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Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Monday, July 27th, Meal pick ups. Location: Belize Diving Services Ltd. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

Testing Requests Increase
The number of requests for PCR testing for SARS-CoV2 by those leaving Belize has been increasing, this seems to be a requirement for travel to some countries. Kindly note that the Ministry of Health is NOT currently offering/providing PCR tests for persons LEAVING the country and this has not been factored into any procurement of supplies. Kindly factor this as you plan your travel. Travel for ESSENTIAL reasons MAY be considered on an individual basis but not routinely.

COVID-19 Update
A little over 4 months since we first identified a case, this is how our cumulative data looks like up until today.

Online Exhibition: "Enrique Minjares Padilla Obra Reciente/Recent Works, 2015-2020"
The Embassy of Mexico in Belize has the pleasure to announce the online exhibition of renowned Mexican artist Enrique Minjares Padilla/Recent Works 2015-2020. Enrique Minjares Padilla lives and works in Mexico City. He studied Visual Arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His work explores different production possibilities and perceptions of the pictorial medium. Also, it has been exhibited in public and private institutions in Mexico and abroad.

A Fatal Fishing Trip
Fishing out at sea is probably one of the most dangerous occupations in the world these days. At the age of 43, Vicente Viamil ventured to the sea, not knowing it would have ended up being a fatal fishing trip. “Bright light rays dimmed through the clouds as the sun was setting on the sea, while the dark night was falling. Like any busy fishing day, Vicente was the first to reach the boat; he was preparing his conch and getting ready for the night. I was about a mile away from the boat when I realized that we had unexpected visitors near us. These persons seemed to be having a conversation with Vicente, when all of a sudden, a splash was heard. It wasn’t clear what happened at the time, all I was able to witness was that they killed my friend with a sparegun...

Reminder: Introduction to BTB Tourism Gold Standard for Tour Operators webinar on July 27, 2020
Register here:

Оn Ѕаturdау mоrnіng аrоund 3, Іndереndеnсе Роlісе vіѕіtеd аn аrеа аlоng thе Ѕоuth Ѕtаnn Сrееk Rіvеr іn thе Ѕtаnn Сrееk Dіѕtrісt whеrе thе mоtіоnlеѕѕ bоdу оf а Мауаn dесеnt mаlе реrѕоn wеаrіng а grеу ѕhоrt раntѕ wаѕ оbѕеrvеd lауіng fасе uр оn thе bаnk оf thе rіvеr. Тhе mаn wаѕ іdеntіfіеd аѕ Dоlоrеѕ Ѕhо, 37,а Веlіzеаn ѕаlеѕ аgеnt оf Ѕаntа Rоѕа Vіllаgе іn thе Ѕtаnn Сrееk Dіѕtrісt. Іnіtіаl іnvеѕtіgаtіоn rеvеаlеd thаt Ѕhо аlоng wіth hіѕ brоthеr іn lаw Еrnеѕtо Ѕhаl аnd Јоnаthаn Сhіас lеft Ѕаntа Rоѕа аt 8:30 рm оn Frіdау, Јulу 24th 2020 аnd wеnt fіѕhіng аt thе Ѕоuth Ѕtаnn Сrееk Rіvеr.

There are reports coming out of the northern part of the country is indicating that members of the Mobile Interdiction Team MIT were shot at near an illegal border crossing yesterday Reportedly at around 6:35 pm an M.I.T. patrol encountered a boat with seven male individuals who were unloading sacks of contraband onions on Belizean territory and that was when someone from across the Rio Hondo River on the Mexican side fired a shot at the officers who were attempting to detain the men who were unloading the contraband goods.

First Yucatec Maya museum in Corozal district
The Inauguration of the first Yucatec Maya museum in Corozal district on July 25th 2020 was the fulfillment of one of our Mission Statements. We are greatful for the presence of our dignitaries, special guest, families, friends and community members who celebrated with us. I congratulate all the hard working team members who worked tirelessly to bring this mission to fruition. With out your efforts, this would not be in existence.

Channel 5

Shot Fired Near Illegal Border Crossing
News Five has received reports that members of the Mobile Interdiction Team were shot at today. No injuries were reported. We understand that a shot was fired by an individual across the Mexican border near the illegal border crossing in Santa Cruz Village. Sources say that at around 6:35 pm MIT officers attempted to intercept a boat with seven male passengers who were coming from Botes with contraband goods. We are told that when the contrabandistas were unloading sacks of onion on the Belize side, someone across the Rio Hondo River fired a shot at the officers who were attempting to detain the contrabandistas. The officers then returned fire. Two of the male persons swam back across to Botes and the remaining persons jumped back into the boat and made good their escape.


37-year-old Dolores Sho was found motionless on the bank of the South Stann Creek River around 3am yesterday. Sho, who is a resident of Santa Rosa Village, left his home with his brother-in-law and another man around 8:30pm on Friday to go fishing at the river. They decided to go home around 1am on Saturday and started to come down the river. On the way, they found an area where bamboo trees spread across the river. Sho swam under the trees but did not resurface. The two other men began to look for him and found him unresponsive under the trees. The body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where Sho was pronounced dead.

Reports to our newsroom are that police officers were called to Mikado on Albert Street on allegations that there were two men inside the store with firearms. The officers searched the men, but did not find any weapons. Regardless, the men were detained. No one was injured and, despite previous rumors, the store was not robbed.

54-year-old Leonel Tobar and his wife, Elisa, were held up at gunpoint inside their store in St Mathews Village, Cayo District. The couple was inside the store when four men entered, two armed with guns and one with a butcher knife. The men tied the couple up but then a struggle ensued between the robbers and Tobar, during which he was stabbed several times to the head and body. The robbers then ransacked the store and stole an undisclosed amount of money before fleeing the scene. Tobar has been admitted to the hospital.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Costa Rica to ban American tourists from entering when it reopens airports to visitors next month
The government of Costa Rica says that it will ban visitors from the USA when […]

Friendly football match to raise funds for Danny Jimenez to be held today in San Ignacio
Football returns, of a sort, to Norman Broaster Stadium in downtown San Ignacio Town today. […]

Ministry of Health: The Number of requests for PCR testing for SARS-CoV2 is increasing
The Ministry of Health says that the number of requests for PCR testing for SARS-CoV2 […]

Man drowns in the South Stann Creek River
On Saturday morning around 3, Independence Police visited an area along the South Stann Creek […]


I Love Ambergris Caye When She’s SO Green
A few days ago, we drove way up north on Ambergris Caye and while my sea view was marred a bit by the recent sargassum (seaweed) influx – the other side of the road…the trees and flowers and vines…the forest looked GORGEOUS. Heavy rains at the beginning of June ended the dry dry season and…triggered spring! I love it when everything is so green and the flowers blooming. Some of the most magnificent are the flamboyant trees – so perfectly named. I spotted 2 gorgeous ones a few days back as we drove by a private home just south of me. So I emailed the owners of Casa Rana, beautiful rental home near me, to ask if I could stop by and take a few pictures.

Ten Great Reasons to Move to Belize
Have you ever fantasized about living on a tropical island? Belize has many of them, however the mainland has just as many charms. Although, that’s just one reason why Belize is a great place to live, or move to. Below, you’ll find ten more. Your major expenses, such as housing, food, medical care and utilities, will be affordable in Belize. Whether you want a beachside condo or a villa in the rain forest, real estate is surprisingly reasonable. Local markets provide bargains on seafood and local produce. Medical care is affordable, and Belize has some of the best high speed internet in the region.

Experience the Belize Zoo on a Virtual Tour: August 3, 2020
The Belize Zoo is bringing the zoo experience to you. One of Belize’s favourite attractions, The Belize Zoo, located on mile 29 of the George Price Highway is hosting a You Better Belize It Virtual tour. All family and friends are invited to tune in on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 12 PM – 2 PM PDT to take a virtual tour of the zoo. Experience the best little zoo in the world by meeting some of its wonderful keepers and wild residents! Your participation alone will help raise awareness and funds to support this necessary organization through this difficult time.

International Sourcesizz

he G20 has offered to temporarily suspend debt repayments for more than 70 countries classified as ‘least developed countries’ or which meet certain criteria under the World Bank International Development Association. In this case, 30 Commonwealth countries are eligible, but a number of small vulnerable states such as Jamaica, Belize and Eswatini do not qualify because their average annual income per person is above the US$1,175 threshold, or they are deemed creditworthy enough to borrow from other funds. So, while acknowledging these huge efforts of the global community to deal with the financial impacts of the pandemic, it is clear the nature and size of the support on offer is simply not enough.

Fall of the Ancient Maya: Top Five Reasons That May Have Led to the Demise of Ancient Civilisation
The sophisticated civilisation inhabited the area in what is now known as southeastern Mexico, all of Belize and Guatemala and western parts of Honduras and El Salvador from the 2nd century BC until 1697 AD when the last city, Nojpetén, surrendered during the Spanish conquest of the region. The Mayan civilisation, shrouded in mystery, is known for a complex writing system as well as for its art, giant architecture, astronomical system, and calendar. In the 9th century these highly developed people started abandoning cities, which led to the collapse of their civilisation and scientists still don’t know the reason behind it.


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