And because these escapes from the quarantine facilities pose a huge risk to public health, the Ministry of National Security is setting up one central quarantine location for border jumpers, that can actually have the required security features.

The Prime Minister had mentioned it last week, and here's the National Security's CEO update on it:

George Lovell - Acting CEO, Ministry of National Security

"Always a concern and we're working on that. Cabinet has just approved for us to have a facility that we can say is build for purpose. When I say that, remember now, these border jumpers are kept in ITVET and stadiums and that these facilities are not built for purpose, so it's difficult and very challenging for our security forces and so Cabinet has just approved for us to have just a facility and we at National Security are currently working on trying to put together that facility and hopefully we will see less if not, no escapees."


"Where will the funding come for that?"

George Lovell

"From the same funding that we're using for manning of the 5 facilities that we are currently doing. So, we'll have just one facility now, we will use less personnel, so there are savings there. The logistics will be less, so there is savings there and when I say the logistics in terms of the movement of transportation and that sort of thing but we will also have savings when you look at the fact that the same monies that we are feeding these people and causing them to be housed at these 5 facilities will now be done in one facility, so that there can be a better economy of scale when it appears to the administration of these facilities. So, the money is there, we're already spending the money, we're spending more than we could have under this new arrangement."

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