The University of Belize is hemorrhaging. That's according to a press release sent out this evening that finally outlines the measures that President Sankat's has placed before his board of Trustees. Those measures include a salary reduction, effective August 1st, across the board with a tiered reduction beginning at 25% at the top most band and reducing to 5% at the lowest band. Increments across the board for all employees will be frozen for the 2020-21 financial year, with the provision that the forgone implementation will still apply to pensions at retirement or upon departure from the University.

Also among the suggested measures- a Voluntary Separation Program and a reorganization or consolidation of many once core divisions including UB Central Farm, the Offices of HR and Finance, and the Regional Language Center.

On the academic side, full time faculty will be expected to teach 5 courses per semester with adjunct contracts poised to be slashed by 75%. Additionally trained administrators where qualified will be asked to teach at least one course per semester as a matter of providing voluntary service to the University.

Finally, the University is making provisions for Faculty and Staff to continue to work from home this includes an allowance of $500.00 per year will be provided as a technology grant so as to support their access to internet.

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