informed that there is one highly […]

Outgoing Belize Agriculture CEO praises response as the region looks for foreign direct investment in agriculture
Outgoing CEO of Belize’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, praised aspects of Belize’s […]

Barbados introduces 12-month welcome stamp to attract foreigners
The government of Barbados is in the process of introducing its 12-month welcome stamp to […]

Belize New Car Dealer Association promises huge discounts at upcoming Summer Auto Show
The Belize New Car Dealer Association (BNCDA), a six-member body dedicated to providing the best […]

Belize City Animal Aid hosting bakesale to offer care for sick dog
The Belize City Animal Aid (BCAA), formerly the Belize City Humane Society, is hosting a […]

PUP standard bearer assists over 300 students with school assistance program
Belizean businessman and PUP standard bearer for Belize Rural South, Andre Perez has initiated a […]

Ex- head of Mexican Criminal Investigation agency, Tomas Zeron believed to be in Guatemala or Belize
The news of the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico in 2014 sent shock […]

Community Disaster Response Teams become certified
On Thursday, residents from several communities in Belize City, got their certificates symbolizing the completion […]

International Sourcesizz

Virtual Belize Caye Fest
Streaming 3:00pm-5:00pm Los Angeles "SUNDAY, JULY 5th, 2020." Facebook: *DjNoside *Belize Caye Fest. "Back to School Essential Supplies" Fundraiser to help support the needs of children in Belize.

8 Advantages of International Banking for Expats
By Luigi Wewege, the Senior Vice President, Caye International Bank in Belize. There’s more than one type of expatriate in the world today. Some are people who live temporarily in a country due to work or pursuit of an education. Others are retirees who have chosen to spend their later years living in a country other than the one of your citizenship. Whatever has led to you assuming expat status, there’s no doubt that the banking and investment accounts based in the right offshore location can be a real asset.


  • Friday's "Ask the Experts", 55min. Joining us today is Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services.

  • Peter Lawrence on ReefTV, 2hr18min.

  • Great to see our CSAM artists in this ISCR video!, 1min. The beauty of art is that you decide what it is. Nature, society, or our culture inspire art and provide an open canvas to let your imagination run free. Check out how Ruth Budram Art and Andy Chuc Batab Maaskab Masewal are inspired by our Belizean culture in their creations.

  • Transfer of Electors: Elections and Boundaries Department, 2.5min.

  • Belize Hotel Association - COVID-19 Update, 44min. Belize has over nine hundred hotel operators that are eagerly awaiting the re-opening of the tourism industry. As a major stakeholder, the Belize Hotel Association chimed in on the scheduled re-opening of the PGIA and talked about how their membership is preparing to meet the gold standard requirements for visitors. They also shared their thoughts on the plan outlined by the industry leaders. Ted Tejada - President, Belize Hotel Association. Reynaldo Malik - Operations Manager, Muy'Ono Resorts.

  • Bleu Belize, 19min. Einar Marin is the Pastry Chef behind Bleu Belize. We talked with the young entrepreneur about the inspiration behind his gourmet sweets. We also sampled his carrot cake sprinkled with gold dust and assorted nuts.

  • The Belize Assembly for Person's with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA), 18min. The Belize Assembly for Person's with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA) continues the advocacy on behalf of its members. They are launching a new website today to facilitate the sharing of information and also introduced their campaign #PetitionforInclusion. Our guests talked with us about their efforts to take their cause to the House of Representatives. Roxanne Marin - President, BAPDA. Deon Sutherland - Treasurer, BAPDA.

  • July 2019 Belize Trip, 6min. A day on a remote island, getting to know Placencia, tubing through a cave river, and exploring Mayan ruins

  • A taste of Belize, 11min. A traditional rice and beans dish cooked in coconut milk and coconut oil.. I added roast chicken with mine.

  • BTB Inventory of Tourism Assets in Belize, 1min. The BTB needs your help in updating the tourism asset inventory database.