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The San Pedro Sun

Belizean family pleads with Ministry Of Health regarding untimely death of Luis Romero, Sr.
The unexpected and untimely passing of proud Belizean, Luis Romero, Sr., has the Romero family and friends devastated and seeking answers. Luis Romero, Sr.’s children, mindful of these rules by MOH, did as repeatedly instructed and called the numbers provided. For the following five days, they begged and fought for the attention of health officials to provide a test for their father. Romero was displaying symptoms, and although he was considered a high-risk individual, the pleas of his children were to no avail. Romero and his children were turned away and declined a coronavirus test by reason of “There is a bad strain of flu going around at the moment, as well.”

San Pedro Tour Guide Association’s pantry program assisting almost 200 guides weekly
The San Pedro Tour Guide Association (SPTGA) has been looking after its members since the first COVID lockdown via a pantry program. The campaign continues, thanks to the many donors that continue to support the program, and every Friday the association provides food items to 180 tour guides. The SPTGA began with this initiative following the first phase of COVID-19 in March, which ended with all jobs in the tourism industry of Belize. At the beginning, the SPTGA used its own resources to assist its members.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location

Doctor with Covid-19 Detained
Clyde Williams: "The Doctor who reportedly tested positive for covid and was quarantined and seen in public yesterday, was detained and placed in mandator isolation. The matter was investigated and confirmed that he was in public. After his isolation he will be charged for breach of quarantine requirements. "

Belizean Family Pleas With Ministry of Health Regarding Untimely Death of Luis Romero, Sr.
The unexpected and untimely passing of proud Belizean, Luis Romero, Sr., has the Romero family and friends devastated and seeking answers. On paper, Luis is listed as “Patient #3” of COVID-19 related deaths in the country of Belize. However, if Luis is going to become a statistic in the country he so loved cherished, it is the hope of the Romero family that his death is the one that incites and influences change. By all accounts, Luis Romero, Sr. was a high-risk individual and the classic example of who we, as a community, should be mindful of as we live through this unprecedented pandemic.

University of Belize Debates Starting Date for Classes
The Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Belize is making the motion to start classes on September 7, as proposed by UB's Faculty and Staff Union. According to an internal memo, the FST is also rejecting any pay cuts until the Board of Trustees negotiates with the UBFSU.

Its Crocodile Hatchling Season!
With the enormous amount of rain we have been seeing across the country this week, we thought it appropriate to discuss what the rain means for the world of the American crocodile - the emergence of babies!

In a short release today NMSP announced: "It's not much but staff and board members of NMSP put together funds and bought some supplies to send to San Pedro as covid relief. We need to stand together in this struggle for life, only us will save us".

Over the last week, we have had two requests from Belize volunteers to come back to Wildtracks to help with the smallest manatee calf currently in care. Both are committed to working for the good of Belize, volunteering their time where they can. Both also volunteered to get tested to ensure that they were Covid-19 free, before coming to Sarteneja. One of the volunteers, Marvin Monterroso, received his first test result back – negative. He then got a text with his second test result – negative again, and based on that, arranged to travel through to Sarteneja. Last night, however, he received an official notification from the Ministry of Health saying that the test was positive.

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that we, the board members of Hope Haven, announce the loss of our beloved community member, Mr. Luis Romero, Sr., brother of our Director of Operations, Kristina Romero. His untimely passing during these unprecedented times strikes us all heavily, and it is with great sadness that we publish this message to you, our community. Unfortunately, Mr. Romero succumbed to his ailments and complications due to COVID-19: his death is the third coronavirus-related one in Belize.

The Reporter

Stabbing in Belize City
A man is in a stable condition after he was stabbed in the right side of his chest sometime around 1:00 this morning in Belize Cty. Aubrey Brown, 55, was discovered lying on the ground near his house on Johnson Street, where the incident is believed to have occurred during an argument with another man.


Man Chopped in the Chest
A man is hospitalized after a chopping incident that occurred early this morning. 55-year-old Aubrey Brown Sr was at home on Johnson Street at around 1am with another man whom he knows when an argument started between them. The man then took out a machete and chopped Brown to the upper right side of the chest. Brown is in a stable condition and police are investigating.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Health officials monitoring 414 active cases of COVID-19 in Belize
In its latest infographic released a short while ago, the Ministry of Health confirmed that […]

64 more cases of COVID-19 detected today
The Ministry of Health informed a short while ago that after processing 257 samples today, […]

Public transport regulations still in effect
There have been many concerns about public, inter-district transport as it is a potential spreader […]

Shooting reported in Bradley’s Bank, Santa Elena
Reports reaching Breaking Belize News indicate that minutes ago, residents in the area heard about […]

A.G.: “Make your adjustments”
Many questions from the community have been asked concerning various situations that may fall afoul […]

Clarifications on mask wearing and social distancing
Riders of motorcycles and bicycles must now “mask up” in public, and the latter may […]

Business hours now regulated
Generally, businesses are now being asked to close one hour earlier than the start of […]

Social distancing rules enforced for exercise; casinos join bars in closedown
Starting on Sunday, no competitions and recreational contact sports will be allowed. Exceptions are made […]

Curfew rolled back to 8 p.m.
Come Sunday night, Cinderella turns into a pumpkin two hours earlier. The curfew originally set […]


Explore Belize from Home with These Mouthwatering Foods
When the pandemic hit life as we knew it came to a screeching halt. Many of us found ourselves balancing working from home, hosting digital catch-up with friends, family, and searching for creative ways to pass the time. While restaurants were closed, there were a few of us that ultimately rediscovered the pure joy of cooking. Whether it was for ourselves or our families, there is undoubtedly something satisfying and tangible that comes from exploring this small, nay, delicious pursuit. So while you’re waiting to travel, and looking for new recipes to add to your repertoire, you should definitely try these five mouth-watering Belize recipes.

Discover Southern Belize: Top 10 Things to do
Charming beaches, incredible snorkeling, lush jungle adventures, breathtaking waterfalls, cultural immersion experiences are all and more things that make Southern Belize your perfect vacation destination. Southern Belize is where you will have the best time of your life. If your still not sure what to do when visiting Southern Belize, here are the top 10 things to do: 1.Hike the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary 2. Swim the Mayan King Waterfalls. 3. Eat some Tutti-Frutti Gelato 4. Immerse yourself in Garifuna Culture of Hopkins Village ...

Introducing The Belize Gold Book
We are pleased to introduce Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s special edition of the Belize Gold Book, The Gold Standard for Belize Travel: Tourism Health & Safety! As our newest publication, the 2020 Belize Gold Book: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel is the first of its kind - an annual issue in CC+L's travel magazine portfolio! Debuting today, August 15, with an online launch, the 96-page publication combines the best in local insight on Belize as a tourism destination alongside the enhanced health and safety protocols for travelers, as developed by Belize's local authorities, such as the Belize Tourism Board. Besides promoting Belize as a safe destination, the Belize Gold Book focuses heavily on marketing the authentic experiences found within its inherent natural beauty, rich history, and immersive culture - precisely what makes Belize worth the wait.

International Sourcesizz

United States donates ambulance and military vehicles to Belize security forces
According to news released by the U.S. Embassy in Belize, on August 6, 2020, the United States Government has donated an ambulance, six vehicles, and aircraft and vehicle parts valued at $1 million to the Belize Ministry of National Security in a handover ceremony at Force Headquarters on Price Barracks. The donation was funded by U.S. Southern Command’s Building Partner Capacity and Foreign Military Financing programs through the U.S. Embassy’s Security Cooperation Office.

Researchers found a way to clean N95 masks for reuse — in a common electric cooker
In a recently published study, Nguyen and Verma detailed how the dry heat produced by such electric cookers (rice cookers or multicookers such as Instant Pots) may be an effective way of decontaminating medical-grade N95 masks. Using the rice preset on the Farberware cooker and N95 respirators from 3M, a major manufacturer of the protective coverings, the researchers found that 50-minute treatments without pressure at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit left the masks thoroughly cleaned without compromising fit or filtration efficiency.


  • Orange Walk front line workers remind you that only you can help them to fight this battle against COVID 19, 2.5min. Northern Regional Hospital proudly presents a video created by Communty Health Workers from Orange Walk District. The Community Health Workers have vital messages that they would like to share with the general population as a reminder that it will take a community effort to bring an end to the COVID19 Pandemic " No man is an island"

  • Orange Walk Carnival Belize 2018, 9.5min.

  • We went for a hike in the jungle of Belize with friends and found howler monkeys., 1min. While in Belize we decided to take the dingy to a river, up the river and went for a hike in the jungle. During this hike we found howler monkeys.

  • Belize Virtual Music Festival Backstage Pass Gospel Edition, 80min. The is another Live Steam production by Belize Music Agency and This is a gospel production with several other Caribbean Countries. St. Lucia and Barbados

  • Belize Virtual Music Festival, 1hr42min. The First Belizean Virtual Music Festival. Hosted By Belize Music Agency during COVID19 Lock Down

  • Alux guarding the museum U Chan Muul Yaax k'aax museum at San Lazaro Orange walk, 1min.