Current #'s from the CDC as of today for the U.S:
Total Tests Reported: 51,680,022 (this is not total unique individuals, just entire # of tests given)
Positive Tests Reported: 4,878,379
% of Positive Tests: 10%

That is the United States of MAH FREEDUMS, where people don't understand 'tyranny' from 'its-a-public-health-crisis-that-most-every-other-country-in-the-world-has-a-handle-of-except-us'
I think it is incredibly smart and prudent for other countries to deny U.S. citizens entry into their countries.
I think Belize has been smart in its re-opening plan. But I expect its infection rates to CLIMB the second you let us (the U.S.) back in. Starting in less than 30 days....

The biggest issue isn't the death rate, which I agree is super low for most people (not-prexisting conditions and not elderly). The issue is the # of other ailments that stick around once the covid-19 goes away. Lung scarring, Stroke, embolisms, and blood clotting, Heart damage, Neurocognitive and mental health impacts, etc)

"There are 2 sides to this, those that believe all the crap they are fed by people who have not missed a pay check throughout this whole Pandemic [...]" ...? huh? People still employed are not to be trusted? lmao gtfoh
I suggest an article:

In short it discusses calculations that determine:
- the # of people necessary to be in on a hoax/conspiracy to pull it off
- how the # of people involved relates to how quickly the hoax/conspiracy is exposed.

Should precautions be universally applied to all areas of the globe, country, state, etc...? NO. There are plenty of countries and whole areas within countries that do not need the same level of health safety precautions as say NY, FL, TX, AZ, CA here in the U.S.

I truly hope Belize is able to keep its low infection numbers. I just as truly feel the citizens of the U.S will f*** that up for any country that lets us in....