According to Census records, there was exponential population growth between 1835 (2,543) and 1861 (25,635) - much to do with the War of the Castes in 1847 I suspect. Anyway, there seems to have been no census in between those dates, or maybe those records were destroyed in the Belize City northside fire in 1856, who knows? If so, it makes this document really important!

Pembroke Hall is now known as Libertad. Narrows,Backlanding ,Richmond Hill & Cocos were in the banks of the New River. Am guessing Gill’s Point ended up being Gales Point and Mono River was actually Monkey River.

Note that when they say charib they mean the Garinagu people . Where it says Indians the referring to the Yucatec Maya if it is up north ,if it is the south it refers to the Mopan Maya . The Yucatecans refer to the whites (Spanish descent/Yucatec Maya mix ) . 5000 from all parts of the civilized world.” What a thing!

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