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We are pleased to introduce Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s special edition of the Belize Gold Book, The Gold Standard for Belize Travel: Tourism Health & Safety!

As our newest publication, the 2020 Belize Gold Book: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel is the first of its kind - an annual issue in CC+L's travel magazine portfolio! Debuting today, August 15, with an online launch, the 96-page publication combines the best in local insight on Belize as a tourism destination alongside the enhanced health and safety protocols for travelers, as developed by Belize's local authorities, such as the Belize Tourism Board. Besides promoting Belize as a safe destination, the Belize Gold Book focuses heavily on marketing the authentic experiences found within its inherent natural beauty, rich history, and immersive culture - precisely what makes Belize worth the wait.

The publication is the result of collaborations with the Belize Tourism Board and industry stakeholders in an effort to both market Belize for travel rebound and prepare travelers to visit Belize, safely, once the country reopens to international tourism. The Belize Gold Book also showcases businesses displaying excellence in the tourism industry such as bars, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, resorts, and more. Additionally, The Belize Gold Book will be one of the main travel resources about Belize's Gold Standard for Tourism Health & Safety alongside the country's latest travel advisory, protocols, and more.

The Belize Gold Book magazine is now available online, with printed copies to follow for local and international distribution at Belize's airport reopening. Furthermore, our new publication will serve as an official marketing tool for Belize as a travel destination, allowing travelers to rediscover new experiences under Belize's new travel era.

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