The Ministry of Health has become aware of individuals and companies advertising that they perform PCR testing or rapid testing for COVID-19. The Ministry is also aware that some entities are offering the service of facilitating the importation of COVID-19 test kits for purchase in Belize.

The Customs and Excise Department has issued an advisory that the clearance of any SARS-CoV2 test kit will not be approved without prior authorization from the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health reiterates that it is the only authorized and legal entity in Belize that has been granted permission through the Ministry of Finance to import materials for PCR and rapid testing for COVID-19 in Belize. The Ministry of Health is also the only entity that is authorized to conduct PCR testing through the Central Medical Laboratory in Belize City.

It is advised that if test kits are still being imported, persons run the risk of having the items confiscated.

The public is advised to be aware of anyone making claims to conduct any type of testing for COVID-19.