The press asked the Commissioner to discuss his own officers who have been in quarantine after they tested positive for the coronavirus. He said that a number of those officers are already reporting improvements in their health. Unfortunately, 4 more cops tested positive this weekend, and those officers will now have to be quarantined.
The Commissioner discussed these latest developments with the media this morning:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"The majority of those of those officers are in San Pedro. I am on a blog with them. They remain in a very high spirit and we continue to do what we can to ensure that they are taken care of. I think two of them were cleared on Friday and I believe at the end of this week some more will be cleared. Many of them are saying that they are feeling much better now. However, I must say that we have had at least four more who tested positive over the weekend; two in San Pedro and two in Belize City. So, we are going to see how that works out. The officer in Belize City who tested positive, his wife tested positive about a week ago so we anticipated that he may have it as well. So, he too is in quarantine as well and then we see where we go from there."

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