Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed today that there is a backlog of samples waiting to be tested. He says that if the situation worsens, consideration will be given for private businesses to conduct rapid testing. This will be discussed at the National Oversight Committee meeting and cabinet next week.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“One suggestion is that we allow licensed private sector providers, labs, medical facilities, to conduct testing on the basis of some kind of agreement with the Director of Health Services and subject of course to a beforehand evaluation and scrutiny being done so we can assure ourselves that these tests will be done in a way that will be safe and by a particular means that would make us feel comfortable with the reliability of the results. You are going to be talking ultimately I think if this thing gets too much worse and I am hoping again and feeling confident that it won’t get as bad as we fear but in the event it does, the day may well come when these rapid test particular businesses might be allowed to do in house testing using the rapid test.”

Channel 5