On Monday's news, we took you to the UDP's leadership Convention, where 570 delegates decided, in a very close race between Patrick Faber and John Saldivar.

Faber won out, but many of Saldivar's allies feel betrayed by the process and cheated.

And within days we learned that Gaspar Vega will not run as a candidate for Orange Walk North, and Wilfred Elrington has said publicly that he believes that it is time to retire from electoral politics.

So, where does all this ferment leave the UDP? And where will they find new candidates? We asked the Chairman yesterday:

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte - Chairman, UDP

"Yes, Sedi Elrington has indicated that he is not running again. Gaspar Vega has indicated he's not running again, but that's not everybody. There are still 29 people left, and we - if it stays that way, then I'm sure we'll find some other suitable candidates. Those 2 will be missed; I can tell you that. And they will be big shoes to fill, in terms of delivering a political, seat no doubt, but they're not everybody. We're a mass party, and we are filled with talent, and we have people who are willing and able to step in and represent very well for the UDP in November in the general elections."


"So how would you describe perhaps the happenings immediately after the convention? It seemed as if there were some tensions. How do you describe that? What do you make of that?"

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte

"This is politics, my brother. This is not Jax and ball. This is politics. This is a big person game. It's for women and men, not for girls and boys. You're in a rough and tumble game, and so, when you put your all out there, and the people who are not victorious, naturally, you'll be hurt and dejected. And those who win are elated."


"You mentioned it's a man and woman game, but a lot of these men 'catch feelings', and they 'catch feelings' for long. Talk to us about the healing process a few months before the general elections."

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte

"It's a matter of sitting down and having a conversation. It's a matter of sitting down maybe with the entire group of us. Like in a therapy session, you let out your feelings, bring out your complaints, and you talk as the brothers and sisters that we are. And so, we're a family. Do families have disagreements? Do you quarrel with your family sometimes?"

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