British Honduras Censuses 1816, 1820, 1823

The following was published by SJC's [now-defunct] Belize Institute for Social Research and Action, some 40 years ago, in 1974. It is entitled "Three Early Censuses - 1816, 1820, 1823 - of Belize" and was compiled by Father Richard Hadel of SJC. It has a pretty comprehensive listing of the various families in Belize in the early 19th Century. Many of you will likely find the name of an ancestor or two in it.

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So those who owned the largest number of slaves were Marshall Bennett (211), Vatchell Keene, and James Hyde and a surprising (to me) number of women Sarah Goff. Catherine Lamb, Ariadne Broaster and Grace Anderson.... That sort of exploded the stereotype for me of it being white male owners only and put some women in a much more complicit role in slavery.