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The San Pedro Sun

Mayor Daniel Guerrero supports Honourable John Saldivar for UDP party leader
The Mayor of San Pedro Town, Daniel Guerrero, has shown his support to Belmopan Area Representative, Honourable John Saldivar for the leadership post of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP). On Sunday, July 12th, the UDP will host a second convention in Belize City to elect a party leader. The two aspirants for the post are Saldivar and Minister of Education, Honourable Patrick Faber.

Caye Caulker primary school students receive tuition assistance from Andre Perez, PUP Standard Bearer
With the staunch belief that education is essential for the future of communities and the country, on Wednesday, July 8th, the People’s United Party (PUP) Standard Bearer for Belize Rural South, Andre Perez was in Caye Caulker handing out tuition assistance to 56 primary school students. Among the recipients, ten top students with an average of 95% and above were granted full scholarships, while the remaining receive half of the total cost of their school’s fees.

National Elite Basketball League presents new Commissioner Christopher McGann
Christopher McGann was announced as the new commissioner of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) on Wednesday, July 8th. McGann replaces former commissioner Karim Juan, who served for the past six years in guiding the league.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Friday, July 10th, Meal Pick ups: Location: Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill. Tiimes: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Three More Cases of Covid 19 Detected
Given the increasing number of samples that require processing, another set was tested today. That has allowed us to identify a further 3 cases, they are all minors and are members of a family who had been illegally across the border. The 3 new cases are in Orange Walk bringing their total to 7. We had one case recovered so we have a total of 11 active cases. While we acknowledge a general concern with the airport’s opening in August, we at health remain very much concerned with the ongoing illegals crossings at the Northern, Western and Southern entry points.

National Citizen Appreciation Day
The Caye Caulker Police Sub Formation is hosting National Citizen Appreciation Day on July 15th 2020, where they recognize outstanding citizens who have had a hand in developing the Caye Caulker Community.

Award of Complementary climate funding to the Government of Belize
The World, in grappling with the current COVID19 pandemic, has had a stark reminder of how disasters disproportionally affect the vulnerable. The disease is having a particularly dramatic impact on families and communities in developing countries that have fewer resources and weaker social safety nets. The COVID-19 economic downturn will differ from previous crises, as many of the sectors overexposed to the collapse in economic activity, such as tourism, absorb a sizeable share of female employment. The UNDP programme, "Enabling Gender-Responsive Disaster Recovery, Climate and Environmental Resilience in the Caribbean" (EnGenDER) has been working with implementing partners, stakeholders and donors over the last year to strengthen disaster risk management systems for 9 Caribbean countries and build resilience to the effects of climate change. This work is happening at a variety of levels, from improving central

Renewal of Effluent License
The Department of the Environment (DOE) hereby reminds companies producing effluent (wastewater) that the renewal of Licenses to Discharge Effluent is due each year on April 1. A valid License to Discharge Effluent is required to comply with the Environmental Protection (Effluent Limitations) Regulations, Chapter 328 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize, as amended in 2009, especially as it relates to Section 14. These regulations establish that it is illegal to dispose of effluent without a license or written permission from the DOE. Companies that have not yet applied should complete an application for renewal of their license and submit it to the DOE, along with payment of the $500.00 fee for the period 2020/2021. Payments can be made at the nearest treasury or sub-treasury to Government Account Number 23328/11718/120/15. Proof of payment is to be forwarded to the DOE office along with the application.

Parvovirus on Ambergris Caye
For the past two weeks we have seen 18 cases of Parvovirus on island, all these cases have been pets with owners. On the bright side 12 of these cases have fully recovered. It is a very contagious virus, it affects dogs/puppies that are not fully vaccinated. We would like to stress that vaccinations are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for your dog/puppy! Please be cautions, do not take your unvaccinated dog to the beach, around other dogs or for walks until he/she has received all their vaccinations.

Run For A Cause
This Saturday, July 11th, starting at the Central Park at 6:00 a.m. Sign up fee is $10.00 and all proceeds will go towards school supplies for students attending this school year. See you there!

Corozal Power Outage on Sunday
Power outage scheduled 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 12 to affect entire Corozal District. This scheduled power outage is necessary for our teams to conduct maintenance and testing of equipment at Corozal substation and to install new power lines in the area.

Pictures from day 3 of Las Alboradas
Day #3 Las Alboradas a Nuestra Sra.del Monte Carmelo hosted by the Guerra,MartineZ& Leslie Family a yearly faithful & family tradition.

Midas Lobster Fest July 4th 2020
Midas Belize had a fun Full Moon Lobster party. In related news, they are having the next party on August 1st. Mistah Geeh and Supa G will be there.

Work is well underway on the Corozal/Sarteneja Road Project
The project is upgrading to (highway standard) the entire road from Corozal Town all the way to Sarteneja. It is financed by Taiwan and its execution overseen by a Taiwanese firm, Overseas engineering and Construction Company Limited S.A. Ground was broken in November, 2019. The contract is for the design and upgrading of 27 miles of road, including the construction of two bridges to replace old ferries at Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca. Upon completion, the new road will provide a direct and all-weather link between Corozal Town on the Northern Highway and many of the communities to the east of the Progresso Lagoon-John Piles Creek–Laguna Seca Waterway System, including the village of Sarteneja.

Republic of Yucatan
In 1840 the country known as the Republic of Yucatan was form with what is today the states of Yucatan,Campeche,Quintana Roo and with portions of Belize . The centralist Mexicans didnot like what was happening so they send the Mexican army to Yucatan . The Mexican army arrived at the Pacabtún's farm in Mérida, where it learned that Yucatán had already prepared the defense of Mérida and had the reinforcement of eleven thousand Yucatec Maya indigenous soldiers(who were promised better treatment if they help fight against the Mexicans). The Mexican army back off .

Bonifacio Novelo (19th century) was a Maya Máasewal fighter in the so-called Caste War . He was a Maya caudillo and tatich (in maya: cacique, great chief, in the east of the state of Yucatan, along with Cecilio Chi and Jacinto Pat. For some time before the war he was a merchant traveling the peninsula even reaching to what would become Belize . Bonifacio Novelo children which are known are Claudio Novelo ,Baluina Novelo and Canuto Novelo.

Art & Soul series: Egbert "Babes" Gill
This week's Art & Soul series features a well known Corozal singer, songwriter and musician. We are delighted to showcase Egbert "Babes" Gill who's love for music began at a very early age. The majority of his music is reggae. Babes was runner up at the 2019 National Song Competition with his song "This is Belize". To date he has recorded over 60 songs, produced three CD's and recently released on YouTube his dreamy reggae song "All My Desire". Check it out! -

Channel 7

24, Including 4 Women, Locked Up For 30 Days Under SOE
Two days ago, we told you about the Southside state of emergency - which was launched at 3:00 on Tuesday morning in simultaneous raids all across the southside. Police detained 99 persons, and all of them faced the possibility of being locked up at the Hattieville Prison for a month. In the last State of Emergency, 130 alleged gangsters were held for 30 days.Well, this time, it's far less. Of the 99 detained, police sent up only 24 of them today - this includes four females. The Commissioner of Police explained why at a press conference today.

My Teenaged Son Sent To Jail - And No One Told Me!
For another mother, whose minor aged son was also sent up today, it's a nerve-racking nightmare. And while she too believes that her child's rights have been violated, she is also angry that the cops didn't tell her that they'd put her 17 year old son on lockdown until 36 hours after he was detained. Shermaine Martinez - Concerned Mother: "Nobody called me miss and that is my thing about this, that is what hurt me the most, nobody called me..."

COMPOL Says ACP Vidal Showing Encouraging Signs After Stroke
And, the man that mother might want to blame was the police department's "tip of the spear" on this pre dawn operation. That's the operation's commander Assistant Commissioner Marco Vidal. He led the operation at 3:00 in the morning but by 6:00 in the evening, he was hospitalised with a serious stroke and a brain bleed. The 50 year old Vidal was audibly slurred when he spoke at a press conference on Tuesday evening, and the Commissioner himself took the senior cop to the hospital immediately after. We got an update from COMPOL Williams today:

No Arrest For Weekend Double Murder In City
The pre dawn operation that Vidal led, and the entire state of emergency was prompted by two gang related murders over the weekend.But, for all the furore created by this new Southside SOE, and all those dozens of suspects detained, there have still been no arrests for the murders.Today, the Commissioner said they know who did it but cannot get witnesses to speak because of gang intimidation:

Protesting Professors In Belmopan
Tonight, there is tension at the University of Belize where the administration and the Faculty union are at extreme odds. The source of the discord is that the University has had its subvention cut substantially and must now find a solution to major budgetary shortfalls.It's a problem with no easy answers, but the faculty and staff insist that they must be heard, while the University President says they've already been given that opportunity and haven't said much of anything.

Cops Commended For Catching Bank Robbers
Last week Thursday, the biggest news was about the Scotiabank robbery, the daring heist pulled off by 5 robbers, and the immediate response by police who caught the thieves, with the stolen money and weapons, all within 500 feet of the bank.As has been widely reported, the cops also shot two of the robbers, killing one of them, Gasman Young.Today, the cops who showed uncommon bravery and competence were rewarded at a special at the Raccoon Street Station and 7news was there:

COMPOL to Cops: Shoot Before You're Shot
And, if you still have any doubts about the police rules of engagement when it comes to using deadly force, the Commissioner made it clear today that he tells his cops to shoot first, when facing a threat: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "When I speak to my officers on a daily basis, my thing to them, you first, you second, you third, you fourth, you fifth is the way you have to think about a criminal..."

COMPOL Got Nada To Say To Nadir
And one cop who made his own pre-emptive strike yesterday was Police Constable Nadir Mendoza. He's facing a police tribunal verdict next week for stealing one of the department's guns. But, he appeared on 7News last night pre-empting that verdict to say he's being railroaded by his own department. Today, the commissioner held to his ground that PC Mendoza has a lot to answer for: "His alleged behaviour over the past few months have been nothing but comparable to that of a criminal and so he is before a tribunal for having stolen some guns from police which end up in the hands of criminals, that's a matter for him to deal, if they adjudicator finds that he is not guilty, I am fine with that. If the adjudicator should find that he is guilty, then I am fine with that too, I await the decision of the adjudicator where that matter is concerned."

Arzu Takes COMPOL To Supreme Court
And while the commissioner can let that one slide, he can't pretend to be Mr Nice Guy with Corporal Eldon Arzu. The Corporal and the Commissioner have locked horns over the leadership of the Police Association for over a year now, and the fight continued this afternoon in the courtroom of Justice Sonya Young.Arzu is attempting to convince the presiding judge to grant him leave to bring a judicial review claim against the Police Commissioner. According to Arzu, the Commissioner failed to follow the rules of the Police Association's election process. Arzu contends that the Commissioner arbitrarily extended the nomination process, which allowed for Sergeant Jane Usher and her team to enter elections, long after the deadlines set by the Police Association's election rules. His attorney, Nazira Myles, presented arguments on his behalf and attempted to convince Justice Young to grant him leave.

AG Says They Tried To Settle
We also got an opportunity to speak with Police Minister and attorney General Michael Peyrefitte about what could end up being a long and drawn-out legal fight between Corporal Arzu and Police Commissioner Chester Williams.He said that he is aware of that and that he tried to intervene and facilitate an out-of-court settlement between the two sides. Here's how he explained why that failed, and why all persons concerned must now wait on the lawsuit to run its course:

Uncle Confessed To Nephew's Murder
The Commissioner also discussed the one weekend murder which they have charged someone for. That's the chopping death of 26-year-old Pedro Cus, in San Pedro Colombia Village in the Toledo District.

UDP Convention - When A Party Isn't A Party
Sunday at the ITVET will witness the UDP's second national convention in 5 months. The party will select a new leader - after the abortive February 9th convention. That event was bursting with political combustion - and we saw the UDP machinery pumping like a great locomotive; but Sunday's convention will be more like a little red "tuk-tuk". That's largely due to COVID safety considerations, but we'd have to imagine that it's also - to some extent - a sheepishness inspired by just being "shame" that the last leader they picked lasted for 60 hours - and now they get a chance to pick him again!Such is the state of affairs in the UDP heading into Sunday event - and Jules Vasquez compares and contrasts, last time, and this time:

UDP On Hon. Saldivar, No Laws Broken
And, the three candidates for leader are Patrick Faber, John Saldivar and Wilfred Elrington.Today, the press asked the Chairman how Saldivar is still in the running - after he was made to step down as leader and cast out of Cabinet after the Lev Dermen revelation. Peyrefitte says Saldivar Committed no crime:

Three States of Emergency In Succession: The Police State Cometh?
And while we didn't even bother to spar with Peyrefitte on that one, we did search him out on the Southside state of emergency. It's the second Southside emergency this year - and it seems that police are now using this very extreme measure as a kind of policing tool for preventative detention.Presently, the entire Southside of Belize city, from Burdon Canal to the Swing Bridge is under a state of emergency, and we asked the Minister if this is the incipient stages of a police state:

Belmopan By Bus!
Last night, we showed you how the Public Service Union came up big in its out-of-court settlement with the Belmopan City Council. The union has to give up their hilltop property that they had grown attached to over almost 2 decades. But, in exchange, they will get full title to an alternative piece of land, valued at around $475,000, and the council will even assist them with equipment and assistance to build their new headquarters.Well, the Union's President is announcing that he and the executive have signed another agreement which should provide relief to public officers, in their daily commute between Belize City and Belmopan for work. The PSU has entered an MOU with the bus company, ADK Charters.

Real Climate Change Funds
Finally tonight, Belize has received $97,000 USD in funding to leverage sustainable climate finance from the Green Climate Fund. The funding comes through the UNDP's EnGenDER project which focuses on enhancing climate resilience, gender equality, and inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized populations.The funding is aimed at strengthening the country's disaster risk management system while building resilience to climate change and it's meant to combat losses to the agricultural sector, an industry that is more important than ever as tourism struggles.

Channel 5

23 Males, 4 Females Locked Up Under Anti-Gang S.O.E.
After spending two nights in lockdown, four women are among a group of twenty-seven gang members who were carted away to the Belize City Prison this afternoon. The police dragnet [...]

Marco Vidal on the Road to Recovery
And the man who led the anti-gang operation, Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal is already on the road to recovery after suffering a stroke on Tuesday evening, following the [...]

Sentencing for Danny Mason et al Adjourned
After nine o’clock this morning, convicted murderer Danny Mason and four other accomplices in the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas arrived at the Supreme Court to learn their fate. But [...]

Lisa Shoman to be Appointed Judge of the Supreme Court
While on the matter of judges, there is word tonight that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be proceeding to have Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman appointed to the post of judge [...]

U.B.F.S.U. Holds Peaceful Protest in Belmopan!
Since last week we’ve been reporting on a growing dispute between the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union and the University of Belize’s administration. The U.B.F.S.U. is only acknowledged [...]

What Up With U.B.F.S.U.’s Status?
As you heard in that story, the President of the U.B.F.S.U. says they are being shut out due to the lack of certification to show its union status.  We caught [...]

Will U.S. Authorities Come for John Usher?
A massive judgment with damages of one hundred and thirty-eight point seven million U.S. dollars was handed down earlier this week against businessman John Usher.  He was embroiled in the [...]

Hearing of Application for Judicial Review in the Case of Cpl Eldon Arzu Vs the ComPol Commences
Arguments were heard in the Supreme Court today on an application for judicial review filed by attorney Nazira Myles on behalf of her client Eldon Arzu. The Corporal of Police [...]

National Security Minister Tried to Resolve Issue
At an event earlier in the day, Minister of National Security Michael Peyrefitte spoke of his efforts to ease tensions between the ComPol and the former President of the Police [...]

N.H.I.’s Budget Cut
Last week, we reported on the cuts at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where Doctors Fernando Cuellar and Amin Hegar have been terminated.  Tonight, we can confirm that the National [...]

Everything’s A Go for Sunday’s U.D.P. Convention
A second leadership convention for the United Democratic Party is scheduled for this Sunday at the ITVET compound here in Belize City where three candidates, Patrick Faber, John Saldivar and [...]

Police Presence on Convention Day
From an operational perspective, the Belize Police Department will be deployed to the ITVET to maintain law and order on the day of the convention, however, officers will not be [...]

Dalla Vans Increase Price by 100%
The dollar fare on the well-known ‘Dalla Van’ that run in the south side of the city is soaring by as much as a hundred percent. Commuters are now paying [...]

Special Chicken Cuts Scarce, but Not for Long
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the productive sector, but today poultry producers confirmed that whole chickens are not in short supply at the grocery stores.  But chicken parts are and [...]

Recognizing Bravery in the Line of Duty
A ceremony was held today to recognize the quick response of alert police officers that led to the apprehension of four robbers of Scotia Bank. As you know in an [...]

ComPol Acknowledges the Good Deeds of His Officers
In acknowledging the effort of the men and women of law enforcement, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams also highlighted the fact that when officers run afoul of the law, they [...]

Uncle Confesses to Murdering Nephew
Police in Punta Gorda have cracked the murder of Pedro Cus.   Onastacio Sirik, reportedly confessed to P.G. police, telling them that he killed his nephew.  Sirik first told police that [...]

No Charges for the Murders of Raheem Faber and Raheem Miles
In Belize City, charges have not been leveled on any of the five men who police believe are responsible for the murders of Raheem Faber and Raheem Miles last weekend.  [...]

The EA Volleyball Academy Hosting a 7-Week Camp
Volleyball is an all-time favourite sport among children of all ages. Today, we found a group of volleyball aficionados dribbling the ball at the Mexico Sports Centre. The programme is [...]


PSU celebrates new property
Yesterday, we told you that the Public Service Union (PSU) is in the process of moving their headquarters to somewhere new. This is the conclusion to the tireless Hilltop Property Saga, and the PSU is more than happy to have a resolution that suits everyone.

NHI Clinics face major cutbacks
The National Health Insurance (NHI) Program budget was cut by fifteen percent. The cut has forced the Ministry of Health to limit medical services provided at the NHI Clinics. Love News spoke to Dr. Ramon Figueroa, Chairman of the NHI program and he stated that persons in Southside Belize City are the most affected.

Brave police from precinct awarded
Several police officers attached to Precinct Four were awarded this morning for the successful response to last week’s bank robbery and for their efforts in addressing crime in their zone. A brief ceremony was held this morning inside the conference room of Precinct Two on Raccoon Street where the Police Commissioner and the Minister of National Security addressed the gathering.

ACP Vidal on his way to recovery
Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal continues on mandatory bed rest after suffering a hemmoragic stroke on Tuesday evening. Vidal was heading the State of Emergency operations when he fell ill. Today, Love News asked the Police Commissioner for an update on Vidal’s current condition and if there will be someone holding over his post as Operations Commander.

Possible extradition for John Usher
Earlier this week we told you of the pickle that Belizean businessman John Usher has found himself in. The FTC had proposed to the US Court in the District of Maryland that an order be enforced that finds Usher liable to pay one hundred and thirty-eight million US dollars as compensation to the investors in Sanctuary Bay.

Southside State of Emergency criticism
The introduction of this third State of Emergency since the start of 2020 has been met with some criticisms. Minister of National Security rationalized the criticism saying that the only ones who have an issue with police raids and other operations are those who break the law.

UBSFU takes to the streets
The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union (UBFSU) took to the streets of Belmopan this morning to vent their frustrations with the UB’s Board of Trustees and the Labor Department. The basis of the protest has to do with the delay in the issuance of their signed certificate from the Labour Department which would give them teeth in their negotiations with UB.

Love Foundation’s anti-corruption campaign a success
The Love Foundation is helping Belizeans fight against corruption with a campaign they started two years ago. While they had to endure many trials along the way, they are one step closer to defeating corruption in our country.

John Saldivar eligible to run for UDP party leader
John Saldivar is back in the news tonight as he is one of three men hoping to succeed Dean Barrow as the UDP’s Party Leader. We have been down this road before back in early February. In that first round Saldivar was up against Patrick Faber and won handsomely as the UDP’s leader elect. His fall from grace came within seventy two hours after that victory when Prime Minister Dean Barrow found that Saldivar had lied to him about accepting monies from US criminal, Lev Dermen.

Who is supporting who?
When it comes to the delegate list for Sunday’s convention, our newsroom has confirmed that John Saldivar has garnered the support of Dianne Finnegan, UDP’s Lake Independence Standard Bearer, Ashton McKenzie (Mayor of Punta Gorda) and Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Pedro Town. Today we spoke with UDP’s Area Representative for Belize Rural Central, Beverly Williams who spoke on where her support lies for Sunday.

Dalla Vans now cost two dallas
There is a situation brewing between the Dalla Van Association and the Belize City Council. The issue has to do with the vans charging a fee of $2 per person and their insistence in the...

William Mason and associates back in court
William “Danny” Mason and his four associates were back in court today, but this time, they appeared at the Belize City Supreme Court in front of Justice Antoinette Moore. At around 9:30 this morning, the...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize confirms 3 new cases of COVID-19
The Office of the Director of Health Services has confirmed 3 new cases of COVID-19. […]

Police investigate shooting in Esperanza
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday night in Esperanza. According to […]

Don’t spare the rod: Attorney General and Police Commissioner encourge reasonable corporal punishment for children
Today, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte and Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told parents all over […]

Three armed bandits rob Bowen delivery truck
Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred yesterday evening in Cristo Rey, Cayo. Driver […]

Police investigate shooting in Esperanza
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday night in Esperanza. According to […]

Attorney General acknowledges deficiencies in prosecution system
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte acknowledged today that prosecutions in Belize hinge too heavily on eyewitness […]

“Law-abiding citizens don’t need to fear State of emergency,” says Attorney General
Following the end of the State of Emergency (SOE) due to COVID-19, the Government of […]

Police know the people responsible for weekend murders, cannot charge because witnesses being intimidated
There were two Belize City murders over the weekend, Raheem Faber, 19, and Raheem Myles, […]

Georgeville residents concerned about community land being surveyed and distributed as lots without approval of village council
Residents and the village council of Georgeville in the Cayo District have raised concerns about […]

Canada joins Global Ocean Alliance
Today, Canada joined the United Kingdom and other countries in the Global Ocean Alliance. The […]


Wed on a Whim: Elope in Belize
Who doesn’t love good news? Especially right now, when so much feels so heavy. While staying updated with current news and events is important, so is maintaining hope. What’s more hopeful that a couple deciding to tie the knot during a global pandemic? To say that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the wedding plans of those planning a big celebration would be a dramatic understatement. To that end, many have across the industry has seen a spike in elopement requests – regardless of whether that’s in 2020 or 2021. If you’ve had to adjust your special day, consider an elopement in Belize; think micro-wedding in the rainforest or on the sandbars of Belize.

What You’re Probably Missing Most from Belize
Whether you’ve lived your whole life in Belize or simply visited for a vacation, there will be things you’ll miss about this tropical paradise full of warm smiles, golden sunshine and stunning natural beauty. In no particular order, here are a few things people are looking forward to the most while travel to Belize remains on hold.

International Sourcesizz

Former Bad Boy artist Shyne is reminding people that it’s all love between him and Sean “Puffy” Combs. Shyne shared a throwback picture of him and Diddy in 1999 riding around in the backseat of a car in New York City. In the caption, Shyne writes, “21 years ago……maybe another lifetime @diddy.”

Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean to Host Dive Webinar
The Belize Tourism Board announced that Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) will host a Diving in the Caribbean and Risk Mitigation Amidst COVID-19 webinar on July 14 at 1 p.m. EST. The webinar will provide travel advisors with insights from the Caribbean Divers Alert Network, identify the most spectacular dive sites in the Caribbean and detail the elements that make the Caribbean’s “underwater gardens” so unique, TASC said.

Simone Biles and Boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. Split After 3 Years of Dating: 'It Was for the Best'
Simone Biles has confirmed her split from Stacey Ervin Jr. In Vogue's new cover story exploring her resilience and the coronavirus pandemic's impact on the Olympics, the 23-year-old revealed she and her boyfriend of three years called it quits in early March. "It’s hard being young and having that long of a relationship and then ending it," the four-time gold medalist told Vogue of splitting from Ervin, 26. "But it was for the best.” Biles' confirmation of their breakup comes months after fans noticed he did not wish Biles a happy birthday in March.


  • Channel 5 Obituaries - ALBERT BRUCE CHANANNES SR., 1min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - WILLIAM LINCOLN FLOWERS, 1.5min.

  • Galen University Summit on Recovery, Continuity, Transformation, Opportunity, and Innovation, 70min.

  • Winning submission to Make Belize Films' Coronavirus Music Video Competition!, 1.5min. Congratulations to 8yr old Ava Guerrero on her winning submission for the Corona Virus Video Competition! As Belize gears up to open back up to tourists with the first stage being the opening of PGIA on August 15, Ava’s video reminds us that to keep safe we must keep practicing the recommendations from the Ministry of Health and most importantly follow the rules. Click enjoy, share and stay safe!

  • Rendezvous Caye Belize Blog, 4min. Sailing, fishing ,swiming ,camping

  • Rum Talk with Travellers Liquors from Belize,61 min. Host: Matt Pietrek. What You'll Learn: Join Matt Pietrek for a deep dive into Travellers Liquors from Belize with: Amanda Perdomo, Director of Business Development. Myito Perdomo Jr., Master Blender, Distillery Manager. Odair Quetzal, Technical Distillery Manager.

  • BELIZE FAMILY ADVENTURE., 6min. We had a wonderful lunch at Maracas riverside restaurant.

  • National Guidelines for Re-Opening of the Tourism Sector Post-COVID-19, 3min.

  • CTO webinar discussion with Paul Pennicook, CEO of the Curacao Tourist Board and Yashin Dujon, CEO, Ministry of tourism, Belize on updates on their destinations, 62min. With August 15th approaching attached is a Zoom webinar discussing the opening of tourism. The webinar was held this morning with Paul Pinnicook, CEO of Curacao's Ministry of Tourism and Yashin Dujon, CEO, Belize's Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The discussion was conducted by the Caribbean Tourism Organization.