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The San Pedro Sun

With 133 cases, San Pedro Town becomes epicenter of coronavirus in Belize
Activities in San Pedro Town continue to slow down as more and more cases of COVID-19 are registered on Ambergris Caye. With 133 active cases so far, the island is the epicenter of coronavirus in Belize, and is currently on a 14-day lockdown. With the possibilities of an extended mandatory quarantine looming, many are concerned about their livelihood and the continued spread of the disease. The business sector is feeling the pinch once again, but despite the uncertainty, are trying to survive while adhering to safety and health guidelines to provide essential services.

Approved Flights to Belize in July
The Belize Department of Civil Aviation, in keeping with the Convention on International Civil Aviation and industry best practices, has continued to allow the entry of several types of international flights into Belize since the closure of the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA). These include repatriation flights, cargo flights, technical stops, and medical evacuation flights.

Ambergris Today

Belize Coast Guard Reports First COVID-19 Case
On August 11, 2020, the Belize Coast Guard Headquarters was informed by the Ministry of Health that one of our sailors was confirmed to be positive for the novel corona virus. The infected sailor is in quarantine and recovering under the supervision of health officials.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Thursday, August 13th Meal Pick ups: Location: HIBISCA. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

Passing of Mr. Egbert Robinson
Today we would like to convey condolences to the family and Flowers Bank Community on the passing of Mr. Egbert Robinson. Mr. ‘ Rushie’, as he was affectionately known, was a well- regarded Community elder. For us at ISCR he was a cultural icon who shared his life stories as a Wood-Cutter in the logging camps and about Christmas Brams and Anansi Stories. He was a family patriarch and multi-talented man who farmed, fished and built many traditional dories in his life among other things. He was 93 years old. May he Rest In Peace.

Save On Supermarket Closes Starting Thursday in San Pedro
With the current increase of covid-1 9 cases here in San Pedro. "SAVE ON SUPERMARKET" will be closing its doors from this Thursday 13th for the safety of our Staff & customers until further notice. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. - Management

Western Regional has some new rules
Notice to the General Public: Effective Monday August 17, 2020 vehicular entrance to the Western Regional Hospital parking area will now be the old exit road of the hospital compound. In this area the screening and triage booth is also located, where all patients will be screened before entering for health services. After being screened, patients will be directed to either the flu clinic, the outpatient department, the Maternal and Child health department, the mental health department or to the accident and emergency room. Also, please note that the parking area for visitors will on the right of parking lot as indicated by signs and the staff parking area will be on the left of the parking lot. These changes have to become necessary in order to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to protect admitted patients and staff. The Management of WRH thanks you for your usual cooperation.

Approved Flights to Belize in July
The Belize Department of Civil Aviation, in keeping with the Convention on International Civil Aviation and industry best practices, has continued to allow the entry of several types of international flights into Belize since the closure of the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA). These include repatriation flights, cargo flights, technical stops, and medical evacuation flights. These flights have and continue to be approved in accordance with the various pieces of legislation enacted by the Government of Belize since the closure of the PGIA. These flights continue to allow for the provision of vital services that benefit the people of Belize.

This is our data for today, this being run into two separate batches for a total of 257 samples processed today. The full breakdown is as follows - A total of 86 samples are positive with geographic breakdown as follows: - 1 case in Corozal (contact of a previous case) - 2 in Caye Caulker - 6 in Belize City - 8 cases in Stann Creek District (2 related to previous identified case in Stann Creek and 6 as imported cases) - 28 in Orange Walk (mostly related to construction site in San Pedro) - 41 in San Pedro

PUBLIC NOTICE from the National Biodiversity Office
In light of the increased cases of COVID 19 cases across the country, the National Biodiversity Office in the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development wishes to inform its partners and the general public that in an effort to minimize the spread and of exposure of the public and staff, while continuing to provide quality services, that the following measures will be put into immediate effect:

PUBLIC NOTICE from the Ministry of Natural Resources
The Ministry of Natural Resources informs the public that while our offices remain open, for the safety of all we strongly encourage use of the available online platforms to conduct transactions (apply online, check account status, make payment etc.) For persons who wish to submit application to the Mining Unit or the Land Registry Department, the forms can be retrieved from the Ministry’s website at or can be emailed using the respective email addresses below.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation and Response Actions
In the interest of public health and safety, the Ministry hereby informs the public of the following: • All offices remain open. Normal working hours Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Online transactions are being encouraged via the Ministry’s website. • To check the status of an application from the National Estate Section or Land Registry Department, please visit the Ministry’s website. (click the link for direct access…/track-instrument-2/)

Safety measures at the Ministry of Natural Resources's headquarters
With the rise of positive cases of the COVID-19, the Ministry of Natural Resources assures the public that there is compliance with all safety measures at the Ministry’s headquarters and district offices. If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, please refrain from visiting the Ministry offices. The Ministry urges everyone to adhere to the recommendations from the Ministry of Health.

Unemployment Relief Program Update: Request for Employers Assistance
The COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program, which is being implemented through the Labour Department, is directly contacting employers, who have been identified by applicants for the program, to assist the employment verification process. Employers can help their former staff to get the assistance that they qualify for if they provide a list of employees who have been laid off. Some employers have already done so, even before being asked and this is very helpful to the process. Employers should provide the names, social security numbers and the dates the employees were laid off. Please send this information to [email protected] This request does not extend to businesses that are seeking assistance through the MSME Support Program.

New Emergency Phone Number for the National Fire Service
DIAL 990 for FIRE EMERGENCIES COUNTRYWIDE - FIRE SERVICES GETS ITS OWN TOLL FREE EMERGENCY NUMBER The National Fire Service, has achieved a milestone as it launches its own emergency phone number — 990. This number can be used by both Digi and Smart customers. When a call is made the call will be answered by the nearest fire station. The National Fire Service extend thanks to everyone who made this milestone possible.

An incredibly important message from our fellow islander Horacio 'Chito' Guerrero:
Hey guys just got my call at 6:11 pm today and the friendly nurse informed me that my test came back positive. She asked how I was feeling and I told her that other than loss of taste and smell I was feeling great.... i then asked her when I would be doing my second swab to determine when I’m negative and she said that someone from MOH should be contacting me soon to set that up. For now I can say that I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t get severe symptoms except for 2 days of cold sweating and some flu, along with the feeling of my upper chest and back being squeezed like I was wearing a dive vest with too much air.....or like I had done a semi intense chest and back workout.

Caye Caulker Village Council Notice
Please call or send and email before you come to our office. We are trying our best to minimize person to person contact.

On Wednesday August 5th I woke up with mild fever, chills, headache and body ache. This was 3 days after the case 57 was confirmed out here on the island. Since then I tried getting my test done but had no luck, nevertheless I insisted until I managed to finally get swabbed on Saturday, August 8th. Today I received my results and I was informed that I am positive to COVID19. I’m hereby writing this especially for the people who have been in close contact with myself last week. However; earlier today I did make the effort to private message most people who I knew was in close contact with me on the weekend of August 1st & 2nd.

FAITH PETERSON'S POST on her social media feed
"Thank you everyone for the calls, messages and concern. We’re ok. I never thought I would actually write this but people close in my life encouraged me too. I woke up completely normal on Monday, August 3rd. Later that evening, I noticed that I had a little tickle in my throat. It kind of just felt scratchy. For me at the time, I didn’t feel like it was much of anything so I didn’t say much of it. Thankfully a couple years ago I got my tonsils removed so, I don't get sore throats anymore. On August 4th, I woke up around 5AM from not being able to sleep with cold sweats the entire night. One second I would be freezing cold and once I would cover up I would immediately start sweating. I also woke up with extreme fatigue and a headache. I have never had a headache so bad before. It honestly felt like my head was exploding.

As part of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project of which I am apart of, we had rehabilitated the Yarborough Basketball Court by adding a metal structure which now covers the entire basketball court from the elements as the youths play. Another feature we adding as part of the rehabilitation is to add a tile mural facing the inside of the facility. the purpose of the mural was to get the community, particularly the youths, involved in the upgrading of the facility.


The MGL beekeepers are versatile and hardworking Belizeans earning a sustainable livelihood and securing wealth in nature for future generations. The MGL beekeepers and bees are partners in conservation of forests, wildlife and freshwater resources. More than just honey, bees are also providing bee wax, pollen, vegetables, grains and fruits. Learn more about the incredible work of the MGL beekeepers in southern Belize.

Sealing Corozal's Murals
We are keeping busy with sealing all of the murals in Corozal Town with a clear UV protection latex sealant. Preserving the life of many murals created by artists of the Corozal Street Art Movement(CSAM) and from the past two annual Corozal Graffiti Festivals. Artists who would like to paint a wall (big or small) are invited to message or visit the House of Culture for more details.

BÁAMALO'OB: Maya Guardians
The Balames (Báalamo'ob) also known as Nukuch Taato'ob are Yucatec Maya spirits, whose main mission is to be the guardians of the four cardinal points, as well as their center. It is said that they are old men with very wrinkle faces and white beards. His attire: tunics, hats, and sandals. Our Yucatec Maya of Belize continue asking permission and protection of the Báalamo'ob . The Yucatec Maya resorted to the Báalamo'ob through a ritual and where they are worshiped just before sowing began. Báalamo'ob protect humans and their crops from the dangers , but if they don't receive offerings promised of Sakab , they can also give no protection and let the crops to die. They tend to capsize at high speeds. They are smokers and from the sky they throw their butts, human beings believe that they are shooting stars.

Channel 7

COVID Patient Critical At KHMH
There are 220 active COVID cases in Belize - and tonight an elderly patient is in critical condition at the KHMH COVID unit. She was transferred from the Western Regional Hospital this afternoon in acute respiratory distress. This evening on Ask The Experts, the Director of Health Services spoke about her case: "And the patient that was at the western regional hospital from yesterday we had been made aware that she was having progressive respiratory distress, because we have been ask how comes the patient is not being managed in western regional..."

And, as the KHMH now manages that critical COVID case, it has worry within its own walls after one of its doctors tested positive. An internal memo issued this afternoon says that one staff member has tested positive. It adds that management has imitate contact tracing within the hospital. It advises staff who are exhibiting respiratory symptoms to call the hospital epidemiologist for further assistance and guidance. It orders staff to remain in their assigned units and only traverse the hospital for work related duties. Today on Ask The Experts, Dr Manzanero would only say that this Doctor did not contract it in the hospital:

The Coast Guard’s First Case
And COVID-19 continues to spread to other areas, as the Coast Guard today reported its first confirmed case. Tonight we can confirm that a sailor has been put into quarantine and is said to be recovering under the supervision of health officials. But what does that mean for the entire rank and file of the coast guard? Well, they've increased measures to contain and minimize the spread among sailors. They've also instructed medical staff to assist the Ministry of Health with the contact tracing process.

DHS: 44 More Cases
And, consistent with that widening national footprint of infection, the Director of Health Services reported one hour ago the on the latest test results. 44 of 102 samples have returned positive, most of them from San Pedro. "There is one batch that has come out today. Its confirmed now 44 samples are positive. 40 of those are in San Pedro..."

Four Year Old Drowns: Lost His Parents In Murder/Suicide
We'll return to more COVID news later on, but amidst all the fear and anxiety being experienced by the general public, one family is dealing with profound loss and tragedy. It started two years ago when a PG couple died in a tragic murder-suicide. Their children, at the time infants, were in the house when that horror unfolded. They had since been sent to live with relatives. But today the trail of tragedy continued when the deceased couples four-year-old son, Steven drowned in his guardian's backyard. It happened sometime before 11:00 in the Windmill area of Hattieville village. And shortly after Cherisse Halsall was on the scene.

Guat Fugitive Caught, Was Seeking Residency
Another Guatemalan fugitive has been caught - and this one had already applied for Belizean residency. Yesterday, Belmopan's Special Branch officers arrested 44 year old Cesar Arnoldo Villeda, where he lived on Canaan Street in Belmopan.

COVID Hotline Heating Up
You've been hearing it called out since the onset of the pandemic in March: 0-800-MOH-CARE. It's the number you're meant to call to report symptoms or concerns you might have about COVID. But, it's not just a complaint line; it's also a vital tool for district-based contact tracing. And, plotting the map of the pandemic in Belize are four dedicated health professionals. We sat down with one today for a closer look at the Emergency Operations Center at the heart of the COVID-19 fight. Cherisse Halsall reports.

COVID Concerns On Caye Caulker
And surely, a good many of those calls are coming from Caye Caulker right now, which was confirmed with its first positive case on Monday night. At this time, that patient is the first out of a total of 254 positive cases countrywide to be identified on the island. Today, we got a chance to speak with the chairperson of the Caye Caulker Village Council about the fact that this deadly and contagious virus has now arrived at their community. Here's what she told our Daniel Ortiz this afternoon, via a teleconference interview:

Dr. Manzanero Says We Need More Than Ventilators
Now, persons like chairlady Villanueva-Pott - who may be feeling symptoms - the vast majority of them will have positive outcomes, and the COVID-19 will not see them going into intensive care. But, for the very few who end up there - the question has been asked for months: are there enough ventilators? Well, right now there are only 6 ventilators at the KHMH, and none installed and available at the regional hospitals. That may sound worrisome to you, but DHS Manzanero's spin on the whole thing is that having ventilators is one thing, but having knowledgeable professionals to operate them is quite another:

PUP's Education Solution
In the first two segments of tonight's news, you've heard abundantly about the current coronavirus outbreak - with 220 active cases. And while COVID concerns abound with no signs of relief any time soon, this is still an election year, and general elections are about 100 days away. And that's why showing more confidence for the future than COVID would seem to permit, this morning, the PUP held a grand launch for its proposed reform agenda for the education system.

Briceno Backs Up Blast to MOH
Today's Plan Belize launch gave us the opportunity to question the Opposition Leader about the strong criticism he had for the Ministry of Health's response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Briceno said, quote, "We are faced with a disastrous second wave. Every day of testing has yielded numbers which are staggering for our small nation. With the first week of the spike in cases, our health monitoring system has for all intents and purposes collapsed." End quote. During the question and answer section of their event, we challenged Briceno on those comments, and here's how that exchange went:

John B. Consulted On OW Lockdown
But, while the UDP takes issue with Briceno's comments from yesterday, the Prime Minister said last week that he would consult the Leader of the Opposition on whether or not it is prudent to institute a lockdown for the Orange Walk District. "My advice is that I rather us to be, to err on the cautious than to regret later on so I did speak late last week, during the weekend with the Prime Minister and said that if we need to lockdown Orange Walk district then we have to lockdown because we can't afford this virus to continue to spread..."

Briceno Speaks About OW Communities Under Lockdown
We also asked Briceno about the Orange Walk communities of Santa Marta, Guinea Grass, and Shipyard, and the struggles that residents are facing while they pass the 14-days of lockdown. As viewers are aware, late last week, the Government implemented a strict lockdown for these communities and San Pedro town, in the hopes of containing the community spread of COVID-19. Here's our conversation with Briceno about the lockdown: "It is putting undue hardships on them and I have been getting calls from people from Guinea Grass asking for help, for food. Well I see they finally have something in place whereby they can access the food..."

Briceno's Message To Smugglers and Jumpers
Briceno is also calling for border jumpers and contraband smugglers - many who are from his home district of Orange Walk - to end that illegal activity, which is the most press pressing threat to the country's public health.

John B Laughs At Boots
And turning back briefly to politics, we asked Briceno for his views on the change that the ruling UDP has made for the Pickstock division. Wilfred Elrington announced that he was stepping down one month ago, and the Prime Minister recently announced that Anthony "Boots" Martinez, the incumbent Area Rep. for Port Loyola, will likely replace Elrington, as the UDP candidate in the Pickstock division.

Quo Vadis Fort George?
And while Briceno laughed about the UDP in Pickstock, it's the UDP that's stroking its chin about the PUP in Fort George. It's one of the PUP's safest seats in the country, but the representative for the last four decades or so, Said Musa is recovering from a stroke.

Chester: Social Media Supercop
If you don't think he has his hands full with the health and safety of a few thousand police officers, and securing the country in its greatest national crisis ever, Police Commissioner Chester Williams is also playing social media supercop. And after two troublesome posts went out this morning, Williams swooped in with real-time takedowns. The first was this post from the Douglas village chairman who reported that a member of his community who had been spotted on the Mexican side was now leisurely riding his bike through the village. Osorios said that the complaint which had been made three days prior had yet to amount to anything and that's why he was reaching out to the Commissioner.

What Flights Flew And When
As we told you last night, concerns have been raised about private flights coming into the PGIA during July when the airport was closed. Today the Department of Civil Aviation put out a whitewash press release that attempted to put a damper on the speculation that private jets with wealthy, well connected folks where whipping in and out of the country. The release provides a four page listing of all 46 flights into the PGIA in July and explains, quote, "These include repatriation flights, cargo flights, technical stops, and medical evacuation flights(which) allow for the provision of vital services that benefit the people of Belize." End quote.

Manza, One More
And as the numbers continue to rise - especially in San Pedro there are many cases that are going undetected due to confirmed community spread. It started two weeks ago and has slowly branched out to affect communities in every district of the country. And this afternoon during Ask The Experts Dr. Manzanero gave us a rundown on just how the disease left the island.

Channel 5

44 New COVID-19 Cases; 40 are from San Pedro!
There are a staggering forty-four new COVID-19 cases to report tonight; those are from samples processed today and separate from the thirty-three positive cases released on Tuesday night. That means [...]

K.H.M.H. Doctor Tests Positive for COVID-19; 10 Healthcare Workers Now Have the Virus!
Tonight, there is a fear and concern among healthcare workers at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after one of their doctors tested positive for COVID-19.  The concern at the hospital [...]

Elderly COVID-19 Patient is Critical; Hospitalized on Ventilator at K.H.M.H.
And now we get an update on that hospitalized person who was transferred from Belmopan to Belize City at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The patient is an elderly woman [...]

COVID-19 Patient from Belmopan is Rushed to the K.H.M.H.
As we reported on Tuesday, Elron Franco, Jesse Leon and Doctor Hector Cisneros who are attached to the pharmaceutical supplier all tested positive on Monday. During a contact tracing exercise, [...]

Human Resource for COVID-19 Critical Patients is Limited
So, as you heard the critical case had to be transferred to the K.H.M.H.  One of the reasons is because she needs ventilator support, but the Western Regional Hospital doesn’t [...]

Nightclub Goers Form an Active Cluster in San Pedro
The number of positive cases in San Pedro continues to jump and is peaking at one hundred and thirty-three as community transmission of COVID-19 spreads on the island. There are [...]

San Pedro Town Becoming a Ghost Town after Almost 100 Active COVID-19 Cases on Island
COVID-19 is ravaging San Pedro where the highest number of cases is being reported.  Up to Tuesday night, there were ninety-three active cases of the virus on the island, but [...]

Inadequate Quarantining in San Pedro
Health officials from the Central Health Region have been on the island as contact tracing exercise continues for positive cases. While all active cases are currently quarantined, majority at their [...]

A Coast Guard Sailor Tests Positive for COVID-19
A coast guard sailor is the first to test positive among his peers in maritime law enforcement.  On Tuesday evening, the Belize Coast Guard was informed by health officials that [...]

P.U.P. Launches Plan Belize Policy on Education
Schools remain closed across the country as a containment measure to COVID-19.  But today, the People’s United Party rolled out its education policy, promising access and quality education from preschool [...]

Should Private Flights Continue to be Allowed to Land at P.G.I.A.?
Civil Aviation earlier today issued a list of flights that landed at the P.G.I.A. during the month of July.  Fifty-six aircrafts landed, including repatriation flights on United Airlines, Tag, Moses [...]

Opposition Leader Calls Out M.O.H. for Mismanaging COVID-19 Crisis
Opposition Leader John Briceño on Tuesday blasted the Barrow Administration, saying that the Ministry of Health is scrambling for solutions as COVID-19 cases are on the rise.  A P.U.P. release [...]

John Briceño Says Border Jumpers Endangering Lives
While at the launch of its education policy, the opposition leader was also asked about border jumpers.  The Ministry of National Security has been having a difficult time restraining these [...]

Will There Be a New P.U.P. Area Rep. for Fort George?
Two-term Prime Minister and Fort George Area Representative, Said Musa continues to recover from a stroke.  The veteran politician suffered a very rare stroke in early May and received treatment here in Belize and [...]

Belize Central Prison Suspends Inmate Visits Indefinitely
Tonight, there are no known cases of the coronavirus within the walls of the Belize Central Prison and prison authorities want to keep it that way. So Kolbe Foundation has [...]

Serving Time at Prison under Extended S.O.E.
The state of emergency to stem the gang violence that broke out in Belize City several weeks was extended, following the last sitting of the House of Representatives.  Those incarcerated [...]

Keeping Belize Central Prison COVID-Free Through CARICOM IMPACS
Across the Caribbean, there have been concerns raised about the state of prisoners amid the COVID-19 pandemic which can have disastrous effects due to the congested facilities.  While Belize has [...]

Restructuring at the Western Regional Hospital for the New Norm
Belmopan has recorded five cases of the coronavirus and as you heard earlier, one of those cases, a female patient, had to be transferred to the K.H.M.H. in critical condition.  [...]

Changes in Services at Western Regional Hospital
The purpose of the changes is to assist with the surveillance efforts for COVID-19 patients, while preventing contact with persons seeking specialized medical attention.  But Doctor Javier Zuniga advises that [...]

Douglas Villager Detained for Border Jumping
A border jumper from Douglas Village has been detained and placed in quarantine. The man, identified as Miguel Alamilla, was spotted shopping in a community called Javier Rojo Gomez, better [...]

COVID-19 Joke on Facebook Lands Man in Hot Water with Cops!
A second man was also quarantined today and expected to be swabbed all because of a post he made on Facebook post. Ryan Gentle posted a photo without a mask [...]

21,000 COVID-19 Test Kits in Country
At the top of newscast we told you about the forty-four new COVID-19 cases confirmed today. And as the cases continue to grow, routine testing is not available. The tests [...]

Taking Stock of Ventilators
The Ministry of Health says it continues to prepare for COVID-19 in respect of equipment.  As you may know, those critical COVID-19 patients who experience respiratory distress need ventilator support. [...]

The Reporter

The Chairlady of the Caye Caulker Village Council Seleny Villanueva Pott will be swabbed later today for COVID-19
After she came in contact with a COVID-19 patient in her line of duty. A short while ago Pott posted this message on her personal Facebook page,'' I have been exhibiting some flu-like symptoms and I have been in isolation since the results of the positive case. I believe in leading by example, and will continue to do so. I wear my mask a lot, but I must do what is right and I will be swab today and will be kept in isolation until the results are back. Hoping for the best.''

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has confirmed having a Covid positive staff member

Working without no mask... I want catch covid-19 and spread it lol
From the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, "In respect to him, he is in custody. Will be taken to be swabbed after which he will be placed in quarantine until his result is out"

Coast Guard gets First it's Covid-19 Case
Te Belize Coast Guard has registered its first COVID-19 case. We were told that the test results were received late last night and that contact tracing has already commenced. According to sources, it is believed that the male Coast Guard Officer had contracted the virus in San Pedro. The BCG is expected to issue a press release later today with the full details


A look into Agrilinks
Two weeks ago, the government announced its economic plan, which included finances that would go towards the agricultural sector. One of the upcoming initiatives coming in this sector is Agrilinks.

Cattle Trade Formalized
On Monday, Belize saw its first formal cattle exportation to Guatemala. This practice has been happening for years informally, but adjustments needed to be made after officials in Guatemala stopped the illegal crossings by Belize cattle exporters.

Douglas villagers concerned after alleged photos of resident in Mexico surface
Residents in Douglas Village, Orange Walk District are wary of the spread of COVID-19 after one of their community members, Miguel Alamilla, was allegedly across the border in Mexican territory.

Minister of Food and Agriculture comments on chicken phenomena
We have been reporting on the concerns of residents that there is a low supply of chicken in the country. As we have heard from the Poultry Association, there is no shortage, just a demand that is higher than they expected.

Department of Aviation reveals list of private flights for July
The Prime Minister made a blunder last week when he announced that a private flight carrying Texans arrived into the country in July to look at condos in San Pedro Town. It was widely speculated that this flight was the cause of the index case on Ambergris Caye.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Villages in Chinese province in lockdown over bubonic plague concerns
The People’s Republic of China has moved to lock down multiple villages in the province of […]

St. Kitts and Nevis battles economic effects of COVID-19
The newly-re-elected government of St. Kitts and Nevis led by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris battles […]

Garifuna Council marks World Indigenous Peoples day, draws attention to violence against Garinagu leaders in Honduras
Belize’s indigenous population – the Garifuna, Kekchi, Mopan and Yucatec Maya – marked their special day […]

A shocking 86 new cases of COVID-19 detected in Belize today
A shocking 86 cases of COVID-19 was detected in Belize today out of two separate […]

Poultry producers say chicken supply returns to normal next week
The Belize Poultry Association (BPA) says supply of poultry products should return to normal next […]

Director General of Statistical Institute of Belize, Dr. Leopold Perriott, retires
Dr. Leopold Perriott, Director General of the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), has retired effective August […]

Poultry producers say supply returns to normal next week
The Belize Poultry Association (BPA) says the supply of poultry products should return to normal next […]

House of Representatives to meet this Friday amid spike in COVID-19 cases in Belize
The House of Representatives is scheduled to meet this Friday, August 14, 2020 amid a […]

Cyber Security Report 2020: Latin American, Caribbean countries lack professionals; Belize developing cyber policy
The Inter-American Bank and the Organization of American States, in its latest annual report of […]

ComPol tours Orange Walk, Belize City
The travels of Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and his senior officers took him up north […]

Immigration officers, driver charged for marijuana possession
On August 5, 2020, police searched a government-issued vehicle and found 21 parcels of marijuana […]

Government informs of approved flights in July
The Belize Department of Civil Aviation informed today that in keeping with the Convention on […]

Water fee for schools? Ministry of Education says get its permission first
Recently a parent in Belize City shared the concern with us that certain schools in […]

Baby reported drowned in Hattieville
Details are scarce, but our newsroom has received reports that a baby has drowned in […]

Man detained for online joke about spreading COVID-19
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that police have detained a man following a social […]

Homeschooling: Ministry may review academic requirement but warns of “disadvantage” to students
The idea of homeschooling or possibly paying teachers to interact with students at home is […]

Ministry of Education ‘very optimistic’ that schools can reopen soon
While the Ministry of Education had been set on re-opening schools this past Monday, the […]

Commissioner of Police: Person accused of jumping border in custody
This morning, Jairo Osorio, the chairperson of Douglas Village issued a statement expressing his frustration […]

Belize Coast Guard Officer tests positive for Covid-19
Reports from reliable sources have confirmed that a member of the Belize Coast Guard has […]

93 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Pedro
The Ministry of Health informed on Tuesday that it had detected 33 new cases of […]

Ten health staff among active cases of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health informed on Tuesday that it had detected 33 new cases of […]

Health officials monitoring 176 active cases of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is now monitoring 176 active cases of COVID-19. Of the active […]

Missing Belize City man found safe
The family of Kent Flores Jr., who was reported missing yesterday, says that he has […]

Global COVID-19 cases rise above 20 million
Now in its ninth month, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 20 million people […]

Armed robbery in Bullet Tree
There was an armed robbery yesterday afternoon at Tai Shop, located in Bullet Tree Village […]

Save the date: The 2020 Belize Gold Book Launches August 15
The 2020 Belize Gold Book: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel is the new publication […]


Ambergris Caye: Where We Are, What’s Ahead and a Trip to A Very Quiet Town
Where are we Now? I’ve been writing about it for about the last week…perhaps a bit more. It’s the amount of time that our island of Ambergris Caye went from zero active cases of COVID-19 to almost 100 active cases. All in just over a week. To try to get a hold on this situation…the island of Ambergris Caye is on lock-down. No one on, no one off. Curfew in place. No NON-ESSENTIAL movement. At all. Masks on. Social distancing enforced. The island is taking things seriously. Today is day 6 of the 14 day “total island lock-down” imposed by the Government of Belize in response to the most recent spike in COVID cases on Ambergris Caye. A small section of NW Belize is also on lock-down – the villages of Shipyard (primarily very conservative Mennonites), Santa Marta and Guinea Grass. The rest of Belize has a bit more freedom of movement.

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Discover remote beauty of Belize
Combining lush rainforests with clear, beautiful waters and an amazing history, Belize is the perfect destination for those looking for a remote getaway. Belize has a population of 380,000 people and offers an amazing array of undiscovered locations. Here, the Belize Tourism Board lists some of the destination’s most isolated accommodation and activity options. You can’t get much more remote than Bird Island With no neighbours or staff, the island hosts up to six guests at a time and guests can snorkel and kayak over the multi-coloured coral or take out a fishing boat. Islanders will need to stock up on supplies as they will have the islet to themselves but will be supplied drinking water.

Belize debt amendment deal with creditors prompts ratings downgrade
A deal between Belize and its creditors to amend the terms of bonds due in 2034 triggered a downgrade on Wednesday of the Central American country’s sovereign debt rating. The government said on Monday that holders of 82% of the outstanding bonds voted in favor of the amendment, more than the required 75% under collective action clauses (CAC). The amendment defers and capitalizes quarterly interest payments due from Aug. 20 through Feb. 20 of next year, without affecting the bonds’ final maturity.

Mexico-Belize border will remain closed
The reopening of the border between Mexico and Belize was scheduled for August 15th, however, this has been canceled due to the 61.6 percent increase in Covid-19 cases in that Caribbean country. The measure will leave a loss of 90 million pesos for the south of Quintana Roo due to the lack of Belizean visitors to Chetumal. The Government of Belize reported that its border with Mexico will remain closed as well as the ports of entry and exit, except in the case of cargo flights and commercial courier shipments, emergency medical trips, and emergency flights approved by the Ministry of Health according to the Department of Civil Aviation.

Additional United Airlines repatriation flights from Belize
The Government of Belize has announced the postponement of the opening (originally planned for Saturday August 15, 2020) of Philip Goldson International Airport. Therefore, United Airlines and the Government of Belize are continuing to provide a weekly repatriation flight from Belize City to Houston, TX on Friday August 14th, 21st, and 28th. United Airlines Flight UA 2421 departs Belize at 13:55 pm and arrives in Houston, TX at 17:32 pm. Please make a reservation directly with United Airlines at United Airlines is providing these repatriation flights for U.S. citizens, family members, and other third-country nationals departing Belize. If you would like to depart Belize, please make a reservation directly with United Airlines at


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