Listen to this fascinating episode of The Belize Travelcast about the people and culture of Belize with Joe Awe.

The people of Belize are often referred to as a melting pot of cultures. For such a small country, Belize’s population is very diverse. In this episode, we discuss the origins of Belize’s cultural groups. Our guest is Joe Awe, Anthropologist and Chief Cultural Evangelist from NINE Belize Eco-Cultural Tours. Joe is one of the foremost experts on Belize's cultures. In this two-part discussion, Joe gives us a very thought-provoking lesson on the history of Belize's melting pot.

This two-part episode is an in-depth discussion about the history and diversity of the people of Belize. Our guest, Joe Awe, is a Belizean sociocultural activist and naturalist. He is one of the most renowned experts on indigenous cultures in Belize. His initiation into tourism started in 1997 working with the School for International Training (Vermont) where he was a part of educational tourism – at that time fairly new in Belize. He later was hired to work as a guide at the Lodge at Chaa Creek, where he helped with the resort’s development for 12 years. This is where he truly fell in love with tourism and the art of telling the Belize story.

In part 1, Joe discusses the origins of the name Belize, the idea of the melting pot, and a brief history of the early colonization of Belize.