At the top of the news you learned that effective at midnight, the country is going into another COVID lockdown - after community spread was confirmed on San Pedro.

The number of active cases have more than doubled in a week - and today the Supreme court and the general registry announced that effective immediately, its courts and offices would be closed until Monday, august 10. This was done to facilitate the sanitization of our public areas - which we witnessed today as personnel in specialised suits were seen cleaning the courts. This is after the General Registry put out a notice saying that its staff members may have been exposed, quote, "in a general way" to COVID-19. Immediate action has been taken to send officers to be tested and put into isolation.

It's the same for BEL's San Pedro office where an employee at the San Pedro branch reported having symptoms consistent with COVID 19. BEL said yesterday it is establishing the level of contact with the employee, quote, "presumed to be infected." A later release said BEL will take all necessary precautions, quote, in a situation where one of their own might have been exposed"

And the University of Belize today issued a statement to dispel rumours, assuring the public that as of the time of the release there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the University's faculty and staff.

They admitted however that several staffers may have been exposed, with two recommended for testing. One of those tests has already come back as negative.

Still, the University which will now carry out its current semester online has shifted to a heightened state of vigilance with colleagues who came into contact with either of the suspected cases being asked not to return to campus.

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