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The San Pedro Sun

NEMO monitoring tropical wave; asks islanders to stay calm
Authorities at the local branch of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) are closely monitoring a tropical wave (97L) over the central Caribbean Sea, which could become a tropical storm in the upcoming days. Concern grew when data from the National Hurricane Center showed it heading towards Belize’s general area. NEMO on the island say there is no need to panic yet, but in the case of storm threat, shelters will be made available, and if necessary, people will be assisted with evacuation.

San Pedro COVID-19 patient discharged from KHMH
While an island resident has stabilized and returned to quarantine at home, 1 passed away, while 2 remain intubated and 3 more are at the COVID-19 unit at KHMH. On Tuesday, August 18th a COVID-19 patient from San Pedro Town was discharged from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City following health complications from diabetes about a week ago. The patient is back on the island and in self-isolation at his home recovering from the virus. The island patient’s sugar levels became very unstable, thus medical officers on the island decided to transfer the person to Belize City, where his condition improved.

Belize Department of Civil Aviation Precautionary Measures to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19
In an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Belize Department of Civil Aviation hereby informs the general public that effective today, August 19, 2020, the following online services will be offered. • Issue and Renewal of Aeronautical Personnel Licenses • Issue and Renewal of Aircraft Certificates of Airworthiness • Issue and Renewal of Permits to Operate Foreign Registered Aircraft • Issue and Renewal of Aerodrome Licenses • Issue and renewal of Drone Operating Permits

Change in Pump Price of Fuel Products Effective August 19, 2020
The prices for regular gasoline will register a decrease and diesel will register an increase as follows: Regular gasoline will decrease by 14 cents from $8.76 to $8.62 per gallon; diesel will increase by 19 cents from $8.21 to $8.40 per gallon. The prices for premium gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged at $9.36 and $5.43 per gallon, respectively.

Ambergris Today

Fifth COVID-19 Death, San Pedro Numbers Near 200 Cases
This morning the Director of Health Services of Belize has confirmed the fifth COVID-19 related death. The patient is from the Stann Creek District and Belize’s first female to pass due to the pandemic; she was intubated. Seventy eight new cases were confirmed last night, Tuesday, August 18, 2020 with 30 of them in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, bringing the island total to 194 COVID-19 cases. The country now has 511 active cases. No new recovery cases were reported and three persons remain intubated at the Karl Heusner Memoral Hospital.

Belize Closely Monitoring Tropical Disturbance In Caribbean
The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO - Belize Rural South Branch) and the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) continue to closely monitor the wave named 97L that the National Hurricane Center shows headed toward the region. Indications are that this system may develop into a depression or a tropical storm. At this time, we do not anticipate any need for evacuation from the island for safety.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Thursday. August 20th, Meal pick ups. Location: Belize Diving Services Ltd. Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am -12:30pm.

Belize Department of Civil Aviation Precautionary Measures to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19
In an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Belize Department of Civil Aviation hereby informs the general public that effective today, August 19, 2020, the following online services will be offered. • Issue and Renewal of Aeronautical Personnel Licenses • Issue and Renewal of Aircraft Certificates of Airworthiness • Issue and Renewal of Permits to Operate Foreign Registered Aircraft • Issue and Renewal of Aerodrome Licenses • Issue and renewal of Drone Operating Permits...

C.C. Covid 19 Update
Good morning Caye Caulker, we are now at 7 POSITIVE COVID 19 CASES! A total of 11 test have been processed. (7 Positive 4 Negative) Many samples have not been processed as yet More samples will be taken today! 3 out of 7 patients are symptomatic. Its important to note that our age group of positive patients are from 22 to 52 years of age. 4 patients are above 40. That means that we should take keen attention and protect our elders since they are the most vulnerable.

San Pedro, Belize - DJ unemployment relief
Since March 20th, 2020, San Pedro DJ’s, as well as the entertainment industry has been out of work. These are numerous families that has been affected due to the unemployment of DJ’s. No food, unpaid utilities, mortgages and rent that are accumulating daily. Any generous donation of any amount will be of great gratitude to assist these families on a weekly basis with food pantries consisting of essential goods or funds to assist with utility bills such as electricity and water. If your unable to assist financially kindly keep these families in your prayers.

Holy Redeemer Credit Union Hours
Due to the recent State of Emergency in effect resulting from the rise in COVID-19 cases, HRCU's opening hours effective Wednesday August 19, 2020 will be as follows: 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This has become necessary for the safety and protection of our member-owners and our dedi-cated staff.

We did have a 5th confirmed death related to COVID-19, the patient passed away earlier at KHMH's ICU where she had been for a week fighting complications related to COVID-19. Two other patients remained hospitalized in the ICU connected to a ventilator and two other persons are with supplementary oxygen. One person was discharged earlier today. KHMH is also anticipating a referral from Corozal as a highly suspect case.

Safety Measures at Department of Youth Services Main Office
The Department of Youth Services hereby informs the public that one of our staff members has tested positive for COVID-19. The officer was in self-quarantine prior to receiving the positive results. Our staff member is doing well, but will remain in quarantine until recovered. Other staff members who work in the same unit with this member of our team have also been placed in quarantine and have been tested by the Ministry of Health.

SICA Scholarships for Programs in Jewelry Making

Emergency Scholarships to International Students
Please find the link below for information regarding financial aid for international students in the U.S through the OAS- ROWE Programme.

Social Security Temporary Office Hours
Temporary Office Hours effective Tuesday, August 18, 2020!!The General Public is hereby advised that due to the recent changes in curfew, our Opening Hours have been adjusted to the following: Monday to Friday - 8:00A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The San Pedro Branch Office remains closed until further notice. Customers are strongly encouraged to continue to access our Online Services including Registration Appointments, Online Contributions Portal and submission of ALL claims to [email protected]

Please be informed that upon completion of contact tracing and testing of exposed healthcare workers at KHMH, all SARS-CoV-2 results returned negative. Staff that were placed on work restriction will remain away from work until completion of the quarantine period. To date, there are currently five (5) patients admitted at the COVID Isolation Unit, two (2) of which are mechanically ventilated.

Hon. Pablo Marin receives donation of two ambulances
This afternoon the Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin received a donation of two ambulances from the City of Belmopan. Mayor of Belmopan, His Worship, Khalid Belisle handed over the keys and expressed his appreciation to be able to support our efforts especially during the COVID19 pandemic. The donation came as part of a sister city relationship shared between the City of Belmopan and Taipei City, Taiwan.

There are 2 days left to apply to the MSME Support Program.

St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Ltd. will REOPEN its doors THURSDAY, 20TH AUGUST, 2020

The Social Security Board Belize in Belmopan needs an Investment Analyst

Ya’axché's Summer Camp 2020
Ya’axché's annual Summer Camp hosted 54 Maya Golden Landscape youths at the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve! Campers visited a cacao-based agroforestry farm, learned from a business-minded women’s group, and visited Bladen Nature Reserve. Our experts enjoyed sharing with all the inquisitive youthful minds of 2020 campers about pollinators, human-jaguar conflict, landscape management, beekeeping, agroforestry, biofertilizers, inga alley cropping and protected areas management. The four-day event was possible thanks to Inter-American Foundation, Protected Areas Conservation Trust and Ya’axché's staff, all who have made Ya’axché's Summer Camp 2020 a successful and safe event.

Channel 7

Customs Officer Criminally Charged For Tug’s Trip To Honduras
Since Friday we've been reporting on the incident with the Tug-boat at the Big Creek Port. The vessel - which is called the AJ Ellis went to Honduras for 10 days towing the ZMT 1 barge, and all 5 crew members came back positive for COVID 19. The Port of Big Creek has declared that "all proper arrangements, permits and approvals were sought and received from the relevant Belizean Authorities prior to the tug's departure to Honduras." But, the police don't think so; they think that the trip violated the state of emergency regulations. And tonight, the persons taking the fall for it are a junior customs officer and an immigration officer. This afternoon in Belmopan these public officers were taken before the magistrate like common criminals and charged for "abetment to exiting Belize illegally."

Compol Says Comptroller Has It All Wrong
Just a few minutes ago, the commissioner of police called us to respond to the many allegations - including the one that police objected to bail, which he says is untrue. He discussed other issues that - what he believes were misinterpreted by the comptrollers. Principally, he says the customs officer, Deon Castillo did not act prudently. And he adds that there will also be charges for the owners of the tug: Voice of: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Well first and foremost let me have the record reflect that. The comptroller of custom is my friend and he is a person I have utmost respect for..."

Immig. & Customs Officer Got Bail
So, while the Commissioner says there will be more charges - today it started with two. This afternoon, Immigration Officer Bobby Flowers and Customs Officer Dion Castillo were arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court for the offense of abetment to exiting Belize illegally. Both public officers pleaded not guilty to the charge, and they were released on bail of $1,000. Shortly after their arraignment, our colleagues from Plus TV News spoke to their attorney Hurl Hamilton about the case. Here are the brief details he had at the time of that interview:

COVID Case #5 Was From Hope Creek
Tonight, there is the sad news that a Hope Creek resident has become the fifth COVID patient to die from the virus. 72 year old Iris Barillas had been hospitalized last week and placed on a ventilator, and she died from her symptoms early this morning. She was first hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital and then taken to the KHMH intensive care late last week when she started having respiratory difficulties. Reports tell us that a number of her family members are also infected. And, through all this infection and grief, that family still had to prepare for a funeral in a hurry. That's because Iris Barillas had to be buried by COVID protocol, strict and unceremonious measures guided by the Ministry of Health.

San Pedro Desperation At Flu Clinic
And as a part of her many duties Tillet-Moyer recently spent two weeks on the frontline of the COVID epicentre in San Pedro. She told us how deeply impacted she was by the situation on the island. Lisa Tillett, Senior Health Inspector, Belize District: "Honestly I've been in the job for 20 years and it's the first time I have ever been so touched and it was an experience beyond. I can't explain it really because you have to put everything in place you have to put the public health part, you have to put the humanity part so it was really overwhelming in San Pedro, you know the first couple of days like maybe the first 5 days the flu clinic was extremely full..."

Latest COVID Numbers Show almost 1,000% Increase In 16 Days
And, there's no let-up for San Pedro - the island town had 30 positive tests coming out of the 78 new cases identified in yesterday's round of testing 311 samples. The breakdown shows 25 cases in the Belize District excluding San Pedro, one case in the Stann Creek District, 7 cases in the Corozal District, 15 cases in the Cayo District, at least 8 of them in Belmopan, Notably, with 553 confirmed cases, the number of positive cases in Belize has increased by just about 1,000%, or ten times since August first.

Guinea Grass Villagers Protest
Tonight, the villagers of Guinea Grass are hungry and enraged. They say that while support in the form of food assistance has been arriving in the village it's been less of a stream and more of a dripping faucet. Now, they're losing faith in the promises made by the Central Government and this afternoon went to the newly established border of their village at the police checkpoint to make their demands heard. We heard from one man who says that the food assistance has failed to consider the children.

Senate Confirms Extension to State of Emergency
The Senate met in Belmopan today for business but that State of the Emergency extension by an additional 14 days was high on the agenda. Now, that the bill has passed, the communities of Guinea Grass, Shipyard, Santa Marta, and San Pedro will remain in lockdown for an additional 2 weeks. Additionally, the rest of the country will have to continue abiding by the weekday and weekend curfews for that same period. After the Leader of Government Business, Godwin Hulse, presented the bill for the Senate to consider, the NGO Senator expressed the support of his constituents for this decision. Here's what he had to say to his colleagues:

Don’t Expect COVID Testing For All Suspect Persons
And we'll have much more of the business from today's senate meeting coming up - but, first, to the very real issue of COVID tests for all infected persons. Yesterday on Ask the Experts the Director of Health services made it clear that at this advanced stage of spread, not all infected persons will be able to get a test: "So, it clearly articulates that there will be a time when you will not be able to test everybody and you will classify them as probable cases. When systems become overwhelmed..."

No More Double Testing To Confirm Viral Shedding
And another change in public expectation has to be made for that second negative test to indicate that an infected person has shed the virus. Manzanero says that's done - according to WHO guidelines: "Recall that we were saying before that you need to get two negatives before you can be discharged from isolation, from quarantine, whether you're going to be able to go back to work..."

Belize’s COVID Numbers In The CARICOM Context
As we told you, Belize has the fourth highest number of cases in the Caribbean Community and we're rising fast. Manzanero said that the land borders of Belize and Suriname are a factor: "It Is Interesting to note that the countries that have mainland borders, Guyana, Suriname, Belize and, of course, Bahamas being relatively close to the US, not having a land border...those are the countries that have steep curves as we move along, and of course, Trinidad and Tobago that they feel it was imported through illegal entries into the island."

Senate Debates Crime Control Amendment
As we told you earlier, the Senate met in Belmopan today to complete the passage of 4 pieces of legislation, which had been tabled at the House of Representatives last week Friday. At the end of that 4-hour session, all of the proposed bills were passed into law this afternoon, and tonight, we'll take a look at each of them. First with the extension of the State of Emergency - which you heard about in our last segment.

The Debate On Draconian Contraband Law
And then there is the amendment to the Customs Regulation Act, which was also passed in the House. The change removes the fines that a border jumper and his or her customers would have to pay if they are caught with contraband items. Since today's amendment, if you are caught with illegal goods from across the border, you are at risk of mandatory imprisonment.

Amendment to Labour Law Roundly Rejected By Unions
But, the biggest debate in today's Senate meeting was the passage of the 2020 Labor Amendment Act. The government has implemented a change in the labour laws, which legally allows employers to reduce the wages of their employees. This is only allowed in instances where that employee's working hours are being cut short due to special circumstances, such as the ongoing, national State of Emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic. Secondly, it allows employers to place employees on a leave of absence from work without pay, again, in special circumstances like this pandemic.

Labour Dept. Update On UB Negotiations
And all this labour talk was an opportunity for Dr Carla Barnett, the Labour Minister of State, to provide some insight into the sudden and massive increase in workload that the staff at the Labour Department are now facing. By their estimates, their job's demands have increased by as much as 300 to 400 per cent, since they are being called upon to help resolve new labour disputes which have resulted from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Stolen Sneakers? He Found it On Buy & Sell
He was robbed and left half naked, but days later spotted his pants and shoes on Buy and Sell. The robbery happened just before 9:00 on Saturday night when 34 year old Jose Reyes was riding his bike near Lord Ridge Cemetery. That's when he was approached by two men who held him up at gunpoint and demanded money. They ended up in a struggle resulting in Reyes being relieved of a pair of Under armour tennis shoes, a pair of Black pants, and his Alcatel Cell phone. The men then ran off escaping toward the Cemetery.

More COVID Cases Confirmed At BDF
And, finally tonight, an update on COVID cases affecting public institutions. The BDF has confirmed five more positive cases within its ranks. Commander Brigadier General Steven Ortega confirmed that they are at Price Barracks and rated to the first positive case which we reported a week ago. He says, quote, "This will in no way slow down operations or any other tasks being conducted or planning to be conducted. We have adjusted our measures to ensure the safety of the force..with advice from our medical team and MOH." End quote.

Channel 5

Public Officers Charged with “Abetment to Exiting Belize Illegally”
The number of COVID-19 cases sets a new record; we will have that coming up including the death of the first female due to the virus; we’ll talk to her [...]

Customs Department Rails Against Charge of Officer
The charges brought against one of its own, Customs Officer Dion Castillo, did not sit well in the department.  This evening, Comptroller Colin Griffith publicly registered his discontent about the [...]

Customs Says Tugboat Didn’t Declare Purpose of Trip
So to dispel any notions that Customs Officer Dion Castillo may have been negligent to give clearance to the AJ Ellis tugboat for a purpose outside of the S.O.E. regulations, [...]

Fifth COVID-19 Patient, an Elderly Woman, Passes Away
Early this morning, an elderly woman succumbed to the coronavirus at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Seventy-two-year-old Iris Rose Barillas is the first female locally not to survive the virus. [...]

Iris Barillas’ Caregiver Describes Her Hospital Visit in Belmopan
Late this evening, News Five spoke with Iris Barillas’ caregiver and family friend.  She explained how it came about that Barillas and her husband ended up at the Belmopan Medical [...]

DHS Manzanero Confirms 5th COVID Death
So a fifth person, who is an elderly female, has died due to the coronavirus. But there were reports this morning that a sixth person had succumbed overnight. In speaking [...]

78 New COVID-19 Cases Brings Total to 553
A record number of positive cases of COVID-19 was confirmed overnight putting the number of positive cases for the country at an alarming five hundred and fifty-three. Stann Creek District [...]

Bruk It Dong Jenny Tests Positive for COVID-19
Well-known mental health therapist Jennifer Lovell has tested positive for COVID-19 after being exposed to the virus during a workshop that she was administering on the sixth of August.  Lovell, [...]

Jenny Describes Ordeal with Coronavirus
According to Lovell, she began experiencing flu-like symptoms, as well as other signs of COVID-19 in the days following her exposure.  She describes her battle with the disease so far. [...]

G.O.B. Approves Central Quarantine Facility
Law enforcement officers here in Belize for months have been having difficulties in successfully securing the porous border to the west and north. Scores of borders jumpers have been caught, [...]

Crime Control Bills Amended to Deal with Border Jumpers
The Senate today passed the amendment to the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Bill. The amendment seeks to restrain a magistrate from granting bail for persons charged with contraband offenses, [...]

An Amendment to the Customs Regulation Bill 2020
The second piece of legislation that seeks to curb border jumping activities was passed today in the Senate.  The amendment to the Customs Regulation Bill 2020 aims to remove the [...]

State of Emergency Extended by 14 days
The state of public emergency was today extended for a further period of fourteen days.  Statutory instrument one hundred and ten was to expire on Thursday after it came into [...]

Senate Debate Gets Heated Over Amendment of Labor Laws
The amendment to the Labour Bill was also passed today in the Senate.  The amendment has attracted major opposition from several unions, including the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. [...]

Guinea Grass Residents Protest Lockdown
Today, a small group of residents from Guinea Grass protested against the lockdown measures which they say is bringing further hardships. The village has been on lockdown for two weeks [...]

P.S.U. Rejects Amendment to Labour Law
First, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, which is the umbrella organization for the unions, and now the Public Service Union is lodging its discontent with the amendment to [...]

P.S.U. Engaged with Cost-Saving Committee
In respect of the government’s wage bill and the need to cut costs incurred by government departments, First Vice President Dean Flowers says that a meeting is to be convened [...]

K.H.M.H. Workers Union Agrees to 3 Million-Dollar Cost-Cutting Exercise
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Workers Union says that last week they were able to reach common ground on the cost cutting efforts at the K.H.M.H. as a result of [...]

Who’s Responsible for Collecting COVID Garbage?
On Tuesday, we covered the risks that sanitation workers are exposed to when disposing of biohazardous material from COVID-19 patients.  While it falls within the responsibility of the Central Health [...]

P.S.U. Concerned about Proposed S.S.B. Loan to Belize Elementary School
A public notice of investment was published in the local newspapers by the Social Security Board where it proposes to lend three hundred thousand dollars to a private school, the [...]

National Student Union of Belize Comes Out in Support of U.B.F.S.U.
This week, we have been reporting on the issues brewing at the University of Belize between the senior administration and the UB Faculty and Staff Union. The Board of Trustees [...]

The Reporter

Belmopan City Council Precautionary Measures against COVID -19
The Belmopan City Council has just issued a press release confirming that several staff members have been sent home to self-isolate as a precautionary measure. As a result ot the COVID-19 pandemic and out ot on abundance ot caution the Belmopan City Council has rnade the decision lo send a number of employees home self-isolate. Allhough 'here is no posillve case amongst the staff. this measure of utmost caution was taken for the sole protection and safety ot our staff and our residents.

Iris Barillas of Hope Creek passes away
The Reporter has confirmed with health officials that another COVID-19 patient died earlier this morning at the KHMH. The elderly patient, Iris Barillas, was from Hope Creek, Stann Creek and was transferred to the KHMH Intensive Care Unit a week ago and remained there until her death sometime around 4:00 this morning. We extend condolences to the grieving family and friends of Ms Barillas. We were made to understand that other members of her family may also have contracted the virus.


Belize registers its 5th COVID-19 related death
Belize has registered the first woman to die after being tested positive for Covid-19. This case is that of an elderly woman from the south. 72-year-old Iris Barillas of Hope Creek Village, Stann Creek District reportedly first sought medical attention for heart complications at the Belmopan Medical Centre on August 5. Barillas was equipped with a heart tracker but she began showing other symptoms including stomach upsets, exhaustion, and a lack of appetite.

19 days registers over five hundred cases of COVID-19
In only 19 days Belize has registered five hundred and five cases of Covid-19. At the end of July, the number was at forty-eight. When the month of August began, however, an unprecedented number of cases began popping up. It is quite a surge in positive cases and a long way from when we were at 18 cases back in April and May. In an extensive interview with the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero, he gave an overview of how these numbers began blowing up in recent weeks.

2020 Marked as an active Hurricane season;Hurricane preparedness
Weather experts are looking at three systems ripe for development in the North Atlantic. According to the National Hurricane Centre, the system is over the central Caribbean Sea and it is anticipated that it will see gradual development over the next twenty-four hours. It is also anticipated that the system will become a tropical depression within the next five days, but it is uncertain how it will move once it develops.

KHMHA Union share their concerns
The members of the KHMHA Workers Union have long feared for their safety as they have had problems in the past with having access to necessary equipment, such as the PPE’s. Today we spoke with the Vice President of the Union, Andrew Baird, who stated that things are better now that the Union is able to voice their concerns.

San Marcus movement attempts to find land for first time owners
The San Marcus Youth Land Advocacy Movement is a movement that aims to assist 81 young people to acquire a land of their own. The Movement is based in the San Marcus Village, Toledo district and they are looking at distributing approximately 200 acres of land.

San Pedro residents received much needed help
Over two hundred families on Ambergris Caye will be receiving assistance by way of food items through an initiative dubbed, ‘Food for San Pedro’. Leading the charge is Attorney-at-law Audrey Matura and several other Belizeans who collaborated with her. Ambergris Caye was placed on a mandatory lockdown on August 6 for two weeks and has been extended for another two weeks upon its expiration tomorrow. Persons on the island have been clamoring for basic supplies they are lacking. Love News spoke with Matura on this initiative.

Two types of technologies are used for testing COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is using two types of technology to test for COVID-19, both of which deliver results in varying amounts of hours. Manzanero expounded on the technology being used and the differences.

Punta Gorda Police Station has a new Commander
The Punta Gorda Police Station has a new commander. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Caregivers Association issues revised COVID-19 protocols for members
As organizations countrywide take more stringent measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Belize […]

KHMH staff COVID-19 tests came back negative
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) announced today that the COVID-19 test results for staff members […]

Customs Comptroller calls arrest of junior officer a “bad day for the public service”
Police have arrested and charged Customs Officer Dion Castillo for “Abetment to exit Belize illegally,” […]

Five dead, 2 others on ventilators and 2 on supplementary oxygen due to COVID-19
Belize has recorded it’s fifth life lost to COVID-19, reports the Ministry of Health (MOH). […]

Ministry of Health received 2 ambulances from Belmopan and Taipei City Councils
Today, the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin received the keys to two ambulances from the […]

Coast Guard officer tests positive for COVID-19
A second officer from the Belize Coast Guard has tested positive for COVID-19. The officer […]

Stay Woke Belize!
By Rudolph A. Neal:" Last week, at the sitting of the House of Representatives, a Bill was introduced entitled the 'Labour (Amendment) Bill 2020'. This (Amendment) Bill in essence seeks "to amend the Labour Act, Chapter 297 […]

Placencia poachers renew discussion on the benefits of crocodile ranching
Last week, police arrested and charged four men in Placencia for skinning an adult American […]

Ministry of Health confirms 5th death related to COVID-19
The Ministry of Health has confirmed a 5th death related to COVID-19. The patient passed […]

Staff member at the Department of Youth Services test positive for COVID-19
The Department of Youth Services (DYS) informed today that one of their staff members has […]

Belize drawn with Haiti, Nicaragua to start World Cup qualifying
Belize’s Jaguars learned their opponents for the opening round of World Cup 2022 qualifying in the […]

Communication Workers Union rejects Labour Amendment Bill 2020
The Belize Communications Workers’ Union (BCWU) is the latest group to publicly reject the Labour […]

Godwin Hulse: “We are not people who do the right thing”
Minister of Agriculture and Food and Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Godwin Hulse, […]

Guinea Grass residents mobilize for protest against lockdown
Residents of Guinea Grass Village in Orange Walk are mobilizing for a peaceful protest at […]

Anti-bail measure for contrabandistas/border jumpers is “bandaid” on wider problem, says Business Senator
There was no objection to extending the current public state of emergency, especially considering that […]

Business Senator questions $2 Million fees paid by GOB for recent Superbond re-structure
Senator for the Business Community, Mark Lizarraga, has revealed that the General Revenue Supplementary Appropriation, […]

Why You Should Retire In The Cayo District of Belize
Travelers to Belize are amazed not just by its pristine beaches and lush rainforests, but […]

Senate considers bills from House, including controversial Labour Act amendment
The Upper House meets to consider multiple bills and motions, including extending the period of […]

Lord Ashcroft donating $20,000 to Belize Zoo
Lord Michael Ashcroft is stepping forward to help keep the Belize Zoo alive. Shortly after […]

National Hurricane Center monitoring disturbance with 90% chance of formation
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a disturbance in the Atlantic with 90 percent […]

Belize Zoo’s future in question after nearly 40 years open, desperately in need of public support
For 37 years, the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (Zoo) has been an educational […]

Female,72, passes from COVID-19
A 72 year old resident of Hope Creek Village in Stann Creek passed away this […]

Belize monitoring 511 active cases of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is currently monitoring 511 active cases of COVID-19. Of the 511 […]


Socially Distanced Spots in Belize To Look Forward To
Belize has always been praised for the abundance of nature thats coupled with flora and fauna. Additionally, having a low population density makes it so easy to enjoy the experiences offered here without worry of overcrowding or long tourist lines. This feature has been long admired and now – during a pandemic – it’s cherished. Not only will you have way more than six feet apart from others, but you’ll find comfort in knowing you’ll be safe while still making memories that last a lifetime. While you look forward to safely traveling in future, keep these spots in Belize in mind – perfectly curated for social distancing.

Belize’s Protected Areas: Your New Cross-Country Adventure
Travel is a luxury, but it’s also an investment in the communities and ecosystems that make our world possible. Conservation projects, in particular, need us more than ever, and helping them look after their ecosystems will prove beneficial for all. While in the short term this downtime is helping to renew natural life, the significant drop in Belize’s ecotourism also means a loss of revenue for conservation. However, choosing to explore a protected area leaves a lasting impact on the environment and nearby close-knit communities, while offering an incredibly authentic and exciting travel experience.

How Big Is Belize?
Belize is a relatively undiscovered Caribbean country that sits on the northeastern Coast of Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea to the east, Guatemala to the west and Mexico to the north. At 22,965 square kilometers (8,867 sq. mi), it is the second smallest country in Central America. The mainland is about 180 miles long and 68 miles wide. It is a sparsely populated nation with about 400, 000 inhabitants spread across the land that doubles the size of Jamaica. Belize is among the lowest populated countries in the world, availing wide spaces to discover and explore.The population is also diverse and consists of amicable people who contribute significantly to its tranquility.

International Sourcesizz

Queen Elizabeth Politely Ate Rat Stew in Central America, Said It Tasted Like Rabbit
There are certain foods that Queen Elizabeth refuses to touch. For example, Her Majesty avoids garlic because of the stinky breath problem and doesn’t like starchy sides like pasta with her meals. She also insists on sandwiches with the sharp corners cut off during teatime. The queen once sampled rat stew in Belize while visiting Central America as the dish is a local delicacy there. Daily Mail reported that Her Majesty declared it tasted “like rabbit” and was perfectly happy to eat it alongside her hosts.


  • Special Sitting of the Senate, 3hr53min.

  • The United Nations presents the Spotlight Initiative Goes Live!, 2hr.

  • 2020 Веlіzе Gоld Вооk, 1.5min. McNab says the the 2020 Веlіzе Gоld Вооk: Тhе Gоld Ѕtаndаrd fоr Веlіzе Тrаvеl іѕ the first of its kind as a yearly issue in Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle. An online launch of the publication took place on Saturday, August 15.

  • Nurse Shark, Ambergris Caye Belize, 1.5min.