by American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

The proper disposal of fish scraps. With an increasing population of people living in close proximity to wildlife in San Pedro, we now have to alter some of our habits for the safety of our community. While discarding fish scraps into the water off of docks seems like a harmless practice, we are seeing increased issues with the behavior of wildlife, particularly around homes and areas where people congregate for recreation (i.e., swim). When you toss fish scraps into the water, the smell and taste in the water attracts other critters, like crocodiles and sea birds. While it may be obvious the alarming issue of attracting crocodiles to people and to areas where families swim, sea birds might not be something you thought might be harmed. Sea birds eat whole fish. When given the scraps at a feeding station, there is a risk of serious injury or death from the exposed fish bones left on the carcass. In addition, sea birds who are conditioned to coming for filleted fish scraps are at greater risk of being hooked when fishermen are out at sea.

What's the solution? Bag up your fish scraps and either take them back out to sea with you or toss them a sealed garbage bin.

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