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The San Pedro Sun

Additional cases of COVID-19 on the island could jeopardize the re-opening of PGIA and its schools
With Case #57, the MOH's mapping exercise will likely produce several additional positive cases. If this is the case, the island could be locked down, regardless of the consequences it may have on the re-opening of the PGIA. According to the Prime Minister, the infected person was in an occupation (job) where she has to deal with a host of people, and he, therefore, expects that the Ministry of Health’s mapping exercise will likely produce several additional positive cases. If this is the case, the island could be locked down, regardless of the consequences it may have on the re-opening of the PGIA.

The San Pedro Sun Advocates for Local Journalism
For the first time in the history of the island’s community newspaper, The San Pedro Sun is appealing to their thousands of readers for support during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to The San Pedro Sun editor, Tamara Sniffin, the pandemic has been financially devasting to many businesses on the island and countrywide who usually promote their services with advertisements in the newspaper. This is the customary way print publications across the globe are funded. Now that many cannot either afford to advertise or are refraining from doing so when there are few customers to reach, this source of revenue has come to a complete halt.

San Pedro registers first COVID-19 case in months; Mar de Tumbo flu clinic re-opens
After almost five months since the first case of COVID-19 in San Pedro Town, a case was confirmed on Sunday, August 2nd, following high suspicions of an ill person. The patient is a female who presented fever and respiratory symptoms and is currently stable and in self-isolation. The patient, who marked the 57th case in the country, denies any travel history, and as a result, island health authorities have contacted persons who may have come in contact with the infected female. Several tests are expected to be conducted to detect any further positive cases. The results are expected back by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Ambergris Today

Concerns Arise From Lack Of Social Distancing And Mask Usage
Stricter laws for mandatory mask wearing might be underway in Belize as more cases of COVID-19 have increased this past week. Just yesterday, Sunday, August 2, 2020, a new corona virus infection case was confirmed in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, involving a female with no history of travel. This increases the fear of community spread cases in the country.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, August 4th, Meal pick ups. Location: ROYAL ORCHID BAR & GRILL Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

A message from the Commissioner of Police Regarding the use of masks and social distancing protocols
Good morning with the increase of covid19 cases, the police is going to be stricter with the enforcement of the mask and social distancing laws. I cannot understand how comes we are a society that is so afraid of covid but yet many don't want to follow the protective measures put in place. I urge all to avoid any issue with the police to please wear your mask and wear it properly, covering your mouth and nose.

Commissioner of Police suggests Covid Law
We need a law that is going to make it an offense for any establishment owner, boat and bus operator to allow anyone on their premises, boat or bus without a mask and or not practicing social distancing. Once this is done they will ensure that persons on their establishment, boat or bus comply with the law. The penalty should be taking away their operators permit.

The COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
The COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program is entering into its Phase 2 and will continue to provide financial assistance to workers who have lost their income due to the negative economic impact of COVID-19. Who can benefit from the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program? The Unemployment Relief Program offers financial relief to: 1. Workers who have been laid off because of COVID-19 2. Self-employed persons who have lost their jobs and income as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

The MSME Support Program is a Government of Belize initiative that provides financial relief to Belize's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in order to help safeguard and promote employee retention, as well as assist MSMEs as they transition and adapt to the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19. What components are included under the MSME Support Program? • $2.5 million: Grants to micro-enterprises from across the country, with a cap of $2,500 each.

Dr. Otto Rodriguez Clinic Only Seeing Emergency Patients
Public Notice from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II: Due to the current situation of Covid-19 on the island, we regret to inform the general public that effective August 3rd 2020, the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II will be only seeing emergency patients. This is for us to prepare and begin effective protocols for the starting of the flu clinic and effective swabbing and mapping of the island. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding.

Westline Bus Co. Ltd has added a bus
Click above to see their weekly schedule.

From the Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard
Earlier today, a post on Love FM FB page headline: Mayor of OW to be tested, surfaced and went across social media like wild fire. I want to make some clarification so that the citizens of Orange Walk Town have some sense of calm. Over the weekend, I got information on one of the person who have contracted the corona virus and after finding out who the person was, I immediately informed the health officer as to concerns based on the fact that on July 20th, the said individual visited my OW East Political Office. It is therefore based on this findings, that I made the request to the Health authorities to kindly interview my OW East office staff and myself and have made the request for us to be swabbed in order to rule out any doubts we may have.

Ministry of Health Updates on COVID-19 Cases in Belize
As part of the Ministry of Health’s enhanced surveillance, nine total COVID-19 cases were recorded over the weekend. A record number of eight cases were recorded on August 1, 2020. Another positive case was recorded on August 2, 2020. The breakdown of the cases is as follows. Three cases are in the Central Health Region. Of these, two are from the repatriation flight from the United States and one is from the repatriation flight from Honduras. These persons are asymptomatic and are in hotel quarantine.

Fake COVID-19 Relief Funds Website
It has to come to the attention of the Government of Belize that there is a website purporting to be a COVID-19 emergency relief fund program. The public is hereby informed that the website has no validity or affiliation to the Government’s COVID-19 related programs. The official programs by the Government of Belize are the MSME Support Program and the Economic Relief Program 2. Application forms for both programs are accessible at It is also strongly advised not to share personal information with unverified sites.

Flood Forecast for August 3, 2020

Grand Final of Copa San Pedro
It was an exciting match as Conquerors FC went face to face with San Mateo FC for the championship of Copa San Pedro 2020. In the end, Conquerors FC was victorious with 7-1 goals. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate the San Pedro Sports Committee for organizing another great tournament for all to enjoy. Also, thank you to all the teams that participated in the tournament as well as all the tournaments and individuals that made this tournament possible.

American English Live Teacher Development Series
We are pleased to invite you to the American English Live Teacher Development Series 9, which will run from September 23 to December 2, 2020. Please remember: The sessions will be broadcast using Facebook Live ( Individual members can join the discussion on their mobile devices to post their own comments and questions during the session, thus allowing for greater, more personalized interaction. If you are part of a viewing group, you will continue to be able to share your thoughts with your peers at the end of the broadcast.

Oceana Deep Dive Talks
THIS Thursday, Deep Dive Talks is bringing things back to the food scene!🍴We are excited to announce that our next guest will be local food truck owner, Debbie Baldwin - or as you may know her, Miss Deb's! Join us as our host, Analee Chuc, chats with Miss Debs about her life, work and how her business has always been ahead of the 'going green' movement. Tune into Instagram Live this Thursday, August 6th at 12:30PM CST to catch the discussion.

Ya’axché’s Summer Camp 2020
Today the MGL youth learn about the importance of scientific research and biodiversity monitoring. Ya’axché’s Science program monitors mammals, birds, freshwater insects and trees in three protected areas and agroforestry farms. Scientific research has also been conducted on bats, bees, water quality and soils. The highlight of the day was learning about pollinators. Campers were attentive to the presentations and had several questions on learning about their importance and role in the forests. Ya’axché has identified 25 species of bees in the Maya Golden Landscape.

Channel 7

Belizeans Scared After Weekend That Saw Record Number Of COVID Cases
Tonight, Belizeans are scared - after a weekend that saw 9 new positive tests for COVID 19 - the most ever. At least two of those cases are of considerable concern for the Ministry of Health tonight, because they are showing symptoms and so far, health authorities don't know where they got infected with COVID - 19. To give you the full story, we start on Saturday when 8 positive cases were confirmed - which is a single day record since COVID testing started in Belize. But, 6 of those were in quarantine - five of them repatriates - and one border jumper in Orange Walk. All 6 of these cases are asymptomatic.

OW Market Sprayed For COVID Concerns
And while that San Pedro patient, might not know where her infection came from, the cases in the north, could always point to contraband smuggling - since that practice is widespread in that area. That's the case for one Orange Walk patient whose family members run a stall in the market. It's a red flag that was raised over the weekend leading to the closure and sanitization of the entire market area. Today Orange Walk's Mayor Kevin Bernard told CTV3 that the contrabanding has been so blatant that goods still trickling in from Mexico have been for sale at Orange Walk's market.

OW Mayor Will Test For COVID 19
And while the market is being sanitized, the mayor has his own trial to go through with this latest case. That's because patient #55 came to visit him on the 20th of July. He readily volunteered the information: "I'm not going to hide anything from anybody, the fact that I reached out to the ministry of health - this individual that has contracted Corona Virus did visit my office here on the 20th July and so we are making sure that people can understand and that we want to make sure we are safe..."

Compol Talks About Female Cop Who Tested Positive
And while the Orange Walk Mayor awaits the results of his COVID test, at least a dozen police officers will have to do the same after one of their officers tested positive for COVID-19. She is a constable from Corozal, who is hospitalized. At a press conference held this morning, Commissioner Chester Williams discussed this case, and what it means for the department, now that one of its own has been infected. Here are those comments:

PM: If There’s Community Spread on San Pedro, Shut It Down!
And while police and health workers are doing their best to stop smugglers and contact trace, there is only so much they can do. And how will they manage after August 15th when as many as a thousand visitors and returning Belizeans per week start coming in from the US? Today in a House of Representatives meeting that was all about tabling legislation to make Belize ready for an airport re-opening - the Prime Minister got very riled up when he spoke about the possibility of community spread on tourism mecca San Pedro where he said a number of persons are showing symptoms:

LOO and PM Debate Airport Opening
So while the PM has his finger on the kill switch, the leader of the opposition concedes that he supported an airport re-opening from back in July, but, now, with the infections numbers in the US being what they are, he's not so sure. Here's his exchange with the PM:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Yes I was in full support of opening up the airport on July 1st but at that time we did not have the crisis in the US that we have today and back then when I was talking about opening of the airport I said let us plan to open up properly, let us put all the protocols in place because I agree we can't stay locked up forever. So we felt that back then when (Interruption from another member of the House)"

Hon. Pablo On The Unruly Public
Health Minister Pablo Marin also recorded his disgust with mass social events - and urged the public to be more vigilant. He called the disregard for public health, heartbreaking: Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health: "Over the past weeks it was heartbreaking to see the irresponsible behavior of member of the community. For example: persons not wearing a face covering mask or even adhering to the physical distancing while socializing..."

Cops Cracking Down on Mask, Distancing Violations
And for those who don't see that reality, the police department is determined to MAKE THEM see it. Police announced today that they will start cracking down on persons who are ignoring the rules of wearing face masks and practicing social distancing while in public. And the Commissioner is giving cops an incentive to make arrests! The commissioner announced today that this lax observation of the COVID rules will no longer be tolerated. Here's how he put it: "I think this weekend was one of our worst weekends in terms of the number of positive cases. And so, as the primary law enforcement agency, who have the responsibility of ensuring that the quarantine laws are adhered to - and when I say quarantine, I also am speaking about the 2 SI's, 1 that deal with social distancing..."

History: Port and CWU Sign CBA
For over a decade, 7News has been covering labour disputes at the Port of Belize, with the stevedored on one side and the Port Management on the other. It started from 2004 when Luke Espat owned the Port. And it continued when the Ashcroft Alliance took over in 2012. And, you all saw it flare up 12 days ago when police turned a protest into a riot at the port. But, through all those years of anger and agitationthere's one central discontent that's been driving the hostility: the Stevedores do not have a collective bargaining agreement. Last week, with the possible nationalisation of the port hanging in the balance, the attorney for the Port of Belize, Godfrey Smith got both sides to come to the table.

PM Outlook Still Negative on Waterloo Investment
And so, now that the Port of Belize has signed that CBA with the Stevedores, which is an important political and labour entity, will government now re-consider the proposed Waterloo investment at the Port of Belize? Weeks ago the Prime Minster said cabinet would not consider it because of the Port's state of industrial relations. Now that the stevedore CBA has been put to bed, will Cabinet now reconsider? After today's house meeting, the PM said "no way":

Port Workers Say “Hear Our Cry”
So, that sets the stage perfectly for this morning's "Hear our Cry" protest by the port workers with major support from the stevedores. The crowd of 150 left the Port Of Belize this morning banners and megaphones in hand shouting the refrain that by now has become a motto: "Touch one Touch all." But it's now accompanied by a theme song, one that the CWU blared through Yarborough, Regent, and North Front Streets as their staff members and Stevedores marched in solidarity for the wages and benefits they believe they deserve. Cherisse Halsall was in the crowd.

PM & PUP Support Reinstatement
The PUP weighed in on the pending negotiation with the Port workers today. A release says, quote, "The People's United Party calls on PBL, if it has not yet agreed to do so, to reinstate those thirty-six (36) workers who were terminated on grounds of redundancyOur people need their jobs to be able to support their families. It is the right thing to do." As we understand it, that is a thick red line which is sure to come up in negotiations tomorrow, but today, the PM said, for once, Government and the opposition are on the same page:

Southside SOE Extended, UDP Rep Chides His Own Gov’t
In news from inside the house, today the motion that generated the most debate was one to extend the Southside state of emergency by two more months. The state of emergency was declared on July 6th and was to have ended on Thursday of this week. But today government passed a motion to extend it by 60 days.

COMPOL Explains Need For SOE Extension
We also asked Police Commissioner Chester Williams to discuss the 2-month extension of the Southside State of Emergency. He echoed Aragon's words saying that the cops already have their hands full as front-line personnel in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how he explained why the extension helps the department to focus on COVID-19, instead of on the tensions between warring gangs that could lead to more gun violence in Belize City: "I'm not sure if it has been extended. I know, yes, that recommendations have been made for an extension for an additional 60 days..."

Cabbie Walter Staine Shot In Head
But crime doesn't only happen on the Southside. On Sunday afternoon 45-year-old Walter Staine was shot to the head while driving his taxi on North Front Street - which is on the Northside. Staine was then thrown from his vehicle, which was stolen and seen speeding off across Swing Bridge. Despite all this he survived and is in critical condition tonight. This morning the cops told us that the shooter and car thief was likely his passenger.

Shadrock For Rubio’s Murder
And while Staine has survived the attempt on his life, another man 49-Year-old William Rubio was not as lucky. Last week we showed you how Rubio took his last breaths in the midst of a gathering crowd. He'd been stabbed to the neck in defense of a taxi man with whom he'd quarreled. And this morning police told us that that defender, 49-year-old Shedrock White, had been charged for murder.

A Grenade Launcher in Coro
In other police news, this weekend, Corozal police confiscated a grenade launcher that just happened to be lying around in a garbage pile in the Dominguez Layout Area of that Northern Town. It's a very dangerous weapon, and police are trying to figure out how it got into Belize. The launcher was inscribed with the words, "Federal Laboratories CAL. 40 MM.". Today, the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch gave us a briefing on the find:

Fantasy Five Winner Claimed 300k With Special Number
And now for some some good news, at least for one man who's won the Fantasy 5 jackpot after 15 years of buying the same number. We met him at Brad's Gaming Group's offices to find out the special and moving significance behind the five winning numbers.

Phase 2 Of Unemployment Relief Launched
Phase 2 of the Covid-19 Unemployment relief program launched today with the re-opening of its online portal. Like Phase 1 it's targeted at workers who have been laid off because of COVID-19 as well as Self-employed persons who have lost their jobs and income as a result of COVID-19. This time, however, long term unemployed persons will not be eligible - again it's only for those who lost their jobs as a result of COVID 19. Also ineligible are persons under 18, persons receiving benefits from other government programs such as BOOST or Pantry, and persons receiving a pension from Government or Social Security Board.

UBFSU Speaks
It's been a few weeks since we've last heard from the University of Belize's Faculty and Staff Union. They kind of went silent after they became fully certified as a union by the Ministry of Labour about 3 weeks ago. That's also when they started reporting that the UB Administration was finally engaging them in good-faith negotiations on how the university will survive 7.13 million dollars in loss to their revenue stream that the institution is expecting to suffer during the next academic year. Well, they released a statement today saying, quote, "UBFSU demanded access to the University's financial data and on Thursday, July 30th the union's auditor was provided [with] some financial data.

PM Says Corozal's COVID 19 Profile As Worrying As San Pedro
At the top of the news, you heard the Prime Minister's concern that there could be community spread of COVID 19 on San Pedro. Well, after the house meeting he said he fears the same for Corozal, where 40 samples have been taken: "Turn around and ask the minister and he said 40 swabs were done in Corozal. Again, that does raise the possibility that we may get enough positives that we would have to conclude there is a community spread in Corozal. I don't know too much about the details there, but because I knew some of the details of the positive in San Pedro and how many persons would have been conceivable exposed to that person - that was the one that worried me more. But you can't get away from the numbers, if its 40 people being tested in Corozal you have to be worried about that too."

The Garden City Turns 50
Belize's Capital City turned 50 over the weekend. It's a milestone for the growth of the City envisioned and pioneered by George Price. And on Saturday as the Governor-General stood at the foot of the assembly building to inspect the troops, we got reflections from the City's Mayor and area rep about Belmopan then and Belmopan now.

Channel 5

9 New Cases of COVID-19; San Pedro at Risk of Being Locked Down
Belize recorded its highest number of new COVID-19 cases over the weekend. It has sent the Ministry of Health on high alert since schools and the Philip Goldson International Airport [...]

PM Dean Barrow Upset with Border Jumpers
Today at the National Assembly building, Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressed his frustration with border jumpers, who continue to present serious threats. Most of the persons infected with COVID-19 are [...]

Female Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Corozal
There are three positive cases reported in the Corozal District; two persons arrived via the northern border entry point as part of the repatriation process and are in hotel quarantine. [...]

OW Market Closes Temporarily for Sanitization
Also in the north, the Orange Walk Town Council has temporarily closed the market in that municipality.  The reason is because a COVID-19 patient’s family in the Orange Walk District [...]

Legislations Passed In Preparation for Reopening of P.G.I.A.
Even as there is a spike in the number of cases, government is preparing for the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport on August fifteenth and the soft reopening [...]

G.O.B. Extends S.O.E. on Southside Belize for Additional Two Months
While parliamentarians adopted the extension to the period of public emergency in the south side of Belize City, the motion, which was also tabled at the House of Representatives today, [...]

U.D.P. Ministers Defend S.O.E. Extension
According to members of the ruling United Democratic Party, Belize is not the only country in the region that has used legislation to curb crime.  Jamaica and other Caribbean countries [...]

‘Sedi’ Says Government Has Failed Belizeans
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington knocked his own government during today’s sitting. Elrington is a senior member of the United Democratic Party, which took over the reins of the [...]

Julius Espat Says Elrington’s Remarks Hypocritical
As Elrington concluded his rant against his party and the government, Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat brought it to Elrington’s attention that after three terms in office, Elrington failed [...]

Finnegan Reacts to Elrington’s Comments
Disagreeing with some of Elrington’s comments was his cabinet colleague, Michael Finnegan. Finnegan pointed out to Elrington that the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence was built to arrest the societal problems in [...]

C.W.U. & P.B.L. Sign Historic C.B.A. for Stevedores after Sixteen Years!
The Port of Belize and the Christian Workers Union made history on Sunday when they signed the first Collective Bargaining Agreement. It’s the first C.B.A. in sixteen years after countless [...]

What Prompted the Signing of the C.B.A.?
It has been a rocky journey to the signing of this first ever collective bargaining agreement for the stevedores. The relationship between the two deteriorated two weeks ago when more [...]

Did C.W.U. Breach Duty of Fair Representation for 2 Stevedores?
The collective bargaining agreement was signed on Sunday afternoon.  By this morning, there was a request for an urgent meeting for stevedores to file a grievance to the Labour Department.  [...]

C.W.U. Demonstrates for P.B.L. Staff!
The C.W.U. and Port of Belize have signed a Collective Bargaining for the stevedores.  On Tuesday, the C.W.U. is set to begin a new round of negotiations for a new [...]

ComPol on Extension of South Side State of Emergency
While the extension of S.O.E. in the south side was on debate in the House, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, at the police press briefing also in Belmopan, confirmed that [...]

Police Department Gearing Up to Enforce Quarantine Laws
Back to COVID-19…the increase in number of cases has triggered the Belize Police Department to tighten up on the enforcement of quarantine laws. Commissioner of Police Williams says directives have [...]

ComPol Advocates for Liability to Establishment Owners
ComPol Chester Williams is also pushing for stricter measures on violators of the COVID-19 regulations.  Williams said today that he is advocating for an amendment to the quarantine statutory instrument [...]

Elderly Man Found Dead in P.G.; No Foul Play Suspected
The body of an elderly man was discovered in Punta Gorda today. Just after nine o’clock this morning, police were called out to the Joe Taylor Bridge in that southern [...]

Grenade Launcher Found in Corozal
In the north, a forty-millimetre grenade launcher was discovered in Corozal. On Saturday afternoon, officers searched an overgrown property in the Dominguez Layout area and discovered the suspected military issued [...]

Taxi Man Shot, Thrown from Cab
A taxi operator remains in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot to the head by his fare here in the City. On Sunday, [...]

U.S. Retiree Injured in Home Invasion in San Pedro
A U.S. retiree was injured in a home invasion in San Pedro over the weekend. Reports are that seventy-five-year-old John Wallace was at home in the San Pablo area on [...]

Shedrack White Charged for the Murder of William Rubio
He was detained by police minutes after he inflicted a fatal stab wound to William Rubio near the Pound Yard Bridge on the night of July twenty-ninth. Over the weekend, [...]

Robbery on Bullet Tree Road; Police Search for 2 Men
A pair of thieves, believed to be responsible for a series of robberies in the west, hit a supermarket once again on Friday night. Around seven-thirty as patrons went about [...]

Samuel August Sr. Sentenced to 7 Years for Robbery
Magistrate Emerson Banner today sentenced Samuel August Senior to seven years imprisonment after he found him guilty on Friday of the November second, 2018 robbery of a woman’s vehicle, which [...]

B.N.T.U. Says Many Schools Are Not Ready for August 10th Reopening!
As COVID-19 cases continue to grow, there are concerns across the country about the reopening of schools. Parents and students are preparing at home in anticipation of the new school [...]

The Reporter

State of Emergency in Southside Belize City Extended
At the House meeting this morning, Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow introduced a motion to extend Statutory Instrument No.97 for the State of Emergency in Southside Belize City, which was to expire on August 6, to be extended a further 2 months! Bill was read thru all 3 readings and passed in House of Representatives on August 4. Freetown area representative Hon. Francis Fonseca objected to extending the Southside SOE, saying a State of Emergency was never intended to fight crime, and in the interest of protecting civil liberties, he wished to add the caveat that the Security Forces should also be warned that this is not a license to abuse the civil rights of citizens, as it is their duty to protect citizens' civil rights.

Body found in PG
The Reporter has confirmed reports that the body of an elderly man was found around 10:00 a.m. today in Punta Gorda. Sources say that the individual was found washed up on the beach and is suspected to have drowned. While a Police investigation into the discovery is ongoing we were told that there are no signs of injuries on the body.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Sedi Elrington criticizes government for failing Belize City’s youths
In a bold move in today’s house meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs criticized his government […]

Nine COVID-19 cases detected in Belize over the weekend, 3 have no travel history
A total of 9 COVID-19 cases were detected in Belize over the weekend. A record […]

Man from Armenia, Cayo reported missing
Authorities are asking the public’s assistance in locating Daniel Osequeda, a 23-year-old resident of Armenia […]

Government warns of fake COVID-19 Relief Funds Website
It has to come to the attention of the Government of Belize that there is […]

Interpol Belize hands over Guatemalan and Salvadoran nationals
On July 31, 2020, Interpol Belize handed over Salvadoran Simon Balthazar Lopez Vales and Guatemalan […]

“Teachers and Principals have huge concerns about reopening,” says Teachers Union president
Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) President Elena Smith, said today that union members have expressed […]

Christian Workers Union takes to the street in support of laid-off Port staff
Despite successfully brokering a collective bargaining agreement for stevedores with the Port of Belize Limited […]

People’s United Party clarifies position on redistricting
The People’s United Party, if elected, plans to carry out redistricting of electoral divisions in […]

Commissioner of Police details plans for extended State of Emergency
Speaking even as it was being debated in the House of Representatives, Commissioner of Police […] police officer catches COVID-19
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed that a police officer from Corozal, other particulars not […]

CARICOM congratulates Guyana on elections declaration
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) issued a statement welcoming the conclusion of the Guyana General and […]

Health Minister issues stern warning after a spike in COVID-19 cases
Minister of Health Pablo Marin opened today’s meeting of the House of Representatives with a […]

Special meeting of House concerns responses to COVID-19 and extension of Southside State of Emergency
The Government of Belize proposes amendments to the Immigration, Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Act, and […]

Online portal for unemployment benefits now open
The Government of Belize’s (GOB)’s Phase 2 rollout of it’s unemployment benefits program officially kicked […]

PUP says Collective Bargaining Agreement between Port and Christian Workers Union is victory for Belize
Today, the People’s United Party (PUP) issued a statement saying that the fact that the […]

Commissioner of Police calls for law to ensure establishments and transportation operators enforce masks, social distancing
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams issued a statement this morning calling for a new law […]

Belize monitors 25 active cases of COVID-19
Health authorities are currently monitoring 25 cases of COVID-19. Of the 25 active cases, 13 […]

Police “to get tough” on COVID-19 regulations
The Police Department has issued a warning: comply with the COVID-19 regulations or you will […]


Bugs that Bite in Belize
I hope this does not come as a shock to anyone but Belize is in the tropics and…the secret is out! We, Belize, have bugs that bite or sting or just suck a bit of your blood. My paranoia runs high when it comes to blood sucking pests so here is my guide to BITING BUGS IN BELIZE. Note: I know many of you are going to tell me that DEET is the worst chemical ever. Or try to sway me with natural remedies – tucking a citronella flower in your button hole, a dab of lavender oil or a dryer sheet in your pocket. I don’t like to mess around when it comes to itch (or involuntary bloodletting). THE MOSQUITO, SANDFLIES, BOTLASS OR “BATTLE ASS” FLIES, DOCTOR FLIES, FIRE ANTS.

Our National Flower – The Black Orchid
The scientific name of the black orchid is Prosthechea cochleata and its other common names are the clamshell or cockleshell orchid. The black orchid got these names due to the shape and color of its “lip.” As an epiphytic species of plant, the black orchid grows while hanging off of other plants. In the specific case of the black orchid, it favors growing along the faces of trees growing in damp areas like the lush rainforests and mangroves fond throughout Belize. The black orchid is also a sympodial plant, meaning its branches develop unevenly. A sympodial plant will have at least one branch that is stronger and more durable than the others and it is from this strong branch that other branches will grow from. The common genus name for Prosthechea is “appendage orchid” due to how they all grow off of another plant like the arm or leg of an animal.

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate In Belize?
Many people are looking beyond their own country’s borders to find an affordable life elsewhere. The mild weather, scenic surroundings and easygoing lifestyle of Belize attract thousands of retirees and expatriates every year. If you plan to join them, here’s what you need to know. Yes, foreigners can buy property in Belize with no restrictions. The government of Belize has long encouraged the sale of properties to expatriates who want to retire here or establish a business that creates jobs for Belizeans.

International Sourcesizz

Jaguar Poaching Driven by Chinese Demand for Teeth and Parts
The poaching of big cats in South America is being driven by a growing demand for jaguar parts in China, according to both expert and official sources. A new study published in early June by the journal Conservation Biology has analyzed data from Central and South America showing that seizures of jaguar parts has increased throughout the region. The jaguars’ range stretches from the southwestern United States and Mexico across most of Central America and south from there to Paraguay and northern Argentina.


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  • Belize Zoo Virtual Tour!, min.

  • Crocodile in the river, .5min.

  • Backyard Gardening, 5.5min. Hey guys! We are back with episode 2 of our Backyard Gardening series. Check out some tips on growing your own food from our Benque youth officer!

  • An Economic Recovery Strategy for Belize, 6min. The economic downturn caused by COVID-19 continues to affect the business sector. The mainstay, the tourism industry, crumbled causing massive unemployment once the pandemic began to spread. Flights resume at the P.G.I.A. on August fifteenth, but recovery of the sector is unknown. Today, the government rolled out an economic plan, named the “Economic Recovery Strategy for Belize,” seeking to fix the damaged economy. Tourism and agriculture are the two main pillars of the plan, which the Prime Minister thinks will rebound and strengthen the economy. But is it just a retread of initiatives that are already in place?

  • Exploring Cahal Pech, Belize with Ursa International, 7.5min. Ursa International has moved to Belize, and we want to share the wonders of the Classic Mayan ruin "Cahal Pech" in our new home town of San Ignacio, to the AZA Conference attendees 2020

  • Lady Erica early years part 1, 10min. Here´s a soundclip, about George Hume born in the 18th century and some mahogony, a bit about the dangers of eating barracuda, the houshold on Regents street over a hundred years ago, horses and polo and a trip to Stann Creek.

  • Lady Erica early years part 2, 13min.

  • War of Castes 173th Anniversary, Mesa Pane, min. Join the Northern Maya Yucatec Association of Belize as they discuss la Guerra de Castas!

  • Friendly baby shark approaches scuba divers for a little love, 1min. Nurse sharks are friendly and inquisitive creatures, likely to follow a scuba diver at a distance, or to come close for a brief inspection. But this baby shark in Belize seemed to want to follow these divers like a lost puppy would follow a boy home to stay.

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Procession and Motorcade 2020 (Belize City), 18min.

  • Discover Davis Falls in the jungles of Stann Creek district, Belize, 1.5min. This is an extraordinary waterfall... a gem really! Day trip to Davis Falls includes; Round trip ground transportation, lunch, drinks, guide, and towels.