The Belize History Association and the Institute for Social and Cultural Research of the National Institute of Culture and History coordinated a virtual panel discussion to commemorate Emancipation Day. The panel was entitled “A conversation on Enslavement and Emancipation in Belize.”

The panelists included the newly elected board of directors of the Belize History Association including Dr. Abigail McKay (Chair), Ms. Ruby Reyes (Vice-Chair), Mr. Frantz Smith (Senior Member), Ms. Ifasína Efunyemi (Senior Member), Ms. Karla Pinelo (Junior Member), and Jayleen Logan (Junior Member). Mr. Emerson Guild of the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) also provided special remarks.

We believe that this event will stimulate necessary research and public dialogue on the experience and contributions of Africans and African descendants in Belize. It is a timely intervention as we embark on the strategic work to encourage historical research and to promote the importance of history for national development.