The National State of Emergency also comes with some regulation of commercial activity, but unlike the first national SOE, the Government isn't forcing the closure of all private sector enterprises this time around. The only places where an almost complete shutdown is being enforced are those 4 communities of San Pedro, Santa Marta, Guinea Grass, and Shipyard.

But, there will still be some closures that will be required under the SOE, and the Attorney General gave the public the breakdown last night:

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte - Attorney General
"Within these 4 lockdown areas. From 7 in the morning until 6 at night - remember, at 5 o'clock the curfew ends, and you can be out at 5. But from 7 to 6 at night, fuel stations, fuel depots, LPG suppliers, LPG depots and LPG distributors, Agro-processors, food manufacturers and factories, agricultural and aquaculture farms, fishing for livelihood and sustenance, but not including sport fishing and leisure fishing, Essential Services, and by essential services we mean medical and auxiliary services including veterinary services, services by private medical institutions, ambulance, private security, public utility, social workers, sanitation worker, people who produce water, fire service, Belize Electricity Limited, [Belize] Water Services Limited, Belize Telemedia, Speednet."

"Markets, bakeries and tortilla factories, pharmacies, convenience stores, food stores, shops, supermarkets, and the like, banks, you will be allowed to operate in the lockdown areas. From 7 in the morning, until 7 at night, you can purchase from a restaurant that is a drive-thru, for taking out and delivery only. No dining in a restaurant in those lockdown areas."

"If you do any activity that doesn't involve accomplishing any of those essential services, and the list of things I just read, you can't do it. Restrict your movement. Stay home as much as possible and off the street. Wear your masks, and social distance, in these areas especially."

"No construction for the next 14 days in these areas, none. You just simply can't do it. If you have a hotel, for example, that has to close. If you want people to go there for simple maintenance, keep the place clean, fix a light bulb, or run a wire to make sure everything is working, that's perfectly fine. But hotels, gyms, everywhere that is not what I mentioned cannot open in these lockdown areas."

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