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Twenty Six More COVID-19 Cases In San Pedro, Belize At 414 Active Cases
After a few days of not recording any new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, the Ministry of Health in Belize announced last night, Saturday, August 15, 2020, 26 cases for the island out of a whopping 257 samples that were processed.

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Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Monday, August 17th, Meal pick ups. Location: HAPPY LOBSTER. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

This is our data for today. A total of 257 samples were processed today. We have a total of 64 new cases. The preliminary breakdown is as follows: - 3 cases in the Stann Creek district - 11 cases in the Cayo district - 11 cases in the Orange Walk District - 13 cases in the Belize district (excluding San Pedro) - 26 cases in San Pedro...

Attorney General’s Ministry (COVID-19 Safeguard Measures) (Suspension of face-to-face services) (Online application process) 2020
suppressing the spread of the infectious disease COVID-19, the Attorney General’s Ministry hereby informs the public of the following changes in respect of the following services: Marriage Registry – Belmopan Office: The provision of all face-to-face services to the public from the Marriage Registry, Belmopan, is hereby suspended effective immediately. The Marriage Registry will operate on an e-interface/online basis effective Monday August 17, 2020. Marriage licence application forms, pertinent information brochures and all instructions can be found online on the Government Portal at the Government of Belize’s website at the link below.

From Commissioner of Police Chester Williams
Good morning all, SI 119/2020 is out. I will be explaining the new changes that came into force last night at 12mn. - Curfew hours is now as follows; Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 pm to 5:00 am Friday & Saturday 10:00 pm to 5:00 am - no child under the age of 16 shall be out in public unaccompanied by a parent or guardian after 6:00 pm. - all persons wakling or running for exercise must do so 6 feet apart. - cyclists must ride in single file. - all casinos are to remain Closed - there shall be no recreational contact sports - all business places must close one hour before the curfew start it does not matter what your trade license says...

Commercial Fishing and Fishing for Sustenance is Allowed
We have seen the outcry of our people and we would like to clarify to all that COMMERCIAL FISHING and FISHING FOR SUSTENANCE IS ALLOWED as stated on the new S.I. Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Hon. Manuel Heredia have confirmed with the Government of Belize that commercial fishing and fishing for sustenance are allowed under the new S.I. *Please disregard the video that is circulating where the Attorney General says otherwise. We stand together with our people of San Pedro and we will always stand in solidarity with you. Remember to wear your mask, practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart, and wash your hands regularly.

Notice from Faculty Representative, University of Belize
The Board did not agree to postpone the re-opening to classes to September 7, 2020. Their concern is the delay will reflect poorly on the Board’s ability to manage the institution and it may result in students wanting to leave UB and consequently a potential loss in revenues. While they acknowledge that more time is needed for preparation, they implore that faculty engage with students tomorrow even if only to orient them about the course expectations and encourage them to do orientation as is required by Moodle.

For the Yucatec Maya the milpa is a very sacred place . It provides food ,a place of work and Spirituality . Before planting many Yucatec Maya of Belize ask permission and blessings from the Báalamo'ob . The Báalamo'ob also known as Nukuch Taato'ob are in charge of guarding the milpero , Crops and animals in the bush . They keep bad energies away of the milpa which can harm the crops and the milpero . As time changes lack of land has cause some Yucatec Maya of Belize to do small milpas at their back yards . It is believe that at night they will guard the yard and fight bad spirits .


Kept Firearm without a Gun License
Last night at around 10 o’clock, police officers stopped a man who was seemingly had a firearm in his hand on the Bullet Tree Road in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. He was ordered to drop the object, and after he refused, an officer fired a warning shot. The man immediately dropped the object on the road. Police subdued the man and then retrieving the .22 revolver. The officers then informed the man that he committed the offense of Kept Firearm without a Gun License, and detained him pending charges.

Burglary on Placencia Peninsula Road
45-year-old Brudy Peters, a resident at Mile 20 on the Placencia Peninsula Road, reported an aggravated burglary to police. He stated that sometime around 7:30pm last night, a dark skinned man whom he knows entered his home and pulled out a firearm. The burglar demanded cash, and Peters handed over five hundred dollars and an iPhone. The burglar then escaped through the door and into some bushes. Police are investigating.

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Face-to-face services suspended at Marriage Registry in Belmopan
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Become a part of the movement: National Student Union hosts recruitment drive
The National Ѕtudеntѕ’ Union of Веlіzе (NЅUВ) is looking for Belizean students at home and […]

CNBC recommends moving to Belize for Americans wanting to leave the US for good
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Dead body found in Belize City
Reports reaching our newsroom are that a dead body was discovered in a house on […]


Ask the Experts: Real Estate Update on Ambergris Caye
Have you ever thought about moving to Belize to enter a simpler existence enjoying the daily experiences that island living can offer you? Despite the pandemic, Sunrise Realty has received many emails and phone calls from folks in the US and Canada who are looking to do just that. With Belize having a relatively low population density and a diverse ecosystem there is a perfect place for most who are seeking a lower-tech, laid back lifestyle. On Ambergris Caye you can be as busy or as relaxed as you choose as there are so many options to select.

International Sourcesizz

La Niña Watch increases one month before peak hurricane season
(CNN)Forecasters are now calling for an increased chance of La Niña this autumn, which could enhance an already overly active hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), issued a La Niña Watch in July. Now, the agency has issued an update further showing their confidence that La Niña could form this autumn. "The La Niña Watch that was issued back in July has now increased to 60% for this fall," says Haley Brink, CNN meteorologist. "When a La Niña Watch is issued that means that conditions are favorable for development within the next six months. An advisory can then be issued once La Niña conditions are observed." In a typical El Niño phase, much of the Pacific Ocean is characterized by warmer waters, whereas La Niña features a cooling of those same Pacific waters. More importantly, especially in the case of hurricanes, La Niña weakens high atmospheric winds, which allows warm air pockets to grow vertically and develop into hurricanes.

Thinking about leaving the U.S. for good? Here are some easy (and affordable) options
Belize, the only country in Central America with Engish as its main language, is another affordable location. U.S. currency is also accepted there. Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest island, known as an “expat haven” is also affordable. According to International Living, a couple can live well there for about a monthly budget of $2,875. U.S. citizens can stay in Belize for up to one month without a visa. To stay longer, you would need to go to the country’s immigration office for an updated visitor’s permit or tourist stamp for up to a 90-day period, and renew your visa every 30 days after that. Once you reach 50 consecutive weeks, you can apply for permanent residency. However, it can take a few years to receive approval, according to International Living.

When Carnival Cruise Line Ships May Start Sailing Again
Carnival Cruise Line could cruising again with some ships in North America later this year, while other itineraries and ships are projected to start service again later in 2021 or beyond. A look at the expected first sailing of each Carnival ship as the cruise industry gets back into service (all information is subject to change due to the COVID-19 crisis):


  • Saturday's "Ask the Experts", 80min. The Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte joined us to discuss the updated regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The quarantine/lockdown has been extended 2 more weeks. Until Sept 3.

  • Statement from the General Secretary of the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union Dr. Christopher DeShield, 2min. The UBFSU announces that its faculty members “will not be formally teaching their courses” at the start of the academic year which begins tomorrow, Monday, August 17th.

  • San Pedro Town Council Sanitizing Program, .5min. This morning, the San Pedro Town Council started a sanitizing campaign by spraying streets, buildings and other public areas that could be tainted with the deadly virus.

  • Cacao de Belize, 4min. Veritas and Cacao de Belize takes you on a magical journey through the rainforests of Toledo to document the full Cacao growing, harvesting, fermentation and drying processes. Join us as Orlando Coc and his family shows us how it's done!

  • Guatemala to Belize (Las Lagunas - Flores to Dangriga), 6min. On this part of our trip to Guatemala in January & February 2020 we travelled by road from Las Lagunas (Flores) to Dangriga in Belize before we took a boat to to the small Island of Thatch Caye in the Caribbean.

  • Multiple GRAND SLAMS in BELIZE! My FIRST saltwater fly fishing trip EXCEEDS expectations!, 11min. Man, it's been one year almost to the day that I was in Belize on my very first saltwater fly fishing trip. This has been something I've wanted to do for over 20 years and it totally exceeded my expectations! Multiple grand slams were had, including one on my first day on the salt, a day I will never forget.

  • Belize Lamanai ruins on the go, 8min.

  • Belize Adventure, 6min. February 2020 for the second part of our Honeymoon, the Wife & I flew to stunning Belize for an incredible adventure! We hired a car and drove to San Ignacio where we stayed for three nights. We then moved about and stayed in Hopkins, Caves Branch, Belize City, San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Whilst there we did some incredible things!

  • The Great Barrier Reef - Most beautiful Snorkeling in Belize, 5. This video was filmed in 2019, it start with a boat ride from the Port of Belize for about 40'', first stop was at Lazy Litzard where refreshments and facilities where available and right after we continue for 10 more minutes boat ride to 2ND Reef in the World, one of the best snorkel I've done. View more than 100 species of corals and as many as 500 species of fish that are indigenous to the massive reef system along the coast, incredible snorkel site.

  • Brent's Two Cents: Episode 7 - Stop Waiting To Be Told What Not To Do! / Comfort Food for Pandemic Patients, 25min. Belize just experienced the worst week of the pandemic so far with 300 more cases of Covid-19. The Prime Minister says a national lockdown is not going to happen, at least not yet. My two cents on why all of us need to stop waiting to be told what not to do. Some good news from San Pedro: Alexandria Boiton is offering to provide free pot pies to anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 on the island. A bit of comfort food while Covid Warriors recover!