And while police have to focus resources on solving those murders - they also have to keep eyes in the skies for those drug planes coming in from South America. Residents of Xunox village saw one circling yesterday afternoon. The COMPOL confirmed it today:


"There was a sighting of a twin jet flying low over Chunox Village yesterday, police and BDF personell were seen at Progresso and Little Belize junction. Could you talk about that?"

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

"This is nothing new, and so, from yesterday evening up to this morning around five, we were monitoring tracks and the first track that came flew over and we later received information that it landed in Guatemala and the second track that came, again, we got information that that went to Mexico. So again, as I have always maintained that as much as we are not given credit for our efforts in deterring these planes from landing in our country we continue to do our best on a daily basis. We're up all night monitoring these tracks, we don't sleep and have to come to work in the morning still. It's the life of the police."

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