Belize Hotel Association Reacts to G.O.B.’s Decision to Not Open the P.G.I.A. on August 15th

Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced on Wednesday that the Philip Goldson International Airport will no longer reopen on August fifteenth. This is due to the alarming increase of COVID-19 cases.  Today, a lockdown was announced for San Pedro and S.O.E. measures in the rest of the country.   This is not good news for hoteliers who are struggling to stay afloat.  Today, we got a reaction from President of the Belize Hotel Association Ted Tejada about the government’s decision to not open the P.G.I.A. on August fifteenth.

Ted Tejada, President, Belize Hotel Association

“I believe at this moment the Prime Minister is fully aware maybe we are not hundred percent ready in terms of the facilities that we have for testing on arrival, the numbers that are coming in. We as the Hotel Association have to concede to that.  Even though we were reluctantly excited to reopen and we had all gotten ready for this. Honestly there are about seventeen hotels that had qualified for the gold standards. We understand that the Prime Minister is making a decision based on information that he has and he is making the right decision for the country of Belize. Honestly, I have been hearing from some sources that there are already some hotels on sale. There are hotels that are not going to make it. There are restaurants that have not been able to sustain it and will not be able to sustain it. Very shortly within the next month you will be able to contact banks where there is going to be lists of these businesses on sale because they have not been able to be sustain and they can no longer carry on the load.”

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