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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) prepares for the arrival of international tourists
By this time next month, the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) is expected to be open, welcoming international visitors and re-opening the tourism industry. On Friday, July 24th, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) held a held an informational forum at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel to charter the way forward, and indicating that most of its members support the decision to resume commercial flights to the country and that the PGIA cannot remain closed.

Sperm Whale calf dies shortly after rescue off north Ambergris Caye coast
The new-born Sperm Whale rescued near the beach in northern Ambergris Caye on Friday, July 24th, died after apparently being unable to locate her mother in the open sea. The calf had been assisted by a team of biologists, local and international veterinarians, tour guides, tour operators, and members of the Belize Stranding Network to reunite it with her mother, but all attempts were unsuccessful as it is believed the pod (group of whales) had moved on.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, July 28th, Meal pick ups Location: Food Republic. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

Attention all BOOST families please see flyer with an important notice

Panerrifix Steelband will be performing for free on Friday at OLOG Primary school
As tradition dictates, at the end of summer camp we host a Jam Session. This year is no exception, so come over to our bandroom located at OLOG Primary School this Friday at 5pm. It's free. Bring a chair or a towel to sit on the lawn and enjoy the musical selections from the various bands. Bring a friend, or two. (Social distancing measures will be in place.)

New Cross walks by Sacred Heart
The new cross walk shine ups are looking great. Our repainting of pedestrian crossings continue by Sacred Heart College, the Falcon Field and the Bishop Martin primary school.

New Polyclinic to be Constructed in Belmopan
A ceremony was held today to break ground for the Belmopan Polyclinic II, which will be located on the compound of the Western Regional Hospital. The facility will be used to provide primary health services to residents of Belmopan and nearby villages of Roaring Creek, Camalote, St. Matthew, Cotton Tree, Frank's Eddy, More Tomorrow, St. Margaret, and Armenia. Services will include medical consultations for the outpatient department, maternal and child health services — including immunization, prenatal, postnatal, family planning, cancer screening, child health - dental health, mental health, pharmacy, and phlebotomy services. The project is funded through a loan at an estimated BZ$1.4 million by the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of Belize, and implemented through the Social Investment Fund.

In terms of the origin of the last 30 cases (after the initial 18) this is the breakdown: - 19 from Mexico - 7 from the USA - 2 from Honduras - 2 from Guatemala 27 of these cases are in Belizeans and only 13 out of the 30 are from the repatriation process; the remaining 17 are tied to illegal crossings. Our active surveillance continues.

Caye Caulker Expo
Join us as we host our very first Caye Caulker Expo. We will bring together a collaboration of artistic flair, tantalizing treats and services. We have partnered with local businesses to showcase talent while supporting our community's entrepreneurs. Please keep in mind we will be adhering to all safety protocols while wearing masks and keeping a social distance. We hope to see you there! Saturday, August 1, 2020 at 11 AM – 6 PM.

Current fixed LPG prices
The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) of the Belize Bureau of Standards has received and confirmed reports of the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) below the fixed controlled prices at several locations countrywide.

Access to Finance Series
The Access to Finance Series continues with a chance to receive a Direct Support Grant from the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA)! Over $15,000 USD will be available to help SMEs in the following areas: 1. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy 2. Marketing and Promotions 3. Business Continuity Planning 4. Equipment Purchase & Upgrade 5. Certification 6. Business Recovery 7. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 8. Capacity Building If you want to learn more about how you may qualify for a grant join us for a webinar on July 29th at 10:00AM.

Flood Forecast - July 27, 2020

Fly Casting Lessons on Ambergris Caye
Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish? Now’s your chance! GoFish Belize is offering fly casting lessons everyday @4pm. Kids and adults are welcomed. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. By appointments only. Cost: $20BZ. Pax: 1. Time: 4pm to 5pm. Location: GoFish Belize Office, San Pedro Town, Belize

Photos from the BTIA Forum last week
The BTIA team and Executive Board express our gratitude to the Panelists and Members for sharing their expertise and experience during an engaging and constructive forum last week. Also, a special thank you to our event sponsors Protected Areas Conservation Trust and Development Finance Corporation for your contribution to the success of the event.

The Embassy and Belize Taiwan Alumni Society co-hosted the Orientation for 2020 Taiwan MOFA & ICDF Scholarships on July 25, 2020 at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. H.E. Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen officially congratulated the 48 aspiring young Belizean awardees with best wishes as well as the courage and faith for life while facing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greening Across Belize Initiative in Corozal
The Rotaract Club of Corozal is more than excited to be taking part in the Greening Across Belize Initiative alongside the Belize Audubon Society. - Starting Point: Central Park, Corozal Town. Date: Monday August 03, 2020.

Northern Regional Commander Visits High Risk Border Areas
Today, joined by the Northern Regional Commander Sr. Supt. Marcia Moody, along with the O.C. Orange Walk Supt. Juanito, COMPOL Chester Williams visited the high risk border areas such as Santa Cruz & Douglas Villages (Rio Hondo Riverside crossing), to revisit policing strategies, law enforcement & community members movement when is comes to suspected border jumping & contrabanders. Recently, there is a raise in reports of persons from these communities crossing the borders illegally and returning into to Belize & placing our country at high risk for the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Acoustica IV
Metal Haven's Acoustica IV has a location and date. It'll happen at The Bluffs on Saturday, August 29th. Ascenthium and Almost 7 will be performing, along with Aldo, Christian and Kumar, and others. They even have Metal Haven face masks for the event.

Recognizing Ceremony for Outstanding Pioneers of Belmopan
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of our Garden City an award ceremony was held on Saturday, 25th July at LifeNet Reception Hall. 50 outstanding pioneers of Belmopan were recognized. Mayor Khalid Belisle addressed the gathering. Your country Thanks You and Belmopan Salutes You.

Belize Livestock Producer Association Newsletter
The BLPA has a new newsletter out.

Belmopan Day Job Fair
Job opportunities at the Belmopan Day Job Fair this Saturday.

Yesterday's published Westline Bus Co. Ltd schedule

K’awiil , lightning deity (God K)
Usually depicted with an ax or smoking tube in his forehead, an upturned snout and a serpent leg, K’awiil was most likely a lightning deity, a personification of the smoking ax carried by Chaak, the rain deity. Representations of K’awiil adorn the royal scepters that were held by Maya Kings. Early representations of K’awiil on royal scepters appear at Tikal in Guatemala. It is believed however, that the K’awiil scepter derived from the atlatl (spear thrower) and was adopted by warrior rulers of Tikal and Central Mexico.

Almost 200 residents of the Mesopotamia constituency gathered in front of the Shyne Barrow Resource Center to receive the land documents that made them first time land owners. Veteran educator Sophie Gladden from the Mesopotamia Executive was the mistress of ceremony and singing sensation Jackie Castillo sung the National anthem before speeches from UDP Area Leader for Mesopotamia, Shyne Barrow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Lands, Hugo Patt and his commisioner of lands Wilbert Vallejos.

Ya’axché radio talk show today
Join the Ya’axché radio talk show and learn about Ya’axché’s Summer Camp 2020, Bladen Nature Reserve and our work in the Maya Golden Landscape. Tune in on Sunshine Raydio Station 100.9 FM, Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 4-5 pm. Be sure to join Sayuri Tzul, our Marketing and Communication Manager, Said Gutierrez, our Protected Areas program Director, Evarista Sho, our Education and Outreach officer and Gustavo Requena, our Community Outreach and Livelihoods program Director on the Ya’axché radio talk show.

"Memories of War"
Invitation: "Memories of War" within the framework of the 173th Anniversary of the Mayan Social War. Place: Nojoch Residence Mak Pedro Carrillo San Lazaro O.W. Participants: Special Guests. August 2, 1:00 p.m.

Channel 7

International Incident Caused By Contraband Smugglers
Determined contraband smugglers caused a major incident this weekend on the Rio Hondo. It happened on Saturday evening when a police unit tried to intercept a boat loaded with contraband. The boat was about to dock at Santa Cruz, Orange Walk, which is across from Botes, Mexico. The men on the boat were unloading a sack of onions in the Belize side when they saw the police; and took evasive action. And then, suddenly, gunshots from the Mexican side. The commissioner of police who went to the area today in response to the weekend incident narrated to us what became an international incident:

Corozal Man Executed In Sports Stadium
And while that is Orange Walk, the Corozal District has witnessed two murders in three days. The first happened last week Wednesday in the village of Calcutta, and then there was another- likely an execution on Saturday morning in Corozal Town. Cherisse Halsall has more: It's designated to be used for football games and town fairs but sometime between 12;30 and 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning Recalde Stadium in Corozal became the scene of a murder. The victim, 23-year-old Jair Tammai, was found cruelly shot to the face. Neighbors heard the gunshots.

The First Murder In Corozal Could Have Spawned Retaliation
And, that murder has to be seen in the context of the other that happened in Calcutta on Wednesday afternoon. As we have reported, 31 year old Raymond Jenkins had dropped off his phone to repair when two men came up on motorbikes and shot him as he sat inside his car. He was along with his young son, who witnessed the whole thing. ACP Joseph Myvette: "Whilst the phone was being repaired, several shots were heard after which the person repairing the phone came outside and saw Mr. Jenkins in his car with apparent gunshot injuries..."

Stevedore Charged For Attempted Arson of Belize Bank
Last week we told you about the act of attempted arson other Belize Bank -= downtown branch in Belize City. It happened on Thursday morning art about 3:00 am, when a pickup pulled up at the bank, and dropped off five vehicle tires. The alleged arsonist put grass inside the tired to kindle a fire, but luckily police responded in time ti put it out before it could catch unto anything. It was veiled as an act against the Ashcroft Alliance in the wake of the labour unrest earlier in the week. Well, today, police took a Stevedore to court, saying he's the fire starter.

Elderly Couple Help Up/Assaulted in Store
And while police thwarted that attempted arson, there were no cops to stop robbers in the west. On Saturday morning Jackyln store in St. Matthews was targeted by men armed with guns and knives. They held up the store's elderly owners stabbing Leonel Tobar and assaulting his wife. This morning their relative and employee, who wished to remain off-camera, recounted their horrible ordeal.

Belmopan Pizza Parlour Jacked
And By 7 pm that night, there was another robbery, this one at Dada's Pizza on Constitution Drive in Belmopan. Restaurant worker Christian Alberto was at his register when the two men came in asking about Pizza. He says he could never have thought that he was about to be robbed. Christian Alberto, Host, Dada's Pizza: "They came in through that door. They came like normal customer persons, they wanted to buy Pizza and I never thought that it was a robbery, They asked how much is the price for this pizza. He came close to me and he told me show me, he told me and then that happen like quick thing he just put me with a gun one time in my stomach and he told me give me the money because if not you are dead, he told me. And the next guy that was right here he had a big machete here in his under."

Elderly Mennonite Woman Killed In Accident With Horse
And while those robberies were terrifying for those involved they were fortunate enough to escape with their lives. That wasn't the case for 65-year-old Sarah Wolfe, a Mennonite woman who met a tragic end in Camalote village. Last night, Wolfe was on her way home to Spanish lookout, riding in the passenger's seat of her son's car when they collided with a village horse that had gotten loose near Camalote. "Last night, sometime around 8:15 p.m., Roaring Creek police were called out to the scene of an accident in Camalote Village whereupon arrival they spoke to one Philip Wolfe..." The horse belongs to a 15-year-old boy minor who last year was accused of lassoing another high school student by the foot like cattle and dragging him down a walkway at high speed near the Social Security office.

Cyclist Killed In Fatal Accident
There was also a fatal accident in the south. This one happened on Saturday afternoon at 12 miles Pomona. 49 year old Stephen Williams from Orange Walk was driving a cargo truck when he knocked down a 69 year old on bicycle. Police told us more: "On Saturday, sometime around 2:30 p.m., police were called to an area in Pomona Village whereupon arrival they met one Steven Williams who was the driver of a white delivery truck that was northbound..."

Guat Caught With Drugs Is Wanted For Murder
An illegal immigrant working as a caretaker in Belize, is wanted for murder in Guatemala. Police went to search King Bed resort just outside Belmopan where they found the caretaker, 27 year old Gabriel Aguilar Urizar - who had no legal status in Belize.

10 Pounds of Weed In Roaring Creek
Last week, we told you how Special Branch in Corozal had made some sizeable weed busts. Well, this morning they struck in the west where - acting on intelligence - police searched a bush in the Hattieville area of Roaring Creek Village where they found 9 neatly wrapped parcels of Cannabis. No one was around and the weed was taken to the police station where it weighed in at just under 11 pounds.

Taiwan’s Record Number of Scholarships, While Borders Remain Closed
Taiwan has had breakthrough success fighting COVID 19, limiting the number of cases, and the number of deaths. And part of the key to their success is keeping their borders mostly closed. But, that hasn't stopped the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ICDF from offering Belizeans a record number of university scholarships. The ceremony to announce this and welcome the scholars was held on Saturday at the Biltmore - even if they aren't going to Taiwan just yet.

Minister Says Students Should Return
So, while they aren't travelling yet, there are 48 scholarships at the bachelors, masters and Ph.d level - but how many of them will return? And how many will seek employment in Taiwan's advanced economy? The Minister of Education said all of them should return: Hon. Patrick Faber: "The scholarship that you received whether you are ICDF of MOFA is a gift to the government and people of Belize..."

UDP Leader-Elect Faber Pledges Continuing Taiwan Support
Faber added that Belize Taiwan relations will remain very tight if he is elected to be PM: "I wish to make it clear as a representative of our government and hopefully a representative of our future government, as I am now the leader of our great United Democratic Party who I wish to say..."

Seaweed, The Other Fisheries Product
Over the years, we've done quite a few stories on Seaweed cultivation off the coast of Placencia. It's a rising industry that's billed as an eco-friendly livelihood for fishers, and it's catching on. Now, the practice is migrating north, with fishers on Turneffe Atoll becoming the newest Seaweed maricultralists with the certificates to prove it. Cherisse Halsall rode out to the island to get a firsthand look at the Atoll's Seaweed rafts.

135 Mesop Residents Got Land
Shyne Barrow, the UDP Standard Bearer for the Mesopotamia division, has successfully lobbied the Ministry of Natural Resources to provide land to 135 of his constituents from that neighborhood. And, although the land distribution program is being announced a few months before the next general elections, Barrow says that this is not electioneering, but the result of 2 years of advocacy at the Lands Department. This morning, Natural Resources Minister Hugo Patt, and the Lands Commissioner, Wilbert Vallejos, attended a Mesopotamia Land Distribution ceremony, in the heart of the division, to personally hand over documents to the 135 beneficiaries of the program.

Evicting The Poorest From Chetumal Street
Today's conversation with the Lands Commissioner allowed us the opportunity to ask about a series of enforcement notices that his office has sent against a group of squatters who have been occupying government land near the new Chetumal Boulevard in Gungulung. These are persons who have already been given eviction notices because the Government wants to continue with its mega-development planned for that part of the City. We understand that the squatters intend to stage a protest tomorrow against the enforcement orders, and so, we asked the Commissioner about the issue today. Here's what he told us:

Shyne Vs Amy, Part 2
5 weeks ago, we told you about the Facebook post which American Amy Thomas Guiliano made against the UDP's Shyne Barrow. She's the American from Hawaii, who has made a very serious accusation against Barrow. Thomas alleges that he didn't account for $7,500 US dollars, which she donated to him back in 2017. These funds were supposed to cover the initial utility bills and costs to launch the Mesopotamia Resource Center. The two were allegedly to collaborate on this project. In response to what he asserts is a political smear campaign, Shyne has sued her for defamation in the Supreme Court of Belize. On July 10th, his attorney filed his claim in the Supreme Court, and that case is currently pending.

A New Polyclinic For The Capital
And, today in Belmopan, the Government broke ground in Belmopan for the construction of a new Belmopan Polyclinic 2, which will be located on the compound of the Western Regional Hospital. The project is being funded through a loan estimated at 1.4 million dollars, which is being financed by the Caribbean Development Bank and the government of Belize. It will be implemented through the Social Investment Fund, and the facility will provide primary health services of residents of Belmopan and nearby villages of Roaring Creek, Camalote, St. Matthew, Cotton Tree, Frank's Eddy, More Tomorrow, St. Margaret, and Armenia.

Port Remains Closed, While There’s A War Of Press Releases
The Port of Belize remained closed for offloading on ships today - while the CFS Pacora, which has been waiting with its freight since Wednesday remains at anchorage. It cannot offload because the Port remains closed. In the meantime there are two major developments: first Port workers have had their full pay reinstated without the 10% deduction effective today, and sources tell us attorneys from both sides - the Union and the Management are having preliminary discussions. But the standoff remains and hard words are being thrown via press release.

Channel 5

Jair Tamay is Executed at Ricalde Stadium in Corozal
There was an execution over the weekend up north where twenty-three-year-old Jair Tamay was fatally shot multiple times; his body was discovered at the Ricalde Stadium around six-thrifty on Saturday [...]

Official Report on Murder of Raymond “Snow” Jenkins
Three days before the execution of Tamay, there was another murder recorded in the Corozal District.  On July twenty-second, Raymond “Snow” Jenkins was shot dead inside his car in Carolina [...]

An Increasing Number of Gun Violence in Corozal
Since the murder of Jenkins, there have been two other shootings incidents in that northern district – one which occurred on Saturday night that left one person injured and then [...]

A Couple is Attacked During Armed Robbery in St. Matthew’s Village
Police were also called to Saint Mathews Village on the George Price Highway. Four armed men targeted Jacklyn’s Store in the village and stabbed its owner, Lionel Tobar and injured [...]

Is Domestic Dispute Behind PG Home Invasion?
A domestic dispute between a Punta Gorda resident and her spouse may have been the reason behind an aggravated burglary inside a hotel room over the weekend.  Police in that [...]

Shots Fired Near Illegal Border Crossing
Things got heated over the weekend along the Rio Hondo River. News Five confirmed that members of the Mobile Interdiction Team were shot at on Saturday evening. No injuries were [...]

Port of Belize Ltd.: “Facts Not Fiction, Process Not Politics”
The Port of Belize remains on security level two following the violence of last Wednesday when an unlawful protest turned ugly.  Today, P.B.L. was open for business, but there has [...]

A Suspected Arsonist is Charged for Lighting Tires Outside of Belize Bank
Suspected arsonist Kareem Arnold has been arrested and charged for setting fire to several used car tires on the Belize Bank property in downtown Belize City.  The incident happened on [...]

Mafia Father Yakup Sut, Elvin Penner and Fraudulent Nationality Documents
The infamous Won Hong Kim who illegally received a Belizean passport while sitting in jail, shed light on the illegalities taking place at the Immigration Department over the years. Kim [...]

Shyne Barrow Loses Cool over Amy Thomas’ Allegations
The U.D.P. standard bearer for Mesopotamia, Shyne Barrow this morning got hot under the collar when reporters asked him to respond to the allegations made by Amy Thomas. Thomas, a [...]

Permission to Survey Issued for Santa Cruz Village Council
Since 2017 the Santa Cruz Village Council in the south has been fighting to complete its land expansion project. The council wants to retain control of the project and keep [...]

Santa Cruz Chairman Standing His Ground Against U.D.P. Standard Bearer
Santa Cruz Village chairman Vincent Scott says that members of the council have decided that they will not give up the names of persons who have paid for the lots [...]

Commissioner of Lands Responds to Village Councils’ Concerns
Still on the matter of land…over the past months, village councils across the country have been crying out that U.D.P. standard bearers and area representatives have been taking their land [...]

Squatters Issued with Enforcement Notice
Enforcement notices have been issued to squatters in what is known as the “gungulung area” of Belize City.  The area near Chetumal Boulevard is a hotspot for squatters and a [...]

Seaweed Farming – Is It a Viable Option for Fisherfolk?
Is seaweed farming the next big thing for fisherfolk in Belize? Well, the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Belize Fisheries Department, wrapped up [...]

Environmental N.G.O.s Not Spared from Pandemic Impact
Since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, we’ve been reporting on its impact. The tourism industry collapsed and many other industries and sectors continue to experience shockwaves as a [...]

Leopold Japon Knocked Down and Killed in Pomona
A sixty-nine-year-old cyclist lost his life in Pomona Village on Saturday afternoon as he rode a bicycle on the Hummingbird Highway.  Leopold Japon, a resident of Pomona, was struck by [...]

SUV Crashes into Horse, Killing Elderly Woman
…that accident was in the south and heading west, an elderly woman of Spanish Lookout community also lost her life on Sunday night when the vehicle her son was driving [...]

Xia Ona Store in Pomona is Robbed, 4 Suspects Detained
A band of armed thieves, now in police custody in Belmopan, may have been responsible for a string of robberies committed between Saint Matthew’s Village and Pomona over the weekend.  [...]

48 Belizeans Awarded Scholarships to Study in Taiwan
A large group of enthusiastic students are getting ready to travel to Taiwan to take on scholarships.  Over the weekend, they participated in an orientation programme hosted by the Taiwanese [...]

Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur Passes
Owen Arthur, former Barbadian Prime Minister, has passed. Seventy-year-old Arthur died this morning in Barbados. The former PM was hospitalized earlier this month with heart complications. Arthur was Barbados’ fifth [...]

The Reporter

Arson on Wagner's Lane
Police are trying to locate two persons following what they believe was arson at a house at #50 Wagner's Lane in Belize City earlier tonight The house, occupied by three brothers, namely: Tyrone Flowers, 19, Sherwin Flowers 21, and Tyler Murrillo, 18, was reportedly deliberately set ablaze after one of the brothers and his girlfriend had an argument. Police believe that the girlfriend, with help from a friend, set the house on fire and fled the scene. The brothers rented the house along with their mother, who is currently working in one of the cayes.

Orin Velasquez Shot and Killed in Ladyville
The Reporter has confirmed the death of Orin Velasquez, 38, owner of Breda O's Pizza in Ladyville. Sources say there was a robbery at the establishment and he was shot to the chest. He was rushed to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead just before 8:00pm.


Two persons killed in separate road traffic incidents
A woman was killed last night in Camalote Village in the Cayo District after the vehicle she was travelling in crashed into a horse that was on the road. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Government issues enforcement letters to squatters in Belize City
There is a land issue developing between the Government of Belize and squatters in the Lake Independence area of Belize City. The Government has set aside several parcels of lands located on Chetumal Boulevard for the construction of government buildings.

UDP leader-elect completes tour of Toledo District
Leader-elect for the United Democratic Party, Patrick Faber, was seen in Southern Belize this past weekend as he embarked on a tour of the Toledo District. His goal was to promote unity within the party and to show the residents that the UDP is ready for the upcoming general elections

Shyne Barrow distributes land to Mesopotamia residents
Approximately 200 persons got their land applications approved to purchase lands in the Maxboro area of Sandhill Village, Belize District. This morning an official ceremony was held at the Mesopotamia Resource Center.

School drive in Southern Belize
Several humanitarian groups in the South are working to assist over two hundred and fifty students to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Bella Vista United is the group leading the initiative to provide students with uniforms, masks, temperature pistols, and other educational items. With Bella Vista being one of the largest villages in the Toledo District, the organizations have collaborated to ensure that every child’s needs are met as explained by Juan Carlos Martinez, Founder of the Bella Vista United.

Man killed in Corozal
A man was killed this weekend in the Corozal District. His body was found under some bleachers on Saturday morning.

UDP has new standard bearer for Orange Walk North
When leader-elect, Patrick Faber, won the leadership convention on July 12, several players in the party announced their resignation from politics. The first was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, followed by Mayor of Punta Gorda Town, Ashton McKenzie, and Orange Walk North Representative, Gasper Vega.

Tracing continues in Northern Belize for COVID-19 cases
Up to news time, Belize remains at forty-eight cases of COVID-19. Late last week, the Ministry of Health reported that the forty-eighth case is a relative to the last four patients diagnosed in an Orange Walk community. Contact tracing for the previous cluster led to the detection of this latest case. The tracing is still ongoing for this case which may result in further cases, as explained by Director of Health Services, Marvin Manzanero.

Seaweed an alternative for conch and lobster
A mariculture project was observed over the weekend and several persons were certified for engaging in the three-day training involving the use of seaweed. The media was escorted to Calabash Caye to witness the completion ceremony and the final product of the training. Our Reporter Alisha Valentine has the story.

PBL sets the record straight
Meanwhile, things at the Port of Belize is no better. The company issued a statement that insists the protest on Wednesday, July 22, by the workers was nowhere near peaceful. They stated that CWU members set vehicles on fire, hurled projectiles at PBL staff and police, sabotaged the electrical supply, damaged the IT and security infrastructure, smashed windows of buildings, and threatened PBL staff with deadly and bodily harm.

American woman assaulted at gunpoint
An American woman, Daphne Haught, was assaulted at gunpoint in Punta Gorda Town by several men. She was left with varying degrees of injuries and is traumatized from the event.

Sugar shipments delayed due to protests at PBL
The crop season for sugar may be over but the hurdles for Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) are not. While the farmers endured horrid weather conditions as well as issues stemming from the covid-19 endemic, the...

Police officers shot at during operation at botes
Police officers attached to the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) were shot at as the intercepted contrabandistas near Botes in the Orange Walk District. The incident occurred around 6:30pm as the officers intercepted a boat with...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Owner of popular pizza business in Ladyville shot and killed
The owner of a popular pizza business was shot and killed a short while ago […]

Sudden fire destroys at least one wooden house off Jump Street
Approximately half an hour ago, a fire broke out in a compound property off Wagner’s […]

Businessman shot dead in Ladyville
Reports to BBN is that a businessman was shot and killed in Ladyville a short […]

Tensions rise inside the UDP – John Saldivar argues for ‘Papa’ Mena to stay
Today, John Saldivar issued a statement endorsing his colleague Frank ‘Papa’ Mena as area representative […]

One charged for Belize Bank attempted arson; police investigating links to Port-union dispute
Kareem Arnold of Belize City has been arrested and charged for attempting to burn down […]

Corozal police investigating murder of Jair Tamai
Police continue to search out the attacker of Jair Tamai in the second of two […]

Corozal man ambushed waiting for phone repairs
Amid a reported spike in violent crime in the normally peaceful Corozal District, police are […]

Alberto August is now acting Secretary General of the UDP
Former UDP Chairman, Alberto August has been appointed as the acting Secretary General of the […]

Fatal road traffic accident claims the life of a woman
A fatal traffic accident last night claimed the life of a woman. According to reports, […]

Forest fire reported in Mountain Pine Ridge
Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) has documented a forest fire in Mountain Pine Ridge. […]

Police investigate attempted arson at Belize Bank
Authorities are investigating a case of attempted arson at Belize Bank Albert Street branch in […]

National Committee for Families and Children calls on education stakeholders to be ready for reopening of schools
The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) is calling on all education stakeholders, particularly […]

Over 10 million people recover from COVID-19 worldwide
Worldometer is reporting that as of 8 a.m. today, July 27, 2020, over 10 million […]

“Christian Workers Union to blame for current state of affairs,” says Port of Belize
The Port of Belize Limited (PBL) is challenging the Christian Workers Union’s (CWU’s) account of […]

United Arab Emirates sends medical aid to Caribbean nations in fight against COVID-19
On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent a plane with medical supplies and 500,000 […]


Cave Tubing in Belize on a Hot Summer Day
Belize has one of the highest concentrations of ancient Maya sites in the area with over 900 ruins across 8,000+ square miles. Not all the sites are huge city ruins or abandoned temples – many are actually smaller villages and caves. Caves were used extensively by the Mayas for various reasons, but one of the main ones was their religion. Seeing these ancient caves is one of the most popular adventures in Belize through cave tubing. Not to mention, cave tubing is one of the most refreshing things to do on a hot summer day in Belize!

Discover Three Rare Fish thats Native only to Belize
Carrie Bow Cay, located 15 miles southeast of Dangriga, is directly atop the Belize Barrier Reef and offers direct access to coral ecosystems. This small, but ecologically important island, plays an important role in marine research: Smithsonian scientists and their collaborators travel there to conduct research on the biology, ecology, and geology of coral reef ecosystems. The Whitelined Toadfish can be found is endemic to the coral reefs off central Belize in depths between five and 30 meters. Tthe Dwarf Spinyhead Blenny is a threatened species that lives in the coral reefs in central and northern Belize. The last of the three rare but native fish to Belize is the Social Wrasse! Despite a large range from Northern to Southern Belize at nine meters, the Social Wrasse has been listed as endangered; this is due to environmental threats.

A Design Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Travel in Belize for 2021
As a beautiful pioneer in sustainable hospitality, Belize continues to bank on its natural environment being the main draw itself, however lodges push past ahead the eco-curve with boutique accommodations. In sustainability, Belize has taken bold steps—preserving coastal mangroves, banning Styrofoam and single-use plastic—to give Costa Rica a little friendly competition as the region’s eco-tourism hub. If you’re looking for a spark of wanderlust to travel to Belize in 2021, let these hotel-luxe resorts inspire the interior design lover in each of us.

8 Unique and Sustainable Wildlife Experiences in Belize
While Belize is known for several things, many remark upon its reef and abundance of animal life. Fortunately, travelers can experience both of these things simultaneously. Provided below are a solid eight examples of sustainable wildlife encounters on the land and in the water.

Belize Fishing Calendar – Everything You Need to Know
Fishing in Belize is fun for anglers of all skill levels. You’ll catch plenty of fish in the sea, rivers and lagoons here. SOME POINTERS FOR FISHING IN BELIZE Before you pack your rod and reel, there are some things unique to Belize fishing you should know. Protected areas and species: Belize takes conservation seriously. That’s great for Belize, our fish stock and our visitors. The many marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries mean fish are abundant all year. You’ll never get bored with the endless variety and huge number of fish you’ll find here. That also means you have to follow strict fishing regulations. All fishing charters must have a license from Belize’s Coastal Zone Management Authority (CZMA) to fish in certain areas.

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Coronavirus deaths in Yucatan exceed 1,000
Coronavirus deaths surpassed 1,000 when 30 more fatalities in Yucatan were reported Sunday. Another 226 infections were also reported. The accumulated totals now stand at 1,006 deaths and 8,729 cases. Since the first infections were detected in March, 77% of all patients have recovered. Of the new cases, 85 were in Mérida, 31 in Ticul, 29 in Valladolid, 18 in Umán, eight in Tekax, six in Progreso and Temozón, four in Peto, three in Kanasín, Oxkutzcab, Teabo and Tizimín; two in Acanceh, Conkal and Tinum, in addition to one case in Akil, Celestún, Chemax, Chumayel, Dzan, Dzitás, Homún, Hunucmá, Izamal, Kaua, Kinchil, Opichén, Seyé, Tekit, Uayma and Yaxkabá. Four from outside either the state or country also came forward.

A Red Lobster employee found a rare blue lobster. Instead of cooking it, the restaurant sent it to an Ohio zoo
A rare blue lobster has received a reprieve after a restaurant sent it to an Ohio zoo for conservation instead of consumption. An Akron Zoo Facebook post on Sunday said a Red Lobster employee who found a blue lobster in a delivery to the Cuyahoga Falls eatery recognized just how rare the creatures are. About 1 of every 2 million lobsters is blue, according to the zoo. The blue shell is due to a genetic anomaly.

Workers Struggles: The Americas
Belizean police fire rubber bullets and tear gas at port workers protesting pay cuts and firings Workers at the Port of Belize Limited (PBL) began holding daily lunchtime protests July 1 against management’s unilateral imposition of a 10 percent wage cut. PBL cited losses due to slowed traffic caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Christian Workers Union (CWU), which represents the stevedores, requested that PBL make public its financial records, but the firm refused. The CWU announced its intention to call a strike, but in accordance with Belizean labor laws, that action was not to take place for 21 days.


  • Funeral for the late Carlos Requena, 34min.

  • Report on Border Jumping, min. The BPD needs the general public help more than ever during this challenging COVID-19 time. You can assist us by utilizing any of our BDP's new hotlines, to address suspected boarder jumbers. The new phone numbers/hotlines are: 0800-save-bze & 0800-jumpers or 0800-borders. Join us in the daily fight in keeping our country Belize in low numbers in the spread of COVID-19 cases.

  • The Super Furia Band performed Saturday night, 2hr30min.

  • We Fount WHAT in the Jungle? Herping Belize, 10min. This is part 2 of a 3 hour transect survey we were doing at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society in Belize. and we found a ton of species!

  • CIVIC FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM - BIRTH OF A CITIZEN, 1.5min. 75 Belizean Fellows will be part of a pioneering and innovative project. We are looking for diverse youths to rethink and rebuild civil society through presentations and dialogue and projects. Dynamic experts in the legal, political and governing professions will provide presentations to foster critical thinking skills and discuss important issues such as Voting Rights and Engagement; Criminal Justice; The Constitution, The Role of Elected Leaders and more.

  • Preparing for the reopening of Schools, 57min. We invited a panel of teachers to talk to us about how they are preparing for the reopening of schools. They shared their concerns and how they are getting ready mentally and physically for the upcoming academic year. Leonoria Novelo - Teacher(upper division), St. Ignatius Primary School. Anne Cuvas - Former Principal, St. Martin De Porres Primary School. Gail Dominguez - Teacher (Std. 4), Head of Dept. Middle Division, Ladyville SDA Primary. Annlyn Apolonio - Teacher (2nd Form), Nazarene High School. Melissa Bradley - Teacher, E.P. Yorke High School.

  • Belize Tech Solutions about the E-Learning Platform, 16min. COVID-19 has fast-tracked the digital transformation in education. We spoke to Jennine Hamilton, Operations Manager of Belize Tech Solutions about the E-Learning Platform she has developed. She talked with us about the features and how she can customize for schools to meet their individual needs. She explained that her ultimate goal is to help schools prepare and have access to the technology.

  • The Development Finance Corporation (DFC) - assistance to cover educational bills, 20min. The Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is offering financial support to those who are looking for assistance to cover educational bills. They are also offering financing for starter homes for those who are looking to build a home of their own. Our guests talked with us about how to qualify for these loans. Claudia Elena - Cayo Branch Manager, DFC. Colleen Hamilton - Junior Credit Officer, DFC.

  • The Business Hour, 1hr33min.

  • Belize Aggressor III and IV - Caribbean Liveaboards, 2min. Check out the 2 Aggressor liveaboards in Belize. See the boats cruising around the azure waters of Belize. Stride off the dive platform into the best dives sites of Belize including the famous Blue Hole plus overland activities like visiting Mayan ruins.

  • Honeymoon in Belize: Part 1 Vlog Mayan Ruins Xunantunich, 9min. Enjoy part 1 of our honeymoon in Belize where we almost miss our flight, head to San Ignacio and explore the Mayan Ruins, Xunantunich!

  • Honeymoon in Belize Part 2 ATM Cave Tubing Zip Lining, 14min. Enjoy part 2 of our honeymoon in Belize exploring San Ignacio, cave tubing through the ATM Cave, and zip lining through the belizean jungles.

  • Honeymoon in Belize Part 3 Ambergris Caye Mahogany Bay Resort, 17min. Enjoy our part 3 of our honeymoon in Belize as we leave San Ignacio, take a ferry in Belize City to Ambergris Caye for a fun and relaxing vacation at Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club!

  • Line fishing and fish cook out Belize, Caye Caulker, 4min. Went fishing, caught fish and we cooked it.

  • FAMILY trip to BOCAWINA BELIZE, min.

  • GIANT BARRACUDA | Spearfishing Belize | Coral Reef Night Dive, 7min. Some videos of our recent night dives on the Belize Barrier Reef.

  • The People of Belize (part 2) Podcast, 46min. This is the second part of our conversation on Belizean Culture and the people of Belize with Belizean Anthropologist Joe Awe from NINE Eco-Cultural Tours. Joe Awe is one of the most renowned experts on indigenous cultures in the country. In this episode, Joe continues the discussion on Belizean Cultures, how food and culture bring us together, and the Creolization of Belize.