Turning now to the Ministry's plan for the next school year, the press asked the Minister about the resumption of classes. Classes were scheduled to restart on Monday. But that opening date had to be delayed because of the current community spread of COVID-19, that we've been telling you about since last week.

Here are the Minister's remarks:

"We said until further notice, and the reason we did that was we wanted time to see just far things would develop in terms of the COVID situation. At the point where we're at right now, I am very confident that early date in September is not going to happen, but that is exactly why I don't say these things because you never know what's going to happen. We continue to assess the situation, which is what I always say, and we continue to wait and hear the advice from the health authorities especially. I know for instance right now there are clamors from teachers for us to have them stay at home, but that is not the advice. We will only do these things when the health authorities advise us that things are in the kind of problems. The public servants are going to work every day. Private sector workers are going to work every day."

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