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The San Pedro Tour Guide Association (SPTGA) has been looking after its members since the first COVID lockdown via a pantry program. The campaign continues, thanks to the many donors that continue to support the program, and every Friday the association provides food items to 180 tour guides. The SPTGA began with this initiative following the first phase of COVID-19 in March, which ended with all jobs in the tourism industry of Belize. At the beginning, the SPTGA used its own resources to assist its members.

After doing a survey, they found out that around 250 tour guides, with boats, wanted access to fishing rather than being part of the pantry program, while allowing those most in need to benefit from the program. The food assistance consists of basic staples such as rice, beans, cooking oil, meat (chicken), dairy products, flour, and some hygienic products as well. The association initially planned to open a GoFundMe page, however, they were allowed to use https://belizekids.org/covid-food-drive/, where additional information can be found about the initiative and donations can be made.

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