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The San Pedro Sun

Hol Chan Ranger rescues 5-year-old from drowning
A 5-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after almost drowning by the Boca del Río Area. According to information from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, one of their rangers was passing through the area this evening when he saw the little girl unconscious and floating in the water, while her 7-year-old brother was trying to render her assistance. The ranger quickly assisted the unconscious girl. Personnel from the San Pedro Police Formation and the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II were called to the scene where life-saving techniques (like CPR) were applied to the little girl, thereby resuscitating her. Afterwards she was taken to the clinic, and successfully stabilized.

Burglars break into Western Union office in downtown San Pedro
A newly opened Western Union office on Barrier Reef Drive was targeted by burglars who broke into the establishment some time the night of Thursday, July 9th. The thieves made off with two laptops and an undisclosed amount of cash. western union burglaryThe proprietor of the Western Union office said that after opening the business the next morning, he noticed the missing items and money. He immediately reported the incident to police, who visited the establishment and began investigating. Police are checking surveillance footage from nearby businesses, as this Western Union office did not have surveillance cameras.

BTB Staff Donates School Supplies to Students of San Antonio RC School, O.W.
Approximately 70 children from San Antonio RC School in the Orange Walk District received an assortment of back to school supplies as part of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) staff’s community outreach to assist those in need during the COVID-19 crisis. The presentation was made today by BTB employees in partnership with the Rotary Club of Orange Walk who also contributed to the project. The donation was comprised of knapsack, composition books, hand sanitizers, masks (kids’ size), pencil cases and a variety of other stationeries. In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, BTB’s staff collaborated to donate towards community outreach initiatives in several different areas of the country. This is the fourth donation to date. Prior contributions of food hampers benefitted over 200 families in Calla Creek, Belize City and Punta Gorda.

Award of Complementary climate funding to the Government of Belize
The UNDP programme, “Enabling Gender-Responsive Disaster Recovery, Climate and Environmental Resilience in the Caribbean” (EnGenDER) has been working with implementing partners, stakeholders and donors over the last year to strengthen disaster risk management systems for 9 Caribbean countries and build resilience to the effects of climate change. This work is happening at a variety of levels, from improving central government’s ability build strategies for inclusive approaches to policy making to build resilience; to strengthening regional systems for planning and recovery from natural disasters; to community level interventions to ensure the vulnerable have what they need to so that that adaptation and mitigation actions in key livelihood sectors, such as agriculture, consider vulnerable persons.

Islanders clean up on North Ambergris Caye
Over the past few weeks, parts of San Pedro Town have been painted and given a fresh look through an initiative spearheaded by Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures. The idea to keep the island beautiful and clean has led to a clean-up north of San Pedro Town, where a large amount of garbage was removed from the roadside, beachside, and the Secret Beach Area. The joint effort saw several groups of volunteers coming together. These included the North Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch, along with volunteers from the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, the Residences at Barrier Reef, Truck Stop, Sandy Point Resorts, PUR, Palapa Bar and Grill, Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures, among others, cleaning as far as X’tan Ha Resort located over seven miles north.

Various Belizean Sources


The Maya of the Mayab knows that before them, long before them, other men populated their land and made it beautiful and powerful. They were holy men, full of wisdom. Each of them had known the Yuumstilo'ob. They did not come from any of the land or sea directions. Here they went, because here was made by the One whose name is said sighing. They were beautiful and brave men and they gave love and mercy. Lord Zamná, the Father of all, was among them; his hand, the worker of the wonders of the world, rose high to lead and command them. And he cured them of the ills of their body, and gave them heat from the sun to ignite their spirits, which were thus always in the clear sky.

Border Jumpers Increase Belize’s COVID-19 Cases to 15
The villages of Blue Creek and San Felipe have been placed under a state of emergency given the increase of COVID 19 cases in that area. Officials fear a community spread. Ministry of Health Releases Statement: Our enhanced surveillance and now routine laboratory testing for SARS-CoV2 has identified another 4 cases as positive for SARS-CoV2. These 4 cases are related to the previously identified 3 cases yesterday and all 7 members of this family remain at the quarantine center in Orange Walk. One person displayed minor signs and symptoms and was seen at the hospital yesterday but has not warranted in hospital treatment.

Register to Vote!
See Requirements for registration.

Certification of Bargaining Units of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby clarifies and corrects inaccurate information regarding the process of Certification of Trade Unions under the Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations (Registration, Recognition and Status) Act, Chapter 304, Revised Edition 2011. The need to do this has arisen in the context of the imminent certification of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union as the sole bargaining agent to represent staff of the University of Belize who are members of the following units: (i) Full Time Faculty and Staff and (ii) Faculty and Staff on Temporary Assignment where they have been employed for two consecutive twelve-month contracts.

Flood Forecast for July 10, 2020

Scholarship Opportunity
The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme is designed to academically qualify future leaders in the fields of social & political science, law, economics, public policy and administration according to the principles of Good Governance and to prepare them in a praxis-oriented course for their professional life. The programme offers highly qualified graduates with a first university degree the chance to obtain a master’s degree in disciplines that are of special relevance for the social, political and economic development of their home country.

State of Emergency in Blue Creek and San Felipe Villages

Street Repair Continues in San Pedro
Our team has been hard at work fixing the streets, taking advantage of the dry weather. We began on Blake Street and headed our way onto the San Pablo Area. Now, we are in the DFC Area, but before, we managed to pave the entrance to the Escalante Sub-Division. This is only the beginning, we will get to the other areas that are in need of work.

Hit and run accident in Carmelita Village tonight, Friday, July 10
The victim passed away on the spot.

Major Development in Corozal Town
While our beautiful Corozal Town faces growing challenges, we remain a resilient community with MANY positive attributes. One such attribute is our potential for development, and we highlight this major construction that is ongoing on College Road. The construction is for a large Plaza that will offer spaces for new business initiatives and opportunities for jobs when it is completed in 2021. We commend the Belizean investors for their vision and for taking the bold step to bring opportunities to Corozal Town.

Football matches today in Belmopan

Coconut Shell Jewelry Making Program
We are very happy to be able to offer another summer program! Interested persons can learn the skill of making coconut jewelry by Belize's premier organic jeweler Kimberly Griffith.

Channel 7

Inside the UDP Power Struggle
On Sunday, for the second time in 5 months, the UDP will go back to the party's highest decision making body, the national convention, to select a new leader. The ruling party does so dangerously close to a general election, so it is hoping that the convention will be as bloodless as possible. Last night we told you all about the austere trappings of this party event - which will be no party. Tonight, Jules Vasquez looks at some of the political history and the power dynamics going into Sunday's convention. He starts in mid February, when perhaps prematurely, we declared Saldivar political dead meat:

How Faber Will Make Up His Margin of Defeat?
And that question, of how he plans to make up the margin is the first thing we asked Faber about this evening when he agreed to an interview with the press at his Belize City office. We discussed his remarks in late February that the convention wasn't all that fair. That was a reference to a stacked list of 570 delegates. Well, as you just heard, the list remains - so what has changed? That's what we asked Faber: "You felt that you had been treated unfairly, that you suggested that the list was rigged, that it was a list set for you to lose. It's the same list that they are using in this convention, sir. What will make the outcome different?"

The Meaning of Shyne’s Support
And as you heard, one name that he did not need to whistle for was was Shyne Barrow. That's because - as you saw in our headline - the former Faber opponent has become a proponent. We asked Faber about Shyne's switch and what it means for "Daddy Dean": "Speak about Shyne for us, he last time was avowedly against you, spoke out publicly against you as well and now we've seen a facebook post from him saying he supports you. First of all is the support genuine and second, is it indicative of the fact that perhaps his father has shifted support?"

Faber Says He Has PM’s Vote
And while Faber was careful how he spoke about the PM's support in that part of the interview, later on, Faber made it plain, he said he believes the PM will vote for him: Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Leadership candidate: "I think what is certain is that he has indicated that indeed he wants good leadership for the future of this party, he wants to leave the party in good hands. He has said about me, which you have seen many times over, you have heard him say that, there is record of him saying this over the many years that I have served as his deputy or even served as his minister in cabinet, that he believes that I am competent and capable and that I have that integrity and honesty to lead the party and carry it on. So, does the prime minister support me? Of course he does. He has said this many times over."

Faber Soft Shoes Saldivar’s Reputation
And while that is really only his hope - indeed, if Faber wins on Sunday, it will suggest what kind of enduring influence over party affairs Dean Barrow has as he leaves political life. But, one thing Barrow - nor any UDP will do - is publicly speak ill of John Saldivar and the taint of his association with Lev Dermen or Danny Mason. Such are the rules of the political fraternity in any party. And, even on the cusp of a career defining battle, his opponent Faber held fast to that line:

Serious Covid Concerns After Three Cases In OW
Tonight, there is concern in the Orange Walk District after three minors yesterday tested positive for COVID 19. According to a posting last night by the Director of Health Services these latest positive results come from 3 minors of a family that illegally crossed the border. That's very concerning and the Ministry of Health warns, quote, "we at health remain very much concerned with the ongoing illegals crossingswe are now anticipating clusters in these communities at the rate we are going." End quote. That is a very dire warning - and we asked the DHS to outline his concerns. I spoke to him via zoom video conference an hour ago:

Blue Creek State of Emergency Declared
We have breaking news coming from Belmopan. The Governor General has signed a proclamation declaring a state of public emergency in Blue Creek Village And San Felipe Village, Orange Walk District. This is after three recent COVID cases came out of that area. The state of emergency remains in place for a month for those two villages in northwestern Orange Walk. So what does it mean for residents? Well, a curfew!

No Bail for Border Jumper
And one of those border jumpers who was arrested and charged for entering Belize illegally tried to get bail today. 23-year-old Olga Galdamez, a Guatemalan national, is back at the Belize Central Prison after her application for bail was denied in the Supreme Court. On April 10th, a woman police officer was on patrol in Benque Viejo Town when she saw a suspicious group of persons. When the group saw the cops, they all ran. The officers chased after them, and that's when the female arresting officer recognized Galdamez. This officer recalled a prior encounter with Galdamez, which occurred on April 4th.

Immigration Staff Transfers Still Going Through
It may be a time of austerity, but the Immigration Department is getting ready to embark on its regular transfers, as per public service regulations. But, some immigration officers are complaining that now is not to the time to implement any kind of personnel transfers. We understand that the public service regulations oblige the heads of government departments to transfer public servants every 2 to 3 years. This is to ensure continued growth in and to make sure that none of them become too complacent or stagnant in their professional development. A list of the immigration officers being transferred has already been compiled, and some of them have reached out to our newsroom to publicly disagree.

Justices Lisa And Westmin
In other news, reliable reports to 7News are that Lisa Shoman, a former PUP Foreign Affairs Minister, and a former PUP Senator, is on the way to being appointed as a temporary judge of the Supreme Court. We are told that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been looking for suitable candidates and that Shoman and Westmin James were being seriously considered to fill vacant seats in the judiciary. You'll remember Westmin James as a UWI lecturer, and as one of the attorneys who pressed Caleb Orozco's lawsuit against Section 53 of the Criminal Code.

Alleged Gang Members Being Sought For SOE Detention
Last night, we showed you the 24 accused gang affiliates, including 4 women, who police sent up to Belize Central Prison under the Southside State of Emergency. At a press conference yesterday, Police Commissioner Chester Williams announced that the cops were actively looking for another group of accused trouble-makers, who will join them in jail. This morning, the department released a list of persons who are now wanted under the SOE.

Alleged Killer's Gramma Defends Him
And, all those names come out of the Southside state of emergency, activated after the the brutal weekend murders of 23-year-old Raheem Myles and 19-year-old Raheem Faber. Among the detained is Ainsworth Foreman, also known as Maca. He might be the prime suspect in Faber's murder but up until now, the cops haven't been able to prove his involvement or charge him for murder. This morning I spoke with his grandmother who says that he had nothing to do with Faber's death and that, as a matter of fact, they were friends.

Education Minister Takes On UB Mess
Last night, we took you to Belmopan where the faculty and staff of the University of Belize staged a protest against the senior administration of the University. They have been insisting that the President and the Board of Trustees have made calculated attempts at cutting them out of the very difficult conversation on how the institution will survive a budgetary shortfall of 7.1 million dollars.

Schools Opening: Safety Comes First
We also asked Faber about the statement by the president of the teachers union, Elena Smith. She said that teachers and schools will not be ready for school opening on August 10th. As we have reported, there's a whole handbook of new procedures that have to be implemented.

Faber Softens Position On Vega
And, finally from Faber, we asked him about Gaspar Vega. He's the former Deputy Prime Minister and three term area rep for Orange Walk north, who still the party's candidate in that seat.

Channel 5

2nd U.D.P. Convention is Here: Who Will Win on Sunday?
The new leader of the United Democratic Party, who will be referred to as leader elect, will be decided this Sunday. The three-man race has been narrowed down to a [...]

Who will the Prime Minister Vote for on Sunday?
In the build up to the February ninth leadership convention, former Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber had a public spat with Mesopotamia Area Representative Shyne Barrow.  At the time, the [...]

3 More Cases of COVID-19; Orange Walk Becomes Hotspot
Three more cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Thursday night and it is expected that four more cases will be confirmed later tonight. All these cases are being recorded in [...]

Another Group of Belizeans Repatriated
Another repatriation flight landed today with over twenty persons including military officers and two diplomats. United Airlines landed at the Philip Goldson International Airport at around midday after applications were [...]

Are We Prepared for the P.G.I.A.’s Reopening?
The Philip Goldson International Airport is scheduled to re-open for international travel on August fifteenth. This will allow visitors to enter Belize and jump-start the tourism industry and by extension [...]

Georgeville Village Council Says Minister Montero Giving Out Their Land without Consultation
Around the country, land disputes are brewing in villages.  In the latest case, the Georgeville Village Council is up in arms that a green space reserved for a sporting complex [...]

Minister of Education Weighs in on UB Crisis
Minister of Education Patrick Faber has been fairly silent on the UB matter.  Aside from government cutting the subvention for the national university amid the resulting economic crisis from COVID-19, [...]

Education Minister Responds to Schools not Being Ready to Reopen
B.N.T.U. National President, Senator Elena Smith has come forward to say that a majority of schools across the country will not be ready to reopen their classrooms on August tenth, [...]

Are the Tides Turning in Faber’s Favor?
Going back to Sunday’s leadership convention, a number of U.D.P. area representatives have also shifted their support from John Saldivar to Patrick Faber, including Cayo Central’s Rene Montero and Erwin [...]

Bail Denied for Woman Who Failed to Comply with Directive of Quarantine Authority
A Guatemalan woman, who calls Belize home and who was intercepted for violating the quarantine regulation in April, was denied bail when her attorney, Hurl Hamilton applied on her behalf today [...]

Barry Castillo on Bail With Curfew
A man, who allegedly forced his way into the home of an elderly American couple in Seine Bight, then proceeded to beat and rob them, was granted bail today, but [...]

Juan Bermudez Gets Bail
Juan Bermudez, who is accused of firing gunshots during an altercation with another man in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk was today granted bail by Justice Colin Williams.  Bermudez allegedly fired [...]

More Gang Members Detained Under New SOE
As part of an ongoing law enforcement operation to round up known gang members who are said to be involved in the recent flare up of violence in Belize City, [...]

P.S.U. Signs Bus Agreement for Commuting Public Officers
The Public Service Union has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with private bus company ADK Charters to provide transportation for public officers who travel from Belize City to Belmopan for [...]

P.U.P.’s Allan Pollard Wants Queen Square
Belize City Councilor Allan Pollard wants to be the area representative for Queen Square, a traditional U.D.P. stronghold and the constituency of Prime Minister Dean Barrow since 1984.  Barrow is [...]

Will U.B.F.S.U. Participate in UB’s Virtual Recommendations Meeting?
On Thursday, the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union held a demonstration to help amplify their voice for the senior administration of UB to engage them in cost-cutting measures [...]

Will There Be A New Faculty & Staff Rep on UB Board of Trustees?
The Union is also dissatisfied about the way in which Doctor June Young was removed from the UB Board of Trustees when the financial crisis announcement was made. The U.B.F.S.U. [...]

Everything Elsy – a Delicious Assortment of Fresh Fruit Arrangements
In the following story you will meet an enterprising single mother of four children. She is Elsy Rosales and she started a small business from scratch. She did not have [...]

Corozal Town Council Acquires Equipment for its Sanitation, Operations Department
Earlier this week, the Corozal Town Council acquired a lawn tractor, a generator, two lawn mowers, four echo brush cutters and other essential tools to complement the equipment for its [...]

The 10th Annual Back to School Trimming/Hair Braiding Initiative Needs Your Help
The popular tenth annual back to school trimming and hair braiding drive by Inspiration Arts is scheduled to be held on August eighth and ninth at its usual location on [...]


Belizean John Usher must pay BZ quarter billion+ for Sanctuary Bay scam
A Belizean has been found liable for what is known as one of the biggest overseas scams ever investigated by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and his involvement will cost him US$138.7 million. John Usher, a local businessman and resident of the Stann Creek District, has been found liable for conducting a series of fraudulent acts in the Sanctuary Bay scam. Sanctuary Bay was a real estate venture in which Usher and his counterparts were marketing parcels of land to American investors in what was promised to be luxury real estate developments in southern Belize.

State of Emergency declared for Southside Belize City
A State of Emergency (SOE), to combat an abrupt increase in crime and violence, has been declared for southside Belize City. The State of Emergency began at about 3:00 o’clock this morning with an operation that targeted areas where known gang members and/or criminals live or base their activities, and about 300 policemen, supported by soldiers of the Belize Defence Force, participated in the predawn operation. The SOE was initiated after Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said that gangs were escalating their criminal activities.

Haad time forces KHMH to let doctors go
The Belize Medical and Dental Association (BMDA) has spoken out against the mishandling of medical personnel at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in an unconventional press release that it issued following the termination of key medical practitioners from the KHMH while Belize prepares for a likely second wave of COVID-19. As early as May, reports were emerging that doctors who had been serving at the country’s only tertiary care hospital for decades were being dismissed due to a shortage in revenue being experienced at the KHMH. Among those practitioners was Dr. Amin Hegar, who has been providing twenty-four-hour optical treatment at the hospital – a service that has been discontinued as of May 15th.

UDP choose Party Leader on Sunday
Sunday, July 12, will be a huge day for the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), because on that day, beginning at 10 a.m., 570 delegates of the party will gather at the ITVET compound on Freetown Road to choose a new Party Leader. The current UDP leader, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, will end his active political career and step down from the leadership position. Just about two weeks ago, there were five candidates vying for the position: Hon. John Saldivar, Hon. Patrick Faber, Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Hon. Darrell Bradley, and Hon. Omar Figueroa.

Sentencing of Danny Mason and co-convicted men delayed
here was an apparent mix-up this morning for the scheduled sentencing of William Danny Mason and the four other men who were convicted with him last December for the July 2016 beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. While Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore was at the Belize City Supreme Court, some attorneys mistakenly went to the Belmopan Supreme Court. This resulted in Justice Moore having to adjourn the sentencing hearing for Monday, July 13.

UB union takes it to the streets
Today, Thursday, members and supporters of the UB Faculty and Staff Union (UBFSU) took to the streets of Belmopan to protest the decision by the UB board and UB president to declare the school to be in a state of financial exigency. This decision by the board was made after a reduction of the school’s subvention from $11 million to $8.34 million. The UBFSU, however, has been very vocal about their disapproval of this resolution, which they assert was not issued in a transparent manner that would have enabled their participation.

Cops will not be working at nightclubs
The Police Department will no longer be allowing its officers to work at nightclubs. The announcement was made by Commissioner of Police Chester Williams during a press brief yesterday. The move is aimed at ensuring that police officers do not become infected with the COVID-19 virus through contact with club goers who violate the COVID-19 regulations by not wearing a mask as required by law, and by not socially distancing. Williams said that when he visited a nightclub in an effort to assess the extent to which COVID-19 safety measures were being followed, he observed that the club was crowded, and many were not wearing masks and were not making an effort to engage in social distancing.

ACP Marco Vidal hospitalized
Police Department’s Commander of Operations, ACP Marco Vidal, is presently hospitalized, and is reportedly in a stable condition, after he was rushed to the hospital’s emergency room after he suffered a stroke-like condition yesterday evening at the Queen Street Police Station. Vidal had just concluded a police press brief where he, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte had informed the nation of the state of emergency that has been declared for southside Belize City.

3 San Pedranos remanded for attempted kidnapping and wounding
Three San Pedro fishermen have been remanded until October 7 on charges of attempted kidnapping, wounding and burglary. The three fishermen — Ruben Avalos Martinez, 29; Mark Hernandez, 27, and David Lopez, 18, of the San Mateo sub-division—were taken to the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where they were arraigned. Virjilio Gimez Alverta, 34, a Honduran laborer who resides in the San Mateo area of the island, told police that at about 11:00 p.m. while he was at home, three men, whom he knows, went to his house. One had a machete, while the other two men each had a knife. The men reportedly attacked Alverta.

Guatemalan border jumper quarantined
Guatemalan national, Elias Hernandez Lopez, 50, a farmer living in Guinea Grass, was placed in quarantine yesterday in Orange Walk Town, after he visited Mexico and came back into Belize by crossing illegally from La Union, Mexico. He was found in the village yesterday. When confronted by police and Ministry of Health officials, he was truthful and told authorities that he went to Mexico. He cooperated with the officers, and the COVID-19 pandemic protocols were followed and he was swabbed and placed in quarantine for 14 days.

Editorial: Do “campaign contributions” matter, UDP delegates?
The UDP hierarchy giving Hon. John Saldivar the green light to run in the UDP leadership convention set for Sunday, July 12, could be viewed by some of the party’s members as an endorsement of the results of a previous leadership contest, on February 9, which Saldivar won convincingly, outdistancing the only other candidate, Hon. Patrick Faber, by 115 votes, 342 to 227. More likely the decision to allow Saldivar to run again is based on a pragmatic interest in the party’s cohesion.

Silent stars polishing their shine at the Marion Jones Sports Complex
They are among perhaps the most under-appreciated athletes among the various popular sports in the country; but when it comes to quiet determination and singular pride and dedication to their craft, some top young track and field athletes presently training at the Marion Jones Sports Complex under the watchful eye of Belizean trainer Ernest Morris and Cuban coaches Roandys Hernandez and Lisandra Maria Rodriguez Alvarez (courtesy of the Olympic Committee), are outstanding role models, and deserve a long overdue showcase athletic meet for Belizean fans to show them some love and appreciation. Meanwhile, they quietly go through their daily routines in preparation for the next international meet...

NEBL welcomes new Commissioner
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) is pleased to introduce the new commissioner of the league. Mr. Christopher McGann has been selected as the commissioner, and he is tasked to ensure that the 2021 season continues to build on the momentum and successes of the past seasons. Mr. McGann holds a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance, and has worked in various research and managerial positions in Belize. Mr. McGann has extensive experience in financial management and analysis, and strategic plan development and execution. Christopher also played in the inaugural 2014 NEBL season with Belmopan Bandits and 2015 with Hurricanes. He is originally from Belmopan, but presently resides in Belize City.

Cricket Corner – Games resume
To all my so loved cricket enthusiasts, under the auspices of sponsor Bowen and Bowen, this year’s Harrison Parks Cricket Competition resumes after a COVID-19 halt. This halt lasted for over three months. Some may not have liked it, but it was the best thing to do. Before getting into specifics of our games, the president and governing body of the Belize National Cricket Association, myself and my family send out our most sincere condolences to the Baizar family of Bermudian Landing and Sunrise Cricket Club of Lords Bank on the sudden passing of their loved one, JOHN BAIZAR, a well-loved and known young man.

UDP politicians control Southside … but bankrupt for good leadership!
In the Southside of Belize City, one can immediately find the following constituencies: (1) Queen’s Square — won at every election for the past 40 years by Dean Oliver Barrow; (2) Mesopotamia —controlled by Michael Finnegan “from King Hatchet was a hammer;” (3) Port Loyola — dominated by Boots Martinez without order; (4) Collet Division – under the command of aspiring UDP party leader Patrick Faber; (5) Albert Division – a Philip Goldosn stronghold from time immemorial until Mark Espat won it, and now it’s in the hands of Tracy Panton; AND Lake Independence, which is the only PUP-held constituency by Hon. Cordel Hyde! Simply put, Southside is red… red for the UDP representation it has, and red, washed in the blood of countless murdered sons and daughters of the soil!

The Belize the lawyers made
Because the lawyers are so brilliant, or the system is so weak, there is no justice in the courts, so there is retaliation in the streets. There is no justice in Belize, so the only response when violence overwhelms us is a state of emergency, which means the good suffer for the bad. What other choices do the police have? What a terrible state we live in, where the good must punish so that the law can catch up, temporarily, with those who commit violent acts in our country.

Finally, long leave for Dr. Jerome …
As predicted, Jerome was ready to proceed on four months long leave as of May 1st, 1988 with confidence that the state of affairs in the overall Medical Department could not have been better; and when he had come home on the Friday without his briefcase, a great cheer was raised by the children that he was theirs for four whole months.

Dear Editor, I’m not a fan of editorials, whether they originate from the editorial staff, or are styled as “Letters to the Editor”. Sometimes it’s the heading: no “full-eye” appeal, and that’s as far as I get. If curiosity trumps and I choose to read on, I try to spot the “beef” by the end of the first paragraph and turn the page. Your editorial, “Corruption, party before country, and naiveté” (Amandala 3/7/2020), was different. The caption notwithstanding, I did go to the text. And read it through to the end.

Vaccines kill or paralyze people every year
Dear Editor, In a recent report out of China, a herdsman has caught the Bubonic Plague. A 15-year-old girl from neighboring Mongolia also has the Bubonic Plague. In May, a Kazakhstan couple who visited Mongolia died. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) says every year in the US, 7 people are infected with the Bubonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague is a 14th century disease that killed 50 million people. Although thought to be eradicated, the Bubonic Plague still kills people in the 21st century.

Government’s lousy protectionist policies and monopolies are doing Belize no good
Dear Editor, Back in 1983, when we started our importation business, Belize was in a semi-socialist mentality and we needed a Supplies Control Permit for nearly any and everything that we wanted to import — biscuits, soap powder, flour, etc. GOB had full control over who could import whatever was needed. As the years passed and Hon. Dr. Manuel Esquivel took over with his free market leanings, the permits were disposed of. Only very special products required a permit from Supplies Control then.

Belize needs law and order
Dear Editor, In the 40’s and 50’s, a police constable would tap the offender on the shoulder and tell him “You are under arrest,” and the culprit would accompany the police to the police station. Not now! The offender would retaliate with a pistol. Murder was committed once a year, and the Creole women would leave their rice-and-beans and go to the Supreme Court just to listen to the verdict. I attended St. John’s College in 1951 and boarded on Pickstock Street with Ms. Ethel Wade — three houses past George Price’s house.


Special Envoy speaks on corporal punishment
On the heels of the comments made by the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, and Minister of National Security, Michael Peyrefitte on the issue of corporal punishment, the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow issued a statement condemning the use of corporal punishment. For context, we share with you yesterday’s interview with Williams and Peyrefitte.

Several persons wanted for Gang related crimes
After the announcement of the State of Emergency in the Southside area of Belize, the Police Department has begun detaining several gang members. Today the department issued wanted posters for fourteen men, out of the fourteen four have been caught.

COVID-19 UPDATE: 4 more test positive. Belize now has 15 active cases.
COVID-19 UPDATE Our enhanced surveillance and now routine laboratory testing for SARS-CoV2 has identified another 4 cases as positive for SARS-CoV2. These 4 cases are related to the previously identified 3 cases yesterday and all 7 members of this family remain at the quarantine center in Orange Walk. One person displayed minor signs and symptoms […]

Patrick Faber won’t get rid of Gaspar Vega
While party leader aspirant, Patrick Faber, stated that he has many supporters on his side, there are still some who are rallying behind John Saldivar. In the first convention, Gasper Vega showed his support for Saldivar.

Gift of Life continues to save lives amid pandemic
The Gift of Life Program has saved plenty of lives in Belize. The program, which is a part of the Rotary Club, helps children who were born with congenital heart disease.

More border jumpers and more imported cases of Covid-19 in Belize
Belize has now registered thirty-three confirmed cases of Covid-19. Three new cases were uncovered among a set of tests that were carried out yesterday. According to the Office of the Director of Health Services, the new cases are all minors who were among a family that crossed into Belize illegally.

Patrick Faber confident about upcoming leadership convention
By this time on Sunday night, the United Democratic Party will have a new leader-elect. It’s like Déjà vu since Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, and former Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, will be competing for the coveted position

Two more standard bearers declare their support for Faber
Two more standard bearers who have sided with Patrick Faber are Dennis Garbutt of Toledo East and Orson “OJ” Elrington of the Freetown Division. Elrington stated that his support for Faber has been unwavering since the first convention.

Blue Creek and San Felipe placed under State of Emergency
Recent covid-19 cases that have emerged out of Blue Creek and San Felipe Villages in the Orange Walk District have caused the Ministry of National Security to place them under a State of Emergency. The Statutory Instrument states that there will be a curfew from 8pm until 4:59am. Additionally, minors need to be at home […]

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One killed in road traffic accident in Carmelita, Orange Walk
A fatal road traffic accident in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk has claimed the life of […]

Blue Creek and San Felipe Villages under State of Emergency due to COVID-19
Today, the Governor General signed a proclamation declaring a state of emergency for Blue Creek […]

Belize registers 4 new cases of COVID-19, total now at 37
The Office of the Director of Health Services has now informed that they have identified […]

“Budget cuts at National Health Insurance could have been worse,” says Executive Chairman
The COVID-19 pandemic has severely reduced the Government of Belize’s revenues causing cutbacks in all […]

Will schools be ready to re-open on time?
The Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) has warned that the “cart has been placed before […]

Belize Police Department invites all to National Citizens Appreciation day
The Belize Police Department is hosting a National Citizens Appreciation Day on Wednesday, July 15, […]

Branch Mouth Hammock Bridge repaired
The hammock bridge in Branch Mouth, Cayo has been repaired by the Ministry of Works. […]

UB Faculty and Staff Union demand respect from university administration during demonstration
“What do we want?” “Respect!” “When do we want it?” “Now!” Their chants echoed through […]

CARICOM congratulates The Bahamas on its 47th Independence Anniversary
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has congratulated the Government and People of The Bahamas on the […]

Certification of bargaining units of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development issued a statement to clarify and […]


Matachica Resort Named Amongst Top 10 Resort Hotels in Central America by the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2020
Secluded beachfront getaway, Matachica Resort is honored to announce they have been named amongst the top ten resort hotels in Central America in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2020, based on an annual readers survey celebrating its 25th year. The property was ranked the fifth-best resort hotel in Central America and the best in Belize. Each year, the readers of Travel + Leisure — one of the largest travel media brands in the United States, with an audience of 6.7 million — share their thoughts on destinations, hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, rental-car agencies, and more in an annual survey. The results are now featured in the August 2020 issue of Travel + Leisure and at

A Fairytale Island Escape: Half Moon Caye, Belize
Half Moon Caye is an island off the coast of Belize, about 55 miles south-east of Belize City. Not to mention, it’s one of seven sites that’s apart of the Belize Barrier Reserve Reef System, a World Heritage Site. Located in the southeast corner of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, it was dedicated as a monument in 1981 and was the first protected area in Belize. The island’s crescent shape provides two startling ecosystems, even though its landmass is only about 45 square acres. The western side of the island has rich soil and the lush vegetation of a littoral forest while the eastern side is sparser, with coconut palms.

Cruise the Belize Coast by Catamaran
Warm trade winds and line-of-sight sailing makes Belize’s miles of cayes and palm-studded beaches a sailing paradise. However with a chartered catamaran cruise, your sailing vacation in Belize is a laid back yet intimate experience. Each charter day awaits with new surprises of vibrant marine life, barefoot perfect beaches, and hidden-away treasures.

Yes, Belize is Reopening to Americans in August
Since coronavirus, packing to travel looks different today. Face masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes fill carry-on bags. And if you’re planning to come to Belize, add a negative COVID-19 test on your packing list. Globally, countries are slowly reopening to international visitors; some restrict American travelers while others require stringent health demands. It’s important that travelers research the destination before visiting and understand how their trip might be different. At the time of writing, Belize joins 22 other countries as the first destinations to reopen and welcome back American tourists from the US.


  • Driving around Belize City, 2.5min.

  • Protographium butterfly, Caterpillar. [ Papilionidae ], .5min.

  • Scuba diver meets gigantic spotted eagle stingray in Belize, .5min. Spotted eagle rays are a rare sight for scuba divers. When this diver came across a gigantic male cruising along the reef majestically, he was in complete awe. The eagle ray is capable of impressive speeds, especially when they grow this large. Swift and agile, they are designed to evade large predators like sharks. This stingray was slowly cruising along, just relaxing and possibly keeping an eye out for conch shells, their preferred food. The diver met the eagle ray slowly and cruised along with him. The stingray flapped its large wings gracefully, unconcerned with the presence of the human.

  • Realize Belize started their Summer Story Time Friday, 6min. Join us for our first Story 'I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato!' by Lauren Child, introduced by our special guest! All stories can be found on our Facebook page.

  • Belize Forest Walk, 10min.

  • SNORKELING WITH SHARKS IN BELIZE | Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley - Ambergris Caye, 10min. This was an AWESOME experience! We started the day by tendering from our cruise ship to the port of Belize City. This is an extremely touristy cruise port, and we wanted to get an authentic Belizean experience, so we caught a flight to Ambergris Caye to snorkel the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. We took the smallest plane we've ever flew in and had amazing views of the barrier reef the whole way to Ambergris Caye. We were picked up by our awesome tour (No Worries Tours) and headed to our boat for the day. Hol Chan Marine Reserve was our first stop, and it did not disappoint. It feels like you're part of the underwater world. You can swim up to the edge of the reef, which felt like the drop off from Finding Nemo ;)

  • Rap dedicated to the Maya struggle of the Maya social War (Caste War), 3.5min.