We know that restaurants and other eateries will be allowed to remain open providing that patrons make reservations ahead of their visit, as well as sticking to ten persons only. Where sports is concerned, recommendations are being made to cancel all competitions, including basketball. The use of face masks for persons riding bicycles casually is now mandatory.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“We’re going to keep restaurants open, we’re not even going to restrict them to takeout or to operating only in the open air. But because the social gathering limits are now restricted to ten, we expect that people will have to dine by reservations, that no restaurant can have, I don’t care what size you are, no restaurant can have anymore than ten persons dining at the same time. That way we completely then are able to insist on the social distancing implementation. Contact sports, we’re going to stop the notion of any kind of competition for basketball and for all the other contact sports. Volleyball, we can see how, if you’re going to limit it to three on either side, the member for Fort George and his children and certainly I know one niece, are excellent volleyball players and we want to think very carefully before we put a halt to that. So we will begin by limiting the numbers and of course we’re going to try to monitor as much as possible. Bicycle riders now must wear masks. I think the last time we had said that they can go without wearing masks, but if you’re riding, I’m not talking about the cyclists for exercise. For exercise, we want to leave things as they are where because it’s difficult to breathe with the masks if you’re running or you’re walking for exercise, and if you’re cycling for exercise you don’t have to wear your masks. But the regular everyday bicycle rider who uses his bicycle as a means of transport, when he’s out in the public he must wear his mask.”

Channel 5