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The San Pedro Sun

Fishing allowed but only with a valid license, says Belize Coast Guard in San Pedro
There was major outcry when AG Peyrefitte claimed fishing for sustenance was prohibited on Ambergris Caye. Local authorities quickly clarified that fishing could continue, but the Belize Coast Guard is saying that a license is necessary to fish, and many residents are unsure if they will be allowed to fish off docks too.

PCR Testing to Leave the Country
The Ministry of Health hereby advises the public of a new process that will be offered to persons requesting PCR testing to leave the country. Persons who would like to be considered for testing should send an email to [email protected] with the request along with supporting documents. A response will be sent from that email indicating approval or otherwise, along with the next steps.

Ambergris Today

Ramon’s Village Resort Now Designated Certified Autism Center
Ramon’s Village Resort located in San Pedro Town, Belize is now a Certified Autism Center™ (CAC), designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Completion of the certification means that guests with autism and other sensory needs can have the best possible stay or scuba diving experience.

Rickilee Response and Rescue Transporting Flu and Covid-19 Patien
Ambergris Today joins the community in thanking @Rickilee Response and Rescue RRR. While they continue to voluntarily respond to emergencies during the lock-downs and pandemic, they have stepped up for the community again by voluntarily transporting people with COVID-19 either to the to the flu clinic or if necessary to Belize City. RRR is a tremendous asset to our community. Thank you!!!!

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, August 18th, Meal pick ups. Location: ROYAL ORCHID. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

The Ministry of Natural Resources - Direct Deposit and Online Transfer Payment information
** Kindly note when making a direct deposit, we encourage the applicant to email the receipt to the email provided.**

Safe Corridors for Tourists
In addition to the Gold Standard program, the Belize Tourism Board has created safe corridors for tourists when travel resumes in country. Please see the below infographic with detailed information when travelling in Belize's safe corridor.

Closure of Sporting Facilities
Due to the rise in COVID 19 cases countrywide and the new regulations under Statutory Instrument 119 of 2020, which limits gatherings to no more than ten individuals and restricts certain sporting activities, all NSC Sporting Facilities countrywide will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice. Please continue to practice social distancing, wear face mask/covering properly, and practice good hand washing/sanitizing hygiene. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this announcement.

Marriage Registry Suspends Face to Face Services
The provision of all face-to-face services to the public from the Marriage Registry, Belmopan, is hereby suspended effective immediately. The Marriage Registry will operate on an e-interface/online basis effective Monday August 17, 2020. Marriage licence application forms, pertinent information brochures and all instructions can be found online on the Government Portal at the Government of Belize’s website at the link below.

Changes to Opening Hours

The Spotlight Initiative
TUNE IN WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19TH - The Spotlight Initiative is a global, multi-year initiative launched by the European Union and the United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG). This initiative galvanizes political commitment at the highest levels and contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 5 on gender equality, fully integrating the principle of “leaving no one behind”. In Belize, the Spotlight Initiative seeks to contribute to ending family violence by strengthening policy and legislations that will guarantee increased protection of women and girls, building capacity of state and non-state actors to respond to family violence, expanding the range of services available, and addressing social norms and behaviors that promote violence against women and girls.

Understanding the Economic Recovery Strategy for Belize
The Heritage Education Network Belize is having a webinar discussing the Economic Recovery Strategy for Belize Friday night at 7pm. Join our live Q&A with Alexya Pérez, where we go into the Economic Recovery Strategy and talk about what it means for your business! We will be going live on our Facebook page at 7 pm. You will have a chance to ask questions and find out how you might benefit from new opportunities.

This is our data for today. A further 164 samples were processed today with the breakdown as follows - 23 samples were positive in this infographic (includes the 4 reported yesterday) - Orange Walk - 1 - Corozal - 4 - Cayo - 4 (3 in Belmopan - health care workers) - Belize 14 (6 in San Pedro, the remaining in Belize City) Three persons have recovered today. There are currently 6 patients at the KHMH (3 are intubated).

The Green Climate Fund Approves Project Preparation Facility to Build the Adaptive Capacity of Sugarcane Farmers in Northern Belize
Since 2015, Belize has engaged with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to improve access to international funds and to encourage investment in projects and programmes that will help the country adapt and mitigate climate change and its impacts. The National Designated Authority (NDA) of Belize to the GCF under the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum, and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), has been engaged with the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) to design a proposed project “Building the Adaptive Capacity of Sugarcane Farmers in Northern Belize.”

Legal Advice and Services Centre Hours
In an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Attorney General’s Ministry hereby informs the general public that effective August 17, 2020 the Legal Advice and Services Centre will be offering services by appointments only at the Belmopan and Orange Walk offices. Appointments can be made by contacting the following offices: 1. Orange Walk Office, Telephone No.: 600-8791...

People Requesting PCR Testing May Leave the Country
The Ministry of Health hereby advises the public of a new process that will be offered to persons requesting PCR testing to leave the country. Persons who would like to be considered for testing should send an email to [email protected] with the request along with supporting documents. A response will be sent from that email indicating approval or otherwise, along with the next steps. For more information, contact the Ministry of Health hotline at 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-3273).

Temporary Closure of DOE Office
Additional Precautionary Measures for COVID-19 In order to safeguard the staff and public during this current wave of COVID 19, the Department of the Environment (DOE) will be temporarily closed on August 17 & 18, 2020 in order to clean and sanitize its office space. This is a precautionary measure and is in line with our COVID 19 Preparedness Plan. During this time, our services will continue online. Kindly use the email addresses below to contact our staff; or use our online chat portal or Contact Us form via our website, or private message via Facebook.

Office of the Ombudsman Stops Walk-In Service
The health and safety of our staff and members of the public is of paramount importance to us. This means that mitigation of the spread of the COV1D-19 virus is also of paramount importance to us. Therefore. in an effort to ensure the protection of our staff and members of the public and to avoid any disruption to the functions of our Office the decision has been made to no longer provide our walk-in service as of Monday 16. August 2020. The Office will however continue to serve the public as follows, 1. Complaints will be received via our Office Email at [email protected]; 2. Complaints will be received in writing via post or delivered and dropped into our office mailbox which shall be checked and cleared on a daily basis...

Flood Report and Forecast - August 17, 2020

"Strenghthen Capacity of Quarantine Site Coordinators through Training and Support"
Today, ensuring that masks were worn and social distancing protocols were adhered to throughout, the British High Commissioner H.E. Claire Evans and Ministry of Health Belize CEO Dr. George Gough signed a grant agreement for BZ$101,455.99 to "Strenghthen Capacity of Quarantine Site Coordinators through Training and Support" This project aims to build on Belize's effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to help minimise community spread by strengthening the coordinated response and training of Quarantine Site Coordinators that are necessary to implement the health protocols established for the designated quarantine facilities.

Mr. Florencio Sutherland Passes Away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Sutherland family on the sad and sudden passing of Mr. Florencio Sutherland. Wishing you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. May his soul rest in peace.

Dialogue with the Diaspora: Land Matters
Like Belizeans at home, many of those in the Diaspora are anxious to own a slice of the jewel to develop, farm, or to build their home! Land Matters is a central topic for the Diaspora, and will be our featured topic for this week's Dialogue with the Diaspora! Tune in this Thursday, August 20th at 8:00 p.m. on Channel 7 or right here on our Facebook page! You are encouraged to leave your questions and comments in the comment section below, or live during the show!

We are hereby informing all members that SFXCU MAIN BRANCH will be closed Tuesday, August 18, 2020 and we will reopen on Thursday, August 20,2020. We will also be opened on Saturday, August 22, 2020. This closure has come to effect since a close relative of one of our employees has tested positive for COVID 19. So as to safeguard the health of the staff and members, the entire building will be sanitized.

PACT needs an Internal Auditor
Exciting opportunity to join the PACT Team! PACT is looking for a skilled and experienced Internal Auditor. Interested in joining our dynamic team? Click below for full details.

Monday With The Maya: Ju’n Ixiim Maize Deity
Maize (corn) is the prominent staple for the Maya. It symbolizes the creation of the Maya people and the Maya way of life. Ju’n Ixiim was greatly important, as he was associated with life, abundance and death. Usually depicted as being young, adorned with jade jewelry with a maize foliage growing on the top of his head, Ju’n Ixiim is believed to be a representation of Hun Hunahpu, father of the Hero Twins, from which all of the Maya were born - the people of the corn!

Channel 7

COVID Cases Soar 850% In Two Weeks
850% - that's how much the number of Belize's COVID 19 cases grew in the 14 days between August 1st and August 15th. The number of cases went from 56 on August first, to 452 on August 15th. And, tonight Belizeans are coming off another weekend when the news of 100 new cases and two deaths were just mind numbing. When we left you on Friday, it was with news of death #3, Luis Romero Sr, the 52 year old Belize City man who was diagnosed too late and died shortly after they got him to the COVID ICU unit at the KHMH. And, on Saturday night, 63 year old Carlos Peralta from Orange Walk died at a private clinic from a heart attack. After he died, a test found that he was positive for COVID 19.

Family Remembers Romero With Drive For More COVID Testing
On Friday, Luis Romero Sr. was one of those persons briefly placed on ventilator. But it was too late for him, and the father of two died shortly after. As we told you on Friday, his family was incensed because they felt like the Ministry of Health had turned its back on them, when they tried to get a COVID test for him - after his son started showing symptoms. Now, they are turning that anger into action by circulating a petition demanding testing for at-risk persons.

Police Arrest Pastor Who Knew Not The Hour
And while that family is fighting for more testing, Police are fighting to have few people test positive. This weekend, the cops had to arrest and charged 188 people countrywide for breaking the State of Emergency rules. 128 people were charged for failing to properly wear a face mask while in public. 52 were charged for breaching the curfew. 7 were charged for failing to practice proper social distancing, and a pastor in Santa Cruz, Toledo was charged for allowing a gathering at his church of more than 10 people. This morning, Police Commissioner Chester Williams shared a few more details during a press briefing in Belmopan:

Cops Caught No Border Jumpers, But Plenty Contraband
And while all those Belizeans were busted for violating the SOE rules, the Commissioner was pleased to report that there were no border jumpers detected this weekend. But, there was enforcement in the country's contraband hotspots. Here's what the ComPol had to say about several weekend police operations, in which contraband goods were seized from persons insisting on participating in the trade:

Straying Doctor Put in Quarantine
The cops also had to arrest and charge a doctor for breaking quarantine rules after he tested positive for COVID-19. As we showed you on Friday night's news, the doctor was seen at a loans business on Friday afternoon - this is after he got a positive test earlier in the week - and was sent to self-isolate. Police confirmed that this doctor - who works at the KHMH - did go to the micro loans facility, when he should not have been anywhere near the general public.

COVID Plagues Police, Some Recover, While Some More Infected
The press also asked the Commissioner to discuss his own officers who have been in quarantine after they tested positive for the coronavirus. He said that a number of those officers are already reporting improvements in their health. Unfortunately, 4 more cops tested positive this weekend, and those officers will now have to be quarantined. The Commissioner discussed these latest developments with the media this morning:

UB’s Rough Start To New School Year
Tonight, the National University is in turmoil after the failure to launch of what was supposed to be the first day of the 2020/2021 academic year. It's a failure that was signaled over the weekend when union Secretary Christopher De Shield took to Facebook to bring a message of defiance from the union. And this morning, as predicted, courses at the University of Belize did not go ahead. Cherisse Halsall found out there's more than one reason why... The first semester of UB's academic year should have started today, albeit virtually. But difficulties being experienced with the moodle platform this morning derailed that plan. And ahead of those difficulties faculty had made a decision not to teach.

A Tug’s Tale At Part of Big Creek
This weekend, the Port of Big Creek issued a release rejecting the 7NEWS' story of how 5 members of its tug-boat crew ended up testing positive for COVID 19. We reported on Friday that the tug went to Honduras without authorization, and when they came back all crew members tested positive. There were also reports that the crew members had been circulating in Independence village after returning. Well, the Port's release - which came on Sunday morning - confirms that the tug went to Honduras, and concedes that the there was a lapse in quarantine - allowing the men to go into the village, and also confirms that all five crew members are COVID 10 positive, but stresses that the tug's trip to Honduras was "neither secretive nor illegal."

NTUCB Rejects Change To Labour Laws
On Friday, the government went to the House Of Representatives and rushed through legislation to amend the labour laws. The amendment is designed to make stevedores work shifts longer than 15 hours when they are clearing a vessel. Well - even though it is special interest legislation to suit the CWU's stevedores, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize wrote to the Prime Minister - who is also the Minister of Labour - to complain thatchy they have not been consulted. The NTUCB says it was not consulted in either a virtual meeting or in a letter. They tell the Prime Minister, quote, "zero consultation with one of the major stakeholders in the Tripartite social arrangement in which we have been operating for years now, is a slap to the face of all the workers in Belize.

Political Leaders Grappled With Labour Law Changes
And, on Friday in the House, you could almost see the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition struggling with the amendment which is very odd. It allows workers to go for shifts in excess of 24 hours, which the human body cannot endure. Now, this is only under special circumstances and with the agreement of both parties - as happens at the Port of Belize. The Leader of the Opposition said the length of the shifts almost defies comprehension: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "For instance I know that when the ships come to load the sugar, I know it takes them at least 46 or more hours. Does that mean that one gang is going to be working for 46 hours and will they be paid for triple time? I don't see how a human being can work for 46 hours non-stop."

S&P Says Belize Selectively Defaulted; PM Says No
The government of Belize had a 13 million US dollar Superbond payment due on Thursday, but, with the consent of the international bondholders it has capitalised that payment, and the next two: one in November, 2020, and the other in February of 2021. That's a total of about 27 million US dollars in deferred payments - very necessary at this time, because of the state of government's finances. One week ago, the government announced that it rolled over these payments with the consent of 82% of the bondholders. Seeing this, the international rating agency, Standard & Poors last week announced that it was downgrading Belize's rating to "SD" - short for Selective Default.

PM on Public Officer Paycuts: "Après moi, le déluge"
And not having to make that super bond payment - which it could likely not have made anyway - makes it possible for government to continue paying public officers - even while running an operational deficit. On Friday when the PM asked about rumours of an imminent pay cut for those thousands of public officers, the PM rejected it out of hand - for at least as long as he's around:

GOB Won’t Lock Down (Economy)
And keeping those public officers paid, and the economy throttling - even at very low RPM's - is a major part of the reason the government and the National Oversight Committee has not pulled the trigger on a lockdown - even as the number of COVID cases climbed almost 900% this month. The Prime Minister said once locked down, twice shy: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "We locked down once, and we know at what cost. If we lock down again, I think the cost will be even more severe, the price we pay will be even more severe..."

8:00 PM Curfew In Effect
And while there's no lockdown - as of yesterday they were enhanced measures to curtail social movements, and, with it, the spread of the virus. At midnight on Saturday, those stricter measures came into effect, with a national 8:00 pm curfew leading off. The Attorney General hosted an episode of the Ask the Experts on Saturday night to outline the new measures. Here's what the AG had to say about how the curfew time period has been increased by 2 hours for weekdays and weekends.

Exercise Without Masks But With Social Distance
And, the stricter State of Emergency rules are also slightly changing how you'll be able to exercise in a public space. You'll be required to maintain 6 feet social distance from your exercise companions: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte - Attorney General: "When we're exercising now, there will be rules for exercising publicly. Walking, running, cycling, you will have to social distance, and you will have to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between each person..."

No Contact Sports Under New SOE Regs
Competitive sports, which involve body contact, have also been suspended for at least two weeks under these new SOE regulations. The Attorney General says that this is being implemented for health reasons and that not all sports are being discouraged: "Competitive sporting events will no longer be allowed to take place. So, if you have a competition, a volleyball tournament, a basketball tournament, whatever, no tournaments [are] allowed at this stage..."

Mass Gatherings Now Strictly Limited to 10
But, the biggest change now in effect under these amended SOE regulations is that you cannot gather in groups larger than 10. Here's what the Attorney General had to say about that: "You are now limited to 10 people that can gather..."

Masks Regulations Become More Strict
You'll also be required to wear your face masks in more places, now that the state of emergency rules have tightened. For context, the Attorney General briefly reviewed what those requirements were before the amendment, and what they are now: "This will be a very big change because we notice that people are taking advantage of it. Now, remember every person shall wear a face mask, providing children under 6 - shall not be required to wear it..."

Woman’s Neck Cut
A Belize City woman is in a critical condition tonight after a man cut her throat. 59-year-old Rosa Delia Chinchia She was slashed to the neck after refusing to lend money to a male friend. It happened just after 11:00 this morning in Lindo's Alley when Chinchia, talking to a man she knew, refused to lend him the money he wanted.

Canadian Robbed At Miller’s Landing
Increasing numbers of robberies and thefts have been much in the news recently - and now there is an aggravated burglary in Placencia. On Saturday night, a Canadian national was robbed at gunpoint. This morning in Belmopan Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette had the details: "On Saturday night sometime shortly before 8 pm Placencia police were called to the Miller's Landing area on the Placencia road where Brady Jeffrey a 45 year old Canadian national reported to police..."

Another Chinese Grocer Robbed
And back in the City, there was yet another gunpoint robbery of a grocery store. It happened just after noon, on Sunday when two men armed with a firearm stole $3,000.00 from the ABC store on Central American Boulevard. And it seems they got away clean. Sr. Superintendent Hilberto Romero admitted morning, that the police have no leads.

Caught Brandishing Weapon
Over the weekend the cops made one arrest that didn't require any investigation. That's because the perp in question was waving the evidence, an unlicensed gun, in the wind for all the world to see. Here's more on the circumstances of his arrest from the head of national crimes investigation: Joseph Myvette, ACP- Head, NCIB: "Also on Saturday while San Ignacio police were on patrol on Bullet Tree Road in San Ignacio Town they came across a Hispanic male person armed with a handgun..."

Man Stabbed In Front of Home
He was stabbed to the chest and left for dead in front of his own home. And like the woman we told you about earlier in our newscast he knew his assailant. And tonight 55 year old Aubrey Brown is also struggling to survive after that violent confrontation which happened after the curfew hour on Saturday morning. Here's more from Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero. "On Saturday the 15th day of August 2020 around 1:30 a.m. police responded to a chopping incident on Johnson street Belize City. Upon their arrival, they found Aubry Brown 55 years with a chop wound to the chest..."

Many Suitors For Sale of Scotia
And, our last two stories tonight, are bots on the banking sector from the Minister of Finance. When we spoke to him on Friday, the Prime Minister said that the Central Bank review of the sale of Scotiabank to the holding group that owns the Belize Bank is still underway. "I can tell you that there are expressions of interest, multiple expressions of interest from concerns that would dearly love to be in a position, or to be given a chance to purchase ScotiaBelize..."

PM Backtracks On Exchange Regs
And, in one other banking note, the PM seems to be backtracking on a statutory instrument he signed into law a few weeks ago, at the end of July. It removed certain currency controls and central bank oversight to facilitate real estate transactions. But, at the time we argued that it could undermine the peg. The PM resisted the argument when we first Brought it to him - but on Friday, he said he sees the point:

Channel 5

Romero Family Shares Frustrating Ordeal in Getting Luis Romero Tested
On Friday, fifty-two-year-old Belize City resident Luis Romero Senior was confirmed to be the third person in the country to have died due to COVID-19. He passed away at the [...]

Romero Family Launches Petition
As a result of the ordeal with Luis Romero Senior, the Romero family has launched a petition and is asking for public support in requesting that the Ministry of Health [...]

COVID-19 Positive Doctor Who Breached Quarantine Will Be Charged!
A K.H.M.H. doctor, who tested positive for COVID-19, was spotted in the city conducting business.  Surveillance footage captured the doctor on Friday afternoon and that image was widely circulated online.  [...]

Pastor in the South Arrested for Breach of S.O.E.
In the south, a pastor in Santa Cruz village in the south is facing charges under the State of Emergency Regulations. Police say that there were sixteen persons inside the [...]

Manny Heredia Will Not Be Charged for Mass Gathering
There are no charges for Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia following the viral images of a mass gathering in front of his house last Friday. Videos and pictures show Heredia and [...]

Four More Cops Test Positive for COVID-19
Over the weekend, three persons who conduct contact tracing tested positive for the corona virus. Today, four more police officers have tested positive for COVID-19. These two officers join a [...]

San Felipe Man Dies Before Being Diagnosed with COVID-19
While Luis Romero died of the virus, there are questions over the death of a San Felipe man. The family of sixty three year-old Carlos Peralta is tonight trying to [...]

Dr. Marvin Manzanero Shares Latest COVID-19 Numbers
Turning to the growing numbers of persons carrying the virus, which put Belize as one of the countries in the Caribbean, with the highest number of cases. Now. more cases [...]

20,000 Test Kits Remaining
According to Doctor Manzanero, the Central Medical Laboratory did not run any batch of samples on Sunday as they are preparing samples for processing today as well due to routine [...]

Elderly Woman Critical After She is Cut to the Throat
A fifty-nine-year-old woman from Lindos Alley in Belize City is currently in a critical condition at a medical facility in Belize City after she was attacked at her home earlier [...]

Elderly Man Found Dead Inside His House
As Chinchilla fights for her life at the K.H.M.H., a man was found dead inside his house on Rivero Street in Belize City.  A caretaker found Bernard Gillett lifeless, slumped [...]

ABC Shop is Targeted by Armed Robbers
A grocery store on Central American Boulevard in Belize City was targeted by armed thieves over the weekend. On Sunday evening, ABC Shop owner was robbed of three thousand dollars [...]

55-Year-Old Man Stabbed to Chest on Johnson Street in Belize City
Police are looking for a man in connection with a stabbing incident on Saturday in Belize City.  Fifty-five-year-old Aubrey Brown lives alone in a small wooden house on Johnson Street [...]

Woman Gives Birth to COVID-Free Baby
Early data from pregnant women with COVID-19 indicates that the disease is linked to premature birth and changes to the placenta that might reflect altered blood flow. However, these studies were of women with severe [...]

Cops Seized Stash of Contraband
The Belize Police Department has stepped up its operations along the northern border. Commissioner Chester Williams says that they seized a number of contraband goods and as well as canoes [...]

188 Persons Arrested under S.O.E. Regulations!
Police arrested and charged close to two hundred persons for breach of the State of Emergency regulations over the weekend. From our records, it appears to be the largest number [...]

A Burglary on the Peninsula
Placencia Police were called out to the scene of an aggravated burglary on Saturday just before eight.  An armed man entered a house, held up the homeowner at gunpoint and [...]

Cayo Man Charged for Unlicensed Firearm
In other crime news, police have arrested a man in the west for an unlicensed firearm. Police say that a patrol unit encountered Nectali Yeh walking with the unlicensed firearm [...]

Where are We with the Proposed Sale of Scotiabank Belize?
The sale of Scotiabank Belize to Caribbean International Holdings Limited, the parent company of Belize Bank, is still being finalized by the Central Bank. The Central Bank is pouring over [...]

Super Bond Payment Deferred
Belize has gotten a much needed break as far as the payment of the super bond even though the country’s credit rating was downgraded by Standards and Poor to a [...]

A New Curfew is in Effect for All of Belize
At the start of  the week, the states of emergency for COVID-stricken communities, including Guinea Grass, Shipyard and Santa Marta in the north and San Pedro in central Belize have [...]

UB’s Unionized Faculty Members; “No Formal Teaching of Courses” for Opening of School!
Classes resumed at the University of Belize this morning, but from all indications, it appears there was a poor turnout.  When we visited the main campus in Belmopan, it didn’t [...]

U.B.F.S.U. Heads into Negotiations on Tuesday!
From saying no to the formal teaching for the opening of the new school year to a seat at the table, the U.B.F.S.U. says that they are heading into negotiations [...]

N.T.U.C.B. Objects to Amendment of Labour Laws
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize, N.T.U.C.B., has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow objecting to the amendment to the Labour Act that was passed in the House of [...]


UBFSU explains the need to delay reopening of schools
Today was scheduled to be the first day of classes for the University of Belize. Things were delayed, however, as before the start of the first class at eight o’clock this morning Murphy’s Law kicked in and it all went haywire.

Two COVID-19 death; Two men with underlying conditions
This past Friday and Saturday have seen the passing of two Belizean men. Both persons were diagnosed with Covid-19. 52-year-old Luis Romero was diagnosed prior to his death while 63-year-old Carlos Peralta was not diagnosed until after his passing. The death of Peralta, who resided in Orange Walk Town has caused concerns within a church community. Here is Reporter Alisha Valentine with the full story.

Six months of Covid-19 in Belize
For months Belize was on the sidelines watching on the international news how greatly affected the other parts of the world. On March 22, however, things got real as the first case of Covid-19 was detected.

Several businesses take precautionary measures to protect against covid-19
Several businesses are taking measures as a result of the covid-19 regulations and the need for social distancing. The Attorney General’s Ministry has announced that effective today, the Legal Advice and Services Center will be offering services by appointments only at the Belmopan and Orange Walk offices.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

19 more COVID-19 cases detected today, total confirmed cases now at 475
Nineteen (19) new cases of COVID-19 were detected in Belize today. Including the 4 cases […]

Two men shot in Port Loyola, Belize City
Two men from the Port Loyola area of Belize City were shot this morning by […]

Green Climate Fund approves facility to build capacity of sugarcane farmers in Belize
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved a project preparation facility to build the adaptive […]

Police confiscate huge amount of contraband beers, drinks over the weekend
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams informed that over the weekend, police confiscated a haul […]

Portugal President literally dives in sea following press interview to rescue two women
BBC news reports that the 71-year-old President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de […]

Attorney General’s Legal Advice and Service Centre offering service by appointments only
The Attorney General’s Ministry informed today that in an effort to reduce the spread of […]

Ministry of Health informs of new procedure for processing PCR test requests for people leaving Belize
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced today that changes have been made to the procedure […]

Office of the Ombudsman closed to walk-ins, service continues
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of the Ombudsman has decided to suspend […]

No salary cuts for Public Service – but for how much longer?
Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dean Barrow has denied a rumor […]

Scotia/Belize Bank merger still being investigated; takers waiting in the wings
The Central Bank of Belize continues to review the potential merger of Scotia Bank and […]

California’s Death Valley hits “world record” temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit
The site of two of the highest ever temperatures recorded on planet Earth may have […]

Over 400 cases of COVID-19 in just two weeks
On Friday, July 31, Belize closed out the month with 48 confirmed cases of COVID-19. […]

Orange Walk resident, Carlos Peralta is 4th victim of COVID-19
Orange Walk resident, Carlos Peralta, 63, is the fourth person in Belize to die of […]

Former educator plants Ceiba trees along river banks in Twin Towns to prevent erosion
Former educator Luis Gentle, affectionately known as “ Mr. Gig”, engaged in an initiative to […]

Pastor from Santa Cruz, Toledo charged for breaking social gathering protocol
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams informed that 188 people were charged over the weekend […]

BEL donates 80 school bags to Police Youth Cadets
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) made a donation of 80 fully loaded school bags to members […]

Belmopan Medical Centre announces resumption of services today
Belmopan Medical Centre announced to the public, via its Facebook page, the resumption of services […]

Trade Union Congress writes to PM over Labour Law amendments, urges workers to resist changes
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, […]

National Sports Council announces closure of facilities countrywide
The National Sports Council of Belize announced, this morning, the closure of all NSC Sporting […]

Over 180 arrests made for state of emergency violations: Mask wearing a major problem
Over the weekend the Belize Police Department arrested and charged 188 people for offenses under […]


A Kaleidoscope of Experiences Awaits You in Belize
Brimming with eclectic wildlife, palm-studded islands, lush jungles, and a sprinkling of ancient Mayan cities, Belize offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for the post-COVID traveler. As the only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize is bordered to the north by Mexico; the south and west by Guatemala; and to the east by the Caribbean Sea – offering a synergy of tropical, coastal zest and a strong Central American ethnicity. Ultimately, Belize packs a powerful punch for such a small destination when it comes to tourism attractions. From the Great Blue Hole and second largest Barrier Reef to the only jaguar reserve in the world, visitors will be captivated by exotic wildlife roaming the vast tropical forests. Or, enchant yourself with the many unique underground cave systems for a glimpse into the mysterious past of the Mayas.

Major Grant to Cover Archaeologist’s Work at El Pilar Maya Site in Belize
In the years since Anabel Ford encountered the Maya city of El Pilar between Belize and Guatemala in 1983, the research anthropologist and director of the MesoAmerican Research Center at UC Santa Barbara has dedicated her career to documenting and preserving the ancient site. Now, a new grant of US$289,806 from the National Science Foundation will allow Ford and her research team to conduct research into how the Maya built and sustained dense settlements in the tropical forest. Ford’s team is made up of archaeologists, botanists, geographers, palynologists and soil scientists.

The Best Places to Experience Marine Life in Belize
Belize has so many amazing spots for diving and snorkeling that it is a greater challenge to decide which one to visit than whether or not to pursue those activities. Indeed, Belize’s closeness to the Caribbean Sea makes it a natural magnet for a vast menagerie of marine life. If you need some help figuring where to plunge into the crystal-clear blue waters off Belize’s coastline, here are the top four spots to bear in mind. Silk Cayes, Shark Ray Alley Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, & Laughing Bird Caye.

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying Real Estate in Belize
Home to over 383,000 natives and centrally located on the northeast coast of Central America, Belize is a wondrous tourist destination with superb beach life, water sporting activities, and plenty of real estate opportunities. Because the country was formerly governed by the British, many of its integral systems follow British common law. This means that the government of Belize welcomes foreign ownership of a real estate plot. However, when it comes to buying real estate in Belize, there are a few common questions that may pop-up. Therefore, in today’s article, we discuss three key questions to ask before buying a property in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

How Belize is staying ahead of COVID-19 with Canadian expats
Belize’s plentiful wildlife, diverse regions, historical Mayan ruins and being home to the largest barrier reef in the Northern hemisphere make it an attractive home for the Canadian adventurer. While the country takes responsible consideration to reopen the border for international tourism, here are some examples of Canadian expats living in Belize who are doing their part to ensure they are ready to safely welcome venturesome travellers from their former home. Here’s what some Canadian expat business owners are doing in anticipation of the reopening, and how Belize is staying ahead of COVID-19:

A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
It can be easy to ignore the many ways in which nature and culture are ultimately inextricable, humans, animals, and other aspects of the environment continually affecting change in one another. Music, though, offers space for reflection on the other beings in our ecosystem and how we all contribute to a broader shared soundscape and world at large. Expressions of these ecological networks are central to A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean, the second installment in a crowdfunded album series released on Shika Shika, a label founded by Robin Perkins and Agustín Rivaldo, better known as producers El Búho and Barrio Lindo, respectively.

Escape From America: 5 Cheapest Places To Move If You Want To Leave The U.S.
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll and the political situation heats up, many Americans are thinking about bolting and leaving the U.S. International Living, a website that shows how you can live, retire and invest overseas, says that interest in leaving America has been soaring—with traffic up 945% from May to early August on its “How to Move Out of the US” page. According to Immigration New Zealand, a total of 250,000 Americans have looked into how to leave the U.S. and move to the Pacific island nation, with visits to the website New Zealand Now spiking 160%—an average of about one U.S. resident a minute.


  • Saturday's "Ask the Experts", 80min. The Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte joined us to discuss the updated regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The quarantine/lockdown has been extended 2 more weeks. Until Sept 3.

  • Stern Message from the Caye Caulker Medical Team, 20min.

  • Kingfisher Painting-Belize Arts, 6min. Painting acrylic on canvass, time lapse video

  • Snorkeling off the dock in San Pedro BELIZE!, 3.5min. Belize is home to one of the most amazing marine eco systems in the world. Many people hear about the Belize blue hole, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Mexico Rocks, but we wanted to show you what its like to simply jump off a dock and go for a snorkel.

  • The Business Hour, 92min.

  • Medicine for Belizean by Belizean, 10min. Check out the latest from our very own weekly columnist, Dr. Abigail Joseph. Everyone is constantly telling you to wear your mask! But are you wearing it properly? Do you remove it safely? Do you wash it correctly? like and share this video to help spread awareness and help someone improve their technique.

  • Belize - Thatch Caye, 10min. This is the middle part of our trip to Guatemala and Belize when we had 3 days on the secluded Caye of Thatch Caye These are very small islands many with beautiful beaches and no more than a couple of dozen people staying at any one time. The accommodation is excellent the water is lovely and the birds are amazing and the beer and wine are free.

  • Driving around Dangriga Belize 2019, min. Just A little outing.

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  • A thriving, abundant sea is possible. Rebuilding fish populations can be our legacy, 1min.

  • How to make Cohune oil in Belize, 3min. This is the real Belizean style of cohune oil process! People here traditionally use cohune nuts for making the oil which is called as palm oil in the world. This video was taken at Flowers Bank.

  • Watching Two Potential Storms This Week, 15min. Still too early to tell what 97L may or may not have in store for us or the Yucatan. For today’s analysis of the state of affairs and models, Levi is always worth a listen. Stay vigilant islanders.