For those of you doing research on your ancestors and trying to determine when your ancestors may have entered British Honduras, Here is a spreadsheet of the surnames present in 1765, 1790, and 1823. There are also tabs where there are comparisons between 1765 and 1790, and 1790 and 1823. (The surnames highlighted in both columns are names common to both periods, while the surnames showing up only in the 2nd column likely weren't present in the earlier time period.) The sources of the surnames for the 3 periods are: (i) the signatories to Burnaby's Code in 1765, (ii) the list that Ruth McCulloch Neal provided earlier, from the "General Return of the Inhabitants in the Bay of Honduras" document, and (iii) the "Three Early Censuses - 1816, 1820, 1823 - of Belize" compiled by SJC in 1974.

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